Should Dogs Be Allowed to Bark?

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Here's a question we never thought we'd ask: Should dogs be allowed to bark?

The upscale NYC suburb of Bronxville, N.Y., is considering fining owners when their dog barks for more than 10 minutes during the day and for more than five minutes after 10 p.m., CBS reports.

What's the damage? About $250 bucks.

“If you live next door, a dog barking all night, you sure wouldn’t want that. I see their point,” dog owner Janet Flanagan told CBS.

This brings up a bunch of questions in our mind. What if mom and dad both work during the day, and a nanny runs the house (which is pretty common in New York)? Is the nanny responsible for getting the dog to shut up?

And also, what about the dog's rights? Dogs bark -- that's what they do, isn't it?

On the contrary, Bronxville residents say that if a dog is barking for more than 10 minutes, something is clearly wrong.

“Someone comes to the door and the dog barks, but if it’s a continuous bark for a long time and at night something’s wrong,” dog owner Elizabeth Gusta said.

But what if you simply can't get your dog to pipe down? One owner suggests exercising the dog to the point of exhaustion.

"A tired dog is a happy dog is a quiet dog," the resident said.

If you ask us, this just seems like one more thing for people to have to worry about when they're trying to make it through the day.

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  • ~♥Nikki♥~ 2010/09/25 22:14:52
    dude thats like asking if humans should be allowed to talk.
  • blissful 2010/09/24 01:16:14
    In a way its like taking away the animals right of speech[so-to-say]. They are only doing what comes natural to them. But! I have a couple of dogs in my nieghborhood that just drives me crazy at night. They bark all night, so it seems. So I think that after a certain time of evening they should be put under-control..
  • Spud 2010/09/23 20:59:32
    Not only should dogs be allowed to bark, they should be required to bark between the hours of 1:00 am and 6:00 am outside of every liberal voter in every subdivision. hehheh... heheh...Yeah, thats the ticket.... :)
  • TasselLady 2010/09/23 20:41:53
    Yes, but if it's an excessive bark all the time all the time, then there's something wrong. If a dog is well trained you usually won't have a huge problem with it. Sometimes it's a good thing, especially if there's an intruder ready to break into your home.
  • kim wagner 2010/09/23 20:36:39
    kim wagner
    its in a dogs nature to bark so of course
  • Becca 2010/09/23 20:28:01
    Are you expecting them to get up and say "pardon me but there seems to be someone outside the house" dogs bark thats what they do
  • LoverAndRival 2010/09/23 20:27:25
    I think the real question here is: should people be allowed to talk?
  • JustBreathe 2010/09/23 20:17:31
    Yes dogs should be able to bark! Dogs bark to protect themselves or they fight but that's a different matter.
  • cowgurl 2010/09/23 20:03:40
    I mite be very different sayin this but i love when my dog barks..i know she is there and will protect me..And really, how do u think ur gonna stop them from barkin...
  • ljhfldsj 2010/09/23 18:46:41
    What kind of question is that?
    It's like asking "Should babies be allowed to cry?"
    Sure, it gets annoying but how else would we know if something is wrong?
  • insane1 2010/09/23 18:13:33
    This is a stupid question. Should humans be allowed to talk?
    There's no humane way to stop a dog from barking and why should we? There's plenty of humans out there that need to shut up and we can't do anything about them.
  • Angelofdeath156 2010/09/23 18:00:07
    Yep, my dogs tell me when someone is getting closer to my house that does not belong. And while it's understandable that it does get annoying, the owners should train their dogs better, but be sured their is almost always a reason why our fluffy companions start to yap.
  • 0000 Angelof... 2010/09/24 10:15:07 (edited)
    i always found it weird dogs know when one of your friends is coming and when a stranger is coming. Whenever my friends come over my dog Rocko doesn't make a peep, but when neighbors pass by he goes off. Keep in mind dogs can't see through doors that I know of, it has to be the keen sense of smell.
  • Angelof... 0000 2010/10/04 05:14:05
    I know what you mean and I must say it's awesome! Dogs noses are rather amazing, more so when they are trained. That would be intense, dogs seeing through walls and doors :) they are amazing creatures.
  • KMAN 2010/09/23 17:49:59
  • Chris D 2010/09/23 17:22:23
    Chris D
    Yes but I can see how it drives neighbors crazy - cant just leave the dog outside to bark all day - very annoying!
    drives neighbors crazy leave dog bark annoying
  • ♥♥♫MusicalBxtch♫♥♥ 2010/09/23 17:16:15
    Seriously, what the hell are u gonna do to make them stop?
  • Kigan 2010/09/23 17:12:50 (edited)
    Dogs bark for many reasons, often when something is in some way wrong. Why would I silence that?

    Now, I can understand the problem with barking in the middle of the night, but in my experience there is something wrong if that happens. Something that attention needs to be drawn to.

