Saint Patrick's Day 2011: What Do You Like Best About Irish Culture?

Daryl 2011/03/17 17:52:36

SLIDESHOW: Saint Patrick's Day 2011

I love dressing up in green
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I love dressing up in green

  1. I love dressing up in green

    I love dressing up in green

  2. I love corned beef and cabbage

    I love corned beef and cabbage

  3. I love the raucus parties

    I love the raucus parties

  4. I love hot Irish women

    I love hot Irish women

  5. I love the parades

    I love the parades

  6. I love green beer

    I love green beer

  7. I love colcannon

    I love colcannon

  8. I love St. Patrick

    I love St. Patrick

  9. I love shenanigans

    I love shenanigans

  10. I love Irish dancing

    I love Irish dancing

  11. I love painting everything green

    I love painting everything green

  12. I love four leaf clovers

    I love four leaf clovers

  13. I love kissing the blarney stone

    I love kissing the blarney stone

  14. I love shepherds pie

    I love shepherds pie

  15. I love slainte

    I love slainte

  16. I love the Irish people's commitment to cleanliness

    I love the Irish people's commitment to cleanliness

  17. erin go braugh!

    erin go braugh!

  18. What do you love best about Irish culture?

    What do you love best about Irish culture?

Saint Patrick's Day 2011: What Do You Like Best About Irish Culture?
Today is St. Patrick's Day 2011!

patricks 2011

What do you like best about Irish culture?
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  • suecoop 2011/03/18 01:00:35
    Irish people are warm and friendly with strong family ties. They are also fiercely independent and have a strong work ethic. My family passed down that pride, love of independence, strong family ties, and strong work ethic. The music and dance just blows me away, and to hear the accent spoken by a guy from Ireland is awesome.

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  • mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/17 18:37:30
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    Its culutre that has really taken a beating but never really left its roots. The fact their pubs serve stew doesnt hurt things too much.
  • tpops 2011/03/17 18:33:43
    I love corned beef and cabbage, dancers, still trying to capture a leprechaun so I can get three wishes. What i don't like is the drunkenness that happens on St Patrick’s Day.
  • G-Man 2011/03/17 18:32:09
    The music and gregariousness of the people.
  • Daryl G-Man 2011/03/17 18:33:55
  • baboula 2011/03/17 18:29:38
    Forget this green (food dyed green-how disgusting) the colors of Ireland are silver and blue. Not only do they have their own rich culture but during and after the fall of the Roman Empire, it was the Irish who preserved culture on numerous manuscripts as well as a system of laws which would be later incorporated by the rest of Europe. The Irish have always been one of a kind and not just because they have had to be but because they are. How they handle their latest crisis will determine their future. incorporated rest europe irish handle latest crisis determine future incorporated rest europe irish handle latest crisis determine future
  • Centuri... baboula 2011/03/18 06:31:23
    Did you by chance read "How the Irish saved Civilization" by Thomas Cahill? Excellent book which explains that as well as much more about history passed down.
  • tooner259 2011/03/17 18:28:12
    the music,the step dancing.....
  • Daryl tooner259 2011/03/17 18:34:34
  • Nat Turner 2011/03/17 18:24:02
    Nat Turner
    Not green beer!
  • Daryl Nat Turner 2011/03/17 18:34:49
  • Mess Of Me 2011/03/17 18:23:33
    Mess Of Me
    sexy Irish women
    And Used to love their... love Irish beer
  • New Jersey Mom 2011/03/17 18:21:47
    New Jersey Mom
    Everything. A recent study released showed that Catholic Irish Americans are among the best educated and most successful in the United States. They are more represented in law, medicine, academia, and other prestigious professions than their European immigrant peers, and continue to be upwardly socially mobile. This comes from a culture that strives for personal best. Being the best one can be is in and of itself its own reward. Chuck Feeney, head of The Atlantic Philanthropies, knows this well. Dubbed "The Billionaire Who Wasn't," the foundation that Feeney transferred the bulk of his earnings to, has already donated billions to a variety of philanthropic endeavors, in the spirit of "giving while living."

