School Makes Teen Cover Cleavage at Prom: Fair or Foul?

Fergie 2013/06/06 23:05:37
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Brittany Minder, a high school senior from Washington, wants her school to apologize for humiliating her at prom. Minder has a large bust which makes it hard for her to wear anything low cut without showing cleavage. Because of this, she claims that it was really difficult for her to find a prom dress that fit, and she had to resort to ordering a gown from a Canadian company that specializes in clothes for larger-busted women.

When Minder arrived to prom, the school officials told her she needed to cover up because she was breaking the dress code by showing too much cleavage. She was given a shawl to wear but the student claims that the punishment ruined her prom night.

According to Yahoo she claimed, "It was tough being there after all that happened. I didn't feel comfortable. I already had a blow to my self-esteem. I didn't want to be there anymore...An important night of my life was ruined, and there's no way I can gain that experience back."

Check out one of her prom pictures below and let me know what you think. Did Minder's school make the right decision or was she treated unfairly?

From the blog Fashion: A high school senior is asking for an apology from her school after she was told to cover up her cleavage on prom night.

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  • sglmom 2013/06/07 07:05:47
    "According to the school's rules, "Strapless dresses and those with spaghetti straps are allowed providing cleavage, midriff and lower back are covered."

    Minder acknowledges that her dress showed a lot of cleavage, but feels that an exception should have been made for her."

    1. The School's RULES are very clear ..
    2. NOW WHY EXACTLY does she feel 'entitled' to an 'exception'?
    (ESPECIALLY After admitting that she's violating the school rules)

    I'm what is considered 'endowed' as well .. difficult to fit given that I AM a fit person to begin with ..
    and I STILL .. STILL can find a piece that I take to alterations (or have sewn it myself) to cover up and not let 'it hang out' in a way that violates any rules ..

    Minder .. is WRONG HERE .. she knows she was wrong, admits it .. but STILL wants 'special treatment' ..
    (which is the main problem today .. why should any be aided/abetted or coddled when they choose wrongly?)

    (psst .. she could have even gone to a local Fabric Store and gotten some lace to tack into the front of the dress to cover up a bit more .. NOT that difficult to sew that bit of fabric in .. or attach it with snaps either .. )

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  • John Paul Allen 2013/07/24 22:43:16
    John Paul Allen
  • ladyjane 2013/07/22 06:20:54
    Where was her mother while she was picking out this dress? I know that her figure is hard to fit but I think she needed to get a different style. It kind of looks like it is too small. It's really too bad that this happened.
  • Keegan The Fabulous 2013/07/22 02:59:37
    Keegan The Fabulous
    Instead of bîtchîng about how the school didn't approve of your revealing dress, Brittany, why don't you be happy that they let you attend anyway and were even courteous enough to give you that shawl? As my mother sometimes tells me, "Let that stress roll right off your shoulders."
  • leah 2013/07/22 02:58:38
    I am 16, I've been to prom twice, I also have a large bust, and I haven't had any problems with school dress codes, even at dances and prom. And her school's dress code policies are actually more laid-back than mine! Perhaps being bigger all around (which I am not), not just in the bust, made it a little harder for her to find things in the style she wanted. But she obviously doesn't realize that not all bodies can wear the same styles. Strapless isnt really an option for a large amount of large-breasted women. its just not. and thats too bad. i know its disappointing for me. but that doesnt mean i squeeze myself into everything else because its pretty. i can find plenty of options that are made for my body type that could please any dress code standards. It's not that hard, once you figure out what you need to look for and avoid. Looking at that picture, her dress did NOT fit her. its a pretty dress, but not right for her body. it's actually kind of gross that she would even think that showing that much cleavage is at all apropriate. And as far as the school "ruining her night", that's absolutely ridiculous. I would've been THRILLED that they gave me a shawl and allowed me to stay, rather than sending me home. She let it ruin her night. I would've had a blast regardless of the shawl.
  • DeejaySpaniel 2013/07/22 01:38:04
    But only if the same was extended to all students. Did they ask the size 2 blonde bombshell to do the same?

    Yes - then its fair
    No - then its foul.
  • BILL 2013/07/21 16:32:52
  • Ed 2013/07/21 15:55:53
    Neither fair nor foul, it's stupid to keep playing victim at every for every little crap. She should have turned it around and shown the school officials how stupid they are, she should be proud of her natural breasts and let everyone else eat their hearts out.

