Should Parents Be Allowed to Name Their Child Lucifer?

Living 2011/07/19 14:00:00
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If you live in New Zealand and you want to name your child Lucifer, you are out of luck.

The Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages will reject your choice.

According to the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act, names can be declined for causing offense, being too long, or "without adequate justification" resembling an official title or rank.

The list of baby names queried or rejected by the official registry in the past two years shows the agency is at least being consistent.

There were three attempts to register Lucifer (all rejected), and one would-be Messiah was also declined.

The list runs to 102 and consists mainly of names rejected for being too close to titles – Baron, Bishop, Duke, General, Judge, Justice, King, Knight. One couple wanted to call their child Mr.

Other rejected names include 89, *, /, C, D, I, and T.

Even though some of the names parents (celebrity or otherwise) pick for their children make us cringe, should the government really have veto power?

What do you think? Should parents be allowed to name their child Lucifer?

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  • jessica 2011/07/19 19:48:25
    Why not, parenrts can name theirchild "Jesus" or "Muhamad". Lucifer means light bringer so this means they identify their child as a light bringer.

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  • Kezzi Morris 2015/01/14 14:53:31
    Kezzi Morris
    That's mean.
  • LoneWolf 2013/07/22 20:15:09
    There are many names that shouldn't be used .. like .. EVER,but Lucifer isn't one of them.. it is such a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning.. what a shame it's not being used for fear of ridicule. SHAME.
  • tonya.harris.58173 2013/06/27 04:07:05
    I named my son Lucifer. I love my son alot. I dont see why some people are having a hard time with the name. Its a name. Some people really should look it up. The name means light bringer. Its a new age and people dont what the same names anymore.
  • simplicity 2013/02/20 06:42:00
    Name meaning bright star/ bringer of light. All in all Lucifer was the first angel created, and arch angel to be exact and Gods first right hand, the most beautiful angel in heaven. Till he opposed and or rebelled. Lucifer is a good name. He became what we refer to as the "devil" after he was casted out of heaven. Now if you name your kid "Satan" thats a different story. Only because the ountry was built on Christianity so yeah it would seem a bit out of the ordinary and disrespectful. But all in all. This is America, and last I heard its your right to name your kid what you want. You want to name him Rock or Rumor or Apple is fine. Do what you want who cares what people think. because those who are too busy being critics on your choices, are just hypocrites anyway. A true christian will except you regardless. And not only that anyone with common sense knows that you make the name. the name doesnt make you.
  • Lucifer Merwin 2012/10/23 21:39:32
    Lucifer Merwin
    My name is Lucifer, and I have not had any problems really growing up. I feel that people who think that a name is what makes a person, makes those people very shallow. Granted many people have different views, I am fine with the name that I grew up with and still have.
  • simplicity Lucifer... 2013/02/20 06:46:27
    I just found this site by asking if there were people who had such a name. and when I seen that you had replied I smlied. I got my answer.And you know what I like your name. and I agree with what you said.
  • LoriLai 2012/04/13 18:35:47
  • American☆Atheist 2012/01/06 11:52:19
  • Jay98 2012/01/03 14:22:47
    Lucipar was a real first name in biblical times, there are many people recorded in Roman records with the name Lusifarius ( a Roman pronunciation of the name ). The name was used for centuries before the English finally eradicated it during and following the crusades. Just because it is a biblical name doesn't mean it isn't also a real name. For example Sodom, Jesus, Luke, Mark, David, Peter, Simon, Cain, Able, Canon, Moses, Rameses, Mass, Thomas, Judae (Judus), Pharaoh, Lot, Noah, Adam, Eve, Nimrod, Issac, Job, Jacob, Pilot, Joseph, Jonah, Paul, Mathew, Solomon, Abraham, Benjamin, John, Satan, etc. Although God has that name is in fact a Roman word for any deity, the original name being Yaweh ( the hebrew name for god ) which apparently hasn't been used
  • Caley 2011/12/03 06:20:05
    I think that the name would cause problems for the child. Even though the name means Bringer of light it also is the name of the devil in The Bible. I think people would not appreciate the actual meaning and just judge him based on The Biblical meaning.
  • Valerie Howeth 2011/10/10 02:44:37
    Valerie Howeth
    No,there is a Law several they can get you for cult and satin worshiping and trying to mess up you chiod or Damn them, i think they'll try and probably take the Child away.The Bible clearly says what that means ,so why try to always rebeal that it's just Stupid.Constitution isn't on the Damn side.Or the side of the unobeyer to Christ.
