Should Gyms Ban Skinny People?

Living 2012/06/20 20:53:29
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Did you ever notice that most gyms are filled with skinny people? So did Wendy McNary, an overweight woman in her early fifties who felt too out of place to join a fitness club. Until she discovered Body Exchange. You see, Body Exchange, in North Vancouver, Canada, admits only plus-size women.

For Wendy McNary, Body Exchange was exactly the kind of environment she was looking for. “It’s intimidating going into a gym setting,” she told The Province. “I honestly think some people in a gym setting are judgmental to people who are overweight or have a different body type.”

Now, she exercises six days a week, is training for her second 5K race and is down 50 pounds. But does it make sense to ban fit people from the gym? Louise Green, founder and CEO of Body Exchange, thinks it does. “Many of our clients have not had successful fitness pasts so I can see the anxiety before we get started and I can see the relief and happiness after we finish,” Green told The Province. “People are often too fearful to become active. There wasn’t a model that offered camaraderie.”

But we have to wonder: Do they throw you out once you slim down? How do they decide who is too skinny to join? And wouldn’t a gym that’s only for thin people offend everybody? Hmm…
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  • Rubyking 2012/06/20 20:56:40
    what if the skinny people want to bulk up. It's a freaking gymnasium, not a weight loss center.

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  • stevegt... notokand 2012/06/21 15:15:02
  • cmdrbnd007 2012/06/21 14:34:51
    I'm not for banning just about anything.
  • caius madison 2012/06/21 14:28:52
    caius madison
    This question suffers a lack of ample answers. It is highly annoying to be given but only 2 answers as nothing is as simple, and I mean literally nothing, as to be answered one of two ways. This gym isn't really an open gym, so it's not really banning so much as targeting an audience that needs it. Most gyms would be happy to allow a skinny or a plusser in tbeir gym, so it's just silly to ask this.
  • notokand caius m... 2012/06/21 14:44:42
    Do you like gum? Yes or No. [(Seems some things can be that simple :) ]
  • caius m... notokand 2012/06/21 15:44:44
    caius madison
    Undecided. It's proven that gum is the number one choice for covering bad breath, but it is also proven that gum can lead to haletosis, a number one culprit of bad breath. I don't really like it but have been known to use it. None of the above. why chew gum when they make breath spray. See what I mean?
  • notokand caius m... 2012/06/21 16:59:01 (edited)
    That comment just officially made you the most indecisive person on the internet.

    How do you decide what to eat for dinner then??
  • caius m... notokand 2012/06/26 06:54:30
    caius madison
    Not really, and generally a question is asked in such way that makes it a black and white thing when really it's a grey area thing. I personally have no problem with it. So ultimately in a totally dry and not entirely accurate way, I think this gym is good to go with their niche marketing method of madness.
  • S123 caius m... 2012/06/22 02:30:26
    I think the main problem is the way the question is phrased, it should say something like "should there be plus size gyms?"
  • caius m... S123 2012/06/26 06:56:57
    caius madison
    Yes, that's the way one could expect a yes/no to be acceptable as the only answers as this gym is operating under a special market need, not just banning for the sake of it. Thus, due to this, the yes/no only is not ample to cover what should be offered for answers.
  • Simms 2012/06/21 14:23:43
    Ridiculous! They are obviously skinny because they are working out regularly.
  • chamchamgal 2012/06/21 13:52:38
    They got skinny for being in the gym. Stop bitching about other people and lose the pounds to you can be one of the skinny people at the gym......f**** fat people.
  • Andrea 2012/06/21 13:46:24
    Some of those skinny people used to be fate people. And guess how they stay skinny? By exercising and not shoving junk in their mouths.
  • Rachael 2012/06/21 13:45:26
    I'd think most people try not to judge others at the gym anyway. I, at least, always focus on my running. I rarely look at anyone else.
  • caius m... Rachael 2012/06/21 14:32:27
    caius madison
    Agreed, there is always some sort of jerk anywhere you go, but most physically fit types, myself included, would never shy someone who would benifit from my/our serious input as well as would love the chance to help push someone in the right direction.
  • tobe 2012/06/21 13:44:50
    thats just stupid. toughen up.
  • bettyboop 2012/06/21 13:34:08
    It's a gym, everybody should be allowed to exercise. Maybe they could have different sections though.
  • CG 2012/06/21 13:14:32
    If that's their business model then it's not a ban, it's just their business model. Why would anyone care?
  • S123 CG 2012/06/22 02:31:32
    I think it's silly the way they phrased the question.
  • Flamingolady 2012/06/21 13:12:03
  • Helmholtz 2012/06/21 13:03:20
    If they want to. It seems about as legit as Curves banning men.
  • S123 Helmholtz 2012/06/22 02:33:05
    I think the question is phrased incorrectly. It makes it sound like they mean all gyms.
  • HiYa 2012/06/21 13:01:52
    It's a segment marketing tool. There are several gyms that ban men as well... There are many children's gyms which state you can't be over 18 to attend. Most gyms won't allow members under 18 to get a contract. Some gyms such as the original "Golds" and several Boxing Gyms are for men and series body builders. There are martial arts gyms where a person not involved in martial arts may enter... But would feel seriously out of place. Same with Yoga studios, rock climbing gyms and gymnastic gyms. I am a gym rat, and a marketing professional... This is simply a specialized market, catering to another demographic, and this is just as legitimate a populace as any other. Individuals who are too thin for this gym can find another gym to go to. I don't see how this is hurting anyone.

