Publishers Clearing House says "No purchase required for entry" Do you believe this?

KNOW IT ALL BUT GREEK 2010/09/22 12:53:51
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I have my serious doubts,,, I have made a change of address on at least 60 entries and it still has not been updated. You may say it takes time.....Is 3 months enough time. I sometimes get the feeling that my entries are automatically sent to file 13 when there is no purchase.
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  • Captain Sticky 2010/09/22 17:42:57
    No they just have so many it takes time
    Captain Sticky
    If you keep entering (you used to be able to on line) and don't buy anything, they dump you from their list.
    There are rules they have to follow or they pay a heavy fine.
  • KNOW IT... Captain... 2010/09/24 02:14:42
    Where do you get this info from?
  • Captain... KNOW IT... 2010/09/24 03:56:00
    Captain Sticky
    I entered on line till they sent me an email stating that I had to buy something or they would dump me. They did. The "no purchase necessary" thing; http://www.straightdope.com/c...
  • KNOW IT... Captain... 2010/09/28 17:23:18
    Wonder why i haven't received that notice?
  • joe59 2010/09/22 13:31:23
    Yes they go straight to the trash box
    I throw mine in the trash when I get it, I use to enter those all the time. It's just a ploy to get you to buy magazines. I've had other companies send me stuff also telling me if I enter I'll be automatically enrolled in their $100,000 cash award prize and of course it never happens.

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