Should guys wear speedos?

☠♫♪ Twisted, Hated, Torn ♫♪☠ 2008/08/19 00:59:23
Its hot
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  • Vocla Underwear 2015/04/29 15:36:03
    Its hot
    Vocla Underwear
    they're hot and the bestselling type of swimwear at VOCLA
  • rushrush01 . 2014/08/14 22:51:40
    rushrush01 .
    Oh come on! 2014 and this is a question. How about reverting back to Victorian one piece tank suits for men while you are at it. Here's a follow up question: Should women wear bikinis?
  • Ericka Tremblay 2014/03/03 05:25:42
    Its hot
    Ericka Tremblay
    I can understand every straight male on the planet thinking its revolting. To you i say, you can compare yourselves and say you're better. Just like girls do to each other all the time. I think its pretty fun to check out a guy in a speedo. Swim trunks leave everything to the imagination so the odd guy who joins the swim team, is required to wear a speedo, and stays after practice is usually all I think about while I'm at the pool that day. Just wear em more often boys, you know the ladies love it and you could care less about the dudes.
  • rhys worrall 2013/05/25 10:55:42
  • Shon 2013/03/25 20:53:01
    Speedos! NO!!!! but these yes!! :) nice swimwear
  • Ericka ... Shon 2014/03/03 05:26:48
    Ericka Tremblay
    i think that qualifies as a speedo
  • KaWa 2013/01/18 23:07:58
    Its hot
    Only at the beach. Who doesn't love bulges?
  • Elfhelm 2012/11/08 16:02:44
    Its seems to be a double standard with women. Camel toes, baggy/saggy bikini bottoms, beer belly, 440 on the hoof bikini clad women just don't look good.
    Men bulge can not be helped, Men shave the carpet, wear a suit you like, walk tall and with confidence. It would help if you are height weight proportional
  • louie Elfhelm 2012/12/28 09:46:12
    l think if a man has a good body and he's happy with his bulge there's no reason not to wear a speedo.
    It even feels good when men look.
  • MrSexyPants 2012/07/31 06:07:52
  • :P:I 2011/12/08 13:31:58
    It's unpleasant for the eyes,but ,oh well,let them wear it if they're comfortable with.:P
  • D D 2011/11/20 18:20:14
    D D
    If you are a young guy and your take care of your body and groom yourself. Heck yea, why not wear one. It is just like any other article of clothing, either you have the body to pull it off or you don't. If you don't you are going to ruin it for everyone. Here is the other thing too, there are certain people in this world that are just cool. Cool enough to pull off what ever they decide they think is cool enough to wear. Those people are the trend setters for the rest of us. So more so it is not how good you look in something though that does play a factor. It is are you cool enough to wear a speedo? Personally I wear one because I am a sun junky. I can't get enough of it. I am comfortable wearing a speedo, and people seem to be fine with it when I do. Do you think it is wrong that I wear one? All kinds of people talk to me when I am wearing one and no one ever tells me otherwise. wearing speedo people fine wrong wear kinds people talk wearing
  • rhys wo... D D 2013/05/25 10:58:58
    rhys worrall
    Looking sexy
  • J 2011/09/19 14:45:16
    Yes....they're better for swimming, dry fast, and look better than board shorts
  • Andrew Far 2011/04/27 03:03:06
    Andrew Far
    Please come and check out mine. I have a pic there. What do you think?? You tell me if I should continue to.
  • louie Andrew Far 2012/12/28 09:51:22
    show me
  • louie louie 2012/12/28 09:54:54
    show me what you look like and l'll show you me
  • Ericka ... Andrew Far 2014/03/03 05:38:30
    Ericka Tremblay
    yep. continue, you can pull it off
  • jon dpes Andrew Far 2015/02/08 17:57:07
    jon dpes
    yes continue... i like the tight smooth feeling and the best part is it really holds the cock together and makes it hard and stick out istn that what we want people to see?
  • Jack Smith 2011/04/09 13:06:02
    Jack Smith
    It's no different than girls wearing bikinis.
  • jon dpes Jack Smith 2015/02/08 17:57:56
    jon dpes
    exactly so i say everyone should
  • andrikmaster2006 2011/03/24 23:50:37 (edited)
    ! YESSSS !
  • stewie5 andrikm... 2011/04/22 06:29:23
    hey just wondering, what type of swimsuit is that guy wearing exactly? I WANT! :P looks kinda like chick bathingsuit....
  • BrandonJamesCrispi 2010/11/03 21:59:17
    I think they should only be worn for competition swimming, and breaststroke is pretty much the only stroke you need speedos for. So unless youre swimming breast for a meet, wear some jammers please.
  • SSSSBTSS 2010/09/06 17:04:58
    Its hot
    You can still see the bulge if the trunks are wet. And when the guy is swimming you can't see anything-uless your trying to. Idk, maybe since I've been swimming all my life, I'm just used to it. But really, get over it, if you want us women to have the right to dance around half naked like a slut then you should let men. Or start wearing a t shirt and shorts to cover your body.
  • Ken 2010/04/29 15:32:50
    Why the double standard? Women wear swimwear next to their skin, their breasts, their nipples, their vulva, their labia; often I can see their outlines.

