Should Children Be Banned From Red-Eye Flights?

mrosen814 2012/08/09 18:00:00
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Business travelers usually anticipate to rest during red-eye flights, so they're fresh for AM meetings. However, sleep-time often gets interrupted by crying babies and noisy children.

According to TimesUnion.com, “Malaysia Airlines this summer introduced a no-kids section some aircraft flying between Kuala Lumpur and London. And another Malaysian airline, AirAsia X announced it would create a ‘quiet zone’ in the first eight rows of the economy section of some aircraft starting early next year. Both moves seem designed to let passengers sleep on overnight flights.” Do you think children should be banned from red-eye flights?


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  • JohnT Michelle 2012/08/09 22:26:59
    If the airlines had brains they would have flights for children and pets, and flights for business people. It is called marketing but the airlines have a herd mentality right along with the crappy TSA like they are dealing with cattle rather than people so they charge a lot for little and get away with it. Now that I am retired I say screw them and rarely take a plane unless I really have to. My protest is with my wallet, but those working cannot do that.
  • DizziNY Michelle 2012/08/13 13:56:13
    Have separate flights. Why should other people "suffer" because you kid is insane.
  • Michelle DizziNY 2012/08/13 19:03:14
    Because money. It just wouldn't make sense to make separate flights.
  • beachbum 2012/08/09 19:14:14
    No, parents shouldn't be treated differently than anyone else
    But.........give 'em something to help 'em sleep.
  • jubil8 BN-0 PON 2012/08/09 19:13:13
    No, parents shouldn't be treated differently than anyone else
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    But the parents should keep their kids under control. A "kid free zone" is fine with me -- although it would have to have a buffer too since the noise from a screaming kid doesn't stop with the seat in front.

    Let airlines have their own policies; the customers will decide. Business travelers are their bread-and-butter, not families on vacation.
  • Angela Chambers 2012/08/09 19:12:46
    I'd prefer they ban anyone who snores or tries to talk to me for the entire f...
    Angela Chambers
    That would be nice.
  • Razoreye001 2012/08/09 19:11:58
    Yes, they keep other travelers awake
    sure it's not all flights.
  • OGMGS1 2012/08/09 19:09:38
    No, parents shouldn't be treated differently than anyone else
    I can't sleep on flights anyway. Parents need to be parents, and tell their kids that such behavior won't be tolerated.
  • JohnT OGMGS1 2012/08/09 22:30:58
    So how many children do you have? Try and tell that to a 18 month old baby. I told him not to cry he just won't listen DUH! I have grandchildren older than you, use some common sense. First off the air pressure gets to a baby right away and unless mom and dad are smart and put in ear plugs that kid is going to scream until the plane reaches level flight. There should be separate flights for families with kids, and pets, and business travelers. Airlines are as dumb as dirt.
  • OGMGS1 JohnT 2012/08/09 22:54:35
    Parents should be smart enough to put ear plugs in their childrens ears. Maybe their should be separate flights if people are so stupid, but American airlines are dumb indeed.
  • JohnT OGMGS1 2012/08/09 22:56:42
    All of the airlines are thinking just profit not smart or they would have come up something that works for everyone. They act like they are doing people a favor by being in business. There will always be another airlines to take their place so they need to do something better.
  • bricklyn OGMGS1 2012/08/10 19:49:17
    Parents do not know how to be parents and they are not interested in the way their kids affect the other passengers That is the ENTIRE problem.
  • Delete 2012/08/09 19:06:50
  • Atlas 2012/08/09 19:05:25
    No, parents shouldn't be treated differently than anyone else
    No, however the parent in question should spend their flight consumed by their duties to their child and their fellow passengers.

