Should Disney Fire Employees for Texting While Driving?

Living 2010/11/15 23:00:00
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Texting while driving is a serious and potentially deadly problem. But should employees be fired for doing it?

Disney sent out a company-wide memo last week prohibiting employees from sending or reading texts or e-mails while driving company or private cars, Deadline.com reports.

"Failure to comply will lead to disciplinary actions up to and including termination," the memo said.

"Distracted driving," which mainly refers to people using their mobile devices behind the wheel, reportedly caused 5,474 deaths last year.

The Obama administration has prohibited federal employees from texting while driving on government business and banned commercial truck and bus drivers from texting behind the wheel.

Thirty states and the District of Columbia prohibit drivers from texting behind the wheel; at least eight states have passed laws barring drivers from using hand-held cell phones.

We understand getting fined, but if you text while you drive, do you really deserve to lose your job?

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  • donedunn 2010/11/15 23:55:42
    Yes. The company has a reputation to keep. You don't want to comply? You are free to look elsehwere for employment. Because what would the headline read? Something like....

    "Disney Employees kills person due to texting fellow Disney employee while driving"

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  • Toodlel... no1ymfan 2010/11/26 02:27:51
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  • no1ymfan Toodlel... 2010/11/26 20:10:11
    how am i an idiot for listening to rap? and yur "african american urban communitites" r the same thing as the hip hop community smart one.

    oh btw, "dumb ass" is only one word, dumbass
  • Toodlel... no1ymfan 2010/11/27 01:47:31
  • no1ymfan Toodlel... 2010/11/30 20:58:04
    dictionary.com says "stupider" as a word

    it also says "bell-bottoms" does not have a hyphen

    even my advanced language arts teacher said u cant trust those online dictionaries

    and u have to give me credit for saying "hyphen" instead of "dash," as many people call it. and if u didnt kno that, u r the illiterate one. be honest
  • GaPch 2010/11/16 21:47:04
    If driving a company car, then yes the employee should be fired. Perhaps warned first then fired would be better.
  • Baba 2010/11/16 21:29:53
    Texting while driving is up to the police or highway patrol. Not the company that hires people. If employees are texting while on the job, that is different. If driving is part of their job, then, yes, the company would have a right to warn, suspend, then fire those employees. If the employee is on their own time, in their personal vehicle, no, company does not have a say about it.
  • Illjwamh Baba 2010/11/17 03:28:32
    Except this is limited to company vehicles. The write-up even said that.
  • craneju... Baba 2010/11/17 08:24:12
    when you are in your own vehicle on Disney property you still have to obey the rules as if you were driving on public streets. An employee own time is their breaks and lunch times
  • Baba craneju... 2010/11/23 16:46:04
    Whatever. I do not text at all when driving my vehicle. I have to pull over to safe place, if text is important, and do my thing. Texting while driving has proven fatal to a lot of drivers. We have to use common sense on this matter. I don't believe that any company has the right to fire someone for texting if it is NOT done on company time. The use of cell phones for personal use in any business, while on the clock, should never be permitted. As stated, one warning, put on suspension and if it happens again, fired.
  • LaurenBrodyCox :-) 2010/11/16 21:19:32
    LaurenBrodyCox :-)
    you shouldnt be on your phone while driving but to be fair texting is worse then being actually on the phone i think :)
  • jabo 2010/11/16 20:52:48
    Absolutely.. Texting while driving should be banned in all states. And, anybody caught, should have their license suspended for up to 5 to 10 years.
  • FumbDuck 2010/11/16 20:36:29
    If I hire someone to drive, that person better not git caught with cell phone in hand while driving a company vehicle. Not only would I terminate that employee I would enter " will not consider rehire under and circumstance " in their file.
  • none 2010/11/16 20:30:01
  • Wutnagkillabeeontheswarm 2010/11/16 20:26:43
    What if Walt Disney's great great grandson would kill somebody
    Or some mascot dude, who wears a Mikey Mouse costume
    that wouldnt be good for the image

    People will learn that stupidity can also have bigger consequences like losing your Job
  • Kei 2010/11/16 20:22:34
    Its PROVEN to be twice as bad as Drunk Driving.
  • Pete 2010/11/16 20:06:22
    What an employee does on his/hers own time is there problem, unless it is Mickey mouse driving. The police should issues a ticket accordingly, and it should not bring Disney into the mix. So no on "Disney" firing a employee for texting, but the police should get them and do their job.!
  • jon 2010/11/16 20:06:08
    Um, if it were me allowing my employees to drive a car that I paid for, YES!

