Should Kids Under 13 Be Allowed to Use Facebook?

Living 2011/03/14 15:15:47
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It's a little-known fact that kids under age 13 are not allowed to use Facebook.

Why is this rarely talked about? Because millions of tweens use the site -- they just lie about their age.

Cristina Flores let her son Jake, 11, sign up for Facebook with a fake profile that says he's 15. Flores told The New York Times that she permits Jake to use the site because if she doesn't, she knows he'll just do it behind her back.

In one of Jake’s fifth-grade classes at Commodore Sloat Elementary school in San Francisco, 15 of the 30 students said they had Facebook accounts.

“And you should see all the third-graders who are on,” Aundrea Kaune, the class’s teacher, told the Times.

Some parents argue that social networking is the future, and it teaches kids valuable skills. Plus, Facebook is harmless enough, right?

But there are serious concerns. Hemanshu Nigam, the former chief security officer of Myspace who now runs an Internet safety consulting business, told the Times that an 11-year-old boy from New York State once accepted a friend request on Facebook from a girl in his class. But the girl’s account was fake, and the person behind it began posting images of the boy on sex-oriented sites.

Michelle Obama, for one, has said she does not want her 9- and 12-year-old daughters on Facebook.

What do you think? Is Facebook dangerous for kids?

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  • justonemom 2011/03/14 19:36:03
    They should make a Facebook Jr. with net nanny installed! This way if kids say anything wrong...bam, right to the parents inbox! Love it!

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  • 1234 2011/03/20 19:03:31
    The internet can be very unsafe for kids. With many pedophiles grooming children, children at this age don't necessarily know this and it can lead to dangerous situations
  • ThePurpleHaze 2011/03/20 01:21:34
    I don't believe in ageism of any sort.
    All types of discrimination are wrong.
  • ANGEL 2011/03/16 05:37:04
    Not without very, very close supervision. I don't think that any child under 13 should be on any social website.
  • RedCharli 2011/03/16 02:36:36
    Nope, most of them don't understand the dangers that come along with it. Tis too dodgey
  • sky 2011/03/16 01:55:15
    no because all they do is flood everyones walls saying stuff like "OMG I FORGOT MY COLORING BOOK AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!"
    its annoying.
  • Greg 2011/03/16 00:51:05
    No one under 18 should be allowed to use the site.
  • rainbowsky 2011/03/15 20:20:04
    yeah why not as long as they are resposible
  • o 2011/03/15 19:37:24
    no they should be encouraged to play outside
  • Dennis 2011/03/15 19:00:33
    Nah just another baby sitting source for parents whom are to tired to fight it and to tired to sit down with the children and really get to explore their experiences as they go through life.The numbers of parents who wholeheartedly sit with the child one on one and parent is almost an unattainable due to the amount of distractions due to technology.
  • Rooster 2011/03/15 18:41:23
    no its soo stupid
  • Strad Hanss 2011/03/15 18:35:42
    Strad Hanss
  • Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦ 2011/03/15 18:11:18
    Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦
    My advice? If you can't control your kid, keep him off the computer.

