Should Movie Theaters Encourage Social Media During Movies?

Fef 2012/08/06 02:53:09
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Movie theaters usually tell people to shut off their phones during a movie. Some theaters, however, encourage social media usage as a marketing gimmick. Do you think using social media like Twitter and Facebook in movies is a good idea?

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  • merlinskiss 2012/08/06 03:10:23
    If I owned a theater, social media would be jammed. If you want to socialize during the show, I will keep your money and you can go outside not to return. ;-)

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  • twhiting9275 2012/08/07 22:59:27
    That would mean more distractions. HELL NO!
    Keep that cell phone OFF!
  • RachelA7X 2012/08/07 21:49:53
    Nowadays everything is about phones and twitter and all that crap. It's ridiculous.
  • The Winter Sodahead 2012/08/07 21:36:33
    The Winter Sodahead
    Watch the goddamn movie.
  • LittleScroll 2012/08/07 21:35:03 (edited)
    they should be focusing on lowering their prices.
  • wpsark 2012/08/07 21:34:47
  • sinirgi 2012/08/07 21:15:42
    Even if someone keeps their phone on silent, I dislike seeing the glare from the screens in my field of view.
  • Ben 2012/08/07 20:58:47
  • Slurry 2012/08/07 20:48:34
    It's no big deal..as long as your phone is on "silent" I don't see a problem.
  • Michelle Slurry 2012/08/09 05:39:52
    And the bright light is not also disturbing everyone around you when you use social media?
  • Ian Michelle 2012/08/09 07:01:21
    Some people do not care, they do not think this bothering people, it all the time WELL IT WOULD NOT BOTHER ME. start farting next to the person and when he says stop that farting, you can say ITS NOT BOTHERING ME, or pick your nose and use the same exuse.
  • Slurry Michelle 2012/08/14 03:54:33
    Uh, there's a brightness setting.
  • Michelle Slurry 2012/08/14 03:57:50
    Even on the lowest brightness setting, if you can see it, the people are you can see it.
  • Slurry Michelle 2012/08/14 04:02:33
    Not always. Especially if you're only sitting near the people you brought with you.
  • Michelle Slurry 2012/08/14 04:06:58
    Unless your friends are the only people in the theater, there's someone around whom it will bother. Anyone in the rows behind you might be bothered by it, somebody a few seats down... and even on the lowest brightness and if it's on silent (no ringer OR vibrate, because people around you can hear that sometimes, too), using it is a dick move.
  • Slurry Michelle 2012/08/14 04:12:51
    The theaters I go to have plenty of seats. I've never been bothered by anyone's phone, and no one has been bothered by mine.
  • Michelle Slurry 2012/08/14 04:21:03
    Just because it doesn't bother you doesn't mean it doesn't bother other people. Not to mention the fact that some people just don't bother telling people off because they don't want to start a fight. The people around you paid just like you did-- if you can't shut your phone off for two damn hours out of respect for everyone else, that's just sad.
  • Slurry Michelle 2012/08/14 04:33:12
    If you get angry over someone's phone being on in a theatre where you can simply move to another area, or ignore it, that's also sad.
  • Michelle Slurry 2012/08/14 04:44:33
    Why would people not get angry at phones in theaters when they paid to see the movie and keep getting distracted by sudden light turning on nearby? Yeah, one or two people who you can move away from isn't too bothersome, but if it became socially acceptable (the question you answered yes to is "should movie theaters encourage social media during movies", after all), it would become impossible to just move somewhere else and not get bothered by yet another phone. And it's quite difficult to ignore when not everyone even bothers turning it on silent and turning the brightness to minimum. Not to mention that not all theaters are gigantic-- in my hometown, someone sitting in the back row can see every cell-phone user with ease.
  • Slurry Michelle 2012/08/14 07:45:53
    Sounds suckful. Anyways, here's how I see it..you know how libraries are supposed to be quiet, yet people bring their loud, crazy children in there? Well the screaming and stuff only lasts a few moments, then it's usually over..not worth getting angry.
  • Michelle Slurry 2012/08/14 07:54:33
    A few moment from all angles, or a few moments every five minutes becomes more than just a few moments. Especially if someone is trying to watch a movie they paid to see. Cell phones disturb the people around you, and it's completely inconsiderate and self-centered when people start texting in a theater. I don't think it's worth getting angry at one person texting, but, as I have already said, if it becomes something that is not discouraged it will get out of hand. Instead of a few screaming kids in the library for a few moments before they shut up, it will be every other person in the library letting out a scream every five minutes or so. Yeah, isolated incidents aren't worth getting angry over... but if libraries didn't have a "stay quiet" policy, people wouldn't try to stay quiet, and it wouldn't stay quiet. You get what I mean?
  • Slurry Michelle 2012/08/14 08:30:19
    Oh, I totally agree that it would get out of hand..I mostly clicked yes to the "Do you think using social media like Twitter and Facebook in movies is a good idea?" part..but I'm sure people would start talking on phones and all kinds of stuff during films, which actually would not be alright with me. I don't know..you give an inch, they take a mile.
  • j2 2012/08/07 20:18:11
    Yes they should be encouraged to check them at the door.