    THAT is the IRISH WAY. Not only is TODAY a GREAT day to be IRISH, EVERY DAY IS!
  • Açorda 2011/03/17 18:18:56
  • Elle 2011/03/17 18:17:54
    I have always loved everything Irish, from the dances to the food and drinks.
  • ☆SPIDERPIECES☆: HERO of PHAET 2011/03/17 18:17:44 (edited)
  • dan 2011/03/17 18:16:52
    Drinking green beer, the Boondock Saints, the music, corned beef and cabbage and Irish lasses!
  • conservyT 2011/03/17 18:14:58
    pinching those that aren't wearing green
  • Min Carter 2011/03/17 18:13:12
    Min Carter
    Good question, Art! Me mother was 2nd generation Irish. There are many aspects of Irish culture that I really enjoy. For example, every time we were with the Irish relatives (my father was Italian and a totally different culture LOL) they loved to laugh, sing, drink, and have fun! They have a great sense of humor!
    However, there is a downside. They could often be melancholy.
    Anyway, what I liked best was their laughter! Sure knew how to have a good time!
    Cheers! Time for a Guinness!
  • BK 2011/03/17 18:12:29
    The music, from the stuff they actually play in Irish pubs in Ireland, to the stuff we play in Irish pubs here that we think they play in the pubs in Ireland, to the Pogues, to Flogging Molly, to the Dropkick Murphy's.
    Oh, and family, mine and my wifes.
  • Rico (oYo) BK 2011/03/17 20:27:54
    Rico (oYo)
    Aaaaaand, just what is wrong with The Dropkick Murphys?
  • Daryl Rico (oYo) 2011/03/17 23:21:35
  • BK Daryl 2011/03/18 13:09:16
    I love those guys. It was so cool to see them opening the NHL's Winter Classic in Boston with "For Boston." Heroes from our Past is one of the best songs ever.
  • BK Rico (oYo) 2011/03/18 13:06:36
    Absolutely nothing. Sing Loud, Sing Proud is one of the best albums ever.
  • Arya BK 2011/03/18 04:22:03
    I LOVE The Pogues!
  • BK Arya 2011/03/18 13:10:38
    Shane MacGowan is one of my favorite songwriters, the guy just perfectly captures everything about that country and it's people.
  • Arya BK 2011/03/18 17:29:19
    I just love him. He was always drunk when he sang, but it somehow worked for him. This is my favorite of his:

  • BK Arya 2011/03/18 18:14:13
    My stupid firewall is blocking it out, but I'm pretty sure that whichever one it is, I really like it, too.
  • Arya BK 2011/03/18 19:03:18 (edited)
    It's called The Song With No Name, it was a solo piece of his.
    I'll try to find the lyrics.
  • BK Arya 2011/03/21 12:52:43 (edited)
    Cool, I'll be looking it up. I don't have any of his solo stuff right now, I haven't gotten around to gettting a copy again.
  • Arya BK 2011/03/18 19:05:29
    Here are the lyrics:

    By Shane MacGowan (1994)

    Long years ago I fell in love
    With a lady proud and fair
    So passionate were she and I
    We made fire in the air
    I loved her more than life itself
    She loved me just the same
    And it broke my heart
    To think we'd part if she ended the affair

    But I was brutal, I was ignorant
    I was cruel I was brash
    I never gave a damn about
    The beauty that I smashed
    No sadist I, I took delight
    In making my Love cry
    Now I'd pray for a single kiss from her
    To be lashed and crucified

    And now I feel this lady fair
    Can never more be mine
    Long gone are night in my lonely bed
    All suffering and crying
    And though I fear that through this life
    She'll only call me friend
    'Till I'm dead and buried in my grave
    My Love will never end
  • BK Arya 2011/03/21 12:52:29
    The guy is a fantastic poet.
  • Arya BK 2011/03/21 15:18:14
    Yes, he was. Didn't he pass on?
  • BK Arya 2011/03/21 16:37:50
    I'm pretty sure he's still alive. My brother just saw them (the Pogues) last weekend.
  • Arya BK 2011/03/21 19:11:26
    I thought that they had a new lead singer? I hope that you're right, and now that I know that they are still touring I'd love to go & see them myself.
  • BK Arya 2011/03/22 11:54:12 (edited)
    They did for a while there (I think Joe Strummer from the Clash was singing for them for a bit before he died), but MacGowan is back with them. They just played Detroit, so they're out playing at least a few dates right now.
  • Arya BK 2011/03/23 00:41:15
    That's great!
  • Guru Casper BN-ZERO 2011/03/17 18:10:13
    Guru Casper BN-ZERO
    poetry yeats
    folklore poetry folklore irish leprechauns poetry folklore banshee
  • wicked soda boy 2011/03/17 18:09:02
    wicked soda boy
    Oh, that would the sweet lassies!
    And maybe a wee bit of stout down at the pub now and again. :D
  • Gara :D 2011/03/17 18:08:49
    Gara :D
    Saw the Irish dancers on Daybreak this morning, what the hell is up with their hair??? :O
  • Daryl Gara :D 2011/03/17 18:10:03 (edited)

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