    Send them on Neopets before you even consider Facebook. Let them graduate from THAT first.
  • ChristianArredondo 2011/03/15 17:43:42
    Alot of kids are pregnant at 13 but an 11 year old can't have a facebook?
  • Greg Christi... 2011/03/16 00:53:20
    You think it's ok to be pregnant at 13??
  • ziender 2011/03/15 17:37:53
    yeah i mean what is the problem with confronting them with all those pedophiles out there? this is so wrong! unless it was limited in a way.
  • thє вluє wαndєrєr 2011/03/15 17:33:47
  • rin13308 2011/03/15 17:33:33
    NO, to many perverts out there just looking for these kids to pry on..
  • capoeirakid 2011/03/15 17:14:09
    I think that kids who are 10 or 12 who have Facebook accounts will be fine as long as they follow the general rules of thumb for Internet safety and are supervized by parents or responsible adults. Besides, I don't think a teenager is really that much safer.
  • Homo sapien Female 2011/03/15 17:12:26
    Homo sapien Female
    I don't think minors should be permitted to use any social networking site.
  • lele 2011/03/15 17:02:05
    There are plenty of site for kids that are in their age group they don't need to be on face book. They put some of everything on their page and kid should be expose to these things.
  • Dittohead 2011/03/15 17:01:39
    Require the use of a credit card to enroll in fb like they do the porn sites to prevent underage kids from viewing it. Only those over 18 and responsible will be allowed to get on fb
  • Stef 2011/03/15 16:59:23
    As someone who got a FB when I was in middle school (I was not 13...11 or 12 maybe?), I understand that internet safety is a big issue, but going by the example given of the fake accounts, it could happen to anyone, 13 or not. My mother said she allowed me because she knew that if she said no, I would just go behind her back about it. I don't think that children in elementary school should, but I think that children that are in middle, junior high and high school are mature enough (for the most part) to know what is and what is not appropriate.
  • Captain K.A. 2011/03/15 16:55:01 (edited)
    Captain K.A.
    13 year olds are teenagers, I think everyone keeps forgetting that. People are acting as if 13 year olds are like 8. For example the picture above looks more like an 8 year old or something. It is not that necessary for 8 year olds to be on FB, and they are in more danger from predators so... But 13 year olds should be allowed, even possible 12 year olds. If FB want's to keep it against the rules that's fine so long as that is constitutional, I'm not sure if it is. And they are just avoiding possible law suits.
  • aphrodite 2011/03/15 16:52:39
    they act so immature and lie about everything and look to get in fights with anyone and create drama.
  • Pixie·Ÿ... aphrodite 2011/03/15 17:40:13
  • aphrodite Pixie·Ÿ... 2011/03/15 17:48:40
    true but adults add teens cause they are perverts well most not all of them
  • Pixie·Ÿ... aphrodite 2011/03/15 17:51:00
  • aphrodite Pixie·Ÿ... 2011/03/15 17:52:10
    that's what i said
  • Pixie·Ÿ... aphrodite 2011/03/15 17:55:45
  • aphrodite Pixie·Ÿ... 2011/03/15 17:56:36
    oh ok lol i'm so silly lmao
  • Pixie·Ÿ... aphrodite 2011/03/15 18:01:55
  • Judson ... Pixie·Ÿ... 2011/03/16 02:28:06
    Judson 3:16
    ya that's because someone allowed them to as kids lol
  • Fraschy aphrodite 2011/03/15 19:26:18
    And they also make stupid statues updates like "like this if you don't wanna go to school today" or "I like this girl but shes not from my school and idk what to do". And talk to you all the time..and send stupid requests..over commenting..just typical child crap it's annoying. Facebook wasn't meant for children.
  • LdyLeo 2011/03/15 16:30:57
    Some parents probably let their kids on there to play the games but otherwise, letting kids under 13 to use facebook is too young unless they are under supervision.
  • XAnnaX 2011/03/15 16:27:23
    theres nothing totally wrong with facebook...
  • Raven 2011/03/15 16:23:37
    they dont need itplus they probly dont even careabout stufflike that yet
  • Plague #11 2011/03/15 16:06:38
  • star 2011/03/15 15:30:49 (edited)
    Facebook has an age limit and I agree with it for a number of reasons. Even with parental supervision I don't advise it.
  • Horrid Helen 2011/03/15 15:28:47
    Horrid Helen
    Regardless of parental overseeing, children still manage to slip through the net. Children are becoming inured to the swearing, sexual innuendo, and bullying that goes on within social network sites, and who monitors the paedophiles at work behind the scenes, pretending to be children themselves. There's been some well publicised cases of youngsters being fooled into meeting adults, believing they were meeting with other children they had befriended on Facebook and Bebo - and many cases of adults being fooled too, women being conned out of thousands of pounds by 'boyfriends' they had met online. Keep children safe, and keep them off social networking sites.
  • Green Day Fan! 2011/03/15 15:05:18
    Green Day Fan!
    No.. Just no.

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