Should Guys Wear 'Meggings'?

Living 2012/12/10 06:19:58
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According to Jezebel and the Telegraph, leggings are no longer just for women. “Meggings” —leggings for men—are taking the fashion world by storm. They’ve been spotted on celebrities (such as Justin Bieber, Russell Brand, and Lenny Kravitz) and are being sold in stores like Uniqlo, Barneys, and Nordstrom. And now they’re making their way overseas to Britain.

We're all for a bit of gender-bending fashion, but we're not convinced that this trend is really such a good idea. New York-based British fashion designer Lucy Sykes is also skeptical. She told the Telegraph, "The only guy I've seen that looks good in a legging is my friend Neil who works with me at Rent the Runway. But he's young, dark and handsome and used to perform ballet at Lincoln Centre. Frankly any other man I have seen [in tights] looks a bit of a wally."

So men, unless you’ve got the legs of a ballet dancer, maybe it’s best to stay away from the meggings. What do you think SodaHeads? Should guys wear leggings?

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  • NoBama Man 2012/12/10 06:54:39 (edited)
    No way!
    NoBama Man
    NO WAY !!!!

    Justin Beiber's a MAN ?!?!?!?!............since when ???


    Well.., I guess they will go nicely with the 'manties' he's wearing....

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  • Lyka Midik 2012/12/18 04:57:01
    No way!
    Lyka Midik
    Absolutely not!!!

    What are we regressing in style/time...

    Here is a reminder of where that is headed.
    absolutely regressing styletime reminder headed
    Fashion circa 1800.
  • Scrappy Coco 2012/12/18 02:09:29
    Yes, go for it!
    Scrappy Coco
    I say if the man or boy can pull it off why not? Since when do cloth's come with a gender attached. If they have on it's because we put one on them!
  • J.L.Worley 2012/12/17 15:54:36
    No way!
    It's not surprising what guys wear anymore. God knows what a man might wear the nest day.
  • LayLady 2012/12/17 01:14:31 (edited)
    Yes, go for it!
    if it suits you, sure
  • Kanwflawnklf 2012/12/16 22:30:34 (edited)
    No way!
    i never cared for what celebrities endorsed as a trend. they often just looked dumb. if JB wants to wear that go the F ahead. JB probably got paid to do so, or if it his own choice then it clearly showed how big of an ego he has to try pulling of something like that. Bravo USA u did it again, you make a canadian boy a superstar just like you did to many before him.... Its crazy, but a few years ago we have Michael Jackson, now we have this.
  • Dave 007 2012/12/16 13:12:24
    No way!
    Dave 007
    Only if you are gay.
  • LayLady Dave 007 2012/12/17 01:15:56
    wrong answer.
  • HProcks12345 2012/12/15 15:50:34
    No way!
    I'm usually all for "dressing how you want" cuz the person dressing "strange" are the ones getting judged, but this is just taking it toooo farrr. To me, meggings are ok for performances cuz they're probs more comfy to move around in than tight-ass jeans. But for everyday life...uhhh...lets NOT.
  • I AM 2012/12/14 08:24:10 (edited)
    No way!
    I AM
    Truth told, WOMEN should only wear these under skirts (IF THEY HAVE ANY CLASS, THAT IS) otherwise they help us men point out the hoes easier!! so, only phuck boys should wear these!! this is more of the attempt to "feminize" American men. we need more straight guys in the fashion industry, replacing those who only want to see you wearing womens clothing any way.
  • Quazimoto 2012/12/13 19:04:08
    No way!
    Only if you live in California or in the entertainment industry. But they again they should also only be worn with high heels.

    help us all
  • Anthony Donato 2012/12/13 06:35:09
    No way!
    Anthony Donato
    jb pushes the limits of being gay and im not going to lie he has some good songs but broooooooo come on u sing and people are crazy over the fact that u got bank so calm down ur not pullin stuff like this off ha
  • ☺Sunrae☺산럐☺ 2012/12/13 02:45:02
    Yes, go for it!
    I'm okay with that. It's seems like women can be increasingly manly. But there's no problem with that. But things become an isssure if a guy gets feminie.

