Should Dogs Be Allowed to Bark?

Living 2010/09/22 14:00:00
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Here's a question we never thought we'd ask: Should dogs be allowed to bark?

The upscale NYC suburb of Bronxville, N.Y., is considering fining owners when their dog barks for more than 10 minutes during the day and for more than five minutes after 10 p.m., CBS reports.

What's the damage? About $250 bucks.

“If you live next door, a dog barking all night, you sure wouldn’t want that. I see their point,” dog owner Janet Flanagan told CBS.

This brings up a bunch of questions in our mind. What if mom and dad both work during the day, and a nanny runs the house (which is pretty common in New York)? Is the nanny responsible for getting the dog to shut up?

And also, what about the dog's rights? Dogs bark -- that's what they do, isn't it?

On the contrary, Bronxville residents say that if a dog is barking for more than 10 minutes, something is clearly wrong.

“Someone comes to the door and the dog barks, but if it’s a continuous bark for a long time and at night something’s wrong,” dog owner Elizabeth Gusta said.

But what if you simply can't get your dog to pipe down? One owner suggests exercising the dog to the point of exhaustion.

"A tired dog is a happy dog is a quiet dog," the resident said.

If you ask us, this just seems like one more thing for people to have to worry about when they're trying to make it through the day.

Read More: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2010/09/20/bronxville-...

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  • MCRfreakakaKayleigh 2010/09/22 22:07:33
    thats like asking should we be allowed to talk
    it's the same thing
  • Maximus 2010/09/22 22:05:30
    I used to hate dogs. Now I love them, especially pitbulls. I live in a neighborhood where almost every home owner has a dog. Were used to have a pitbull, she was 6 month old dog. She had a deep fierce beast-like bark that actually scares me. I miss her so much.

    Asking if a dog should be allowed to bark is like asking if us humans should be allowed to talk. Now let the dogs BARK!! arff, arff.
  • Kaimeso 2010/09/22 22:04:14
    Dogs barking a warning is ok, but when they bark or howl hour after hour, day after day, night after night, and their owners are not home then its serious problem. Still it is an easy thing to fix if the owners want to,..

    For two of my neighbors who kept noisy dogs I provided PetsMart flyers on bark collars. They didn't have to do anything, they could have been asses about the dogs and then I would have had to report them to the city. Then the escalating fines from the city would have gotten a bit expensive. Instead they did something and all three dogs got the message and quit the constant barking and howling.

    escalating fines city expensive dogs message quit constant barking howling
  • Dogammit Kaimeso 2010/09/22 22:55:45
  • rtava Kaimeso 2010/09/22 23:24:36
    constant barking is a bad habit, because of how the owner treats their dog. if they don't shut up eventually, then something is making it do that, most likely the owners unnapropriate behavior
  • Kaimeso rtava 2010/09/22 23:28:00
    When the barking goes on day and night for weeks, I don't care if its just a bad habit. Either shut the dog up, get rid of it, put it to sleep, or move out to the country far away from other humans.
  • rtava Kaimeso 2010/09/22 23:29:32
    putting it to sleep is a horrible thing to do, should i be allowed to kill my mom for going on and on about her stupid little problems day after day?!?!?!??!
  • Peon of... rtava 2010/09/23 00:20:25 (edited)
    Peon of the Masses
    Now you know how most married men feel. Your mom sounds like my last girlfriend, although she didn't stop talking when she ran out of problems to talk about, she could always come up with something to keep ratcheting her jaw about. The only repose from the chatter came when she was asleep, and sometimes she'd still talk.
  • Kaimeso rtava 2010/09/23 04:01:29
    Why, does your mother sit in the backyard and howl at the moon all night long ?

