Raw Dog Food: Ever feed your dog a raw dog food diet?

W_C 2009/09/17 05:14:47
Yes, I feed my dog a raw food diet.
No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
I am not a dog owner...
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I was just wondering if any of you dog owners out there feed your dogs a raw diet? It's extremely healthy for the pooch, but can be expensive. Raw dog food diets are a lot healthier than the highly processed foods like dry kibble.

And by a raw food diet, I don't mean giving them vegetables and left over scraps from your dinner or refrigerator. I meant actual raw food meant for dogs.
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  • ««Gingey, the Master Debate... 2009/09/17 05:27:28
    Yes, I feed my dog a raw food diet.
    ««Gingey, the Master Debater of Þ|-|Дэ†»»
    My boxer Peggy has always been on a raw food diet, and no it's not expensive! Just get the scrap meat.

    Oh, and check this out: a boxer's life expectancy is 10; she's almost 14 now and still going strong!!

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  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2009/10/08 20:59:12
    I am not a dog owner...
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    But that sounds as yummy as the human raw food diet, which is boring and gross. The people that eat it don't look healthy, they look sickly and in desperate need of a good steak.
  • swimminggirl09 2009/09/30 23:13:34
    I am not a dog owner...
    so no i can not
  • Michael 2009/09/28 20:28:21
    I am not a dog owner...
    I wish all these pet owners who are liberals would consider how much their pet contributes to pollution! From cattle raising, deforestation, waste being washed down gutters and poluting the sea, and landfills, etc.
  • annie 2009/09/27 22:32:56
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    O_o ........ wow............
  • cntrygrl 2009/09/27 14:42:06
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
  • sexikitti 2009/09/23 17:42:09
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    i have a mastiff and i tried to feed her a raw food diet but she got really aggresive after a couple weeks so we stopped and shes back 2 herself now
  • Plantgypc 2009/09/21 19:29:27
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    I would never feed my dogs raw meat. It makes them aggresive. Remember never feed them what you wouldn't eat.
  • Angie Plantgypc 2009/10/08 20:44:54
    You would eat processed dog food?
  • Sam 2009/09/21 14:30:18
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    My Chihuahua "Little Man " gets Mighty Dog and table scraps. He loves Cherrios, french fries and shrimp.
  • rocky 2009/09/21 03:18:51
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    Just once in awhile raw very lean chop meat when I am making hamburgers. You know I've had steak tar tar..not personally thrilled over it. But I do give my Westie grilled steak and chicken sometimes. He absolutely love it.
  • Aleisa - Rightey extremist ... 2009/09/21 02:16:02
    Yes, I feed my dog a raw food diet.
    Aleisa - Rightey extremist and SAHM
    When ever I can get meat at a good price you bet!! Deer, cow, elk, pig, chicken, turkey, even fish.

