Should Dads Play Video Games With Their Kids?

Living 2011/02/03 15:28:26
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Dads may be doing their teenage girls a favor by spending a little more time playing video games with them -- but boys are another story.

A new study found that adolescent girls who played age-appropriate video games with their parents (most often, their fathers) were less depressed, better behaved, less aggressive and felt more connected to their families.

"It's just another way to be involved with your kids," study researcher Laura Padilla-Walker from Brigham Young University told LiveScience.

The average girl in the study played video games with her mom or dad only once a month, and 46 percent never played with a parent at all.

But playing video games with parents had neither a negative nor a positive effect on boys, probably because they already play video games too much.

In fact, boys who play more video games do worse in school and are unhappier, though this is most likely due to spending less time with family and friends and slacking on homework, the researchers said.

About 45 percent of the boys in the study played video games with their parents, though they were often age-inappropriate games like "Halo" or "Call of Duty." Boys who play age-inappropriate games were more likely to be aggressive, the study found.

As for the girls, "Mario Kart," Wii Sports and "Guitar Hero" were most likely to put a smile on their faces. But Padilla-Walker notes that it could just be spending time with your kids, regardless of the activity, that makes them feel loved.

We couldn't agree more -- certainly, "Mario Kart" isn't the secret to happiness. Or is it?

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  • Derek 2011/02/03 17:01:33
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    Wow, this is so sexist. Spend more time with your kids, regardless of their gender!

    But I don't think parents should force themselves to pretend to like something they are obviously not interested in. My dad suffered a lot trying to play Final Fantasy games for me, but we were just fine playing Gran Turismo. Gotta find something that both kids and parents like.

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  • Ben 2012/09/12 02:59:30 (edited)
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    I think it should be with both kids. My parents are anti-video games and we have absolutely nothing in common and they are not willing to try this. My dad tryed playing shrek 2 with me when I was 7 but gave up almost emmediately because he thought it was a waste of time. And now I play Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield and he still thinks it is a waste and won't play. I have literally tried every type of game to play with him: sports, fps, open world.... All my friends dads play video games with them and I'm jeolous, because they have a good connection with their Dads but my dad and I can't see eye to eye. So, in conclusion I personally think it is a great thing to do with your kids.
  • Ichigo Erben 2011/11/06 17:48:00
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    Ichigo Erben
    Play what you want!!
    With everybody you want!!
    Just have fun!! ^.^
  • MorganRae 2011/02/16 21:35:05
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    Everybody loves video games and everyone should get to enjoy them! The 4 year old i nanny for asks to play Black Ops every day! he's better at GTA4 then MarioKart! and he loves Mortal Kombat vs DC!
  • mrdog 2011/02/04 17:23:38
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    I don't but seems okay to me.... why not? bark
  • Miss Bela Rae 2011/02/04 16:01:59
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    Miss Bela Rae
    i'm about to turn 13 my dad plays littlebigplanet with me all the time what's wrong with it?
  • CH 2011/02/04 15:56:47
  • MorganRae CH 2011/02/16 21:37:37
    wtf? play some games with your Mom. try to get her into what you like. If she's really horrible at games, start off with something small like Mario or Mortal Kombat and work your way to something better.
  • CH MorganRae 2011/02/16 21:41:41
    um, i meant i don't want to play games. And all she wants to play is family feud online in the first place. lmao
  • MorganRae CH 2011/02/18 15:22:03
    LOL alright then nevermind..
  • Fred 2011/02/04 15:33:51
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    If the video games have a peaceful point or have a reason for violence that is logical it would make sense, I would say every video game that doesn't kill just for killings sake.
  • Alyssa 2011/02/04 15:03:40
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    WTH Sodahead? You guys come up with the most uncool questions...
  • DebraJMSmith 2011/02/04 14:45:44
    Dads should grow the heck up! ...and take out the garbage!

  • morphor DebraJM... 2011/02/04 15:07:29
    Your argument is pretty pointless, just because games are 'childish' to you doesn't mean they can't play with their kids. I'm guessing you also think 'Harry Potter' is also a childish thing to like, even though it started as a BOOK series. Oh wait what's next, Ghostbusters, or how about Star Wars.
  • DebraJM... morphor 2011/02/04 15:11:59 (edited)
    Here's the fact of it: The father in the family is supposed to be mature, someone to look up to and respect. It is hard to respect a grown man who is behaving like a child, hour after hour, night after night. --Playing some is one thing, but most men go overboard.
  • morphor DebraJM... 2011/02/04 15:21:38
    As for how much is 'overboard' depends on the person/situation, games definitely CAN be a time sucker, but not all games are. Also, it depends if they are an insomniac, it's probably better for them to be playing with kids than not. So just because you have an issue with I'm guessing your husband doesn't mean you need to put 'no'.
  • DebraJM... morphor 2011/02/04 15:25:12


    We are all supposed to put our own answer.

    Oh, my word, I am laughing so hard over here!
  • MARK RAKES DebraJM... 2011/10/14 11:33:56
    I play video games and legos with my son all the time. We also do many other activities together. My brother does the same with his son and daughter. We have both found it to be great in bonding with our kids. We also own our own construction business and work very hard providing for our families. As children our father spent a lot of time working (also in construction) and would come home tired and though he loved us very much and took care of us he did not always remember what it was like being a kid. However he made it very clear and allowed us the opportunity to be kids as long as we could and not grow up too fast, as a result we had really great childhoods. Still sometimes that bonding with dad kind of lacked so We both made the decision to spend as much time with our kids as possible. I say it is no different than bonding over football or fishing or any other activity (which we do also), the key here is balance, as with anything. You always must remember you are the parent not their buddy, however that does not mean you can't be their friend and their Dad all while being mature and not letting some ridiculous ideal of caveman style mythology get in the way of you playing with your kids. BTW We also talk to our kids like adults not down to them without jacking up the parental role. Bottom line spend time with your kids get to know them you and they will be much happier and well adjusted for it
  • whipnet 2011/02/04 14:41:38
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    I think the key here is to spend time with your kids regardless of gender or what you are doing.