    This offends people because they don't like being told "You, and you, but NOT you may enter." People don't like overt practices that seem divisive, and deep down inside they want whatever they're told they can't have. They're just nosy... Because seriously, who wants to see heavy women exercising? For many people working out is a personal experience. All the haters should get over it... Stop being a Lookie Lou.
  • S123 HiYa 2012/06/22 02:38:39
    I think the main problem is that the question is phased incorrectly. It should say something like "should there be plus size gyms?"
  • HiYa S123 2012/06/24 01:37:24
  • CサïCサï xχx 2012/06/21 12:45:39
  • aeroshock 2012/06/21 12:41:20
    Although for this example, it seems the only purpose is to condition plus-size women, so that they can feel comfortable going to a public gym. Gyms aren't just for people who lose weight. One does not simply keep the weight off not going to the gym anymore.

    However, it seems like you would be losing a good community not being able to go the gym you've been to for so long. For public gyms, no. For this gym in particular, I want to say yes.
  • Invader_Xion 2012/06/21 12:02:56
    That's one of the stupidest rules for a gym I've ever heard about! "Oh no, the "skinny" people ( and for real, most of us are skinny compared to that picture of 4 fat chicks high fiving. They are not "plus sized" ... Those chicks are straight up fat ) people are 'discriminating' against us! Time to open our own gym and do the same thing! I hope noone realizes how hypocritical we are. But what happens when I become skinny myself? Will I be forced into exile also?"

    Seems to me a legitimate question ... But since they've already gone so far as to ban fit people from a GYM ... Not even a weight loss center, an actual gym ... that they will probably let anyone who they knew used to be fat stay as long as they want because "they've been there". What a load of horse crap. This is why I don't do things that involve people in real life. Everyone sucks ass, except my wife because she's awesome.

    That is all.
  • Claire Farrugia 2012/06/21 11:59:41
    Claire Farrugia
    everybody needs exersise not just bigger people
  • the fuze 2012/06/21 11:56:08 (edited)
    the fuze
    I don't think you need to ban anyone but with that being said...

    Watch out... someone filled a niche by creating a gym/environment geared towards a certain type of clientele. Good for them. That's how business is supposed to work!

    I work out regularly and I have to say that I can understand the position of these folks. For every out-of-shape or overweight person there, there are probably 15 folks who are in much better shape and I could see where that would be intimidating or even make them more self-conscious.

    Why not have a gym that serves plus-size women exclusively, there are many gyms that are women-only.

    I say, way to go.
  • Danaman117 2012/06/21 11:45:36
  • mooksiecuddlepoof 2012/06/21 11:02:41
    Just because your skinny doesn't mean you can't keep fit, you should have people with a balanced weight YES but not letting them go to gyms might make them find it hard to keep fit and then they will become, should I say? FAT.
  • Cameryn (◠‿◠✿) 2012/06/21 11:02:31
    Cameryn (◠‿◠✿)
    Some people work out because they like to.
  • Duane Freemantle 2012/06/21 10:49:12
    Duane Freemantle
    There are women only gyms, now there are plus-size only? However, there is nothing wrong with a gym that caters to plus-size women.
  • Alex1996 2012/06/21 10:49:09
    But only if fat people get banned from Mcdonalds. No i joke. Free country my friends!
  • Blonde Rebellion 2012/06/21 10:17:05
    Blonde Rebellion
  • Ameera 2012/06/21 09:59:39
    if they did that then there wouldn't be anyone there :p
  • FlyAway 2012/06/21 09:38:24
    To alienate someone because of their size is wrong! Skinny, fat, it doesn't matter.If there was a gym for thin people and bigger people could join everyone would be outraged. I've noticed a huge double standard with people. It's seen as offensive to call someone who is bigger names like "fatass" "wide load" and "snorlax" but making comments to skinny people that they're "anorexic" "skeletons" and "not real women" I just hate the whole alienating people for their size. Everyone should be allowed to go to a gym.
  • The_Infidel_Atheist 2012/06/21 08:58:05
    It's funny how some people who go to the gym think that other people there are watching and judging them, when that's hardly the case. I am always impressed whenever I see new people at my gym because they are making the decision to live healthier and exercise, and that's all that matters. Just remember, it's not a competition. Nobody cares how much you can or can't lift or how many reps you can or can't do. All that matters is commitment.
  • baxter 2012/06/21 08:50:25
    YES they just should let the middle weight and the heavy weight go if they wont 2
  • Sour Dime 2012/06/21 07:55:28

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