Shake and Bake Meth Recipe: Should the government legalize meth?

Marilyn 2009/08/25 00:04:20
If the government can't control the production of methamphetamine, I think...
The government will find a way to stop shake and bake meth production...
I think shake and bake meth...
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Methamphetamine, better known as meth, has a "shake and bake" recipe for meth addicts. Using a two-liter soda bottle, a few handful of cold pills, and a series of other in-home chemicals, a meth addict can make methamphetamine is virtually any location.

The shake and bake meth recipe has come to the attention of government officials, who have seen a rise in drug arrests related to methamphetamine.

The shake and bake recipe doesn't require a lab or flame to produce the highly-addictive drug, while the ingredients are common everyday cleaning products and medication that can be picked up from the store.

If the government cannot control the production of meth, do you think it should be legalized and taxed?
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  • Val 2009/08/25 00:11:34
    I think shake and bake meth...
    You didn't give me the option to say, "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKIN' MIND???????"

    Meth is a horrible, wasting drug. It needs to be eliminated. PERIOD!

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  • frank.turmoil 2013/02/16 12:26:12
    If the government can't control the production of methamphetamine, I think...
    Surely the bottom line is that society needs to be changed is people do not perceive that screwing themselves up with heavy drug use is a good idea.

    As meth has proven you cannot stop people getting drugs of they are determined, you can only change the need for them.
  • tjsaddicted 2011/01/23 22:48:08
    If the government can't control the production of methamphetamine, I think...
    i think that is the only way to regulate it in any fashion. by legalizing it you could control amount used hours of availability , and where used . i think we could have meth bars, hash bars coke bars like Amsterdam. only have one substance per bar and they must be consumed on the property like an alcohol bar. any illicit dealer would be out of buisiness by now, plus his price would be way to high to compete with legal dope. plus we could free up the police so they could get out there and catch criminals!
  • BOBSTER 2010/02/06 13:37:16
    The government will find a way to stop shake and bake meth production...
    meth is a kiss of death i know all to well the drug straight from hell in the late 90s i became a user noone can use it in moderation but the drug did enable me to spend long hours learning web design n later computer repair n later programing what i'm sayin is it can excell a learnin process in certain cases then me n my wife fell into a routine of regular use abuse n then it put distance between us avoiding each other i was in charge of dosage we would tweak for days on end only talkin to do another dose mostly eating it but i snorted as well as smoking it i lost my family when a evil wild sex drive became an affair with another female 17yrs. younger than i she as well a user you see meth makes you horney and meth does you in the end and all along you are thinkin you are in control not true AND HELL NO IT MUST NOT BE LEGAL! i have since been to rehab n i am a lucky one almost went to prison but by the grace of GOD did not. PEACE
  • DJLovejoy 2010/01/14 02:10:23
    If the government can't control the production of methamphetamine, I think...
    What people usually forget to consider is this. For the thousands of people who abuse meth by taking way too much, or too strong, there are thousands and thousands of people who use this drug regularly and live normal lives. Weekend warriors use it when they go out to their favorite bars and live normal working lives during the rest of the week.

    The government should legalize it and tax it. A user would have to register and some of the tax money should be used to help those who can not control themselves and become a twacked out abuser. Users should be education on how to use the drug without abusing it.