    Best thing you could do for your dog. Ever read the label of what's in your dry/wet dog food?
  • Tiffany 2009/09/20 18:35:02
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    He's content with the purina benefull food. Every once in a while I'll give him a raw hot dog, Does that count? He gets his treats though, like cheese, beggin strips, and he loves popcorn and pretzels and believe it or not pita bread. lol!!! ;)
  • judy ann 2009/09/20 16:44:42
    Yes, I feed my dog a raw food diet.
    judy ann
    My tiny dog is very picky at what she eats. I feed her regular dog food along with boiled chicken. However, i would never give anything uncooked to my little one.
  • Aleisa ... judy ann 2009/09/21 02:19:09
    Aleisa - Rightey extremist and SAHM
    A mix is good but Never give her cooked chicken bones!! They become brittle and splinter into shards. Raw chicken bones only, or she could choke or puncture something!!
  • Doreen judy ann 2009/09/21 18:31:00
    Judy, Aleisa is right about cooked chicken bones. Very dangerous you have only been lucky. Give her raw chicken bones only.
  • Chris 2009/09/20 10:06:31
    I am not a dog owner...
    I don't own a dog. I have cats. They love raw fish...but I give them only slivers if I'm cooking it.
  • FencerCat 2009/09/20 04:26:44
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    I've heard that can be dangerous.
  • Doreen FencerCat 2009/09/21 18:34:32
    Actually it is very healthy and dogs systems are naturally equipped to handle raw food.
  • FencerCat Doreen 2009/09/22 02:51:29
    I've read varying opinions about it in different veterinary newsletters, so I just stick with regular dog food. That's also what my vet recommends.
  • becka 2009/09/20 03:15:54
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    My boxer has never been on raw food and she is fine. She's four and she still acts like a puppy. Raw food would be too expensive.
  • Dayna_king 2009/09/20 03:07:48
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    All the raw food that my dogs eat they catch them selves.
  • JT For Political Reform 2009/09/20 02:24:49
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    JT For Political Reform
    I feed my dog the best dog food that I can get. The brand names that advertise on TV are garbage because they spend the money on ads. There is a list on the internet of bad, good and excellent foods to feed your animals. They love you unconditionally, I feel I should at least show them the same respect by feeding them the best I can.
  • Poppins 2009/09/20 00:12:18
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    to many diseases in raw food...cooked or dry dog food....for my girl...
  • Doreen Poppins 2009/09/21 18:39:20
    The dogs system as I told FencerCat can handle what would make us sick differently. Just because we would get sick does not mean they would.
  • SPAZ is Back 2009/09/19 20:36:12
    Yes, I feed my dog a raw food diet.
    SPAZ is Back
    We do, I don't think they had boxed dog food back in the days. That's what they need they are healthier anyway.Buy it on sale and freez it, that's what we do.
  • helenros 2009/09/19 19:27:55
    I am not a dog owner...
    Used to have dogs and fed them kibble. I'm not spending more on dog food than human food.
  • Lynn 2009/09/19 19:25:44
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    No, she gets commercially produced canned or dry dog food and any table scraps I give her when she begs for them.... which is every time I have anything to eat.
  • BrokenDevilDog 2009/09/19 19:19:55
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    I thought cooked food is safer. I'll have to talk to my vet about this.
  • drakan 2009/09/19 18:42:33 (edited)
    Yes, I feed my dog a raw food diet.
    By this, no. XD I give him tomatoes straight from my mum's garden; we train him to do things, like lay down and roll over. He loves them. Won't eat the ones form the store.
    Every now and then, I'll sneak him something, though. But it's not strictly raw food.
  • 12 Tone Melody 2009/09/19 18:36:53
    Yes, I feed my dog a raw food diet.
    12 Tone Melody
    sometimes--at 15 years old, changes in his diet tend to lead to disgusting messes
  • sue 2009/09/19 18:36:13
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    I feed merrick dog food not interested in raw diet but some people like it
  • dmac 2009/09/19 18:24:03
    Yes, I feed my dog a raw food diet.
    I use to get the dog bones at the store and then they quit leaving any meat on them and they looked like they had been cooked clean. When I use to buy beef by the side he got a lot more. My little guy (Loso/Poodle) is 18. He does get some raw as a treat but he has started leaving it till it gets ugly and has to be tossed. But hamberger, stew meat or pieces of round steak when making swiss stake he still will occasionaly eat. Sometimes I'll get the frozen chicken breasts. His canned Mighty Dog is his favorite but he has to do a different flavor daily. Picky old guy. Maybe I have him spoiled, ya think? LOL
  • Gina 2009/09/19 18:07:57
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    I only feed him raw vegtables on occasion, he likes gravy train, I have tried several but he seems to like it.
    and snacks of couse.
  • BONNIE 2009/09/19 18:02:32
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    No ! But I do cook for him everyday! He has a well balanced diet and is very healthy! He has never eaten dog food !
  • marcuss....PHART 2009/09/19 18:01:16
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    it makes them shit constantly. piles upon piles of shit just for one day.
  • L.A. woman 2009/09/19 17:49:36
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    L.A. woman
    I suppose if I wanted to get rid of her I would...she does however eat carrots, tomatoes, raspberries. Those are all raw. Gone are the days when even I would eat raw meat. As a child my dad would give me a small bite of raw hamburger. SOOO good. Of course that was before e.coli.
  • JT For ... L.A. woman 2009/09/20 02:27:06
    JT For Political Reform
    We used to eat cannibal sandwiches when I was a kid, raw ground steak with onion, salt and pepper. No one got sick then. Now even the cooked stuff you have to be careful of. So my dog gets carrots and cottage cheese with really good dog food.
  • myssabz 2009/09/19 17:43:52
    Yes, I feed my dog a raw food diet.
    My dogs and cats have always gotten a mixture of both. Their coats are thicker and shinier when they get some raw egg and meat. Their systems process raw foods better then ours, but I have to admit that I do like some raw meats on occasion.
  • Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3 2009/09/19 17:41:34
    No. I don't feed my dog raw food.
    Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3
    My dad's neighbor does though and they say it's great. They get the supplies they need from Sam's Club so it's not much more expensive than regular kibble. I think when I get a dog I'll do the raw food diet.
  • madjack 2009/09/19 17:41:07
    I am not a dog owner...
    My last dog, ate raw meat quite a bit.Lived 18 years.Animals,as humans require enzymes in their food.Cooked,canned or processed food has no enzymes.If you aren't feeding raw foods to your pet,get a veterinary grade enzyme additive and add the proper amount to your pets diet.Also,consider that in the wild,canids and felines 'go for the guts' after a kill.So,liver,tripe,all the gross stuff is what they really like.

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