Should 11-Year-Old Cheerleader Have to 'Shake Her Booty'?

Living 2010/10/21 13:36:25
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Cheerleaders are known for booty-shaking -- what do you think those short skirts are for?

But do the rules change when the cheerleader in question is only 11?

An 11-year-old Nebraska girl has been kicked off the cheerleading squad after complaining to her coach that she didn't want to "shake her booty," the girl's mother told FoxNews.com. The cheer included the phrase: "Jump, shake your booty, jump, jump, shake your booty."

"She had mentioned to the coach earlier in the year that she didn't like it," Sabrina Frampton said. "She felt it didn't have anything to do with the team as far as offense and defense goes. Being the older girl on the squad this year, she felt a little more uncomfortable shaking her booty than the other girls."

As the girls on the team range from age 5 to age 12, we see the issue here. The girl, Fayleen, is at that awkward "tween" age when booty-shaking isn't quite as cute and innocent as it was when she was 5 -- but not as sexy as it would be when she's 18. We wonder ... why couldn't she just sit out this one cheer?

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  • Just Missy 2010/10/21 21:39:07
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    Just Missy
    Cheerleading is supposeed to boost spirit, not for looking at little girls asses.

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  • Anony 2011/04/15 17:28:35
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    The girls should not be forced to do what they do not want to, and should be allowed to if they do, within reasonable limits. Being in cheer leading does not make one a "whore in training." That's just ridiculous.
  • **Bessie** 2010/11/06 05:50:09
    Yes, it's harmless
    That's what cheerleaders do!
  • JanRauta 2010/10/22 15:18:30
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    If you wanna do it, do it. If you don't, just don't do it.
  • Michaela JanRauta 2010/10/22 19:45:29
    awesome pic =]
  • JanRauta Michaela 2010/10/25 14:08:46
    thanks :)
  • I Wish I Were A Skywalker..... 2010/10/22 14:34:27
    I Wish I Were A Skywalker... ~ In Television I Trust
    What sick coach makes five year olds "shake their booty"? It's just sick!
  • FckRumors 2010/10/22 14:20:24
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    In this few moments after reading the information on this I have convinced myself that the coach is a pedophile that wants to see girls that have either barely hit puberty or haven't yet get sexual during a routine.
    This is wrong on so many levels, an 11 year old should not have to 'shake her booty' by routine as far as being a cheerleader goes.
  • Anony FckRumors 2011/04/15 17:29:33
    would you be saying the same thing if you knew the coach was a girl? I doubt you'd call a female coach a pedophile. I agree that she shouldn't have to shake her butt, though.
  • TasselLady 2010/10/22 13:32:52
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    No. There are too many perverts out there, including pedophiles. Anymore this kind of stuff attracts these people.
  • Anony TasselLady 2011/04/15 17:30:11
    public pools and beaches also attract them. we can't ban our children from everything for fear of perverts.
  • TasselLady Anony 2011/04/15 18:13:53
    Maybe so, but this girl is uncomfortable doing this sort of thing, and she shouldn't be punished for it.
  • Anony TasselLady 2011/04/15 18:27:31
    I agree with you on that point.
  • fluffymarshmellow 2010/10/22 13:13:08
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    I f she was 15 and WANTED TOO I would think "fine" but she is neither of
    those things
  • ScottiMartinez 2010/10/22 13:02:53
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    NO DEFINITELY NOT!!! Cheerleading is for boosting the teams moral and spirit. NOT A BOOTY SHAKING CONTEST!! I am questioning the morals of that school. I certainly wouldn't want my 11 yr. old daughter to be shaking her booty for any reason, not even cheering. People need to keep in mind that these are CHILDREN, not adults.
  • TasselLady ScottiM... 2010/10/22 13:34:23
    I agree. It's a good way to bring all the perverts out to look at kids, and it's hard enough to keep those people in check. This kind of thing just aggravates it. When I was in school the cheerleaders NEVER did anything like that. It was all very respectable and modestly done, and that's the way it should be. It's bad enough you have pre-teen girls shaking their booties elsewhere. Parents need to pay attention to that.
  • edm2000 2010/10/22 12:48:47
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    If more young girls were like this one, there just might be a small reduction in idiots commiting sex crimes with children. It don't help when children look and / or act like seductive adults.
    Good for this girl for saying no and I hope the school stops asking children to do this.
    It makes me wonder why the coach would ask this of children. I would look at the coach closely!!!!!
  • Spent 2010/10/22 12:38:34
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    Sounds like a stupid dance anyways.
  • Nina<3 2010/10/22 12:34:43
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    Omg she's 11 and her coach told her to do that! KICK THAT COACH ASS!
  • mysticmatriarch 2010/10/22 11:43:45
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    If she is not comfortable doing it then she shouldn't; however, cheerleaders shake their booty.