    In the seventies we used to buy cross tops in a baggie containing 100 pills for $20 or so. People whould take five or ten to make the night out last longer. NOT THE WHOLE BAG, lol. Some meth users buy a bag and take the whole thing at once, and maybe then get another one and take it all too. Silly people. All you need is enough to get your high and party all night. Then get some sleep and eat. Easy to master using this stimulant instant of abusing it and letting it abuse you. Use you head.
  • Squirrel 2010/01/04 18:16:05
    If the government can't control the production of methamphetamine, I think...
    Prohibition didn't work for alcohol. What makes you think it'll work now? Legalize everything. Regulate it and educate the public on exactly what they'd be getting into, and how they should use the stuff properly should they decide to. Put the dealers selling pot to 10 year olds out of business, and don't give kids a reason to make a meth in a bottle bomb. Regulate and Educate.
  • TallyFeather 2009/12/09 04:13:05
    I think shake and bake meth...
    Lol, if they just legalized every drug, there wouldn't be as much crime to get it... just be like Amsterdam and leave everyone the fuck alone, and they'll leave you alone too.
    Legalize it; tax it. God only knows our economy needs all the help it can get.
    Was legal when my parents were in high school, too, and my sixty year old dad took some when he was in high school to study. He still laughs about it.
    And if you look it up, it's not physically addictive.
  • A.Alternative 2009/11/02 15:11:11
    I think shake and bake meth...
    My mom and step dad were and might still be a meth addicts. they lost custody of all of us. and she ruined her reputation and selfworth when she was busted and posted all over the internet. look it up. cassandra hoyle meth user. meth should never be legalized. stupidest thing i ever heard. the rule of doing something because you cant control it isnt applied to most things so it most def should not be applied to this.
  • Bryant A.Alter... 2013/03/11 22:26:41
    if everyone would stop and listen meth is already legal. People are given prescriptions for it everyday its calld adderol they are da same thing
  • Avadot 2009/10/25 20:29:19
    The government will find a way to stop shake and bake meth production...
    it's all like someones cleaning house "oh this looks addictive..." *drinks windex* "Yinka Dinka Darga..."
  • zandra 2009/09/06 20:26:09
    I think shake and bake meth...
    It's illegal for a reason..........
  • p31woman 2009/08/31 19:40:15
    If the government can't control the production of methamphetamine, I think...
    Heck no!
  • HOLLYWAY 2009/08/28 01:08:21
    I think shake and bake meth...
    I don't care how popular it is. It's an evil thing. They should try to do their best to stop it. Pot smokers aren't robbing people to get pot. This is different.
  • concerned 2009/08/27 15:57:25
    I think shake and bake meth...
    should be legalized if they legalize weed
  • None 2009/08/27 14:39:14
    I think shake and bake meth...
    This is where my libertarian self has a knock-down -drag-out... with my Conservative self.

    I think wastrels are wastrels...they will find a way. Some on meth would like to get off.
    Make it legal, control it, and help the losers.

    Conservative self is just shaking head...lol.
  • *Love is great when you fin... 2009/08/25 22:14:43
    If the government can't control the production of methamphetamine, I think...
    *Love is great when you finally find it*
    they should make it to where certain people can't buy these products but still they can get other people to buy for them so idk
  • papag38 2009/08/25 19:00:01
    I think shake and bake meth...
    Is very stupid and any one that makes it needs to go to prison
  • nettie 2009/08/25 14:28:12
    I think shake and bake meth...
    is a poison that should be punishable by 75 years in prison for ALL THOSE CAUGHT PRODUCING IT. IT IS MORE DEADLY THAN ANY OTHER DRUG ON THE STREETS.

    of course it is a white boys drug, made mostly for white trailor trash and subburban mom's/wannabee whores who are not getting any from their hubbies how spend all their time in strip joints and porno shops looking at nake pictures of children SO I DOUBT THE SENTENCING LAWS WILL BE ANY STIFFER THAN THE JUDGES DYCK.
  • charly nettie 2011/04/02 16:09:42
    speaking from your own experience are you of strip joints ank child porn. Top businessmen and women lose everything to this drug . trailer trash i,m in uk ,but am familiar with the term judge not you cant even spell . something needs to be done ,but if everyone got 75yrs in prison are you going to pay for it ? fookin idiot..
  • Turtle Chell 2009/08/25 13:08:34
    The government will find a way to stop shake and bake meth production...
    Turtle Chell
    People should be able to make the decision for themselves by just looking at the before and after pictures. government shake bake meth production people decision pictures
  • oldcavpilot 2009/08/25 12:41:16
    I think shake and bake meth...
    One of the first things Meth does to you is destroy the part of your brain that controls addictions, which is why you can become an addict with one use.

    The old saying used to be "A cocaine addiction is God's way of telling you that you have too much money."

    A meth addiction just proves you're an idiot for trying it in the first place.
  • nettie oldcavp... 2009/08/25 14:29:21
  • Nate nettie 2009/08/25 17:46:33
    Its not the truth...does anyone study any more?
  • Nate oldcavp... 2009/08/25 17:46:12 (edited)
    Meth does not destroy the part of your brain that "controls addiction", in fact there is no part of your brain that "controls addiction". How ever it does affect the part of your brain that produces happy feelings by tricking the brain in to producing these feelings on demand, after sometime you brain can no long produce these feelings with out the use of Meth. This is what we look at as a meth addiction.

    Cocaine and crack cocaine is the same thing, so please quote that to the ghetto and see if they agree.
  • oldcavp... Nate 2009/08/26 04:09:35
    You're calling my Neurologist a liar. OK. Maybe your explanation is different, my semantics are wrong, but aren't the results the same?

