Should Guys Wear 'Mantyhose'?

Living 2012/03/07 22:38:39
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First it was "the Bro" on "Seinfeld" (also known as "the Manssiere"). Then you probably saw a few guys carrying "murses." Now, make way for "mantyhose." Or should we call it hose for bros? (sorry, we had to go there.)

Tights for men, dubbed "pantyhose," are selling well at high-end legwear shop Emilio Cavallini, Francesco Cavallini, vice president of the Florence-based company, tells Women's Wear Daily. In fact, mantyhose sales have been on the rise at emiliocavallini.com since the unisex collection was launched in June 2009.

“When we started our online shop we noticed that a lot of tights sized medium-large were being purchased by men.…So I did a search on the Internet and discovered there is a cult following for mantyhose. All of the men at our company, including myself, wear-tested a range of tights to rate the comfort level, and we came up with the concept of creating tights that both men and women could wear..." Cavallini told WWD.

But how do guys wear tights -- and WHY do they wear tights? Cavallini said he’s seen men wear them with shorts, and under pants when it's cold outside. "I think the mantyhose are also being worn for warmth under pants during cold weather months and also at home to lounge around in.…The tights are comfortable," he said.

Ladies, we all know that tights really aren't that comfortable to lounge around in, so we're not quite buying that explanation. Nevertheless, do you think guys should shell out $27 for a pair of mantyhose? Or are they just paying to look ridiculous?

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  • Wolf Princess 2013/05/13 13:33:33
    No way
    Wolf Princess
    No way
  • Kezzi Morris 2013/05/13 13:29:55
    No way
    Kezzi Morris
  • Tony 2013/05/12 03:59:17
    Yes, they're hose for bros!
    Yea. Because of my health problems, I have to wear them. I like the ones that don't squeeze you too hard. Light support and regular.
  • Junnie Lee 2013/02/25 21:08:26
    No way
    Junnie Lee
    Men have thick fugly body + no body (men nor women) wants to look at a guy's stinky disgusting looking junk. Keep your weird junk to your own partner guys. ew yuck!!
  • Royo 2012/11/25 21:55:21
    No way
    WOW those are... something. Um.. wow. Okay.
  • TURTLE 2012/06/19 17:39:25
    No way
    thats just wrong
  • CAPISCE 2012/05/15 22:30:42
    No way
    no gays
    That wasn't PC was it? Too freakin bad
  • Liberal_guy 2012/05/06 02:47:27
  • thepaulduane 2012/05/04 19:45:18
    Yes, they're hose for bros!
    I wear sheer pantyhose on a pretty regular basis in my wardrobe. It's a pretty unique look: http://www.paulduane.net/blog... Yeah, it's not for everyone, but that's ok.
  • Crossluu dressmy 2012/04/30 16:55:28
    Yes, they're hose for bros!
    Crossluu dressmy
    Yo siempre Lo e dicho por las mujeres tienen el derecho de vestir sexy probocatibas o helegantemente vellas yo en personal estoy encantado de que nostros los hombres de porder vestir sexy , si uviese in disenador Que lance al mercado y Que la ley Lo pudiera vet normal yo serial muycontento y feliz de llebar este tipo de prenda denores disenadores apresurense gracias!!!
  • fortuenti 2012/04/12 03:14:52
    Yes, they're hose for bros!
    Sure, AS PART OF A COSTUME, SPORTSWEAR, THERMAL UNDERWEAR, etc. but not for general attire.
  • Just Jenn for Now 2012/04/04 05:37:42
    Yes, they're hose for bros!
    Just Jenn for Now
    Hmmm, I am LOVING those skull ones! :)

    Though my one complaint... they leave NO room for imagination.

    know what i mean
  • Jason Krajniak 2012/04/04 04:43:35
    No way
    Jason Krajniak
    That would make my eyes burn
  • ren 2012/03/28 02:54:31
    Yes, they're hose for bros!
    If they want to sure. Im not complaining lol.
  • Paul 2012/03/16 20:37:53
    No way
    Um, not just no but HELL NO!!!!
  • psiEnergos 2012/03/16 18:52:32
    No way
    Oh HELL no!
  • art1ej 2012/03/16 03:41:09
    No way
    No...just no...i can bet homophoic ass holes will bash guys who do...
  • mib smith 2012/03/15 14:48:23
    Yes, they're hose for bros!
    mib smith
    If you are a 'sport cyclist' then definitely 'yes' better than those ridiculous spandex leggins!
  • abbiekat 2012/03/15 06:42:33
    No way
    What the hell you got to be kidding me!?!?
    Unless you became a superhero
    Then you will be seriously be teased if anyone catches you wearing these.

