Should Guys Wear Tank Tops?

Living 2010/06/29 12:05:36
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Maybe Zac Efron can pull off a white ribbed tank top, but you probably can't.

Lemondrop.com includes the infamous tanks on its list of summer fashions they hate to see on guys. Other no-nos include:

-- Sandals with socks (we hate this too)

-- Shorts that fall above the knee

-- Khaki carpenter pants.

-- Baseball caps

As for the ladies, the site says we should avoid terrycloth and rompers.

Should Guys Wear White Ribbed Tank Tops In Public?

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  • Feline 2012/04/14 16:09:33 (edited)
    No, they look awful.
    Look at the fat guy in the photo below, With his manboobs and "canteen lady" arms, he shouldn't be wearing an outfit designed for a bodybuilder working out in a gym!

    Asian guy in tank top
  • heart gal 2012/01/01 01:10:12
    Yes, they should wear whatever they want.
    heart gal
    If you are older- just no
    if you are extreemely hairy - just ultra no!!
    if you are hot - yes!!
  • Ara 2010/07/13 22:01:16
    No, they look awful.
    Idk when I see a guy on the street wearing a tank top I'm instantly reminded of a redneck beating his wife. Not a turn on, unfortunately. Even if they do have muscles- T shirts really don't cover much more than a tank top so why not just wear a t shirt instead?
  • SeriousHat Ara 2010/10/20 13:37:11
    That sounds like a racist stereotype. What about brown and black guys? Funny but weird.
  • Mike Z Ara 2011/09/20 16:16:59
    Mike Z
    When it's hot out, tank tops are much cooler than t-shirts. If women can wear them when it's hot out why can't men!
  • annabcoolforever! 2010/07/01 04:59:47
    Yes, they should wear whatever they want.
    But only if they look hot in them. Of course there are some guys who should go shirtless all the time. (Taylor Lautner anyone?)http://www.whereisedw...
  • Chunkybaby annabco... 2011/01/19 00:14:09
    I refuse to wear tank tops. I point blank refuse to wear the damn things. And you can't make me. If a girl want's to wear a tank top sure, no harm, no foul. But a guy? It offends my delicate sensibilities of which I have many.
  • annabco... Chunkybaby 2011/01/19 03:59:24
    dude, I didn't say you had to! I said you could if you wanted! if you don't want to, don't! simple as that =)
  • Chunkybaby annabco... 2011/01/19 08:48:06
    Are you sure? I really don't have to wear them? Well what's your stance on pets wearing clothes?
  • annabco... Chunkybaby 2011/01/25 03:40:07
    Hmmmm.... well, some pets hate it, like my dog, but some love it, so depends on the pet ^.^
  • Chunkybaby annabco... 2011/01/25 11:32:29
    They should be asked for their opinion.
  • annabco... Chunkybaby 2011/02/02 03:58:44
    yes! we need a device that lets us speak to our pets, so we can be all "you wanna be dressed up?" so there will be less animal suicides/attacks in the world!
  • Chunkybaby annabco... 2011/02/02 12:19:45
    You've read my mind. I've been trying to read a certain dogs mind for months now. I spend hours staring into his eyes. I haven't read his mind yet but I think he may be falling in love with me.
  • annabco... Chunkybaby 2011/02/06 19:32:50
    xDD awwww, I wish the best to both of you!
  • Chunkybaby annabco... 2011/02/06 20:46:30
    Unfortunately for the dog it's unrequited love.
  • annabco... Chunkybaby 2011/02/19 03:42:51
    Awww... xD
  • wpsark 2010/06/30 19:45:33
    Yes, they should wear whatever they want.
    I think a clean white tank on a guy with a decent body is hot.
  • Nessie 2010/06/30 19:01:23
    Yes, they should wear whatever they want.
    i guess sooo i mean i know i sound crazy when i say this but honestly im 12 and i don't like guys in tank tops but it is up to them if they want to wear it or not. i don't care what they wear as long as they don't but their pants hangin low so everyone can see their butts and underwear then i will take tank tops any day then their pants sagging low! lolz!:)
  • Lynn 2010/06/30 18:16:40
    No, they look awful.
    We call those "wife beaters"...