    But I do have a hint for you,... mom=human,.. dog=dog
  • Lanikai rtava 2010/09/23 15:30:29
    Wrong, sometimes it is a yard invader and sometimes the owner is at work or asleep and cannot stop it from barking. My dog barked at night due to possums and armadillos and other night creatures roving thru the yard. Didn't make me a bad owner, it made my dog a dog.
  • Peon of... Kaimeso 2010/09/23 00:15:04
    Peon of the Masses
    People might see if it works for their colicky infants. Just joking. Some guy put shock collars on his kids and was arrested for child cruelty.
  • Kaimeso Peon of... 2010/09/23 04:02:15
  • Peon of... Kaimeso 2010/09/23 04:09:20 (edited)
    Peon of the Masses
    I would never try and argue against that fact.
    Kid=baby goat
    Child = human
    Dog=Asian culinary delicacy. ;)
  • BattleBunnys 2010/09/22 22:03:53
    Ridiculous. Dogs bark, its what they do. Can we put a fine on morons who run their mouths for more than five minutes?
  • cupcakes 2010/09/22 22:02:22
    wat kind of question is this its obviously yes
  • KarAEra 2010/09/22 21:58:16
    i ment 2 put yes but i hit the wrong button whoops... anyways my dog barks all the time. sure it gets anoying sometimes but at least I know shes not dead! I'd go suicidal if she died :'(
  • Artylic KarAEra 2010/09/23 07:59:58
  • KarAEra Artylic 2010/09/23 22:41:42
    well... im like 12 she means everything to me >.> guys... ugh... lol well how about instead of suicidal i just run away? BETTER?!? geez... people rlly don't understand kids.. my bro would do the same thing and hes almost 20 now! *sigh* oh well...
  • Artylic KarAEra 2010/09/23 23:19:06
    yeah thats not it.
    and i "get" kids... i was once one not toooo long ago. you think your so special. don't you?
    im not a dog fan so me, myself i would not go suicidal over a dog. i think i would if my love of my life died. thats a human, not a dog.
    you have sooo much to learn!
  • KarAEra Artylic 2010/09/23 23:25:24
    lol... adults..? all fags ^.- JK just u.
  • Gregaj7 2010/09/22 21:57:14
    Another way to raise revenue.
  • Sin 2010/09/22 21:56:58 (edited)
    Whatever moron decided to ask this question needs to fined $500 dollars for each and every time he/she eats, sleeps, breathes, or does any other action th body needs to survive for one month. See how that works out for you, stupid.

    Anyone who agrees should have the same treatment.
  • AdelePotter 2010/09/22 21:42:08
    What the hell?
  • Maximus AdelePo... 2010/09/22 21:54:17
    You want dogs to stop barking?
  • AdelePo... Maximus 2010/09/22 23:22:12
    no, I hit the wrong button--- stupid SodaHead won't let you change your answer...
  • Maximus AdelePo... 2010/09/22 23:28:42
    I understand, I just had the same problem from the last question I answered.
  • No
    i actually ment to put yes i cant change my answer. And its completely stupid for dogs not being allowed to bark it's part of their nature. They do it to alarm us.
  • Maximus ♥♫Lєxsί... 2010/09/22 21:53:05
    I wish they would allow us to change our answers. Don't forget dogs also bark to scare us.
  • ♥♫Lєxsί... Maximus 2010/09/22 22:08:12
    yes they need to improve it. They bark to scare off intruders, it's like telling telling us humans we can only talk for 10 minutes only each day or else we have to pay up. It's stupid and i hope dogs keep bothering the hell out of people that suggested it.
  • Maximus ♥♫Lєxsί... 2010/09/22 22:09:31
    LOL, yeah.
  • Artylic ♥♫Lєxsί... 2010/09/23 07:58:07
    when they are barking for a reason than that is fine. when they are barking at things that aren't any threat (like a leaf or a bird) than that is just plane annoying
  • ♥♫Lєxsί... Artylic 2010/09/23 21:10:25 (edited)
    it's part of their nature you can't just stop a living creature doing what it's suppose to do on earth, it's completely stupid. And if it was a leaf or bird I don't think a dog will bark for 10 straight minutes.
  • Neon~Converse 2010/09/22 21:38:56
    No one can control when their dog barks- it's instinct. The owner shouldn't be charged with anything because of the dog they own.
  • Texas Johnny 2010/09/22 21:36:08
    Texas Johnny
    Barking is a way of warning the pack and I love it when my big sweetie barks. It lets me know she is on guard!!
    barking warning pack love sweetie barks guard
  • Artylic Texas J... 2010/09/23 07:55:34
    or barking at leaves falling, squirrels running in a tree, or ppl walking about a block away...
    its tiring
  • Texas J... Artylic 2010/09/23 15:13:00
    Texas Johnny
    Dogs will always do that....... SQUIRREL!! dogs squirrel
  • JodiHarris Texas J... 2010/09/23 09:45:27
    Beautiful photo!
  • Texas J... JodiHarris 2010/09/23 15:13:25
    Texas Johnny
    Failrly close to my big sweetie
  • cowboy 2010/09/22 21:32:07
    dogs are dogs
  • Kimberly 2010/09/22 21:25:42
    if dog are not allowed to bark then humans are not allowed to talk like; wtf its a dog barking is a way to communicate with humans you cant call the police because of that

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