Selena Gomez Unveils Ad for New Fragrance: Do You Like Her All-Grown-Up Look?

Living 2012/05/07 20:51:36
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Who says you shouldn't get in the water with your clothes on? Selena Gomez is hard at work promoting her new fragrance -- and a more grown-up look to go with it. In a photo shoot for the scent, 19-year-old Gomez splashes around in a tank full of pinkish-purple water, wearing a sexy, strapless deep purple gown. Her hair is wet, but she's wearing plenty of makeup.

"I wanted it to look like I was swimming in my fragrance," Justin Bieber's girlfriend told People. "It’s very romantic, very sensual," she added. "But it’s fun and beautiful at the same time." As for the perfume bottle, it's shaped like a purple gown; the topper consists of metallic lips resembling balloons:

WWD reports that the fragrance will include "top notes of orange, pineapple, peach, and raspberry; a heart of purple freesia, Cosmone musk, and dewberry, and a drydown of amber, vanilla, chocolate, and coconut." It will be sold at Macy's for $45 and $55 beginning in mid-May.

Gomez says she hopes this is the first in a series of "Selena Gomez" fragrances. "Each will represent me as I am at that time," she told WWD. "It’s kind of me winging it. I definitely like to wing things."

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  • Skye RoseyRhod 2012/05/09 04:54:45
  • Aly Hart Skye 2012/05/08 16:25:45
  • Skye Aly Hart 2012/05/08 19:46:20 (edited)
    If it wasva guy I would of reacted the same way :). I didn't mean the photo shoot... And why bring up things that I already know? I'm talking about overall. I know you guys are just trying to hurt me but I don't care, it's not wotlrking :) and why take it so seriously, I was in an angry mood at the moment, plus you guys are starting to overact. I'm not jealous of her at all because I'm different from her and she's different from me and we don't share the same style.
  • AskZilla Skye 2012/05/14 00:13:06
    And thank God she's different from your shallow, intolerant, conservative, petty ass.
  • Skye AskZilla 2012/05/14 02:09:59 (edited)
    Lol, you don't know me AT ALL. Do you know how many people tell me how kind and down to earth I am? I gave you a rave for trying though. :) The only rude thing I said was just ONE word. And everyone else over reacted. So calm down, and this has been over for almost more than a week.... Don't bring it back, ok? Now bye . Have a nice life, and stop assuming things about mine. <3
  • KATLYN 2012/05/08 01:16:54
    still very young but she seems like a sweet girl
  • Stef and the City 2012/05/08 00:57:51
    Stef and the City
    She's such a cutie.
  • Gregaj7 2012/05/08 00:52:42
    It'd be even nicer if she actually were "grown-up".
  • MrFabulous47 2012/05/08 00:52:27
    The wonderful thing about little girls is they grow up to be big girls. But I don't pay attention to such things because my son is older than most of these girls. Scary.
  • mklprc 2012/05/08 00:45:52
    She looks super and should take as much advantage of it as she can. Way too many Hispanic women lose their looks by their late 20s but for her sake I hope she isn't one of them.
  • ♥wrecklyss♥ 2012/05/08 00:43:45
    I bet just got some major erections seeing these photos..
  • ♥wrecklyss♥ 2012/05/08 00:42:59
    I bet Justin got some major erections seeing these photos..
  • Odinsown ♥wreckl... 2012/05/08 00:47:38
    Girls get those?
  • ♥wreckl... Odinsown 2012/05/08 00:51:23
    we're friends now.
  • Sinister Ken Doll™ 2012/05/08 00:26:31
    Sinister Ken Doll™
    i think she looks good
    but she doesn't look like she's trying to be older, it just looks like she's trying to look good for the camera and nothing more.
  • XSummerX Tokio Hotel Freak(= 2012/05/08 00:26:29
    XSummerX Tokio Hotel Freak(=
    Nothing say's 'grown-up' like splashing in purple water.
    Don't forget the floaties.
  • MC-CierraMist 2012/05/08 00:16:55
    it doesn't look like she tried to be grown up at all.......
  • laydeelapis 2012/05/08 00:11:47
    I won't say I 'like' it because I don't particularly care, but she looks fine and she looks like she's enjoying herself so what's wrong? The scent itself seems a little too crowded but if I'll give it a try if I see samples anywhere.
  • Aly Hart 2012/05/07 23:56:42
    Aly Hart
    Can somebody say overdone retouching? Her boobs are NOWHERE near as big as that.
  • Andy Fl... Aly Hart 2012/05/08 12:18:08
    Andy Fletcher
    Sorry, they are every bit that big. Go to Lazygirls and check out the the many pictures of her that show she does indeed have fairly large boobs. Especially the caps from her new movie "Springbreakers".
  • lmnlme10921 2012/05/07 23:42:18
    In the actual ad, yes. In the photo, no. Thanks, photoshop!
  • scbluesman13 2012/05/07 23:36:24
    It doesn't look grown-up at all. It looks like a teenager in an expensive dress splashing about in weird looking liquid...
  • ☆SPIDERPIECES☆: HERO of PHAET 2012/05/07 23:35:59
  • spike66 2012/05/07 23:35:30
    Wouldn't she be competing with her b/f's perfume and nail-polish line....and what's sad...that's not even a joke.
  • Jacob 2012/05/07 23:26:05
    Nice she looks good
  • Alice 2012/05/07 23:12:55
    she's an Adult?! if she is then im in kinda-garden! i need a nap where's my cookie?!
  • LadyIron Alice 2012/05/07 23:30:33
    i ate the cookie!! >:] and i agree
  • Alice LadyIron 2012/05/07 23:34:22
    :o nooooooo!lol
  • Skye Alice 2012/05/08 01:26:26
    She gave it to me.
  • LadyIron Skye 2012/05/08 08:33:03
  • L1 2012/05/07 23:03:01
    Not in that pic. It looks like she is trying to hard to shake good girl image from Disney.
  • Twinkle 2012/05/07 23:01:08
  • pterodactyl 2012/05/07 21:31:39
    sorry looks bad in my book
  • NakedRei 2012/05/07 21:08:41
    She appears to be trying to look like Mila Kunis and not really pulling it off.
  • rcardon 2012/05/07 21:02:36
    She's still a kid, and she looks it.
  • laydeel... rcardon 2012/05/08 00:09:25
    She's 19, making her an adult and not a kid. She can do and wear whatever she wants.
  • Skye laydeel... 2012/05/08 01:25:29
    Nope sorry, 19 isn't even an adult to me and I'm 13, but yes she could do what she wants.
  • Παναγιώτης Skye 2012/05/08 05:13:10
    19 is a teenager so i can agree with you on that one, but even though i am not her fun why do you hate her? just curious.
  • Skye Παναγιώτης 2012/05/08 05:41:16
    I don't hate her . In fact I want her album and I love her, just not the fact that she wore underwear like black shorts with black thigh high socks at a concert :/
  • harasni... Skye 2012/05/08 14:57:11
    Here's the thing, though: a lot of female performers wear risque clothing when performing on stage. But that's on stage, at a concert, not in "real life."

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