    And if you think your dog is barking too much and for no reason, look into training. Me? I'll take the instinctual barking.
  • ♀hUgS~&~KiSsEs~4~EvA♥♂ 2010/09/23 16:39:07
    it's their instinct
  • AnnaओइSepiya 2010/09/23 16:03:28
    WTF? That's their nature for God sake! Some babys cry, so we should fine their parents? anyway, what about dog training?
  • LEONI 2010/09/23 15:32:53
    YES ITS THEIR FREKKIN NATURE TO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DJT 2010/09/23 15:23:43
    Yes God made them that way.
  • Arya 2010/09/23 15:07:12
    Of course they should be allowed to bark! Talk about animal cruelty...
  • Gemma 2010/09/23 14:46:23
    Uh, for one- How would you stop a dog from barking, besides putting a muzzle over his trap?
    It can be annoying sometimes, but they are dogs. It's what they do!
  • irish 2010/09/23 14:19:58
    the control freaks are out of control!
  • Sheila's Corner 2010/09/23 12:52:40
    Sheila's Corner
    No better burglar alarm than a barking dog.
  • ArtemissHawthorne 2010/09/23 12:40:19
    Their barking... Is like our talking, Yes they have more than one way of communicating, but it is still something that most every human recognizes as their dogs language. Because they cant use the same words as us, and we dont understand the animal body language most of the time, the bark is something that gets our attention, keeps intruders away, and helps keep those young little kids who play from dangerous places. I understand that continuous barking can get on ones nerve, but sometimes a dog us just too stubborn to listen to their owner.Our animals, are sometimes considered our children. Would you fine a child for screaming when scared or injured?
  • saintdeer 2010/09/23 12:28:45
    if you have a prob with barking dogs, move to a place with no pets allowed or out in the country. All I hear is Coyotes yapping all night now instead of neighbors lil picapoo whining all night. I would rather hear nature and not some little tick tird barking:)
  • SJG 2010/09/23 12:19:51
    NO, not if it is inappropriate. Dogs will serve as early waring if someone is coming toward your home and give you a chance to react, that is good. But a dog barking outside for 20 minutes or more is annoying and the owner should be fined because it smacks of "I don't care about others". Not the animals fault, the fault is with the owner.
  • saintdeer SJG 2010/09/23 12:32:36
    so you want government to intervene if a dog barks? this is why the USA is heading to massive overhaul mode. We cannot afford to regulate such stupid little petty incidents amongst neighbors. If the worst thing that happens to me today is my neighbors dog barking then praise the Lord! if people would spend time with their neighbors and build on relations, you would not need to have a dog barking ordinance.
  • SJG saintdeer 2010/09/23 16:32:20
    The "government" as you put it already regulates dog barking in many counties across America. The laws are there for a reason. Its not a Federal problem, is a local problem. The majority of people agree that dogs barking for no reason is a nuisance especially if you have children sleeping or adults that work different shifts, they need to have their rest over a dogs need to bark. You can't have a wonderful relationship with every neighbor you have and some place the dog above human needs. Allowing dogs to bark for no reason is a strain on the animal, a strain on those who have to listen to it, and a pure nuisance. If you don't want the "government" involved how about we let bikers run their motorcycles as loud as possible in the evening, allow kids to crank up the sound in their cars, no matter where they are, allow construction outside your home at all hours of the day and night, allow fireworks in your backyard every day...get the picture?
  • Becca SJG 2010/09/23 20:30:48
    yeah that makes sence. If a dog barks for that long theres usualy something wrong but if the owner ignors him the dog wont stop. I didnt give that much thought befor
  • David 2010/09/23 11:58:18
    Should people be allowed to talk? Well on second thoughts ...
  • kayleigh(L) 2010/09/23 11:32:27
    you may not want a dog barking all night but its less annoyingthan people at partys shouting and breaking bottles and the music!!!! dont get me strarted
  • Char. Limit 2010/09/23 10:50:11
    Char. Limit
    Without an "undecided" option, I was forced to pick one. Please resolve this problem in the future.
  • Lanikai Char. L... 2010/09/23 15:17:26
    I wish ever single poll posted HAD to have a NONE of the above option.
  • Manapua 2010/09/23 10:41:07
    It's not the dog's bark that is annoying, it's the owners who don't train their dogs.
  • JCD aka "biz" 2010/09/23 10:36:13
    JCD aka "biz"
    Fining dog owners who can't train their pets properly, and don't care if neighbors are annoyed, is fine - if I may say so - we do it in France, it's a national law. An occasional bark is OK, of course.
  • saintdeer JCD aka... 2010/09/23 12:34:11
    keep it in France then, please. we don't have the money to pay dog barking police here in the US, just like France doesn't either.
  • JCD aka... saintdeer 2010/09/23 16:21:59
    JCD aka "biz"
    We don't have dog barking police, lol, just normal police oficers and gendarmes.
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