Scientists Create Birth Control Pill for Men: Genius or Unnecessary?

mrosen814 2012/08/17 21:00:00
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A study published Friday from the journal Cell describes an experimental drug that is effectively a birth control pill... for men. Well, male mice, for now. When this drug was tested daily on male mice, it "reduced their sperm count so much that the animals were rendered effectively infertile. When the drug was stopped, sperm counts and quality were restored and the mice were able to sire healthy offspring."

In a commentary that accompanies the study, Dr. William Bremner of the University of Washington in Seattle shares their optimism. He called the drug "an exciting new approach to male contraception." Do you think birth control pills for men is genius -- or unnecessary?

LATIMES.COM reports:
Scientists develop a birth control pill for males that works in mice and is completely reversible, study finds.
develop birth pill males works mice completely reversible study finds

Read More: http://www.latimes.com/news/science/sciencenow/la-...

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  • sglmom 2012/08/17 23:22:28
    Long past the time where EACH party ..
    contributing biological content ..
    is RESPONSIBLE for any results (or prevention of pregnancy) ..
    What would be even better ..
    is if there was more emphasis on the RESPONSIBILITY of being actual ADULTS ..
    and not rutting animals ..
    (even the livestock doesn't breed indiscriminately .. )

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  • Mj PINKYFINGERDOWN 2013/01/04 21:52:13
  • meboy 2012/10/30 22:20:53
    My cut, needed it 25 years ago.
  • InfinitiRose 2012/09/22 10:34:39
    Women have a tendency to get hormonal imbalances naturally. Birth co trol pills are nothing but a controlled imbalance. But fir some women it goes the wrong way. Hormone imbalances can cause alot of issues, from minor things like weight gain and low sex drive to awful things like mental instability, depression, and NO sex drive. I personally can not ise any for of hormonal contraceptive without spiraling into a deep depression, anxiety, muddled thoughts, and general lack of interest in living. Not that men can't suffer from the smae, but they are less susceptible, and at the cery least if the woman couldn't handle it, he could try and it would be a great alternative to vasectomy or a constant use of condoms and spermicide :)
  • maryjane.munroe 2012/09/16 07:22:56
    just need an s.t.d vaccine. LOL.
  • JanHopkins 2012/09/15 09:24:46
    Great idea. No more oopsie or child support.
  • P. Sturm 2012/09/13 06:24:41
    P. Sturm
    With the world population load rapidly approaching, if it hasn't already past, the limit of arable land to feed it, any form is good news.
  • missravenx 2012/09/11 06:15:44
    It's about time! Some women can't take the pill since it's hormones.... hopefully soon this other option will be available. It's just as much the man's responsibility.
  • makes gay women happyr 2012/09/02 01:07:04
    makes gay women happyr
    unless eggascide is invented it is otherwise used for other benficial reasons
  • JustBeingAtPeace 2012/09/01 22:27:05
    But it will come with many side effects just as the ones for women unfortunatly.
  • Bronar 2012/08/30 17:55:01
    Bring it on!
  • Klynn 2012/08/29 15:30:56
    Why should the women always have to do all the work?
  • bigbatb... Klynn 2012/08/29 20:34:42
    the male birth control pill will have a lot of side effects, so it would be better for the men to get a vasectomy for permanant birth control. i got a vasectomy myself for my birth control method, its the best way to go.
  • bigbatboy23 2012/08/28 22:08:18
    the male birth control pill has too many side effects. the best birth control for men would to get a vasectomy instead. i went and got a vasectomy when i was 20 years old and i'm happy with my permanant birth control method.
  • PAUL F 2012/08/28 18:38:20
    PAUL F
    This would help get a number of problems under better control! If this works, for the first time in history if a man has sex! He will have just as much choice in a women getting pregnant as the women does! Right now the only way he can avoid getting a women pregnant is not to have sex!

    Maybe, this will help stop unwanted pregnancies and cut down on abortions!
  • petecarrubba 2012/08/27 07:57:59
    I thought they had a morning after pill for men. You take it after having sex and it changes your blood type. ;)
  • serena moon 2012/08/26 22:49:33
    serena moon
    it is a good thing but will are they really going to take it
  • debhead 2012/08/26 14:56:24
    I think its long past due. Now no excuse of broke condums or not pulling out soon enough. It will give men more potential to be as responsible about unwanted pregnancy as women.
  • Gohmert Pyle 2012/08/26 02:31:06
    Gohmert Pyle
    It is murder!

