Racer Steve Larsen dies while running. Can exercise kill you?

Ellen 2009/05/20 18:32:23
Yes, Steve Larsen's death will make me exercise less.
No, Steve Larsen's death will not make me exercise less.
I think Steve Larsen...
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Retired triathlete, Steve Larsen, died Tuesday, May 20, 2009 after he collapsed while running. Larsen was a professional mountain biker, road biker, triathlete and competed in the Ironman World Championships. An autopsy is pending but Larsen apparently died of a heart attack. Is Steve Larsen's death make you exercise less?
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  • taitaFalcon23 2013/11/23 03:54:48
    No, Steve Larsen's death will not make me exercise less.
    The most common danger for triathletes is recognizing pain and suffering for what it is. By definition; triathletes train thru the pain because they are going to take their bodies to a place the rest of us are too scared to go.

    That training has consequences. I've bonked before -gotten to a place where water and nutrition can no longer be processed by my body anymore. Bonking is extremely painful; frightening and a bit dangerous, but the problem is that it is almost impossible to tell when you've pushed it 1 step too far or ridden a 10th of a mile you shouldn't have until you bonk. The only way to tell IS to bonk. 'Quitting' is not a concept you're familiar with. A training session is over when you've run out of time not when you're tired

    My measure of training is to return home, feeling a bit shaky and spent as I climb the stairs to my condo. If I can't feel the tremors in my muscles, I didn't train hard enough; and every training session is too precious to waste with half tries...
  • cntrygrl 2009/06/05 01:34:04
    No, Steve Larsen's death will not make me exercise less.
    i should probably excersise more but yea if your pushing yourself to hard and your heart cant take it excercise can kill you
  • jimmyhead 2009/05/22 19:47:59
    I think Steve Larsen...
    Exercised too much, causing death. This is a very stupid question to me because I already know the answer.

    Answer to the question: Yes, exercise can kill you if you do to much. You shouldn't stop exercising just because Steve Larsen died exercising, you should just limit how much exercise you get. If you can't handle it, start slow, then do more when you feel ready. Face it, America is fat enough as it is, one death should not be the end to exercise. Stay Healthy America! Exercise at least an hour a day to stay healthy!
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2009/05/22 14:54:37
    I think Steve Larsen...
    Just MEH....Piwan
    Is an example of how too much of a "good" thing can be overdone and have consequences. Moderation is the wise way to go!
  • maggie_21xxo 2009/05/21 12:01:00
    I think Steve Larsen...
    it depends. if you overwork your heart i think exercise can eventually be bad for you.

    but i will still exercise, because i am not some like super runner person, in fact i hardly run at all,

    i do more swimming and biking. i exercise enough to have fun and stay fit, not to set any world records, so i think i'm safe for now :)
  • HeliAce 2009/05/20 23:06:30
    No, Steve Larsen's death will not make me exercise less.
    I don't think I do it enough already. I try when I can.

    Though just saying anything you over do could kill you.
  • Rukasaki ~~ Hawkshadow 2009/05/20 21:14:00
    I think Steve Larsen...
    Rukasaki ~~ Hawkshadow
    that sucks for him... you can get a heart attack from exercise, and it can kill you easily
  • Gabby Z 2009/05/20 19:58:01
    I think Steve Larsen...
    Gabby Z
    it can happen anytime . but sometimes too much exercise can kill you . heart attack . but that mostly unlikely to have problems .
  • Sasssy 2009/05/20 19:29:52 (edited)
    I think Steve Larsen...
    It can happen at any age for any of us. age
  • Pseudonym 2009/05/20 19:25:38
    No, Steve Larsen's death will not make me exercise less.
    Heat stroke, exhaustion, dehydration, heart failure, asthmatic attacks, etc. are what kills a person during exercise.
  • jenova boy 2009/05/20 19:25:28
    I think Steve Larsen...
    jenova boy
    well so long as you don't push it you should be ok, in todays over achiever world people tend to forget that they have limits, i walk, or jog a couple miles a day and thats ok for me
  • Vicanna 2009/05/20 18:57:57
    I think Steve Larsen...
    I think that it is unhealthy to over exercise.
  • Buckwheat19 2009/05/20 18:51:33
    No, Steve Larsen's death will not make me exercise less.
    The rewards of exercise outweight the risks by far. Isn't it better that he died while exercising than while he was lying on the couch munching on a bag of chips?
  • mu_linlin7 2009/05/20 18:48:18
    No, Steve Larsen's death will not make me exercise less.
    Exercising will not kill you unless there are other issues that require attention. The man may have over-heated, been dehydrated, had a weak heart, etc.
  • Decahedron~~The Frozen Flame ♂ 2009/05/20 18:35:49
    Yes, Steve Larsen's death will make me exercise less.
    Decahedron~~The Frozen Flame ♂
    You never see fat people in coffins
  • jimmyhead Decahed... 2009/05/22 19:49:42
    you are sooo wrong.
  • Decahed... jimmyhead 2009/05/23 00:56:20
    Decahedron~~The Frozen Flame ♂
    No i'm not - i've seen 20 people from close family die - the fat ones died after they lost the weight - I just lost 70 lbs - im next
  • jimmyhead Decahed... 2009/06/02 19:45:59

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