    I find it curious that people consider booty shaking cute if it is a 5 year old, awkward if it is a preteen, and sexy if she was 18; barely legal. It is like saying that she should get all her seductive pose practices in before she reaches middle school and then take a 7 year sabbatical.
  • Splinter76 2010/10/22 11:31:45
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    If she doesn't want to, then why is that a problem? Should a cheerleading squad of 5-12 year olds be shaking their "booties" anyway?? What are we setting them up for? What are we thinking?
  • ladyshellie-Child -of- God 2010/10/22 09:53:45
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    ladyshellie-Child -of- God
    maybe there is a reason why she feels uncomfortable.she should not get kicked off the cheerleading squad.i think cheerleaders give guys the impression they wanna be looked at but little girls doing this could be an easy target for perverts.do they hafta wear short skirts while they shake their tushies?
  • Don Leuty 2010/10/22 08:41:40
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    Don Leuty
    It might be considered cute on a six-year-old. Some of the 11-year-olds that were on my nieces squad were trapped in 14 or 15 year-old-bodies and very self-concious. This elementary school considered their concerns and modified the routine. It would not be proper to force them into behavior that would aggravate their feelings about the sexuality. Not everyone is an unfettered exhibitionist.
  • joe747joe 2010/10/22 07:34:38
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    Any coach who does so is a pervert.
    Lets stop with the cutsie term 'booty shakin'.
    Its ass grinding to elicit a sexual arousal in males.
    It belongs only in a strip club.
    The games I've watched the NFL won't even show their cheerleaders.
  • ladyshe... joe747joe 2010/10/22 10:00:58
    ladyshellie-Child -of- God
    good point!i raved you!these girls are so young.it makes me sicker that young girls are forced to act this way.what is the coaches problem?is the coach a pervert?woman or man?i never liked cheerleading.the girls are usually stuckup and think they can have any guy they want.the skirts they wear and jumping around they do,make them easy targets for guys.they look at them as sex objects usually.now lil girls hafta be forced to shake it too?ugh
  • Bulanova (Team Hargitay) 2010/10/22 06:58:53
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    Bulanova (Team Hargitay)
    Finally a girl who DOESN'T want to come off as trash. Good for her. It's a shame cheerleading has gotten so far from what it originally was.
  • ShawntelMelvin 2010/10/22 06:58:32
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    seems kind of perverted to make a girl shake her booty if she doesn't want to
  • Mark 2010/10/22 06:45:03
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    My niece likes to "shake her booty" during random songs. She's only 5, and it's just cute. Cheerleading is different. In cheerleading, the head cheerleader makes the decisions, and the rest follow. If they don't, they're out of the squad. For this one, they have a coach, instead of a head cheerleader. Since the age range is 5-12, they have to make the cheers simple enough for a 5-year old. This routine is one that a 5-year old is capable of.
  • emobarbiiieswag 2010/10/22 05:53:25
    No, not if she doesn't want to
    she should do what she wants 2 do cuz its about fun not about how much a booty can shake
  • Master 2010/10/22 05:53:22
    1. Cheerleading doesn't help a team play any better, so it's completely pointless except as an occasional nice visual distraction when performed well by an attractive girl with a nice body in a sexy uniform.

    2. Due to reason 1, girls from age 5 to 12 have no business cheerleading.

    3. The girl shown is ugly as sin, so I doubt anyone would look at her in "that" way anyhow.

    4. But then again, it is Nebraska....
  • joe747joe Master 2010/10/22 07:45:41
    The girl shown is both beautiful and cute inside and out.
    How dare you call that sweet brave kid such an awful name.
    She stood up for what she thought was right at the age of 11.
    She is a hero.
    do you have kids?
    you can't have.
    How would you like it if some one insulted your child in such a manner.
  • P®Φ₫!ĢҰ™ joe747joe 2010/10/22 09:30:02
    If I had a little girl, she wouldn't be cheerleading. It's not cute. It wasn't created for little girls. If she wanted to consider a career in the sport for a collegiate scholarship, then it'll be up to her to start in High School. Before then, I'd let her try gymnastics.
  • P®Φ₫!ĢҰ™ Master 2010/10/22 09:29:59
    LoL. Cruel.
  • ladyshe... Master 2010/10/22 10:06:58
    ladyshellie-Child -of- God
    that is so mean! no#3 the girl shown is as ugly as sin.geesh!rude!
  • Isma'ila (God has heard)! 2010/10/22 05:35:36
    Yes, it's harmless
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    Shaking your booty does not have to be about sex. As a belly dancer I know this.
  • Don Leuty Isma'il... 2010/10/22 08:46:03
    Don Leuty
    You don't perceive it as about sex. She probably did. You both are entitled to you opinions.
  • P®Φ₫!ĢҰ™ Don Leuty 2010/10/22 09:32:44
    The real blame here is who taught the 11yo. that shaking her booty is about sex.
  • Don Leuty P®Φ₫!ĢҰ™ 2010/10/22 21:59:51
    Don Leuty
    Pole dancers.
  • P®Φ₫!ĢҰ™ Don Leuty 2010/10/23 12:58:12
    The 11yo. knows exotic dancers? That explains everything! Either her family has some or her parents are terrible.
  • Isma'il... P®Φ₫!ĢҰ™ 2010/10/23 00:59:40
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    Amen to that! You are so right!
  • Isma'il... Don Leuty 2010/10/23 00:59:21
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    I am right. This little girl is wrong. I know more than this little girl.
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