Remember People just what Obama has said on National TV.

Jessie M 2012/07/20 15:21:37

Watch the video clip and listen to what he is saying about Bill Ayers.
Quote: This is a guy the engaged in despicable acts, forty years years ago when I was 8 years old. Ten or fifteen years ago when I meet him, he was a college professor"

Now I ask you this simple question, ten to fifteen yeas ago (in 2008), Obama would have been between 32 to 37 years old. Does this look like a 30+ year old Obama?

How old do we look
Remember he transferred to Columbia University in 1981 (1981 - 1983) which make him between the age of 20 to 23 years old. At the minimum Obama had known Bill Ayers for 25 year at the time of the above interview. Now are you still going to drink the Kool Aid?
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  • Keoni91 2012/07/25 19:41:28
    Wake up America
  • Dale 2012/07/20 17:45:41
    Did not believe Incumbent then, and I don't believe him now. Just something about the denial that does not ring quite true. But then, that may just be the cynical me thinking.
  • Jessie M Dale 2012/07/20 20:45:56
    Jessie M
    Cynical is not a bad thing, at time I think more need to be and stop blindly listening to the media. They only tell you what sells news.

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