Should facebook allow convicted felons (not to mention cop killers) IN PRISON to have facebook pages?

southernbred 2010/03/20 19:16:29

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  • Revolutionary Girl 2010/03/20 22:18:22 (edited)
    Revolutionary Girl
    NO! They gave their rights up when they committed the crime(s). This is a bad move to allow them to have this "extra" activity and fun. Especially, if they have been convicted of a felony relating to homicide, rape, child molestation, stalking, etc.

    It gives them too much freedom outside the bars within the bars to torment a victim's family or make another person fall victim to them; even ID theft, fraud, etc of another. They need to be banned from social fun on the computers and if they need to use them, be supervised. These are individuals who are in there for crimes committed.

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  • jakehuns 2015/01/12 11:24:56
  • concerned 2011/01/27 20:08:14
    One more thing! What if it was you? Never mind the rap'o rap beef and all that mellestation crap...how about the one that was in a fight accedintly by self deffence protecting his young and his girlfriend kills somebody and gets convicted 25 to life? How many of you know the pain and anguish you would bear to be in there without seeing up to date photos of you son or daughter? Being able to talk to them in the chat bar simotainiousley and never having to wait to here a reply three days after? Or seeing a video cast/recording of your childs first steps or hearing her first words....chew on that!
  • souther... concerned 2011/01/28 02:37:11
  • concerned 2011/01/27 19:53:41
    So freedom of press and speech are out of the question then? And how about all those people that need to talk to the person to make a reconciliation with a person when that person is to fare into the nation to be met in person? When you strip the rights of one you strip the rights of a nation to organizer in a more professional manner...All said and done you guys have to much time on your hands and need to find a new group to target. To target them would not only take on a more aggressive act but would also make us unprofessional in the process of taking rehabilitated convicted felons rights away in the process giving up our right to actually own up to our standards of triggering a birth of a reason to not actually realize the fact that we would commit acts of criminal thinking in the process. Not to mention that its only a web page and you guys take it WAY to seriously.
  • sick'n'tired PWCM 2011/01/07 20:58:24
    sick'n'tired PWCM
    No. They are criminals. Do social networking when you get out of PRISON.
  • DawnCleveland 2010/04/21 16:35:27
    lotr_hp-2010-1mbit I agree totally with you no internet and no television they don't deserve to be able to see what is going on the world they have defied the out side world.
  • undiebee 2010/04/18 05:26:34
    CRAZY!!! Is what I say!! If they want the same privileges as people on the out side then stay on the outside!!
  • SA 2010/04/07 03:08:23
    Having FB for convicted felons??OH, HECK NO!!
    Sure people make mistakes, but people need to OWN up to them!! It's called consequences for your actions!!
    People may say there are "innocent" people in prisons. Just ask the felons, they will tell you they are "innocent!"
    People may say they have "rights!" WRONG!! They gave up their rights once they became incarcerated!
    What about the "rights" of their victims?? Anybody ever think about the true victim here??
  • wolf sloan 2010/03/28 14:12:56
    wolf sloan
    Prisons were meant for punishment. Keeping the inmates entertained is not their purpose.
  • Pearlie Momi♥Patriot Warrior♥ 2010/03/27 17:50:18
    Pearlie Momi♥Patriot Warrior♥
    NO..Hell NO.....Child molesters, rapiest etc..they don't deserve any rights.
    They should read books ...Get off the internet..they can abuse and start crimes on the internet as well.
  • a 2010/03/24 19:43:02
    Absolutely not.
  • seadog6608PWCM 2010/03/24 19:08:38
  • mowerman-back to bust libs 2010/03/23 20:43:10
    mowerman-back to bust libs
    Nope prisoners should not have this right nor many others that they are allowed.
  • Hebertprime 2010/03/23 19:06:19
    No, prisoners should not be allowed ANYTHING.
  • Dirty(oYo) Hebertp... 2010/03/23 21:09:18
    I like direct, simple, to the point answers!
  • Hebertp... Dirty(oYo) 2010/03/24 02:02:10
    And I mean ANYTHING.
  • jimiwhitten 2010/03/23 19:05:15
  • I am the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT 2010/03/23 16:36:45
  • Jolly Roger 2010/03/23 12:19:14 (edited)
    Jolly Roger
    Not just "no" but "hell no!!!" They have the right to front-of-the-line privileges to the gurney. I'm surprised, though. I mean, look..... they get (3) hots & a cot, free medical, dental, a gym & free cable. Wait a minute..... for a minute there, I thought I was talking about Obama World.
  • Hebertp... Jolly R... 2010/03/24 02:03:07
  • Treecat47 2010/03/23 09:22:04 (edited)
    I think it depends on the crime and their overall behaviour over time (so no accounts for anyone for the first year or so).

