Should Overweight Women Pay More for Manicures?

Living 2010/08/23 21:23:46
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One place where you probably think your weight doesn't matter whatsoever is the nail salon. Turns out, this isn't the case.

Michelle Fonville, 40, innocently wandered into a nail salon in her Georgia neighborhood to get a manicure for her family reunion -- and was allegedly charged an extra $5 because she's overweight, ABC News reported.

The manager of Natural Nails in Lithonia, Ga., Kim Tan, was concerned that Fonville would break one of the salon's expensive chairs. The chairs in her salon can only hold 200 pounds and cost $2,500 to repair, she told ABC News' Atlanta affiliate WSB-TV.

"Do you think that's fair when we take $24 and we have to pay $2,500 [in repairs]?" Tan said. "I said to her I'm sorry, but next time I cannot take you."

Tan also said that she charged Fonville more money because it took longer to do her nails.

Fonville, a mother of five, tells ABC News that she was "humiliated" ... and we can understand why. If we lived in Lithonia, Ga., we would not go there for a manicure as long as Kim Tan is still the manager. Who needs that kind of judgment when you're trying to treat yourself to something nice?

Should Overweight Women Pay More for Manicures?

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  • mm61675 2013/01/29 20:38:27 (edited)
  • 1206720 2010/08/25 09:58:04
  • Alleyoop 2010/08/25 00:40:41
  • Kalamazoo Alleyoop 2010/08/25 01:13:18

  • Alleyoop Kalamazoo 2010/08/25 01:22:38
  • RickLoosemore 2010/08/24 21:14:54
    No, that's discriminatory.
  • grok70 2010/08/24 20:01:52
    Yes, if overweight women use more resources.
    If it legitmately costs more. But really, what kind of nail salon has chairs that can only hold 200 pounds?
  • JamesCampbell 2010/08/24 19:48:28
    Yes, if overweight women use more resources.

    Sorry discrimination is based on things you cannot control...you can control not shoving food in your face like your a 3rd world country.

    If it takes her longer then yea, pay up
  • Merlin 2010/08/24 18:45:54
    No, that's discriminatory.
  • Elmo~WAWU~Bn-2~ 2010/08/24 18:38:09
    No, that's discriminatory.
    That's god damn disgusting. If it had been me I would have punched him and then jumped on his fancy $2,500 chair.
  • Kalamazoo Elmo~WA... 2010/08/25 01:26:21
  • Elmo~WA... Kalamazoo 2010/08/26 06:38:05
  • Always.Bored :P 2010/08/24 18:35:52
    No, that's discriminatory.
    Always.Bored :P
    If the chair breaks , charge the one that was sitting on it . Don't insult every client you get .
    Also, 1,500 $ for a chair ? If I'd pay that much for a chair I'd buy one that can support a few tons instead of one that can break so easy.
  • NeewollaH 2010/08/24 18:31:14
    No, that's discriminatory.
    You can tell it is a BS discrimination because if the manager was really worried about her being to heavy for the chair she would turn the customer away for safety concerns. $5 isn't going to help a lawsuit for an injured client or fix the chair. She just wanted to be a jerk.

    I own a salon and just can't imagine how this persons train of thought works.
  • Kimberly 2010/08/24 17:35:37
    No, that's discriminatory.
    what the diffrence between a skinny girl and a bigger girl that mest up but what ever it not our dissitons it the owner but if they do that thats called DISCRIMINATION!
  • Hannie 2010/08/24 16:48:33
    No, that's discriminatory.
    I would tell her to shove her business up her ass, she had no right doing that at all. If it costs that much for one lousy chair, it should hold a freaking ton for God's sake! >:O
  • Caca 2010/08/24 16:06:13
    Yes, if overweight women use more resources.
    who wants to do fat peoples finger and toenails?
    no one its nasty
  • Dollface❤ 2010/08/24 16:05:01
    No, that's discriminatory.
    Thats absolutley disrespectful and un called for.
  • Jehnyhal~ Hope Not Hate~the... 2010/08/24 15:45:49
    No, that's discriminatory.
    Jehnyhal~ Hope Not Hate~the Renaissance Women of PHAET
    When it actually BREAKS, charge her. Don't make an unquantifiable claim.
  • Philo-P... Jehnyha... 2010/08/24 15:55:57
    Oh my God... Jehnyahl's right. god jehnyahls