    Compare swimming and getting in and out of the water in a form fitting swimming suit to a trunk style!
  • Tetronic 2010/04/09 19:45:49 (edited)
    Its hot
    It's very hot when guys wear speedos. They should wear them everytime. Old mens should wear a short.
  • Salumper 2010/04/07 15:32:24 (edited)
    I think it's ok for men to wear speedos, when his body is ok!

    wear speedos body

    wear speedos body
  • jon dpes Salumper 2015/02/08 17:59:58
    jon dpes
    there ya go tight cock tight shorts and they conform to your body. very hot. do they feel good mine do.
  • Janie 2010/01/13 14:13:34
    Its hot
    Americans need to get over their man-body phobia. Speedos are functionally the best thing for swimming. How people don't drown in those stupid ghetto shorts is beyond me. Spedos don't drag in the water and they dry quickly. They don't reveal anything that we don't already know or couldn't figure out looking at a guy in shorts, esp wet ones. PLus, nice looking guys look sexy in them. If they aren't nice looking, they don't look.

    As for all you macho guys who are saying hell no, ew gross. Get over your weenie size anxiety or at least don't project it onto others.
  • boo 2009/12/19 19:52:17
    omg so hot
  • nicole 2009/11/24 20:01:05
  • Ashley 2009/10/06 02:09:57
    No way! always stick with shorts and a t-shirt or no t-shirt
  • Bec 2009/10/04 06:14:26
    Yes. Yes. Yes!
  • sdterp 2009/10/03 02:47:38
    I think if a guy is comfortable enough with his body to do so (regardless of age, weight or attractiveness) then he should wear a Speedo suit. It's time we get over our sophomoric judgmental attitudes about body shape, age and aesthetics and learn a live and let live attitude.
  • formadmirer 2009/09/21 07:16:56
    Since I'm a guy, and I'm not into guys, at least a speedos' not as bad as

    guy guys speedos
  • kittensforbreakfast 2009/08/29 06:35:59
    Its hot
    haha only the hotties, (like michael phelps) lol but if there an old wrinkly man then.... ewwwwww!!!!
  • Mr. Penguin•the guy you've ... 2009/08/26 12:32:40
    Its hot
    Mr. Penguin•the guy you've been waiting for•
    ill admit i wear trunks most of the time but i do have one speedo that's red and its a larger size.
  • ForestChild 2009/07/30 20:02:05
    There is nothing wrong with our youth flaunting a little skin, Its what makes life fun. To walk on the edge a little. The only ones that don't like it are usually attention whores, or to unattractive to do it them self . Speedo's are really a defining peica clothing between guys that pretend to be tough and the truly brave. And most girls i know really do appreciate them on an attractive guy in person. despite what they say.
    All me.
  • Mad36 2009/07/10 01:49:28
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