Religious Attacks

Jessie M 2012/05/31 18:44:01
Biden attacked Mitt Romney for his religious believes and mocking the Mormon Church. " Mr Smith was caught having multiply wives so he created the religion and said he received two golden plates from an angel. What was he smoking."

If the Liberals want information, they need to except the information about there candidate also.

There is no argument that Obama as he stated worshiped under Rev. Wright for 20 years. But what do you know about this church, Trinity Untied Church of Christ. Here what you may have not heard and here is it history.

Beginning around 1910, The Great Migration of African American occurred as many thousands of blacks migrated northward from the south.
A great many settled on Chicago's southside. When they arrived, they
brought with them the forms of Christianity they had practiced in the
South. As elsewhere in the United States, Chicago blacks of the time
faced serious discrimination in typically every area of their existence.

In the early 1930s,Nation of Islam leader Elijan Muhammad moved his embroiled religion's headquarters from Detroit to Chicago mixing elements of the bible and the Qur'an ,
Elijah Muhammad taught that Africans were the Earth's first and most
important people. He prophesied that a time was coming when African
Americans would be fully vindicated, released from their various
oppressions, and brought into full freedom within their own geographical state .
For this to actualize, however, Elijah Muhammad taught that blacks had
to radically separate from all whites. In addition, he proclaimed that
blacks needed to live a moral life.

By the 1940s, the Nation of Islam's radical message had drawn in
thousands of Chicago's blacks, many who had converted from one of the
forms of Christianity their forebearers brought northward to Chicago

Yes people you have read it right, the church Obama attended for 20 years has been based on Islamic belief, and is a church who teaches African American to be separate from White American. Rev. Wright has been taped time and time again preaching this very statement.

If you want to mock a religion whom has been around just as long as Obama's belief. You have to except the base it was created.

Liberal look it up yourself
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  • RayG 2012/06/03 02:19:24
    Biden is a babbling idiot...every time he opens his big mouth he manages to insert his size 12 foot.
  • beach bum 2012/06/01 05:49:54
  • Grrr 2012/06/01 02:34:58
    Religious beliefs does not matter to me! Get our troops back and fix the damn economy!
  • CAPISCE 2012/06/01 01:52:51
  • METALheadMom 2012/05/31 22:49:30
    Just my humble opinion, BUT, this country is STUPID for electing a RACIST to be our President. I don't CARE what race or races, or what religion they donate themselves to, CANDIDATES CANNOT BE RACIST !!!! Obama's wife made it quite clear while he was campaigning she was racist. SO, how DID he get elected? WHO did this? 1. RACISTS couldn't wait to register and vote, the majority of them had never voted before. 2. People who want others to believe they are equal minded (them call themselves "liberal"). 3. Bush haters. I KNOW very few, if any of these people, bothered to do any kind of research on this guy - those who did, wanted him BECAUSE of his background.

    What that told me, was the MAJORITY of voting age people in this country, are ignorant arrogant racist fools. SO ignorant and arrogant, they will do the same thing all over again. Ignorance has turned to stupidity this time around. THAT is what scares me more than anything - - having intelligence is the new minority "race" of people in this country. Imagine what's going to become of America, when ONLY brain dead arrogant racists are in charge.
  • OneOfTheAmericanPeople 2012/05/31 22:44:00
    Why should we have a king in office that supports the Muslim brotherhood and Islam, and wants to destroy the catholic church vs. a candidate that actually beloved in the Lord God Jesus Christ .
  • cm 2012/05/31 21:39:37
    I don't really care what religion Romney is but leave it to the bigot Biden to stick his foot down his throat.
  • Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru 2012/05/31 20:26:36
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    Let me tell you my Story,, it is the Truth, I know it might be hard to believe but I have eye witnesses,, you cant asked them though, they died, however they did sign an afidavit before they died....And the proof is in the book I wrote,, LMAO
  • CAPISCE Clay Sl... 2012/06/01 01:52:16
  • socokid 2012/05/31 19:58:07
    The Christian story isn't any better, so can at least call him a hypocrite on this matter.

    The attempt at some sort of lame Glenn Beckian flowchart of brain farts so loosely connected the wind could blow them apart, will be ignored.
  • Jessie M socokid 2012/05/31 20:04:39
    Jessie M
    Never watch Glenn Beck.
  • socokid Jessie M 2012/06/01 02:02:47
    Me neither. His flow charts are infamous, however.
  • kcandi 2012/05/31 19:51:06
    Being Mormon is the least of Romneys problems.....poor repubs can't find anyone better to represent them?
  • Smokey 2012/05/31 19:43:06
    I personally think that we need to take everyone's religion out of the topic when it comes to politics. What do you think?
  • Zuggi 2012/05/31 19:34:53
  • Jessie M Zuggi 2012/05/31 19:37:54
    Jessie M
    it was just on the news
  • Zuggi Jessie M 2012/05/31 19:42:03
    Then give a link. If it was just on the news, that should be terribly easy to do.
  • socokid Zuggi 2012/05/31 20:05:37
    Closest thing I could find:

    “Mormonism was created by a guy in upstate New York in 1830 when he got caught having sex with the maid and explained to his wife that God told him to do it.”

    And wasn't Biden.

    This is what Biden has to say on the matter:

    These nuts are childishly ridiculous. *Sigh*
  • Zuggi socokid 2012/05/31 21:54:48
    Well, that's obviously what she was talking about.

  • WF - Ru... Zuggi 2012/06/01 13:00:54
    WF - Rumpelstiltskin -PWCM~JLA
    Here a great question for you. You are watching the news and see a video. Now how do you left or right click your TV to give a Liberal a link. I saw on the local news (ABC) showing Biden saying this very thing.
  • Zuggi WF - Ru... 2012/06/01 13:06:28
    Transcripts are posted to major news shows Video is posted of any newss show, especially if it has partisan content.
  • Centaur 2012/05/31 19:30:51 (edited)
    O'Bummer: "Who??? Rev. Wright??? I kept falling asleep during his boring sermons - I never heard a word!! Trust me!! Would I LIE?????"

    obama wright

  • Anna E 2012/05/31 19:26:05
    Anna E
    Religions are what people make of them.
    I think most religions are ok, but I don't like aggressive ones or ones that cause people to be aggressive.
  • Ozymandias 2012/05/31 19:21:42
  • Chris- ... Ozymandias 2012/05/31 19:31:17
    Chris- Demon of the PHAET
    Well said.
  • Ozymandias Chris- ... 2012/05/31 19:38:36
  • Chris- ... Ozymandias 2012/05/31 19:45:54
    Chris- Demon of the PHAET
    Let's hope so!
  • Laura Lovegood 2012/05/31 19:19:41
  • Jessie M Laura L... 2012/05/31 19:34:07
    Jessie M
    You have that right. I hate that one side wants to say one thing but if the other side replies they are called racist.
  • Laura L... Jessie M 2012/05/31 19:43:39
  • ElliPonto 2012/05/31 19:17:11
    I found this interesting. How a christian church was founded under a Islamic belief. I little concerning that a church preaches separatism.
  • Centaur ElliPonto 2012/05/31 19:34:05

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