    I would like to change my answer now... except for the part about Mrs. Publius. ; )
  • fnordfnordfnord 2010/08/24 15:38:37
    Yes, if overweight women use more resources.
    i mean....if you have a lot of people coming in over 250 pounds then yeah. your chair is worth 10x that much. with all the extra strain that the chair would be taking, it'd wear out a lot faster. it just makes sense.
  • imtoast 2010/08/24 15:37:04
    No, that's discriminatory.
    I have a question. Why would anyone care what size a woman is. Her fingernails don't get fat. This is a rather goofy poll.
  • La 2010/08/24 15:34:33
    Yes, if overweight women use more resources.
    Her first mistake is living in Georgia
    Her second mistake is weighing more than 200 lbs
    Her third mistake is having five kids
    Her fourth mistake is thinking a manicure is worth spending money on
    So basically she deserved it :)

    Oh yeah she was heaps humiliated...humiliated enough to go report it to the news. I know when I'm humiliated, I want to tell as many people as possible, preferably the whole world :)
  • JamesCa... La 2010/08/24 19:50:23
    Wow, I have to agree with the first 3...the last one, is subjective, her money...but then again, why are paying for a manicure and 10 tons of food when you have 5 kids?
  • Cheesy Steve 2010/08/24 15:24:08
    No, that's discriminatory.
    Cheesy Steve
    That's so cruel!
  • Lucy 2010/08/24 15:04:02
    No, that's discriminatory.
    how stupid can a person get. just b/c someone doesn't fit in a size 2, they want to charge more money? they can kiss my fat behind! that's illegal, immoral, and makes my non-manicured hand want to slap kim tan.

    btw - unless there was a sign that said if you're overweight, you'll pay extra, i'd have said, sorry, hun, but you have to abide by what you post as your costs. don't like it? don't live in america.
  • La Lucy 2010/08/24 15:35:53
    Fairly sure if she tried that she would have been DEEEENIED the services of Kim Tan :)
  • John ... Lucy 2010/08/24 15:51:54
    John   "BN 0"
    Fat people do cost more money. Fat people work slower so I have to pay more $$ in labor if I hire them. I have to buy more expensive ladders because there big fat ass weighs to much. They can't get in a bucket truck because the weight limit on the bucket is 250lbs so they get paid to stand and watch skinny people do all the work. So yes it cost more to accommodate fat people and I pass the cost right on to the public.
  • JamesCa... Lucy 2010/08/24 19:51:34
    Don't like it don't go to that business...nothing says an owner has to serve you.
    If I went in with no shirt, it's gross is it not?
  • rtava 2010/08/24 14:34:23
    No, that's discriminatory.
    some people's obesity is genetic u no?!
  • JamesCa... rtava 2010/08/24 19:52:53
    No....because then there would be a fat epidemic even in poor countries...and last time I checked I don't see Jenny Craig over in Zaire
  • rtava JamesCa... 2010/08/24 20:00:09
  • JamesCa... rtava 2010/08/24 20:07:30
    They eat, just not fast food and by the bucket...the human body can survive w/o food for 40 days

    We are designed to eat small amounts over the day, as we evolved as hunters/gatherers so we never knew when the next meal would come.
  • rtava JamesCa... 2010/08/25 03:05:51
    then why do thousands of children die of starvation per day?
  • JamesCa... rtava 2010/08/25 16:18:26
    becauise they do not get the necessary nutrition
  • rtava JamesCa... 2010/08/26 03:03:22
    *rolls eyes* i'm done talking
  • brittneylalaa 2010/08/24 14:33:48
    No, that's discriminatory.
    Ok if their chairs can only hold up to 200lbs than they're in BIG TROUBLE. With the obesity epidemic 200 is nothing.
  • Isma'ila (God has heard)! 2010/08/24 14:29:34
    Yes, if overweight women use more resources.
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    That is discrimination!
  • JamesCa... Isma'il... 2010/08/24 19:53:54
    no it's not, if she was black it would be. If she was handicapped it would be.
    She's FAT, something she caused herself....therefore it's owner discretion
  • Isma'il... JamesCa... 2010/08/24 23:46:12
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    You are wrong! It is discrimination whether you like it or not!
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