    Plus I'm a master of the art of pulling out.
  • bigbatb... Gohmert... 2012/09/05 03:07:12
    oh you are the master of art of pulling out in time.
  • ThisIsAlbinoRhino 2012/08/26 00:02:50
    Its one more thing to prevent pregnancy, and I think guys should have access to more than just one form of birth control on their end. Help the ladies out, if she doesn't want a child then a guy had to take his own precautions
  • Luna Wren 2012/08/25 21:30:47
    Luna Wren
    Which makes more sense?
    Shooting and unloaded gun, or shooting bullets at a bulletproof vest?
    Shooting an unloaded gun.
    Yeah, that's what I thought.
  • Tim Terror 2012/08/25 13:28:07
    Tim Terror
    Genius if men can take control of their own fertility. I know 2 people that were "tricked" into parenthood by women that lied to them about taking the pill.
  • marty 2012/08/25 01:35:50
    True that condoms have been around for ages, but for those monogamous couples that like going natural and feeling a cum, this does it.
  • chris.haynees 2012/08/24 22:55:03
    Male birth control is genius But you should always use a condom.
  • Tre 2012/08/24 13:33:18
    Other options are greatly appreciated.
  • Sunny 2012/08/24 00:49:06
    OK maybe for a married couple... but as a single, I never would have trusted the guy. HE doesn't have the baby.
  • Joseph Mallery 2012/08/24 00:29:09
    Joseph Mallery
    And for some reason you can't just masturbate in a relationship.
  • Lee 2012/08/23 20:43:19
    The more backup you can have the better.. Especially when you care about your partner but you're no where near ready for having a child..
  • Brandi Angela 2012/08/23 20:28:09
    Brandi Angela
    This is awesome. Would I believe a guy if he said he was on the pill? Probably not. And guy shouldn't trust women who say they are on the pill or whatever method of contraceptives. But that is the case in one night stands. That's why when I have non-committed sex I use condoms too. But for those of us in committed relationships this is awesome. I can be on birth control and he can be on birth control and we can not use condoms. I hate condoms. I prefer to have sex without them.
  • CocaColaCandy 2012/08/23 20:24:04
    Men, no more complaining about not having any reproductive choices! But more seriously...it's a good option to have available. My question is more along the lines of, if you don't trust your partner enough to know if they're telling the truth about being on the pill, why are you having unprotected sex in the first place? Just say no to swapping body fluids with anyone you don't trust!
  • DougE 2012/08/23 16:40:36
    Essential to get this guy out of the business of pro-creating more welfare babies!

    essential guy business pro-creating welfare babies
  • chris.h... DougE 2012/08/24 22:56:51
    HAHAHA nice one. lmao
  • A Lionheart 2012/08/23 06:31:45
    A Lionheart
    I would take it!
  • sally 2012/08/23 05:50:46
    Why should women be the only ones who have to take care of themselves? Now men can take care of the problems with having sex before marriage and getting stuck taking care of a baby out of wedlock.
  • DJPanicDC 2012/08/23 02:17:40
    This has been tried before, the problem is women tend not to belive a guy who says he's "on the pill"
  • kaybera 2012/08/23 01:39:59
    This should have happened a long time ago so males could have taken some of the responsibility of birth control. If that had happened the drug industry would have probably paid for these as well as the birth control for women, which they do not at this time. How many unplanned pregnancies/ unwanted babies could have been prevented from this type of drug, younger men are usually very irresponsible when it comes to birth control they will say and do anything just to get sex.
  • Andrea kaybera 2012/08/23 10:02:56
    I never put responsibility of my health and my body on someone else. Why women demand this very thing is beyond me.
  • JAA 2012/08/23 00:41:46 (edited)
    Great, now men have a bit more control over not being a "baby daddy" when the girlfriend has promised she is "on the pill".

    Seriously, just about everyone who has sex outside of marriage cannot be trusted (it's true, don't deny it), so it's best that both sexes are able to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies. The down side of this is that now the guy can promise the gullible girlfriend (& young things tend to be so very gullible when a guy lies to her about his undying love) that he has "taken care of it". I guess two can play at that game & they all deserve each other. ;-)
  • LucyLucero 2012/08/22 23:36:45
    Best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
  • Torching Fiction 2012/08/22 22:36:46
    Torching Fiction
    I'm sure there'll be a lot of side-effects with this, like the female version, but I would love to have the option. Both sides should be able to make the best attempts at not having an unplanned pregnancy.
    Of course, you could just not have sex. haha
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