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Living 2013/01/08 18:44:11
It's been the age-old question for men ever since humans started wearing underwear: boxers or briefs? And thanks to some number crunching and David Beckham's underwear-only H & M ad which sparked the debate, SodaHeads have finally provided an answer. It was a pretty narrow win (56%) but BOXERS came out victorious! And, of course, there are some interesting nuances worth mentioning, so let's dig a little deeper, shall we? You may want to keep your pants on for this...


Women and men disagree on a lot of things, and apparently, that includes what kind of underwear a dude should wear. An overwhelming number of women voted for boxers (73%) while a small majority of men said they'd prefer to have a tighter fit beneath their pants (52%). Judging by the percentages, it seems that women are more passionate about boxers than men are about briefs. Wonder where that sass comes from...


Does it surprise you that the younger generation prefers it loose, while the older crowd stays true to the tighty whitey? Voters aged 25-34 were the most enthusiastic about boxers (at 75%), while those aged 13-17 and 18-24 also enjoyed the looser fit, at 68% and 65% respectively. However, voters aged 45-54 were the least happy with boxers. Only 37% voted for the freer undies over briefs (63%.)


...underwear freedom that is. Underwear preference doesn't seem like a terribly political issue, but one funny statistic we noticed was that conservatives actually opted for a more liberating underwear experience with boxers (at 61%) more than liberals did (50%). Ironically enough, libertarians preferred briefs (64%) over any other political party. So much for the party emphasizing freedom and liberty, right guys?

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about boxers or briefs. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Patagoniakid 2014/05/02 14:21:44
    Neither! Having tried on plain bikini cut Lycra/Nylon seamless panties with a wide enough crotch they are the smoothest, most comfortable and supportive thing a GUY can wear period! Who cares what the dudes think... the chicks have given a thumbs up!
  • Jacko Reaper 2014/01/27 02:53:51
    Jacko Reaper
    im a dude i prefer bikini briefs .
  • firefly 2013/02/06 12:14:49
  • Wiccan_of_the_Wooded_North 2013/01/28 08:43:41
    personally, any form of underware are just too constrictive to me so your stats went out the door for me cuz i go commando, why dont you figure those stats out and see what results you get,you just might get a surprise
  • codie.paul 2013/01/25 16:25:30 (edited)
    Well i guess it goes to show that guys dont like to let them hang. And why would girls care what they wear down there? They dont have anything to protect or bunch. Haha. But interesting. Thought boxers were more popular among guys. After all how many guys got picked on for wearing whitietighties? Haha. But whatever floats your boat. Personally i think briefs are better. Boxers arent comfortable. Its like wearing swimming trunks but without the comfort. And the pics with the guys is just wrong and disgusting. Seriously.
  • Ben 2013/01/21 21:45:46
    Im the 49% that like Boxer Brieft's :D
  • Penis Haven 2013/01/19 16:04:32
    Penis Haven
    I dont wear underwear, but my husband likes boxers and so do I
  • ken2ak 2013/01/19 08:24:02
    boxers. . .
  • TaeMonroe 2013/01/15 16:54:40
    Why not have them both boxer briefs they make those!!!
  • Mike 2013/01/14 19:54:03
    I prefer thongs lol
  • Lily loves minions 2013/01/14 19:29:25
    Lily loves minions
  • kayla 2013/01/14 06:07:11
    boy shorts! they are so comfortable!
  • Rude I3itch 2013/01/14 03:20:41
    Rude I3itch
    i dont wear underwear and i sleep nude
  • YourCompanionCube 2013/01/13 22:03:43
    Sigh, Boxers, certainly. Briefs feel weird and it's a pain dealing with "Debriefing" jokes xD
  • kelly johnson 2013/01/13 19:13:05
    kelly johnson
    That's so true u guys should take the girls edvise cause u could get lucky
  • Domenica DiNino 2013/01/13 19:03:41
    Domenica DiNino
    im a conservative and i wear bikini underwear
  • kelly j... Domenic... 2013/01/13 19:14:01
    kelly johnson
    Me too cuz there cute
  • Not A Crybaby Richard <3Fre... 2013/01/13 16:31:00
    Not A Crybaby Richard <3Freedom!
    Boxers, duuuhhhh?
  • .: LiVi :. 2013/01/13 06:01:04
    .: LiVi :.
  • ASithLordsPoet/angelpoet17/ 2013/01/13 04:35:53
    Boxers, i dont like committing mass genocide against my own kind.
  • Hannie 2013/01/13 02:07:00
    Boxers give more room for the ball bag.
  • Johann 2013/01/12 23:29:07
    Boxers - I always would get the hand-me-downs in the family. By age 10-13 is when I got boxers for first time and was impressed with the freedom of not having scrunched up genitals when sitting down. I prefer have more fabric covering my thighs than briefs in the winter time.
  • thefatguy 2013/01/12 23:21:39
    Briefs are more practical as far as providing support, which is, not surprisingly, more important to men as they age since years of gravity DO have an effect. I would have guessed that libertarians would opt not to wear underwear. I prefer boxer briefs or going commando.
  • ProudMom 2013/01/12 21:26:52
    I wanted to say boxers.
  • Sean 2013/01/12 19:19:48
    I'm surprised briefs were so popular. I switched from briefs, to boxers around 12, and then at 16 ditched underwear all together. In about a decade, I suspect I'll just be wandering the streets naked.
  • marty 2013/01/12 15:00:09
    Commando most of the time, briefs if going to the gym or jogging, boxers for other times.
  • Jazzyjimmy56 2013/01/12 14:28:48
    Boxers, they are like sunshine on a cloudy day!
    Briefs are like cheap hotels, no Ball Room!
  • Jim 2013/01/12 14:02:36
    Free Balling for me!

    Women only like boxers because it makes it easier for 'em to grope and molest men. ;-)
  • stardust 2013/01/12 08:35:45
    don't judge me ._.
  • DizzyDezzi 2013/01/12 07:37:39
    I like my guys with boxers but hey you take what you get.
  • Augure3VI 2013/01/12 06:52:05
  • kiara143 2013/01/12 03:23:17
    briefs. so they don't sag. other than sagging, i dont care :P
  • I NEED A HORSE 2013/01/12 01:16:09
  • Dyonus 2013/01/11 23:50:14
    I wore tighty whiteys until I was a Junior in high school. Once I had my appendix removed, I I decided to try boxers to see if it would feel better wearing them post-surgery and I never looked back. Got too used to wearing boxers and never wanted to wear tighty whiteys again.
  • clasact 2013/01/11 23:04:47
    Breifs ,so everything stay put
  • harley.jackman.3 2013/01/11 21:54:13
  • Nat Turner 2013/01/11 20:14:27
    Nat Turner
    I say underwear period!
  • craptonian 2013/01/11 20:02:34
  • Greatkibble 2013/01/11 17:04:42
    Briefs? Ick.
  • Gohmert Pyle 2013/01/11 14:53:38
    Gohmert Pyle
    I can't stand briefs.

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