Should a teacher be fired for photos on her Facebook profile?

LegalZoom 2011/10/26 20:34:18
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According to the Barrow County Superior Court, a former Georgia high school teacher can proceed with her lawsuit against the school district that fired her over Facebook photos. Read more...

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  • GoDucks5 2011/10/27 01:04:12
    She has a right to have a life outside of work. You shouldn't be fired for anything put on Facebook. I even got in trouble at school for something I said on Facebook last year. It's just stupid.

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  • Bob 2012/01/13 04:39:12
    Throw "common sense" out the window and let fall to ground and go into convulsions.
  • Playerazzi 2012/01/09 11:58:24
    In general, no. BUT if she says some disparaging remarks about school issues, or reveals confidential information about something at school, that could be a cause for dismissal.

    FB should be treated like what a person says in public at the store or at a bar. The only difference here is that it stays there, and EVERYONE can see what you say.
  • Legendofplanet 2012/01/05 04:59:11
    Well, logically i don't think that'd be a good idea.... however, if photos are intending to offend the mission of teaching or the career itself... like showing sexual contents or stuff ... Then Yeah! cuz kids'd be following the teacher everywhere lol
  • Jeeves 2011/11/18 00:53:47
    Should children be expelled for their facebook photos? No. It's what they do OUT of school. Everyone has a life outside of school/work. The pictures that they decide to post or upload is their business. No one else's.
  • Jasmin 2011/11/16 23:20:10
    No, as long as it has nothing to do with students
  • Andrea Lovette 2011/11/16 21:52:31
    Andrea Lovette
    schools are worried about the wrong things! worry about how many kids are understanding the material taught (and not just passing to get by). she took necessary steps to make sure none of the kids saw her page and as an adult she can drink(which i'm pretty sure a lot of them do!)
  • xshaziesx 2011/11/16 21:42:04
    That is so stupid & wrong, she is entitled to her own privacy outside of school hours. Does being a teacher mean that you are not allowed to have a life anymore?
  • cameron wright 2011/11/15 17:40:21
    cameron wright
    to an extent yeah because you cant be showing pictures of your past pornstar career while being employed by a place where children are
  • Jamie Nelsen 2011/11/15 02:45:57
    Jamie Nelsen
    First of all, it depends on the pictures. In this case, it is just ridiculous. However, I could see pix on Facebook that would be fire-able (is that a word?).

    This case certainly shows why teachers (and all other workers) need a union. That way there is at least someone sitting there with you to say, "Hey, wait a minute," or "Don't be ridiculous." It is too easy to confront one person and harder when someone else (actually anyone else) is sitting there listening.
  • skull+crossbones 2011/11/14 19:42:54
    Nah. None of anyone else's business whether a teacher has pictures on their Facebook page that aren't appropriate!!! Why would an employer be her friend on Facebook anyway?!? Or maybe this employer is a secret stalker... Anyway, no. People have a right to a life outside of their work. Other people should either not care, or keep their god damn noses out!!! XD
  • ynnub106 2011/11/12 15:22:10
    she has a right to a life outside of a school
  • AmyValo 2011/11/12 15:01:52
    i don't think they should be fired because of that!!! Everybody has a life!!!
  • cameron... AmyValo 2011/11/15 17:41:12
    cameron wright
    chances are if you have a life you dont have a facebook
  • sickofwrongbeingright 2011/11/12 02:44:51
    She has the right to her own life and unless she includes her students as friends I don't see the problem.
  • jonand 2011/11/10 23:17:50
  • Capt. Gangles 2011/11/10 09:18:05
    Capt. Gangles
    unless the photos are of them doing something incriminating, have any of their students as friends, or putting their students in danger, then they shouldn't be fired, i don't think anyone should be fired cus of what's on their facebooks. it's something that's done in your free time and has nothing to do with work...proof we have 0 privacy anymore.
  • Yoya86 2011/11/09 20:15:39
    that's ridiculous
  • Barbie Bitch 2011/11/09 19:35:14 (edited)
    Barbie Bitch
    well if she be lookin like a trick then hell yeah
  • Jen 2011/11/08 23:09:39 (edited)
    If it's an inappropriate, yes. The rest is no. He or she has a right to live the life like non teachers. If she is attacking his or her students via internet, I don't think it's great idea. As a student, I would like my teachers to tell me up front to resolve a problem. That's the best way to resolve a conflict, or an issue. If I discover later that I'm attack behind brutally, I may be make a big deal about it, or ignore that person because she or he is human, too. T
  • Alex Reeves 2011/11/07 23:17:42
    Alex Reeves
    Teachers have the right to do what they want, just because of there career choice doesn't mean they have to hide in a box outside of school.
  • Steve Nixey 2011/11/06 21:13:02
    Steve Nixey
    Private Life as nothing to do with ability, unless it was innapropriate then again how bad is innopropriate!!!! people think loads of differing beleifs nowadays...
  • ryuookamisono 2011/11/05 21:53:52
  • Jakedog ryuooka... 2011/11/08 05:07:24
    Why? Can you be a little more specific!
  • MaX PowerS 2011/11/04 17:44:47
    MaX PowerS
    I would totally bang the one in the Pic!
  • Michelle Williams 2011/11/04 17:35:19
    Michelle Williams
    If the school district had a policy regarding facebook that specifically outlined the do's and don'ts as well as the consequences of any violations they would have had the right to fire this teacher if she failed to comply. Many companies, including the one I work for, have these policies in effect and I believe the school district is simply behind in this area. In my case, I can't mention the name of my company, use any logos or company materials, or make any reference to any of the brands that our company represents on any web property, including facebook. Violating this policy results in immediate termination.