    If one decides to reproduce it is polite to raise your children to not be a burden on those outside of the family unit. Especially thousands of feet above the ground.
  • wpsark 2012/08/09 19:03:46
    No, parents shouldn't be treated differently than anyone else
    children are just a part of life...we all have to deal with them when we go into public. Quit your bitch'n and suck it up.
  • Sare wpsark 2012/08/10 01:31:13
    We'll quit our bitch'n and suck it up when more people start parenting their children or at least make an effort to do so.
  • wpsark Sare 2012/08/10 17:31:13
    ya I agree some parents need to control their kids better
  • exsecrare 2012/08/09 19:03:16
    No, parents shouldn't be treated differently than anyone else
    They should ban lazy parents who won't make their kids behave though.
  • JCLadybug 2012/08/09 18:57:22
    No, parents shouldn't be treated differently than anyone else
    So parents shouldn't be allowed to get the prices of red-eye flights? Or the easier plane ride of night, when they mostly sleep? Try keeping a toddler happy for 4 hrs when they can't move in the middle of the day. Yeah right, it is awful, even when you are prepared, and even when they get compliments for being so well behaved it is draining.
  • Rock 2012/08/09 18:56:14
    No, parents shouldn't be treated differently than anyone else
    I'd like to say "Yes", but in reality parents should be treated just the same as any other passenger. What I would like to see is a limit to the number of children under two that are allowed on any flight.
  • bricklyn Rock 2012/08/10 19:50:46
    Why sould they be treated like other passengers when they cannot behave like other passenger?
  • Rock bricklyn 2012/08/10 20:16:14
    I said the parents shouldn't be treated any differently. There are plenty of rude people on every flight, it's not just limited to parents traveling with kids. If we booted off rude passengers, the planes would leave half-full most of the time. As for kids on red-eyes, they probably would sleep most of the time anyway.
  • bricklyn Rock 2012/08/10 23:33:33
    I have yet to see anyone with children booted off an aircraft. They seen to be immune to that kind of action as children a sacred these days and it does not matter how outrageous their behavior is.
  • TKramar bricklyn 2012/08/12 08:55:19
    Not really, it's because adults who are ejected from aircraft are throwing worse tantrums than any child.
  • bricklyn TKramar 2012/08/18 00:30:51
    Just how many children have you seen kicked off of flights?
  • TKramar bricklyn 2012/08/18 10:57:07
    None--I've never seen any children that were not well behaved--but I've seen a number of adults who should have been dropped out the emergency hatch while in flight.
  • bricklyn TKramar 2012/08/18 17:33:22
    I have never seen any adults that were not behaved on flights. However on almost every flight I have seen children that were.
  • TKramar bricklyn 2012/08/18 21:55:56
    Well, if you haven't seen it, then they must not exist. Except we've had two entirely DIFFERENT experiences. So obviously nothing exists.
  • bricklyn TKramar 2012/08/18 21:59:51
    You have obviously have never learned now to use any logic at all.
  • TKramar bricklyn 2012/08/18 22:08:16
    Your observations plus my observations mean that nothing exists. No one is ever well behaved on flights, since I've only seen well behaved children, and you've only seen well behaved adults.

    I wonder if you're one of those obnoxious bastards I'd like to have tossed out the hatch.
  • bricklyn TKramar 2012/08/20 00:59:40
    I work when I fly. I do not bother anyone. I do not want anyone bothering me and that includes kids.
  • TKramar bricklyn 2012/08/20 01:46:38
    Your tapping is annoying. Your use of electronic devices, even when the flight attendants tell you not to, is annoying.
  • bricklyn TKramar 2012/08/20 01:56:28 (edited)
    Sorry, I do not use a keyboard. It is silent. Get a grip

    You apparently have not kept up with technology
  • TKramar bricklyn 2012/08/20 03:37:17 (edited)
    Keyboard or keypad. Neither are silent. Unless you're using voice recognition software, and then you're talking--when you should be silent. Or are you now going to say you click letter by letter?

    You're one of those idiots that can't turn off your devices when told to, aren't you?
  • bricklyn TKramar 2012/08/20 05:30:26 (edited)
    Sorry, mine is silent, no noise at all. There is absolutely no clicking EVER.

    I always follow the instructions I am given. Once the flight is in progress we are able to use them. I am never on the internet.

    The depth of you idiocy is deepening.
  • TKramar bricklyn 2012/08/20 18:35:17
    Just because you're deaf doesn't mean I am.
  • bricklyn TKramar 2012/09/03 17:57:55 (edited)
    Just because you have a vivid imagination does not mean you life in reality. My lack of a keyboard is the reason why it is SILENT.
  • TKramar bricklyn 2012/09/03 19:54:33
    It would be hard to use a laptop with no keyboard, wouldn't it?
  • Alexander T Steward 2012/08/09 18:55:19
  • FanOreilly 2012/08/09 18:50:17
    No, parents shouldn't be treated differently than anyone else
    I would not ban them but I will fart on the parents if they do not control their children.

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