  • Colin L Valerie... 2011/11/03 17:12:54
    Colin L
    With your illogical points and disregard for the English language, you don't have the right to call ANYONE stupid.
  • Colin L Colin L 2011/11/03 17:14:44
    Colin L
    Side note, when I posted this response, there were 1,666 votes. :P
  • Valerie... Colin L 2012/03/08 03:10:39
    Valerie Howeth
    The word was made but your right because it is in the Holy bible.But discusting ,I think that is sick nameing you r child after the Devil all the problems the court would probably take it charge the Parents with Satin orshipping and other Child laws chargers and give the Child a more appro[riate safe name not eternal damnation because of his Parents ignorance and the kids bugging him and peer presure abourt Hell!Sick Sick Sick!
  • Colin L Valerie... 2012/03/08 20:29:53
  • Valerie... Colin L 2012/04/21 23:51:33
    Valerie Howeth
    Well mr.Collin first of all you can use School to retake spelling.And number two Don't you have anything better to do yourself than to write with such upsetness just because I don't like theDevil or his names,And a Child has been endangered if someone named there kid that!?Well heres for you Mr.Bad Nasty discusting word calling is not my Joy nor my Husbands Joy get my drift so be a goody now and have some respect!You know the choice word you chose to use is right there used with the name you think a Child would be o.k. to be named.But it shows you need Church!
  • Colin L Valerie... 2012/04/26 14:39:33
    Colin L
    Thank you for proving my point even more. Godspeed.
  • jason.b... Valerie... 2013/04/18 13:26:34
    No one need church you only need to gather in respective worship the church was just to part idiots from their currency
  • jason.b... Valerie... 2013/04/18 13:13:02
    Excuse me Valerie but I think you need to read your scripture the name lucifer was given by god himself because he was the most beautiful of all the angels. By your own argument you are going against the word of god because god named him so before he started the revolt in heaven. In my personal opinion I don't care what people call there kids but when I see morons like you trying to quote the word of god not knowing what your talking about I can't help but comment on your idiocy yours sincerely jay ps knows his scripture obviously better than you .
  • aaron 2011/09/04 02:12:29
    That child would be teased BIG TIME all
    Through school so what about his future
    Any other name would be grate just not
    Lucifer though
  • Lucifer... aaron 2012/10/23 21:41:01
    Lucifer Merwin
    You sir are mistaken, I am fine and have not had any trouble. Even growing up in a religious part of New York.
  • Queen Mother 2011/08/14 13:00:49
    Queen Mother
    The parents have the right , to name their children what ever they want to.
  • Valerie... Queen M... 2011/10/10 02:46:03
    Valerie Howeth
    Read you law book and if the Parents care about the Child being taunted teased fighting all his/her life they should care.
  • shells Valerie... 2011/11/02 21:29:34
    ok and when was it your dicition to be the no-it-all in this ques..???????
  • Colin L shells 2011/11/03 17:09:16
    Colin L
    My guess is about the same time the both of you gave up using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Valerie... shells 2012/03/08 03:13:39
    Valerie Howeth
    Just read it or did I hit a soft bone?
  • Colin L Valerie... 2011/11/03 17:11:14
    Colin L
    Fighting who? I can't think of anybody who wouldn't want to be friends with a guy named Lucifer. That's a badass name.
  • twilight 2011/08/08 01:32:24
    Wouldnt it be funny if his middle name was Jesus???? xD
  • shells twilight 2011/11/02 21:30:07
    it would haha
  • lala102498 2011/08/02 07:07:05
    not exactly sure y u shouldnt be allowed to its a name and i dont see how its bad it was in a clasic disney movie cinderella and the was the cats name y would someone make a big deal about someone elses name if they dont like it just call him "L" or something
  • Valerie... lala102498 2011/10/10 02:46:37
    Valerie Howeth
    The Devil.
  • shells Valerie... 2011/11/02 21:31:26
    they might have a point 4 that i gess i can see bothe sides of the ques.
  • Valerie... shells 2012/03/08 03:11:49
    Valerie Howeth
  • JK 2011/07/31 09:46:21
    Apparently, the Vital Statistics Bureau didn't do their research to discover Lucifer was the name of the angel that became Satan. You should be able to name your child whatever you want. Who knows, in the future it might be quite clever.
  • Valerie... JK 2011/10/10 02:47:14
    Valerie Howeth
    you thinkl it's o.k. to name your Child satin?
  • JK Valerie... 2011/10/21 16:30:28
    It was sarcasm...
  • shells JK 2011/11/02 21:32:44
    WOW the ppl thes days PCs dont now sarcasm ok u might need to stamp that on ur 4-head
  • Valerie... JK 2012/03/08 03:12:06
    Valerie Howeth
    oh ok
  • Jennife... Valerie... 2013/01/03 00:03:12
    Sure you should be able to name your child "Satin".....but it's "Satan" that seems to be in question here.
  • Jennife... Valerie... 2013/01/03 00:04:30
    I think "Satin Velours Cashmere Cupcakes" is a mighty fine name for a...........boy.
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