  • buzzwald juneberry 2011/02/04 14:18:09
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    buzzwald juneberry
    Just spending time with your children is beneficial to both parents and kids, video games or not.
  • xaylan 2011/02/04 13:52:41
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    well my dad plays gears of war with me and then he plays army or two with my brother. Hell, even my mom wanted to play bayonetta with me. It helps families bond together :D I remember I had a rough relationship with my dad but once we started to play video games or any games for that matter(like board games) we had a slightly better relationship.
  • wamcalif 2011/02/04 13:35:14
    Your kids should not experience you repeatedly getting your butt whipped. It may make them feel insecure about your inadequacy. Try checkers instead..then again, kids will probably beat you at that too. Just read them a story.
  • Raramonstah 2011/02/04 13:15:02
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    Hell yeah! It would make their bonding experience a lot more fun, literally. Plus, dad is always there to say, "Alright champ, wanna go do something else?" when they've been playing a bit too long!
  • Chaz 2011/02/04 13:12:16
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    something is better than nothing,
  • Rave 2011/02/04 12:17:09
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    I was always trying to get my dad to play video games with me. But he sucked so bad that it wasn't very entertaining. I remember this one time my sister was teach him how to play Timesplitters (This shooter game that was out in the early 2000s) but he kept getting in the way rather then helping, so she got frustrated, killed his character and told him to get back to watching tv instead. We tried to get him into playing a couple of more times but never really worked out, besides he was too busy with work to do anything else with us usually.
  • So Bananas 2011/02/04 11:03:37
    So Bananas
    Parents should play alone to help them wind down, but dads don't spend much time with daughters, maybe it's a man thing. I think men are more comfy with sons, whether they admit it or not.
  • Michael So Bananas 2011/02/04 14:39:31
    Thats not always the case,, I spend a lot of time with my Daughter we play games, do art, listen to music she like a lot of old music like before her time and hell my time.. She my first and only right now but if i have son i would treat them both equal.. playing games with your kinds is important let them know that your not just a rule giver but a person they can talk to.
  • I "Heart" Logic 2011/02/04 10:53:00
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    I "Heart" Logic
    I would have loved for my parents to take an interest in something i loved doing, i played sports and went out and played with friends, but if I ever sat in front of the tv to play games i got the parents asking, why dont u go outside and play??? I remember once when i was younger, my mum actually sat down and played a game on the sega master system with me and i loved it, my dad was never patient enought to play, but i know my kids will get to play video games with me, as well as get out and play some sport and games with their friends.
  • tewaz1 2011/02/04 08:46:34
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    My little brother and I play with his little girl. It's a great bonding experience, it's active, thanks to motion controlled games, and it has been shown that kids who play video games have better spacial cognition. That said, don't let your kid spend 14 hours a day playing, but as a leisure activity it certainly beats television on all fronts.
  • Mark 2011/02/04 08:44:15
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    Get into what your kids enjoy! In turn, show them things that you enjoy. Just have some fun times with your kids.
  • moo 2011/02/04 08:05:37
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    That very great that dads are playing games with there daughters and their sons too.
  • Mog of War 2011/02/04 08:03:18
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    Mog of War
    Two words. MarioKart Wii.
  • monkeys_delightful_water_taffy 2011/02/04 07:50:57
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    The vilification of video games should have died in the late 80's.
  • SonofJL 2011/02/04 07:49:01
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    Absolutely. Spending time with your children is detrimental regardless of the sex of the child. If one of your kids is into video games, then by all means play them with him/her.

    Additionally, keep the violent games out of your kids' hands until they can differentiate between games and reality. Otherwise you end up with a child who thinks it is perfectly okay to elbow-drop their uncle or perform 20-hit combos on your sensitive parts.

    Just saying.
  • Dani 2011/02/04 07:45:53
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    Fathers playing video games with girls is definitely helpful. Playing them with boys depends on whether they act like just one of the boys or a parent who's trying to teach their kid ethics and morals. If they can throw little moral and ethical hints into the game, then definitely. They should do it.
  • An 2011/02/04 07:18:04
  • Toodleloo SodaHead 2011/02/04 06:18:25
    Yes, with daughters and sons
    Toodleloo SodaHead
    Find ways to spend time with your kids by doing things you'll both enjoy :D
  • Crystena 2011/02/04 04:48:03 (edited)
    Umm... I guess it could be okay sometimes for some families but generally, No. I don't like how people get so sucked in for hours and obsessive. So I worry about leaning your kids any where near that type of future behavior.

    Plus, I feel like video games can be for when your older. Kids should play, they should make their own play, play outside, play with other kids. Or if I see a dad playing with his child just playing; outside, make pretend, hide and seek - it's one of the best things ever. Video games have a hard time in my mind competing.
  • Jake Crystena 2011/02/04 07:12:40
    Shut up and go play some halo or something.
  • Ravenholm Jake 2011/02/04 08:40:07
  • Moondog660 2011/02/04 04:34:18

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