Scientists Create Birth Control Pill for Men: Genius or Unnecessary?

mrosen814 2012/08/17 21:00:00
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A study published Friday from the journal Cell describes an experimental drug that is effectively a birth control pill... for men. Well, male mice, for now. When this drug was tested daily on male mice, it "reduced their sperm count so much that the animals were rendered effectively infertile. When the drug was stopped, sperm counts and quality were restored and the mice were able to sire healthy offspring."

In a commentary that accompanies the study, Dr. William Bremner of the University of Washington in Seattle shares their optimism. He called the drug "an exciting new approach to male contraception." Do you think birth control pills for men is genius -- or unnecessary?

LATIMES.COM reports:
Scientists develop a birth control pill for males that works in mice and is completely reversible, study finds.
develop birth pill males works mice completely reversible study finds

Read More: http://www.latimes.com/news/science/sciencenow/la-...

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  • sglmom 2012/08/17 23:22:28
    Long past the time where EACH party ..
    contributing biological content ..
    is RESPONSIBLE for any results (or prevention of pregnancy) ..
    What would be even better ..
    is if there was more emphasis on the RESPONSIBILITY of being actual ADULTS ..
    and not rutting animals ..
    (even the livestock doesn't breed indiscriminately .. )

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  • Deep007 sheilaa... 2012/08/22 14:10:40
    I applaud you for being a REAL woman....
  • sheilaa... Deep007 2012/09/02 05:40:40
    Well, Thank you, But I am only being honest :)
  • kenenth mason 2012/08/21 20:27:52
  • lin20 kenenth... 2012/08/22 08:44:50
  • Gabsters<3 kenenth... 2012/08/23 01:53:36
  • belinda baardsen 2012/08/21 19:39:11
    belinda baardsen
    Men, should and need to take responsibility for their ability to bring a child into the world beyond the condum.
  • Deep007 belinda... 2012/08/21 21:53:06
    now you can't trick us...heh heh heh..
    this is going to be GREAT
  • Ayushee 2012/08/21 18:44:19
  • Ashley 2012/08/21 18:43:16
    Will men take the pill?
  • Madi 2012/08/21 18:34:55
    No more weight gain for us woman then!
  • Deep007 Madi 2012/08/21 21:53:37
    no more 'mistakes' ..heh heh heh..
    this is going to be GREAT
  • ☆FritzW☆ 2012/08/21 17:06:48
    If I was younger and dating, etc... I'd be taking this pill with no second thoughts. My biggest fear hasn't been STDs, but rather impregnating a partner. This pill would be my easiest way to guarantee that it doesn't happen...hopefully. Let's not forget this is only working on mice at this point. :) Don't forget though... you still need to practice safe sex. This would NOT be a replacement for a condom.
  • charles nelson 2012/08/21 17:02:45
    charles nelson
    Don't like abortion, but I know its necessary. Had a vasectomy when I was in my early 30's. Anything to prevent unwanted birth... It sounds the most humane.
  • Wonder Woman 2012/08/21 16:47:17
  • Deep007 Wonder ... 2012/08/21 21:54:14
    now you can't trick us...heh heh heh..
    this is going to be GREAT....
    stick and move
  • Wonder ... Deep007 2012/08/21 23:43:08
  • Deep007 Wonder ... 2012/08/22 00:00:52
    WTF is wrong with you..
    hee hee hee... you gave it away...
    men don't hate women.. but women always have that penis envy, and women always think men THINK they same way they do...WRONG
    Hey shallow pal, MEN build civilizations ..not women...and do you know why they build them.. for women and children..
    you've been scammed girl.. liberalism has used yer own hate/paranoia against you...
    next you be told though you can't find a man in a man, you can find a man in a woman.. which still comes back to being with a man though a facsimile of one there of..
    hee hee hee..they have some tricks for the mind...here.. check this
  • Wonder ... Deep007 2012/08/22 00:06:51
  • Deep007 Wonder ... 2012/08/22 01:53:39
    Men taught me sex is hate, you can't change it,
    Nah.. what men taught you was nothing.. you never listened...I could be snide and say you're not smart enough.. but the truth IS you really aren't smart enough... you cannot understand anything we say.....but you were told you SHOULD.. but then you can't.... and the pain of the truth turns to HATE.
    Gee ...now if only had not lied and daddy stayed you would more adjusted and not have so much hate you because you WOULD be able to understand men MORE...
    tsk tsk tsk
  • Wonder ... Deep007 2012/08/22 15:16:27
  • Deep007 Wonder ... 2012/08/22 19:27:14
    Well....You used every victim buzzword imaginable .... Which means yer story is total freaking bull crap. YES ... I said it...get a grip on yourself. You don't need to lie to get attention.
    You want yer real story.. Here it is. Mom and dad are divorced. Dad got taken in by mom... Yet still remarried to the same bs.. A woman that used him...you are angry at men for falling to women... Ain't that something. It's actually kind of noble. In the same vein you are angry at men placing women on a pedestal because YOU know where they belong and it ain't on a pedestal... It also peeves you because you are overweight and not considered attractive but at least you would care..these guys are worshipping bitches who look good but only want to suck their souls out of them. Men! What are ya going to do with them??? And they are supposed to be a woman's 'savior'.. Lol.
    And NO.. You don't understand men.. You only know how to manipulate him through sex. Then hate yourself for doing it and him for allowing it. What makes you so upset at the 'male' pill is that manipulation will decrease, and by so decrease your power over man...which should actually make you happy... Lol
  • Wonder ... Deep007 2012/08/22 21:27:28
  • Torchin... Wonder ... 2012/08/22 22:30:01
    Torching Fiction
    That diagram has no scientic facts in it what-so-ever.
    I'm male, and I am both creative and logical. I have very little strength and am extremely passive. I am also more negative than positive, and from past experiences with women I have seen them with the same characteristics this diagram lables "men". Plus, the whole Bible references already screams sexism and unfactuality to me.
    I think you both should realize that each person is an individual. I know for a fact that when I have sex it has nothing to do with hate. Sex for me is to manifest my love into a physical representation, so I also don't just sling my penis around everywhere. It's plain self-respect to me, and love should be cherished. That's just my opinion though.
    What DOES manifest hate is stubborn ignorance like this, which has nothing to do with sex. Some simple cross-refrencing and open-mindedness could help you both,
    Also, Wonder, rape is a terrible thing to endure. I'm sorry, I've endured sexual abuse myself and I know its not something you can easily let go.
    You probably hate me already because I have a penis, but I want you to know I don't hate you and I really hope you find healing.
  • TealCat Torchin... 2012/08/23 08:13:15
    Thank goodness you silenced their pesky fighting, thank you so much, i hate sexist arguments.
  • Wonder ... Torchin... 2012/08/23 14:48:35
  • Torchin... Wonder ... 2012/08/29 22:19:37 (edited)
    Torching Fiction
    No, I'm passive as in I just don't care most of the time what happens. When I do, I focus on the possible negative outcomes to try to prevent them. I take time to see the positive too, but that's just logical. Also, you'll never see me at the head of a group. Usually when I'm with a women, I'm more likely to follow her around and do what she wants to do than vice-versa. Wow, I must be a woman according to what you've tried to prove.
    I'm still not seeing any references stated either.
    Anger can be used by anyone in a progressive manor.
    I would think as human beings, we could rise above this duality issue. Not everything is black and white.
    If you were to put women and men on the opposite sides of a balance scale that weighed attributes you would see that they equal out.
    Ultimately, no sex is better than the other.
    Due to my passive attribute, I will not reply anymore if you try to countinue this arguement. I may read it, but care little.
  • Wonder ... Torchin... 2012/08/31 02:59:51
  • charles... Wonder ... 2012/09/02 06:09:45
    charles nelson
    Wow, well bite my dick, another nut.Not Pissed are you. Please don't hurt yourself.
  • lin20 Wonder ... 2012/08/22 08:46:47
    well said !
  • Boris D. 2012/08/21 16:31:27
    Boris D.
    I'm not killing any of my little swimmers.

