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A place to come and say how you feel about anything.And to let people try and help you with your problems.

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ever have the so called best friend of yours completely ruin a week of your life? tell your stories here, cause may i say.....i have a good one ^_^ so discuss and converse and share your thoughts XD


ever fallen hard for someone? well if so you wanna post here, talk about ur past relashionships either good or bad... and if not relashions then just a crush...


Divorce or not divorce? That is the question. I am struggling with my marriage. We have been married for 12 years, and I am just now peeking my head out of the covers and realizing that the world is not square???? My husband has made life a living hell for me. I get no respect from him or from his family. They are bull-headed, they think that they do nothing wrong. That's the problem, they are wrong. I would like to have input on our issues to see if I'm crazy, or crazy in love.


ha all you are very cutiie and whatever.


im 43 and i have a disability and i call it the invisable one i have addhd no one see it when i tell people i have it they say no i dont but i can tell i do sometimes i wish i could show it to people so they beleave me i hate it when people say i only reamber what i want to because i dont and i forget the stuff i want to reamber tell me if you share my frustrashions

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  • bill kauliz rox 2009/07/28 22:34:52
    bill kauliz rox
    i like to talk to other peeps about probs
  • angel of darkness 2008/12/20 02:32:50
  • DIE 2008/06/21 01:59:02
    Wow, Seriously, I think it would be really stink of your mate if she hooked up with this guy that you like, and i totally agree, nothing is worth hurting yourself pysically over (hope that sounds right).
  • 666 n my heart® 2008/05/24 21:07:59
    666 n my heart®
    Don't ever hurt yourself over anyone or anything... Life is to great to just throw away...