    It doesn't specifically indicate whether the district had this policy in place. But, from the facts given, it appears they didn't.
  • sayuri 2011/11/04 15:30:08
    if she is acting like a barfly or a hooch then heck yes.
  • AMarie 2011/11/04 14:34:14
    1. European summer vacation which "several other teachers were on"
    2. Privacy settings to the photos.
    3. Does not connect with students on Facebook.

    Somehow, all three of these things added up to her being a bad influence, touting alcoholism and a ruthless disregard for authority and morality?
    Calm down Georgia, seriously. The law says she's allowed to drink at her age, so she's doing nothing wrong. She's not even DRINKING in the picture. As for the word "b*tch"..come on! She even edited herself! I'm just saying, I spent a good deal of time in Georgia when I was younger, playing on neighbors porches during the summer with my friends, and heard quite a lot of "Is it noon yet? Get the wine!" So uh...maybe take the fifth of bourbon out of your own eye before you cast the first mint julep, okay? (Not that all people in Georgia are alchoholics, mind you. Just the folks I knew..lol)
  • Kage 2011/11/03 23:04:59
    Okay firing her is going pretty far. She and every other teacher should be allowed to do what they want and have a life. As long as she doesn't cuss out the school on Facebook or hurts a student virtually or anything, I see nothing wrong with what's she doing.
  • Peter Hardy 2011/11/03 16:25:00
    Peter Hardy
    Depends on a few factors ... 1) are they sexual in nature or just her with a glass of wine ... 2) is she asking her students to "Friend" her on Facebook?
    Teachers, preachers and politicians must be careful of what they put out in public ... they can put what ever they want but they will be judged for it and there may be repercussions for their actions.
  • Sheryl_n_NH 2011/11/02 19:42:20
    On facebook you have options of what can be shared with friends or groups of friends. I do think she should be more particular in applying them options I think the school system overstepped their bounds to interfere in her personal life.
  • Dawn 2011/11/02 18:02:32 (edited)
    The way that Facebook is set-up I understand that a person needs to be invited to be a friend before the Facebook photos can even be viewed. It seems like a good majority of people are on Facebook...including professionals, government organizations, legal organizations and charities. If her Facebook page is not open to just anyone, how did this whole mess get started in the first place? It sounds like someone may have gotten into her page without authorization in the first place... isn't that the crime?
  • Michael8495 2011/11/02 14:24:38
    Why would it be wrong? Unless, the school that she's a teacher at is mentioned on her Facebook pg, or she has called out names of others that is either an administrator, or teacher at the same school. If nothing of the sort has been done then she should be held innocent. I'll say this about her, if she is the Lovely, smoothed looking skin, Beautiful lady that I see in the Picture, all I can say is, I wish she would tutor me on a subject that I would like to explore, I would be all her's for the time of tutoring. Is she opened to that? Teach me Beautiful Lady.
  • jim.needham 2011/11/02 12:51:43
    This is clearly a violation of 1st amendment rights.
  • brunsworks 2011/11/02 01:57:30
    Not nearly nekkid enough, to paraphrase Lewis Grizzard.
  • CheshireCat 2011/11/01 20:39:17
    When your private time away from a job gives your employer the believed "right" to kick you out of the work you do, that's just all employers way of saying, "You are a SLAVE and will live ONLY for work! Now, the rest of you...go turn the wheel until the whistle blows!" Funny how writers seem precognitive.....
  • supercar55 2011/11/01 08:26:37
  • Tomalitsa 2011/11/01 07:19:41
    Everybody has the right to do what they enjoy. Drinking, Partying, Spending some time with their loved ones, even those people who fired this lady !
  • Taco Sauce 2011/10/31 20:21:58
    Taco Sauce
    she's allowed to have an outside life
  • xavier mariah 2011/10/31 18:57:07
  • Ahtisham Raja 2011/10/31 15:19:29
    Ahtisham Raja
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