    The guys in the ghetto I know told me 'the Old Saying'. Most of them are dead now.
  • Kayla 2009/08/25 06:01:18
    I think shake and bake meth...
    I'm not personally familiar with the "shake & bake". I do however think that meth or a form of it is already legalized via pill form. From what I understand it is supposed to be for weight loss. My younger brother got a hold of these pills and though he looks good now, had he kept taking them, I know he would have become addicted and perhaps "tweaked out" like any street meth head. That being said, the government will NEVER be able to control any kind of drug. I truly believe the it is impossible. A crack head will figure out a way to get a fix you know.
  • the Griffin 2009/08/25 05:53:59
    I think shake and bake meth...
    the Griffin
    . . . is a phase and will pass.
    Addiction is Addiction regardless of the means to that addicition!
    However, the WAR on DRUGS is an utter failure and has made some very rich off the misery of others. The Drug Cartels are even more powerful now because of corrupt officials in most countries, yes even the United States.
    God Save America.
  • Dee 2009/08/25 05:04:21
    I think shake and bake meth...
    This is silly and don't need a answer when so many young people are dying from this.
  • Common Sense Conservative 2009/08/25 04:00:54
    If the government can't control the production of methamphetamine, I think...
    Common Sense Conservative
    Druggies will always be druggies.
  • tjsaddi... Common ... 2011/01/23 14:26:01
    to beagamer: but we don't have to be users.
  • Common ... tjsaddi... 2011/01/23 18:57:02
    Common Sense Conservative
    I agree, I think drug users have HUGE problems and for the most part locking them up is about the only way to get them to stop. I have a brother that I refuse to talk to and drugs is partly to blame for my not wanting to talk or see him. My 2 kids are 13 and 10 and he has yet to ever talk to either. Pretty sad.
  • kelly_89_08 2009/08/25 02:48:01
    I think shake and bake meth...
    f*ck meth. seriously.
  • Fallout 2009/08/25 02:11:04
    I think shake and bake meth...
    Meth is evil garbage
    The only way to stop it, is to eliminate the
    available ingredients.
    Should we fill are prisons up with addicts?
  • papag38 Fallout 2009/08/25 19:02:38
    If we have to
  • Fallout papag38 2009/08/25 21:09:31
    The report on shake and bake is creepy. They need to regulate
    the supplies for making that poison.
    It's easy to say if we have to, but it does not solve the problem.
    For every idiot you lock up there will be another,that is why I would
    like to see their access to the ingredients eliminated.
  • bleueyed 2009/08/25 01:21:07
    I think shake and bake meth...
    should never ever be legalized. But then again, you can never completely get rid of it. They use common household items like laundry detergent. Meth is one of the worst drugs out there. I know, my aunt did meth most of her adult life. She has only about 8 teeth remaining and most of those are rotting away still. She lost custody of all 3 of her kids, and she's been arrested a couple times. This drug destroys lives. Random fact: the area I live in is actually the meth capital of the world.
  • Elizabeth 2009/08/25 01:05:28
    I think shake and bake meth...
    I think shake and bake meth should not be legalized, ABSOLUTELY NOT, just like any other substance abuse problem, they will have to crack down on the users and the pain and accidents they cause others as they come. they could follow leads like, store clerks noting who buys excessive amounts of OTC drugs consistently.... what is the world coming to? That is so sad and SICK.
  • Dugie45 2009/08/25 00:56:09
    I think shake and bake meth...
    I think it should be a feloney in all states to make, take or posses methamphetamine in any form or manner. Meth is probably the most dangreous illegal drug we have ever had in the U.S., and has ruined more brain cells and lives in the last 10 years then most other drugs have in fifty years. Want to waste a life? Take meth.
  • Christine 2009/08/25 00:34:54
    I think shake and bake meth...
    Okay, I chose this one because I didn't think the others were suitable for what I wanted to say, and this was:

    Um...no? lol
    Drugs are bad, Mkay? shake bake meth chose suitable lol drugs mkay
  • marshal... Christine 2010/08/27 17:17:25
    NO people are drugs simply amplify bad intentions
  • Sting Idol 2009/08/25 00:24:25
    The government will find a way to stop shake and bake meth production...
    Sting Idol
    ^ ^ yeah, right.
    The government...stopping something bad.
    Pfft. government shake bake meth production yeah government stopping pfft

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