Respect women even if they don't respect themselves

eviLbunnY 2012/02/24 20:27:22
You're just a slut who can't deal with it
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Quote by Kvothe The Bloodless in The Name of the Wind: “As my father used to say: call jack a jack,
call a spade a spade, but always call a whore a lady. Their lives are hard enough, and it never
hurts to be polite.”

Contrary to society’s perception of her, I don’t see Paris
Hilton as a slut. So she wears short
dresses? So she exposes a lot of
cleavage? Fifteen-year-old Disney stars
has worn shorter dresses, and even respected actresses like Cate Blanchett has
worn clothing with hemlines around the same height, or lack of it. So she has a stupid reality show dedicated to
finding a BFF? Call her shallow, then,
but not a slut. So she’s famous for a
porn movie, One Night in Paris? About every celebrity in the world save for
the occasional twelve-year old has had dirty sex. Don’t call her a slut, just call her dumb for
filming it. So she’s okay with people
watching it? What about Kate Winslet
having dirty sex with a young boy in the movie The Reader? It’s not the
same because one is porn and one is an art movie? Sex is sex, and to defend her case, in One Night in Paris it had at least been
a case of affection, if not love. She
had a thing for the man she was with.
Kate Winslet in The Reader? That was just a job. She probably feels no affection, if not
attraction for that actor. So what,
really, gives you the right to define, or judge?

So ready are we to define women based on promiscuity, and
even the seventies and the feminists still couldn’t cure society of judging
women more harshly than men in this area.

Admit it – if a man, in one night, sleeps with three girls,
he’s a legend. If a woman, in a night,
kisses three guys, she’s a slut.

High school, especially, is a bitch. A guy has a status about sex, he gets about
twenty likes and everyone thinks it’s funny.
I post a dorky picture of Captain
Tampon to the rescue
and get called aside by the school councilor the next
week because people are talking about
the sexual messages I send out. Oh gasp,
horror. A guy puts a pic of his torso as
his profile picture, showing off his muscles, and the worst people will say is
oh, he’s got an ego. A girl posts a
picture of herself in a bikini as her profile picture and people immediately
say she’s a slut.

Because the worst is, if you’re a woman, sex isn’t something
you’re supposed to talk about, or do much.
You keep quiet, you stay hypocritically demure, and repress your
sexuality for the sake of a good reputation.
And one wrong move, stupid schoolboys will brag excessively to their
friends, a small story will become bigger, two makeouts will become five
rumored sexual encounters and the next thing you know, you’re labeled as
another slut in the vicinity.

This needs to change.

We are SO ready to judge others while we ourselves are the
worst of hypocrites. How many P!nk songs
and Lady Gaga outfits will it take before society will allow women to be as
crazy as they want to be? How high are
We With The Boobies allowed to have our freak flags fly? Why are we the most suppressed in sexuality
when we are the ones who started it? Eve
who bit the apple and opened Adam’s eyes to her nudity, Pandora who opened the
box and let passion and madness out into the world? Why do we have to be ashamed of our sexuality
when we should be proud of it, for being its pioneers in the first place?

The aim of this article is to reduce judgment and stereotyping
of women, and I’m sorry if in the process I’m maybe stereotyping men a
little. I know that not all men are
womanizers who see women as objects.
This isn’t about men or how they treat women, this is about society, and
more how women treat each other. How
many times have you called another woman a slut because of someone she kissed,
or slept with, or even worse, just over a shred of gossip you’ve heard?

The worst is, ladies, it’s your own fault too that women are
judged so harshly, because you join in.
Don’t. I’m going to ask you
something difficult, but I want you to try.
Respect other women, no matter what.
You don’t need to like them. You
can still call your arch enemy a bitch, but don’t call her a slut. Remove that word from your vocabulary. Respect
other women even if they don’t respect themselves.
If you know how hard it is to deal with
society’s judgments, then why are you part of the society loading this heavy burden
onto women?

If you don’t deserve a label, then no other woman does
either. It’s a difficult concept, I
know. How can you not call the woman who
slept with your husband a slut, for example?
But think about why she did it.
She probably feels insecure, and needs to tow in a married man to feel
powerful, to feel like she can outdo another woman. So pity her, call her a bitch, but don’t call
her a slut.

There are men out there who know how to treat women well,
who don’t judge and objectify, and there are women out there who don’t judge
and label their friends and enemies, who don’t spread or believe gossip. Be one of them. Empower yourself, and in the process other

So my conclusion with this article, and my aim, is to
liberate women and start a movement that will hopefully make society okay with women
having sex when they want, how they want, why they want, where they want and with
whomever the hell they want to, without being judged. And I’m not saying I’m encouraging
promiscuity, but I’m encouraging women to not be ashamed of their sexuality and
I’m encouraging society to stop judging women based on their sex lives.

And I’m not stereotyping men, but the truth is, men have an
easier time with their sexuality than women do, and don’t get the same
punishment from society for promiscuity.
So if it takes us to be men in order to be free of judgment, then men
we’ll be…

For this week, I am going to be a man. I am going to be the Hunter; I am going to be
the object of power in sexual relations.
And just to be a little extremist, I am considering wearing a hat and a
fake mustache every day, and just to make a point, publicly kiss as many people
as possible. I am going to kiss like a
man, hunt like a man, and I’m going to sit with my legs open because I can.

Most importantly though, I am going to wear a blue ribbon as
a symbol for my mission, like the cheesy red Aids ribbons or the pink breast
cancer ones. So men and women who want
to join in the protest for the sexual liberation of women, wear the blue ribbon
for this week. I am going to do this
every year for the second week of January.

And yes, if it takes me to be a man before society will
accept my sexuality, then I’ll be one.
And if you agree, then man up, grow a pair, spread my message and protest
with me, because NO woman deserves to be called a slut. Not you, not me, not Paris Hilton, not a
playboy cover girl, not a porn star, not even a prostitute.

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  • johnpaul 2012/05/30 17:27:33
    Partly agree / other
    Let us proclaim the truth of our bodily dignity by refusing to satisfy the jealousy of the evil one, hiding our bodies as if they were something shameful. God created us to glorify Him. He created us unclothed. Let us glorify Him then, by our nakedness, seeing therein His glory and our true nobility.
  • Silversnake 2012/03/18 01:23:24
    Don't care...
    Women's lives aren't any harder than men just because it's only the bitches who like to complain when the slightest things happens to them.

    And why do you think even parents don't like boys dating their daughters? Because boys are so well respected when they have sex with hundreds of girls? Of course not. It's because boys are thought of as pigs who can't keep their pants closed.

    You probably think this stereotype is true, don't you? Because all guys want is sex, right? Well that shows exactly what I mean when I say that guys have and equally harmful reputation when they do go out and have sex with other people.

    Women are called sluts and men are called dogs. Deal with it.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/02/25 14:28:32
    Yes, I agree! Women need more respect.
    Lady Whitewolf
    Especially with the likes of "Dick" Santorum running around.... good article!

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