Rihanna's Yellow Nails: Trendy Talons or Creepy Claws?

Living 2012/06/05 19:00:00
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We're just happy she has clothes on. Rihanna has found another way to get attention, other than taking her top off: painting her long nails bright yellow! The singer was photographed partying in West Hollywood with "bright citron talons" that were "squared off at the tips." We've got to say, Rihanna, we're kind of digging the look!

She wore equally bright red lipstick to a popular celeb hangout, where ex-boyfriend Chris Brown was also partying with his girlfriend. But Rihanna also has more serious things to worry about. She flew to New York last weekend to see her grandmother Clara "Dolly" Brathwaite, who has cancer.

She's also moving to London for a couple of months. "Moving to London in 2 days!!!!!!" she tweeted, adding, "For a cpl months." Asked by fans what that U.K. has that the U.S. does not, she responded, "Life."
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  • Maleficent 2012/07/31 16:40:51
    Trendy talons
    they look ok on her.
  • Tiah 2012/06/11 13:47:51
    Creepy claws
    Just ewwww
  • Katte_bellaqva 2012/06/08 06:43:02
    Trendy talons
    A bit long but ok. Fake nails are ok cause there are people that have really weak nails and sometimes long nails are really useful!
  • modnar roodpart 2012/06/08 02:23:53
    Creepy claws
    modnar roodpart
    They would look better in black
  • Lisa 2012/06/07 02:42:54
    Creepy claws
    her hands look sickly
  • Vision of Verve 2012/06/06 22:03:27
  • Neesha 2012/06/06 18:44:05
    Trendy talons
    loooooooooooooooooooooooove them.. everyone who said creepy claws is a hater..
  • Vanessa 2012/06/06 17:37:27
    Creepy claws
    Just... awful
  • BreeMoore 2012/06/06 17:15:16
    Creepy claws
    The color is alright, the length is atrocious. Wouldn't they get in the way all the time?
  • Mikayla... BreeMoore 2012/06/07 23:03:43
    Mikayla Morgan
    my nails are almost as long and they dont get in the way except cooking sometimes(plus i dont think hers are natural)
  • BreeMoore Mikayla... 2012/06/08 00:15:22
    I've had super short nails for as long as I can remember (I'm a bit of a habitual biter), so I have issues trying to grow them out! Haha
  • NinjaRebecca 2012/06/06 16:17:27
    Creepy claws
  • Marie 2012/06/06 16:04:46
    Creepy claws
    way to long nails colored with yellow!
  • sweetie17 2012/06/06 15:27:30
    Creepy claws
    I can see any other color but yellow.. iv had hot pink, vibrent orange nails.. Yellow is just a color that really dnt look good on almost anyone
  • Kim(: 2012/06/06 14:26:28
    Creepy claws
    creepy claws Looks like that
  • Sass 2012/06/06 14:25:02
    Creepy claws
    And UGLY.....and she looks SO stoned.
  • nee 2012/06/06 14:11:06
    Creepy claws
    Needs to cut them down and repaint them. Yuck!
  • Nat™ 2012/06/06 14:05:42
    Creepy claws
    TOO long. Nah, Rihanna.

    But anyways SodaHead, this is the best you can come up with? LAME!
  • Abi 2012/06/06 13:44:40
    Creepy claws
    Is she drunk in the picture above the question or is she just wierd
  • Melda Valdez 2012/06/06 13:36:50
    Trendy talons
    Melda Valdez
    she lookd descent and well kept! nails are a little long, but overall good show!!
  • BlackNeko 2012/06/06 12:56:12
    Creepy claws
    One step up form this! Looks horibly Ratchet!
    Ghetto Nails
  • Pocahontas 2012/06/06 12:36:10
    Trendy talons
    They are okay.
  • La 2012/06/06 12:21:55
    Trendy talons
    I actually don't mind them. They look kinda cool, although a bit too long to be practical.
  • Sweetness 2012/06/06 12:01:27
    Trendy talons
    They are not bad...too long but not bad...and I would never wear them.
  • +Harmonious Love+ 2012/06/06 12:00:20
  • Simms 2012/06/06 11:28:54
    Creepy claws
    Too long
  • Osk 2012/06/06 11:23:30
    Creepy claws
    Her in general is a creepy claw
  • kat 2012/06/06 11:20:04
    Trendy talons
    i love them neon nails
  • Shayla 2012/06/06 09:22:29
    Trendy talons
    I love all nail polish! I do prefer short nails though, especially when it comes to painting them neon colors. But I've seen a lot worse than this.
  • PokerFace 2012/06/06 09:12:55
    Creepy claws
    yellow is fine, but the length of these nails, they're not even attractive
  • Deb 2012/06/06 08:24:32
    Creepy claws
    They look like those $2.00 press-on nails that you can get at any dollar store :D
  • beach bum 2012/06/06 07:42:07
    Creepy claws
    beach bum
  • Aksana 2012/06/06 05:08:54
    Trendy talons
  • Nadrasta 2012/06/06 04:55:29
    Creepy claws
    Meh. They're okay, just a bit long.
  • alex 2012/06/06 04:22:56
    Trendy talons
    Sodaheads getting desperate with questions.
  • renee.m.lewis 2012/06/06 04:21:50
    Trendy talons
    Just a bit to long.
  • Figment 2012/06/06 04:12:39
    Creepy claws
    Fake nails are for silly women. How can one get stuff done with those hideous clicker clackers?
  • StarryNights17 2012/06/06 03:48:25
    Trendy talons
    I like them. Just a litte long for my taste.
  • YeahISaidIt 2012/06/06 03:30:36
    Creepy claws
    I dig nothing about her.
  • MERRYCHRISTMAS 2012/06/06 03:22:19
    Creepy claws
    absolutely vile.

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