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Selling Panties On Craigslist

- Craigslist is a powerful tool. You can use it to get an apartment, find a job, or have sex with a prostitute. In college I was surprised to find out my good friend was one of the latter. He'd started on a whim after meeting some Craigslist sex workers at a party, and now he was making $100 to receive a blowjob. (Don't get too excited, straight guys — he was getting the BJ from another dude.) And one of the girls he met at that party sold her panties on the site for $200 a pair. I'd heard rumors about this kind of thing for years, but here was proof it was possible. Two-hundred bucks for underwear? I wasn't up for posing in my panties, but I could totally do that! Unlike sex for money, selling used underwear didn't feel inherently sleazy or immoral. And sure, a guy buying panties online might seem a little off, but in the words of my friend the Craigslist gigolo, "Just because a guy's a panty-sniffer doesn't make him a bad person." After years of flirting with the idea, it was time for me to find out: can a girl make easy money off her dirty laundry? And how much money are we talking?

My main concern (and everyone else's) was my personal safety. So the sensible way to sell my panties seemed to be a mail-order system, until I realized you can only set up a Paypal account in your legal name. My legal name is Meghan Pleticha. Go ahead, Google that. I'm the only hit. Alternatively, I could have them send me a check, which gave them my home address (I don't have a P.O. box) and my name. Somehow, meeting in person (with an escort, of course) actually seemed like the most sensible way to do it. I decided to make it a selling point.... Read full article »
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  • Mistymorning16~ 2009/11/06 22:06:27
    Well, I know of worse things women could be doing to make money. This is a bit odd though...
  • donny j... Mistymo... 2013/01/03 20:31:34
    donny johnson
    will you sell me some of you panties and bras and a dress and some lingerie
  • Charlie 2009/11/06 14:51:05
    These guys must be stupid to pay $200 for some woman's panties.
  • Russ 2009/11/06 05:19:14
    No big rip. If someone wants to give me $$$ for my used underwear.....
  • AnnieA90 2009/11/06 05:04:45
    go for it! worse has been done.. better than being a hired assassin!
  • Chole 2009/11/05 18:19:28
    If I try to sell my panties on SodaHead, it's OK as long as the post is within a "related" article, right?
  • 凸凹 2009/11/05 18:13:00
    This is just wrong. Unless she's trying to feed her daughter, and selling drugs is just not an option.

    wrong shes feed daughter selling drugs option
  • SenorBabyMan 2009/11/05 18:10:44
    How dirty are we talking about here? Like black panty side stitch bleached white by sweat dirty?

    dirty talking black panty stitch bleached white sweat dirty
  • Dangerous Dave 2009/11/05 18:08:46
    Dangerous Dave
    Dirty money!

    dirty money
  • mbizzle 2009/11/05 18:07:02
    Not really surprised. I have a friend and she's a very, very hefty lady and she makes about $500 - $800 per day hooking herself on craigslist. So I can see someone making money selling panties. I really do mean hefty too, think 400+ lbs. *shudder*. She's a good friend though.

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