    awful wife beaters
  • SeriousHat Lynn 2010/10/20 13:33:40
    I have never heard of such a stupid stereotype.
  • Lynn SeriousHat 2010/10/20 18:35:19
    I dont invent them, I just report them
  • pipaltree 2010/06/30 17:32:51
    Yes, they should wear whatever they want.
    I believe tank tops were first made for guys.
  • Nessie pipaltree 2010/06/30 19:02:45
    yea not for girls unless they have a good purpose.
  • SimplyShannon 2010/06/30 16:41:35
  • GoldDustWoman.♥ 2010/06/30 16:21:11
    Yes, they should wear whatever they want.
    But only if he has muscles like my man :D
    haha, hes gonna kill me if he sees these pictures out here XD muscles haha gonna kill sees pictures xd muscles haha gonna kill sees pictures xd
  • Macy 2010/06/30 16:04:49
    Yes, they should wear whatever they want.
    sure... why not!... as long as it doesnt have mustard or ketchup stains on it.... you go, girrl boyyy.. boy girlll.. its up to you.... kissess...
  • Macy Macy 2010/06/30 16:08:35
    no dis intended.... this is the way my friends and I talk with each other... sorry.. I think I might have spoke to soon.. apologizes... please!
  • Lilia 2010/06/30 14:52:22
    Yes, they should wear whatever they want.
    Yeah they should and they look freaking hot in them too.
    wear yeah freaking hot
    wear yeah freaking hot
  • ILoveMichael.... 2010/06/30 14:41:10
    No, they look awful.
    Heyl naw.
  • marisa 2010/06/30 14:05:31
    Yes, they should wear whatever they want.
    If they are fit then it's a yes, if they're fat then no
  • Half-Ginger 2010/06/30 13:54:37
    Yes, they should wear whatever they want.
    ....But they STILL look awful.
  • Dax 2010/06/30 13:02:23
    Yes, they should wear whatever they want.
    Where whatever they want, for goodness sakes. Are we really so concerned as to what other people are wearing still? There are more important things to be thinking about.
  • sue 2010/06/30 12:53:57
    Yes, they should wear whatever they want.
    People should wear whatever they want. After all, we put up with seeing guys in those dumb baggy jeans for years.
  • President Camacho 2010/06/30 12:53:03
    No, they look awful.
    President Camacho
    Tank tops are undershirts. They are for wearing UNDER another shirt. The whole urban fashion scene is stupid. Giant, oversized shirts and pants, sideways oversized hats, big sunglasses - lookin' like a fool wit you pants on da ground.
  • michelle 2010/06/30 12:11:54
    No, they look awful.
    tank tops on guys that arnt muscular is just grooosss
  • gypsy 2010/06/30 11:18:33
    Yes, they should wear whatever they want.
    Yeah they should if they have an extremely good bod and if the body is just way too good to not show off, don't wear any instead.

  • Miranda Miller 2010/06/30 10:54:53
    Yes, they should wear whatever they want.
    Miranda Miller
    guys can wear tanks if they have some sort of muscle on them wear guys wear tanks sort muscle
  • Crazyloop 2010/06/30 09:04:32
    Yes, they should wear whatever they want.
    Sninny guys in tank tops are cute. But only buff ones wear tank tops. I dont like guys who are buff.
    People make too much of a fuss of how others dress/look anyhow.
  • stahlnacht 2010/06/30 07:42:23
    No, they look awful.
    If their bodies are sculpted sure, if its someone like me who has an ab and mostly skin on bones...nah...I don't even wear those things at home.
  • Ernestophiliac 2010/06/30 07:30:56 (edited)
    Yes, they should wear whatever they want.
    People are asking this? Humanity's descended so far.

    I never really liked Lemondrop.com. Or really, any magazine like them. They're all just old people pretending to be young, because "being young is in".

    Don't they ever look at people and just say "I wish I didn't care who was wearing what". Life would be so much better for them if they just stopped caring. The whole lot of'em are miserable people.

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