    I've always used Pulloutis.
  • Heather Boris D. 2012/08/21 18:34:37
    Wow you are way past pathetic.
  • lin20 Boris D. 2012/08/22 08:49:01
  • bt sedlock 2012/08/21 16:03:33
    bt sedlock
    I guess it's genius.
  • mikeeonly 2012/08/21 15:16:48
    after all the side effects of the original birth control pills for females, do we have to go through all that again?
  • rcardon 2012/08/21 14:44:17
    Guys, if you don't want to get a girl pregnant, there are several methods to do so, anything from condoms to vasectomies, to good, old-fashioned abstinence. Shoot, one guy, in Sweden, I think it as, years ago, found that bathing your nuts in hot water, one a day, for a week, or so, significantly reduced sperm counts. So, there's lots of different ways to do it, we don't need drugs.
  • lin20 rcardon 2012/08/22 08:51:29
    yea more natural alternatives
  • Yoru Azenia 2012/08/21 13:43:40
    Yoru Azenia
    sounds awesome to me
  • carolynchesterthedancer 2012/08/21 13:31:38
    about time and nuff said.
  • Cheeko 2012/08/21 13:16:42
    yes it is a very good idea.although last time i checked it was only available not as a pill. you would have to inject in it into your body. the pill form is still a long ways away and by the FDA its going to be at least another 12 years before it comes out on the market.and thats the needle. That's the research i found a while back,i don't know where this article came from.
  • Roxxi 2012/08/21 12:40:26
    If I was a guy and I knew we were both STD free and I didn't wat to wear a condom, I'd choose to take the pill as well. Ive known girls who have lied about being on the pill and gotten pregnant in an attempt to keep that man in their life. I think this is a brilliant idea.

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