    Superheros tights
  • katt 2012/03/14 22:56:35
    No way
    please don't even though i know there are those who will!!
  • MICHALIA 2012/03/14 15:18:01
    No way
  • whispering hands 2012/03/14 00:35:54
    Yes, they're hose for bros!
    whispering hands
    I mean, i've seen guys were long johns/leggings underneath shorts and it looked very attractive but not pantyhose. I'm sure they can work.
  • lindseyloo92 2012/03/13 20:55:28
    No way
    Let's face it, pantyhose are equally ridiculous for men and women.
  • elsewhere 2012/03/13 20:03:12
    Yes, they're hose for bros!
    If they like them, sure.
  • Paul Erasmus 2012/03/13 13:47:18
    Yes, they're hose for bros!
    Paul Erasmus
    Can do without the leg patterns though!
  • T101 2012/03/13 06:09:59
  • RAWR.....? 2012/03/13 06:07:20
    Yes, they're hose for bros!
    I thought they already did before... My dad wears them all the time
  • Tori 2012/03/12 23:07:31
    No way
    I'm normally for people doing whatever they want to and I won't judge them for it but "Mantyhose" are just too rediculous. If I saw a male wearing them I wouldn't be able to stop myself from laughing. I don't want to do that to people and make them feel bad so I don't want males wearing them. If they wear them under long pants then you won't be able to see them then I don't care if you wear them or not. But they said that they wear them with shorts. HA! Please, males. Keep your male status high.
  • SilveryRow 2012/03/12 20:45:30
    No way
    Of course not, I don't think women should wear them (the female version) either - such a unhygienic feel to them. Stockings all the way!
  • Peripatetic Iconoclast 2012/03/12 14:28:12
    No way
    Peripatetic Iconoclast
    Another layer of clothes??? Gad, that's all I need.
  • Pree Kulkarni 2012/03/12 08:53:04
    No way
    Pree Kulkarni
    actually its up on their wish....everyone is free to make their own fashion style :)
  • Catitude 2012/03/12 02:16:10
  • Oaces_b... Catitude 2012/03/12 03:28:27
  • Bob DiN 2012/03/12 01:12:08
    No way
    Bob DiN
    Not me man. Boy don't swing that way.
  • Oaces_boss_yo® 2012/03/12 00:57:36
  • Kitsune... Oaces_b... 2012/03/12 02:28:20 (edited)
    Leggings with stripes or skulls? Makes me think of some of the stuff them tharr Japanese "Visual Kei" bands would wear... but to be fair, they rock it pretty well.





    For the purpose of avoiding getting flamed by any hardcore oldfans out there, I will mention that Dir en grey stopped being a VK band since having gained popularity stateside, and despite their former "trap"-like appearances, they have some pretty heavy music (see Uroboros and Dum Spero Spero, avoid their super old early stuff... unless you're really into Malice Mizer-esque, hoity-toity, artsy fartsy, french victorian era, avante-garde "metal" put through the filter of cultural misappropriation.)
  • Oaces_b... Kitsune... 2012/03/12 02:32:43
  • Kitsune... Oaces_b... 2012/03/12 03:25:07
    Meh, I prefer Toshiya's blue candy cane stripes. =P
  • desperatedan 2012/03/11 23:40:31
    Yes, they're hose for bros!
    Yes definitely men need warmth just as much as women do. Why do women object to men wearing them anyway after all they have taken over all the men's clothes altered them to suit women and nobody cares so leave men alone
  • Todd 2012/03/11 22:27:02
    No way
    show me a picture of a man who needs the hose and how he benefits from it, and maybe I'll reconsider. lol
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