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Living 2012/08/02 20:43:26
A recent study found that women were more likely than men to report feelings of road rage. We weren't sure how to take that information, so we asked the public to comment. Are women really more prone to wilin' out behind the wheel?

The public believes it. About 61% of respondents said they agree with the survey results: Women are more prone to road rage. Men are usually more associated with anger and aggressive behavior, especially in visceral situations, but in the driver's seat the world always looks a little bit different. Many claimed women are quicker to flip the bird, though the Top Opinion pointed out that men are more likely to get out of the car and kick it up a notch.

Even Women Agree

Now, men were more likely to accuse women of being quick to anger on the road, but we were more surprised at the percentage of women who agreed. More than half of female voters (58%) admitted that they think women are more prone to road rage. In fact, many of them admitted their own guilt. Of course, anger does not apply to all women.

Raging Relationships

Oddly, voters in a relationship were more convinced than almost any demographic that women are more prone. Married voters, on the other hand, were split. However, there was no correlation between age. Maybe people who are married have calmed down a bit in general. Or maybe they don't drive together very often anymore.

Drinkers Judging Drivers

Finally, we noticed that drinkers were a good deal more likely to think female drivers rage on the regular. Hopefully the drinking and judging aren't simultaneous. Whatever the case, drinkers might not have as many reservations about sharing their opinions, even if it has the potential to ruffle some feathers.

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  • darlenedoskas1969 2012/08/04 15:20:15
    I can believe that women are more likely to ADMIT TO feelings of road rage... but that's far from women being more likely to COMMIT ACTS of road rage...
    I bet if stats were compiled about who has actually committed acts of road rage, it's men who are whipping out guns and threatening or shooting people because they got cut off, or getting out of their car with a tire iron and attacking others in traffic jams, not women

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  • irish Maxine 2012/08/06 18:20:53
    yep,my daughter has no license and some guy ran into her head on and he had no license either. the cops didn't ticket either one. go figure!
  • Maxine irish 2012/08/08 03:23:37
    I had an accident with a guy who was illegal, no drivers license, or insurance and because it was my fault I had to pay.
  • irish Maxine 2012/08/08 12:16:16
    well it was your fault.LOL
  • clasact 2012/08/04 14:22:19
    yes but I also notice they are more prone to be the problem on the road too
  • Watermusicranger 2012/08/04 12:32:31
    My Wife's Motorcycle Beware....LOL
    Motorcycle With Guns
  • David Watermu... 2012/08/05 16:22:53
    Now that is a cool motorbike although the mini guns would be better served with drum mags than belts.
  • mzemma 2012/08/04 09:48:17
    I think bout men and women, lately more men though.. they are impatient.. like they are so f'g important and really have to be somewhere. Ego heads... empty ego heads. Plus they are big and mean, with powerful foot... although while crossing the street one day on foot I nearly had a woman with a phone stuck to her head.. nearly run me over.. making a left turn in front of the those mf drivers.. won't even yield to pedestrians.. I mean she was accelerating the gas pedal hard I could hear the engine roar... I knew there was no time for her to get her foot from gas to brake to keep from hitting me if I kept on running.. so I SLAMMED on running shoe brakes and stopped and let the "I'm so f'g important" woman go.. she would have hit me in the cross walk.... probably had the idiot old man on the phone..and he was making demands..
  • dito 2012/08/04 05:30:12
    Woman are just bad drivers period.
  • trublu 2012/08/04 05:29:00
    ..or to rabid hunger attacks behind the wheel?

    woman biting steering wheel
    biting steering wheel
  • Lady J. Murderess 2012/08/04 05:21:14
    Lady J. Murderess
    Well duh! Men are just such bad drivers!!! Lol
  • AZTEC WARRIOR 2012/08/04 04:18:10
    not to be messed up but i see female drivers as bad drivers because the other day i was at king soopers their a one way street and a lady gets on but she going to wrong way and a guy is all "hey wrong way" and she looked up and all the cars are coming at her and she gets of the street all fast and another lady at a different street stops in the middle of the street kuz she couldnt go in
  • zachary rhodin 2012/08/04 03:23:23
    zachary rhodin
    I don't care who is more mad on the road. Imma good driver and i go the speed limit. i couldn't care less about angry drivers and yes a few hit me because they are not looking when they back up. but my insureance makes sure i get my car fixed so i'm all relaxed about it.