    A) you are statistically more likely to damage MY car if you text and drive

    B) MY insurance will go up if you wreck MY car while you are texting

    C) YOU are not more important than many of my investments. You are important so long as you don't start costing me money.
  • DavidK 2010/11/16 20:00:49
    Should any employee fire someone for texting? If its not affecting their employment, on the job or in a company vehicle, why should that be an issue? If our government H & S were fired for drinking and driving, we would have no Congress!
  • DavidK DavidK 2010/11/16 20:01:49
    I totally believe texting should be illegal for anyone just as drinking behind the wheel.
  • jabo DavidK 2010/11/16 20:55:19
    No congress. What a great thought. lol
  • DavidK jabo 2010/11/23 03:34:54
    thats forsure....
  • Dirty Work 2010/11/16 19:35:05
    Dirty Work
    Its a good policy. I read the question wrong. I agree.
  • Brianna 2010/11/16 19:22:29
    Their car, their property, their dime (comping you for your commute), yes. They have every right to set the policies they choose so long as they do not infringe upon an individual's rights. This doesn't infringe, so really, it's up to Disney. They cannot make rules about you in your own car on your own dime and time, however. If they catch you breaking any policy of theirs they have the right to discipline you. Sorry, cost of employment. Just like that other dude's job requiring slacks and a jacket as attire in the office. Don't like it? Don't work there.
  • ɟʇʇoɔs 2010/11/16 19:18:17
    As stupid as it is to do, people should not be fired for doing something stupid OFF the job.

    While I do not text myself, I wonder how far something like this can go... what is next? Speeders getting fired next? If you own a car that does not meet emissions standards? I mean, this kind of total control thing is getting carried away
  • Harjot 2010/11/16 18:50:16
    Nanny state expanding to the workplace? I think not. (Unless, of course, you'll give me the job that the texting bloke lost.)
  • glenda harvey 2010/11/16 18:49:39
    glenda harvey
    I agree with firing or disciplining an employee for texting while driving if in a company vehicle. I don't think an employee should be disciplined if it is their own vehicle unless they are on the clock and receiving mileage.
  • the dude 2010/11/16 18:41:13
    the dude
    its dangerous, but not worth firing someone for.
  • Tom Camfield 2010/11/16 18:37:37
    Tom Camfield
    Those who can must step up and make a move to effectively deal with it. Just sitting around wringing our hands won't accomplish much. Hooray for Disney!
  • GrinNBarrett 2010/11/16 18:32:44
    Who made Disney law that is Fascism or Corporatism, what don't people understand no wonder we are where we are.
  • WallyWojciechowski 2010/11/16 18:16:59
    Disney is including your private vehicle..WTF?!?!?! What you do in your own car is none of your employers business. If I drive my car naked, smoking pot, while putting on make up, and eating dinner; my employer has no right to fire me for it. As long as I don't do it in their vehicle on their time. Plain and simple this is a corporate giant trying to control people's lives. They must think they are bigger than some men's gods.
  • DerekHo... WallyWo... 2010/11/16 19:56:33
    Your employer should have the right to fire you for ANY reason.
  • WallyWo... DerekHo... 2010/11/17 17:31:54
    That is absurd. Employers need to start treating employees like people, not numbers. We are not slaves and our personal feelings and families should always take precedence over a companies numbers. Compassion in the work place is one of the reasons Apple Corporation has done so well. NOBODY should ever need an excuse to take a day off of work. The employee loses more by missing work than the company. What I do on my own time is nobodies business but mine. What gives an employer the right to butt in on my time off of the clock? This is the reason we have labor laws and unions. I would have to guess you are a company owner and a jerk of a boss.,
  • DerekHo... WallyWo... 2010/11/17 18:56:04
    I believe in the free market. If the free market has created private sector unions, and those unions have power through their sheer numbers, then good for them. But the government shouldn't get involved.
  • WallyWo... DerekHo... 2010/11/18 17:06:32
    Without labor laws we would have sweat shops and child labor again. We need some control by the government. A business owner should not be allowed such ridiculous terms. Although this story is incomplete, It turns out that the rule only applies to the employee while on the clock. Therefore I have no real issue with this story and my former comments are moot points in relation to this story.
  • jabo WallyWo... 2010/11/16 21:07:10
    What some don't seem to realize is that Disney is a corporate giant trying to SAVE people's lives.
    Most Disney employees are young people, that are still in high school, etc., and more than likely this is their first job. Kids are kids, and have to be treated as kids. If their parents didn't teach them how dangerous this is, the employer must step in.
  • WallyWo... jabo 2010/11/17 17:47:24
    Just found out the text of this topic is incomplete. It is only while on company time. Emplyer responsibility ends at the punch of the time clock at the end of the day.
  • craneju... WallyWo... 2010/11/17 08:33:32
    You are funny but you know what don't do it on disney property even if it is in your own vehicle. You want plain and simple They are trying to protect the guest and castmembers. I have a wife and grandchildren I don't need someone hitting me and putting me out of commission so that person can text OMG or something else
  • WallyWo... craneju... 2010/11/17 17:40:14
    I understand your point, but the point of the article is Disney claims they can fire you for your personal decisions on your own time. That is an invasion of privacy. They are basically saying that if we find out you don't shower on your day off we can fire you, or, you don't eat meat? now you don't work for us. It is an absurd condition of employment and will lose if ever brought to court. PS I don't text and drive, and I sure as hell don't drive naked...that would be scary.
  • ken 2010/11/16 18:03:35
    It might be an innocent family that is in the head on with that person....zero tolerance to stupidity that cause harm to others.
  • WallyWo... ken 2010/11/17 17:41:01
    I understand your point, but the point of the article is Disney claims they can fire you for your personal decisions on your own time. That is an invasion of privacy. They are basically saying that if we find out you don't shower on your day off we can fire you, or, you don't eat meat? now you don't work for us. It is an absurd condition of employment and will lose if ever brought to court.

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