    If instead she chose to play victim and let some idiots control her emotions, that's on her not the school.
  • jubil8 BN-0 PON 2013/07/21 14:50:09
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    You knew the rules, tried to get around them, failed, and don't want to accept the consequences. Grow up, Brittany. If you felt your night was ruined because you had to wear a shawl, you need an attitude adjustment. It was YOUR choice to let it be ruined. You could have laughed, twirled the shawl around, and had fun.
  • Just me ♥ 2013/07/21 13:36:46
    Just me ♥
    The dress clearly does not fit her properly. The material on the sides is four inches below her axilla and the bust of the material barely covers half the length of her breasts. Granted it is hard to shop when you are plus size, but she should have bought a larger size dress and altered it to fit her. I am curious though of who gets to make the distinction of what too much cleavage is and exactly how much is too much.
  • Anonymouse ~superdoge~ 2013/07/21 13:22:16
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    She was showing too much cleavage. The school rectified the situation. No apologies are required.
  • ☆ElenaDiamond☆ 2013/07/21 12:33:49
    She should've known that the style of her dress showed too much cleavage. The school rules are VERY clear. If you know that you have very large breasts that are exposed by your dress then you don't wear that dress. You find a different style dress. The idea that she cannot find any dress to fit her breasts is rubbish. There are plenty of companies that sell plus sized prom dresses. Perhaps she should reconsider strapless. One of my friends is very well endowed, and she can find formal wear that covers her breasts.

    Rules are rules. I don't know why she thinks that because she has big ones she gets to break rules.
  • W123 2013/07/21 10:08:11
    Lol that's a very reasonable request
  • Eizzy ~PWCM~JLA 2013/07/21 08:55:05
    Eizzy ~PWCM~JLA
    The rules were very clear and fair, and, if my memory is correct, in freshmen orientation the school staff goes through the school handbook on rules and all. They didn't exclude her because she was large breasted, just that she was showing off her breast, which violated the dress code. I'm sure she wasn't the only student who was rejected or altered that night, but she is probably the only one who made it such a big deal.
  • Pele Emerging 2013/07/21 07:40:18 (edited)
    Pele Emerging
    This is the caveat: It is fair provided a) it was a policy applied to all, and b) the rule was clear ahead of time about exactly what too much cleavage meant.

    There are companies which specialize in 'modest' prom dresses; i.e. those which do NOT show cleavage, but that would have meant that she would have had to choose a dress that was NOT strapless. If she had any question as to whether her dress would be acceptable, she easily could have taken a pic, shown it to the powers that be at the school, and then discussed what could be down. I think she was lucky they gave her a shawl. They could have sent her home.

    (edit) I wanted to add that the dress looks like it's a little small, too. Maybe if she'd ordered the size she is, rather than the size she wants to be, it wouldn't show so much cleavage. She looks stuffed into that dress, and the girls are screaming to escape.
  • MissAshley 2013/06/27 18:59:20
    Now these dresses..... I can see a school having a problem with.
    skanky prom skanky prom
  • John Adams 2013/06/19 17:44:56
    John Adams
    If a girl doesn't know how to behave, she must be forced to behave.
  • Yasmeen Omar 2013/06/16 01:39:40
    Yasmeen Omar
    How does wearing a shawl ruin your prom night?? That's not really a "punishment" they're just enforcing school rules.

    I'd say it was foul if they made a huge scene about it, but they just gave her a shawl.