    Maybe they should Man Up. It consists of MANscara GUYliner, and MALEpolish hence not makeup...Man up.
  • Leslie Goudy 2012/12/12 22:39:07
    Yes, go for it!
    Leslie Goudy
    Skinny guys can carry it off. I don't see anything wrong with it
  • akPhilly 2012/12/12 20:57:24
    No way!
    I'm not even a fan of skinny jeans on guys, so it's no surprise that I'm not a fan of this look. btw, this is off the subject, but time goes by, but Bieber still looks 12 no matter what. He looks way younger than other guys his age.
  • Anonymouse ~superdoge~ 2012/12/12 20:04:00
    No way!
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    The fact that Justin Bieber has worn them should be testament to their atrocity.
  • Joseph ... Anonymo... 2015/03/27 15:42:36
    Joseph Peters Jr.
    By your logic, all clothing is an atrocity. I suppose we should also stop eating, because beiber eats?
  • LeroyRogers 2012/12/12 18:46:05
    No way!
    bieber's gay, and we all know it. the harder he tries to prove he's straight, the more he shows he's gay.
  • [Ev@n] 2012/12/12 17:02:51
    No way!
    Looks awful
  • Kurt 2012/12/12 13:54:02 (edited)
    No way!
    No way in hell would I wear something like that.
  • mel-lee 2012/12/12 11:56:11
    No way!
    Wrong on so many levels
  • Butch 2012/12/12 10:48:34
  • Racquelle 2012/12/12 08:48:41
    No way!
    OMG they're so ugly!
  • Tomboy110 2012/12/12 04:53:49
    Yes, go for it!
    Yeah if your gay!! What I meant to say was NO!
  • Tackytiger Tomboy110 2012/12/12 07:33:01
    All football players wear spandex leggings - does that mean they are all gay?
  • Tomboy110 Tackytiger 2012/12/26 04:06:04
    Of course not they have to wear them its better to play in them. Hhhmmmm.... I think Im having second thoughts.
  • Small man big mouth 2012/12/12 03:19:11
    No way!
    Small man big mouth
    Real men know these queer fashions are designed to feminize men.
  • HK5SBR 2012/12/12 02:13:44
    No way!
    If men started wearing this most women will laugh at them, unless they are the type of women who don't mind being with a Bisexual man..
  • *~The Doctor's Rose♥~* 2012/12/12 01:22:16
    No way!
    *~The Doctor's Rose♥~*
    Aren't leggings tight?..so what would that mean for....oh never mind I'm not going there.
  • dennis m 2012/12/12 00:51:24
    Yes, go for it!
    dennis m
    It doesnt matter what i say but im not against it or for it, its gonna happen
  • Shiyorisama 2012/12/11 23:56:52
    No way!
    LOL no xD.
  • 11 Phenomenon - eNews 2012/12/11 23:55:57
    No way!
    11 Phenomenon - eNews
    I'd have to see someone manly pull it off before I'd even take anyone serious wearing them...
  • Billy the kid 2012/12/11 23:34:45
    Yes, go for it!
    Billy the kid
    Provided, of course, they have an irresistible urge to look ridiculous, that is.....
  • Tackytiger Billy t... 2012/12/11 23:44:49
    Anyone volenteers to go and tell that to all the big tough guys in the NFL??? Nah - didn't think so....
  • Billy t... Tackytiger 2012/12/11 23:48:47
    Billy the kid
    Whether they're big and tough or wimps doesn't make the slightest difference so please don't get your megging-encased panties in a twist....
  • Tackytiger Billy t... 2012/12/11 23:54:28
    So you'd tell them would you?
  • MiMi 2012/12/11 23:21:30
    No way!
    Of course, it has something to do with Justin Bieber!
  • art1ej 2012/12/11 23:09:24
    No way!
    they look awful for anyone to wear...he's miming too since he can't sing...
  • Keith Moon RIP CYNTHIA❤ 2012/12/11 22:54:53
    No way!
    Keith Moon RIP CYNTHIA❤
    only they can pull this off and not look gay
  • WBC_Sux Keith M... 2012/12/11 23:29:21
    They had British accents, so they were gay by default, uh hurr durrr.
  • WBC_Sux WBC_Sux 2012/12/11 23:36:10
    Also... Meggings?

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