    There are many reasons why people go to jail.

    Ok if a person has killed, threatened (or know to be threatening), caused GBH or been known to be vindictive then they should not have social networking accounts at all.

    Depending on the other crime (such as burglary), then maybe they should be allowed but under close supervision and limits. For example, they have their accounts searched or online behaviour watched.

    I think toward the end of a sentence (still depending on crime) an account may help when it comes to networking, where it may lead to help outside prison. But still these accounts be monitored and restricted.
  • MindReader 2010/03/23 05:48:21
    Yes, they have nothing better to do. Perhaps they could seduce some of my ex-clients wives into cheating or better yet, marrying those losers. Then, I could get out of the mulityear alimony awards. (none such luck on child support orders). cheating marrying losers mulityear alimony awards luck child support orders
  • 5/21/2011A.D. 2010/03/23 03:09:25
  • tammerz/zɹǝɯɯɐʇ 2010/03/22 22:40:39
    People shouldn't have access to Facebook in prison. You don't need a Facebook to survive. Even if prisoners get Internet access, Facebook really isn't intellectually fulfilling at all. There's no reason for it. I don't necessarily think FB should have a list of felons and delete them from Facebook though. If you eliminate one type of person from the site, where do you draw the line?
  • Frances Collins 2010/03/22 21:56:04
    Frances Collins
    No. I believe they should not have any source of communication or entertainment. They should be completely isolated from society as much as possible. Just maybe that way they would not return to jail or prison so many times. I also believe in the three time loser laws. Third time in-no getting out again.
  • NachoChuckySpaceMoney 2010/03/22 21:44:15
  • Diaphram.is.dead♠BTEF♠ 2010/03/22 21:15:00
    this is a "free country" and as a "free counrty" the citizens deserve the right to do what ever they want!
  • 5/21/20... Diaphra... 2010/03/23 03:10:50
    your bent- i do not want to finance criminals any more - thin the herd
  • Diaphra... 5/21/20... 2010/03/23 12:32:13
    im bent?
    i dont even know what you mean...
    and besides, how would you feel if you made a mistake and were arrested for it,
    then people wouldn't let you have a face book.
    i mean, we have to give them a second chance or something...
    you know, three strikes you're out, something like that...
    if they've been arrested more than thrice i find it okay to take away some rights, but not all of them...
    besides, i dont see why they shouldn't have a facebook anyways,
    aren't they in prison? they could have like a special thing telling people that they are criminals or have been/currently are in jail...
  • 5/21/20... Diaphra... 2010/03/23 14:16:28
    u need to go out to the facility and work , you'll learn or sorry but when a person intentionally takes a human life , they have just lost their humanity when they took someone else's, this wasn't a mistake, and i don't need jamika's family ginnin up pity for the poor murderer, then we get to feed him , house him, free medical and on and on.... what does all the victims get-- a bill to pay for the--------
    , aw poor pitiful murderer can't have his facebook , how in the world did murderers ever get by before u came along, a felony ( one) takes away those rights and should- besides the fact that it is usually never the perps first go round, not their first rodeo, they are workin u- how to down a duck, but if u are for it , have at it , finance it yourself along with your likeminded friends- and be prepared to be held accountable for anything that happens - when little johnny murderer/ rapist calls on your daughter-- have fun thru those rose colored glasses-- start u a mutual fund and do it.-- as a matter a fact all those ideas u have do it - just don't expect me and others to pay for your agenda- like the old commercial just do it--- it's your money-- oh wait thats right certain folks just want to spend other peoples money---- aha
  • Diaphra... 5/21/20... 2010/03/23 21:24:35
    you see,
    i did not know we were talking about people who have killed...
    but i still say that they have the right to know whats going out in the real world...
    sorry, but thats just my oppinion.
    what the world and this govt decides to do is out of my hands and im fine with whatever happens.
    it is out of my control and i cant do anything about it except protest.
    (which i probably wont do because im too lazy to care)
    anyways, i answered the question and i beleive that i deserve to be listened to and not critizised for my oppinions.
    if you wanted to hear people who agree with you, you should have posted a blog, not a question.
    after all, it is the poster of this question who gave me the oppertunity to answer "yes"
  • 5/21/20... Diaphra... 2010/03/25 01:50:31
    if we are just talkin ideas then its like my head, everyone has one - there is no need to worry about content truth or any real value- just opinions- its all good
    no prob, have a wonderful day
    ps sorry for the "you're bent" statment , my daughter advises me that i/m an idiot, that i should not be insulting people- just ideas
  • Diaphra... 5/21/20... 2010/03/25 12:31:57
    it is okay,
    i can see how i could have sounded stoned...
  • Kirby 2010/03/22 17:49:12
    I would first like to say that our prison system is a complete failure. When you have people incarcerated for years at a time they get to the point where they're afraid to be let out. It's definitely not about reform. They come out better criminals than when they went in. And it's apparently not an affective punishment, either, as most are repeat offenders.