    A shawl.
    A piece of fabric. This really isn't a big deal & plenty of schools have similar rules.
  • Ramón 2013/06/15 17:00:35
    Cleavage? The Grand Canyon doesn't have that much cleavage! She should cover it and not because we're prudes, but rather because small children and pets could fall in an never be seen again.
  • Grace 2013/06/15 04:26:09
    I agree with the girl. Public humiliation is the absolute worse! I think she maybe should've worn that dress but already had a shawl over it but it was wrong for the school to call her out and ruin her prom. It's one of the most important things to girls..
  • LifeIsG... Grace 2013/08/13 20:07:53
    Public humiliation? If she doesn't mind showing off that much cleavage then how is it public humiliation to have her cover it with a shawl? She should be grateful that she wasn't told to leave the prom. That's what many schools do when teens break the dress code, She had it easy. She was allowed to stay.
  • MikeWon 2013/06/14 22:04:10
  • Zoomie 2013/06/14 05:14:31
    She is what we always used to call a "full figured woman" and there is simply no real way to wear a traditional prom dress without a lot of cleavage. And if it doesn't bother her, or her parents, it shouldn't bother the school!
  • Wolfie 2013/06/14 02:27:01
    I'm 50 years old and,I am NOT sorry.I think she's a beautiful,young woman.And,THAT,is what she is...a young "woman". To deny that our "children" are NOT sexual beings is to lie to ourselves.Now,don't confuse my "mature" attitude about sexuality with being perverse.I would no more "date" this girl than I would my own daughter.BUT...I ALSO realize (particularly at that age.And,ohhhhhhh God...younger) that a young women wants to be "recognized" as "beautiful" and "sexy". C'mon people...BE REALISTIC.In fact,I say it's those who are uncomfortable with this who are the real "threats" !! THEY are the ones with the "dirty minds" !
  • BitchStoleMyDress 2013/06/12 07:30:01
    That is not the place to over do it. Maybe she should have got a bigger size.
  • Masaca 2013/06/11 15:29:27
  • Lee The Hybrid Snowflake 2013/06/11 14:36:49
    Lee The Hybrid Snowflake
    These chicks are entering womanhood and should be allowed to dress like woman.
  • Marnie3 2013/06/11 14:16:52
    To me, she looks very, very pretty.
  • ally 2013/06/11 13:54:17 (edited)
    Prom is the one night all girls want to be beautiful. She does. To take this from her was the worst thing to have been done to her.

    Her school rules say that cleavage must be covered. It is. The rules didn't make it clear what thier definition of what "covered cleavage" exactly meant- was it the whole cleavage from shoulders to under the breast. Just the nipple part- that's cleavage. What?
  • zabbyfig 2013/06/11 05:25:03
    i got DD and i keep my cleavage coverd,
    its not the school boards fault that she couldnt find a dress approprate for her boobs
    I did and still looked nice
  • Aingean 2013/06/10 21:44:07
    Rules are rules. At least they didn't make her leave.
  • Will on the road again 2013/06/10 21:23:52
    Will on the road again
    She might as well learn about dress codes before she goes to the work place. They won't give her a shawl. They will just send her home.
  • Tre 2013/06/10 19:50:02
    It's their school and their dress code. It's that simple.
  • Texas Johnny 2013/06/10 17:57:18
    Texas Johnny
    Pretty obvious that her boobs would stick out no matter what she wore! Sometime cleavage is a side bar issue. If they are out there , its hard to ignore them!
  • Rickie 2013/06/10 15:34:44
    I say fair because not all bodies are created equal. If two women go to the beach in the same style swimsuit and they are built different there will be two non-similar results. One may have butt cheeks and large portions of her breasts exposed while the other will be covered up within decency. Two women wearing low cut jeans will have different results as well. One could just be pushing the boundaries of decency while the other could have butt crack showing to any and everyone. Two women going without wearing bras could have separate results. One could barely be noticeable while the other could be giving all the guys around the best show of their lives. It is not about one size fits all. It is about how much is shown. If my daughter tried to go to prom with half of each breast on display I would shut that mess down in a heartbeat. Save the showing of sexual body parts for off of school grounds. I bet the school's dress code would prevent her showing so much cleavage under normal circumstances so why should there be an exception for prom. Since when did young women think it's there right to bare as much breast as possible (show off the assets) at a school function. Rules are rules. This girl's cup runeth over. That is why the news crew shot her from the side angle. A full straight on shot would make this less a controversy.
  • IAmMoreAwesomeThanU 2013/06/10 14:09:43
    This is a good example of fat chicks who think they're sexy enough to wear skimpy outfits.
  • SassySa... IAmMore... 2013/06/10 19:12:59
    Your post is an example of a douchebag who has no room to judge others.
  • melly~t... IAmMore... 2013/06/10 21:15:15
    melly~thwarting Satan since 1971
    Oh. I see. You're an assh*le. clint eastwood shdder gif
  • monk 2013/06/10 13:33:49
    the rules were not hidden, or ambiguous. she was not thrown out of prom or publicly humiliated. she was asked to not go in looking like a cow.
  • jmc07806-PWCM-JLA 2013/06/10 12:12:12
    But if there was going to be some kind of dress code it should have been published long before the prom.
  • sandra jmc0780... 2013/06/10 12:40:36
    I agree with you on this. smiles
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