    encouraged check door
  • TasselLady 2012/08/07 20:15:05
    I get tired of these twits talking on their phones and texting while the rest of us are trying to watch a movie we PAID to see.
  • ed 2012/08/07 20:13:08
    no either outside before the movie or after the movie.
  • adeenmckenziekennedy 2012/08/07 20:01:00
  • That Girl Erika 2012/08/07 19:59:02
    That Girl Erika
    Heck no. People who use their phones during the movie are so rude and distracting -_-
  • Somkey ... That Gi... 2012/08/08 04:06:49
    Somkey the Hores
    It should be legal to hit these people with a hammer. Watch God Bless America,
  • Ian Somkey ... 2012/08/09 07:15:49
    Hammer is over the top, fists first time then the hammer to cave his skull in, mind you caving his skull is like smashing the roof of a derelict house,there's nothing there to damage.
    You can be there smashing his skull to bits and the twat will still be taping away, it only when the blood will splatter on the screen will he know that something strange is going on.
    Perhaps they are harder to kill than zombies, look the best thing is to cut his hands off so that the prick cant go on tapping.
    What ever you do to him/her we are with you all the way there is a talk in the courts that it is Justifiable to shoot these people in the cinema.
  • Carol 2012/08/07 19:48:45
    I leave my phone on but silence it, in case my kids need to reach me. (I'm rarely at the theater with both of them at the same time) If they call, I go out in the lobby to answer it.
  • BigFig#9 2012/08/07 19:38:36
    Oh yes....and my wife should encourage Social Media during sex....
  • Ian BigFig#9 2012/08/09 07:16:42
  • BigFig#9 Ian 2012/08/09 19:13:40
  • Ian BigFig#9 2012/08/09 19:34:19
    I would have kicked the people out and still asked for a free movie pass, some people are pig ignorant.
    Has my mate Edwards says "you cant educate pork"
  • BigFig#9 Ian 2012/08/09 20:34:32
    Unfair to pigs - an under-rated animal. You can't educate cows but pigs adapt well and have good personalities...too bad they make such good bacon!
  • Ian BigFig#9 2012/08/10 06:30:08
    For all the pigs in the world, please accept my apologies, i will now educate Edwards and from now on it will be" cant educate beef"
  • BigFig#9 Ian 2012/08/10 13:18:01
    Just buy Edwards a piglet as a pet and he'll be self educated...and probably really surprised....
  • Ian BigFig#9 2012/08/10 15:14:10
    No, that little piggy will not get time to educate himself,Edward would put it between two slices of bread and eat it.
  • Ukie 2012/08/07 18:27:14
    We already have too much intrusion beyond our control as it is!!!!
  • Mopvyzo USA 2012/08/07 18:13:27
    Mopvyzo USA
    Just watch the movie. Then after if is over go on social sites and post.
  • Ian Mopvyzo... 2012/08/10 06:40:42
    Yes you got it in one its not rocket science, on the other hand i suppose it is to some of these dull idiots, who are just plain ignorant or too plain dull to realize that they are getting on peoples nerves.
    They live in the world of "it does not bother me so "IT CANT BOTHER OTHERS"

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