    Whether they should be allowed to play on the Internet or not depends entirely on where you think the prison system should go from here. Personally, I think that between working and sleeping 7 days a week, prisoners should not have time to think about Facebook. They should not only earn their keep, but they should make the country money. No personal days, no sick days, no vacation days, no time off. Run them ragged each and every day of their sentence to they truly appreciate freedom when their sentence is up.
  • Treecat47 Kirby 2010/03/23 09:26:09 (edited)
    I understand what you are saying but seriously, what about prisoners with cancer or other serious illnesses? They could die. I believe in reform but not being lenient. Yes make them work hard I utterly agree. I also believe in education. I also believe in time off for good behaviour. If you want productive prisoners to earn money for the country it's best to give them some chance so they can work harder, like any work force.

    I think a lot of prisons are *too* lenient, you are right there.

    Edit: Keywords for reform I think are routine and disipline. A work routine might help and disipline within prison and teaching self disipline for outside prison (if they are ever to be released). I wonder if "military" style would help. I think it would.

    Just the idea of working them to the point of sheer exhaustion may lead to bitterness and distrust.
  • Kirby Treecat47 2010/03/23 17:52:45
    The military camp prison is an excellent idea. What I was thinking is not giving them the chance to fight or talk with each other. Prison has to be not fun, but it also has to be less "scary". You should not have to join a gang to survive. I have heard tales of prison gangs controlling the public phones. If you use them without their permission, you die. That sort of thing needs to stop. Prisoners try very hard to exert control over each other, if no one else. They power needs to end completely the moment they walk in that door until the moment they step foot outside as free men. There needs to be zero tolerance. The punishment for abusing prisoners should be that the guard is fired and never allowed to work in a prison again and THAT IS IT. Prisoners should not have the right to file lawsuits to entertain themselves. They should not have access to legal books. If they work hard enough to pay for it, they should have access to schooling. And the death sentence should be mandatory for repeat offenders and lifers because they are useless dregs and leaches on society. The bleeding heart will say that innocent people will die, and they would be right. But I would gladly die a wrongly accused man knowing that because the system is tough, my children are safer. Prison should mean the loss of all rights and privileges within our system. If you can't obey the laws of this country you shouldn't get the rights that come with this country either.
  • fishcakesrule123 2010/03/22 17:11:02
    meh but would anyone actually add them i dont know :S
  • Jehnyhal~ Hope Not Hate~the... 2010/03/22 16:48:12
    Jehnyhal~ Hope Not Hate~the Renaissance Women of PHAET
    Really, I was unaware that the justice system was based on stripping prisoners of any and all human rights. I thank you, ignorant-but-righteously-angry people for correcting my misapprehension. As we all know, it is IMPOSSIBLE to ignore people on Facebook. I mean, look at them not contacting you or even being aware of your existence! It's disgusting!
  • Philo-P... Jehnyha... 2010/03/22 17:27:13
    Have I told YOU lately how beautiful you are? : )
  • Jehnyha... Philo-P... 2010/03/22 17:31:48
    Jehnyhal~ Hope Not Hate~the Renaissance Women of PHAET
    :D Aw, thanks, Philo! You are also a beautiful person!
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