    No point been hostile at idoits, they never learn anyways so what's the point.
  • moviebuff 2012/08/04 03:17:08
  • Recruit 2012/08/04 02:35:53
  • Wonder Woman 2012/08/03 23:20:05
  • A.Oscar 2012/08/03 20:49:07
    All depend on which country; most women just about normal, or close to men, but for some reason, woman usual pass the test better than man, because if the happened to be a man that give the test to woman and she show a legs even so intentional, she pass. My wife was that way; I fail to park twice, she pass right away, than most the times when was close to her, she ask me to park, because she can’t. And I seen many women can’t park at first, but good and bad it’s in both sides.
  • phil 2012/08/03 19:17:48
    Equal i think. It gets old being in traffic
  • Gia 2012/08/03 17:58:36
    Yes in the way they can be impatient because they have a million things to do in one day. But not in the way that they would give someone the finger or point a gun at you.
  • Swordfish 2012/08/03 17:41:20 (edited)
  • Aurora Swordfish 2012/08/04 14:40:43
    Yea I have been flipped off twice and I hate that, have you noticed that most women now a days drive those big ole suburbans. I was parking at the target one day and sitting in my car getting my stuff and this woman pulls in the parking lot in her big suburban and taps this other car while pulling in and does not even notice, and I just laughed and thought gee how many have hit my car like that, woman and big cars omg.
  • Swordfish Aurora 2012/08/04 14:42:33
  • Vijay Pawar 2012/08/03 16:58:27
    Vijay Pawar
    Yes I agree on it ! As well most women will !
  • TimothyBrianFoley 2012/08/03 16:53:48
    all that frustion has to do with women being bad drivers
  • Gia Timothy... 2012/08/03 18:05:22
    Most women I know are really good drivers. You sound a little prejudice against women.
  • critter171 Gia 2012/08/04 17:07:01
    just like how many women are also saying men are bad drivers i wouldn't be speaking
  • Gia critter171 2012/08/06 15:08:56
    OOOH, I see....
  • Flamingolady 2012/08/03 16:44:05
    Well, I have to say on this, is I never turn my radio on, only listen to Jimmy Buffett CDs. YOU can NOT be in a bad mood and listen to Jimmy Buffett. It is not possible.
  • JCLadybug 2012/08/03 16:40:43
    So women are better parkers, but are prone to road rage.....hmmm. So anger helps to focus with parking? Ha ha ha...I know it doesn't work that way, but it was a funny thought.
  • Cassie Lynn 2012/08/03 16:03:06
    Cassie Lynn
    Absolutely. I have bad road rage. Lol
  • Gray Pilgrim 2012/08/03 15:50:43
    Gray Pilgrim
    It really isn't their fault .. If people just understood how much pressure they are under Talking on the Phone at the same time that they are texting and checking facebook and all at the same time they are tailgaing the car in front of them which is keeping them from driving 20 mph over the speed limit and talking with both hands ,,,,
    Those of us who obey the rules of the road should stay at home for their sake aas wll as our own safety.
  • Cassie ... Gray Pi... 2012/08/03 16:03:59
    Cassie Lynn
    Yeah, because only women do this... Derp!
  • Gray Pi... Cassie ... 2012/08/03 16:10:22
    Gray Pilgrim
    Wow ... it must be different in Arizona ... Road Rage while on horseback would be totally different and if you really get upset ...you can always run down some illegals

  • JCLadybug Gray Pi... 2012/08/03 16:44:38
    How about people start looking in the blind spot AND signal before getting over in a lane. The only times in the last month I got really angry on the road this happened (2x, the second was almost an accident b/c the kid didn't pay attention to my horn and still kept coming over and would have clipped me if I didn't have the turn lane empty next to me).

    I only get angry on the road when people don't follow the rules. Maybe that is really the connection gender wise.
  • Gray Pi... JCLadybug 2012/08/03 17:14:23
    Gray Pilgrim
    My experience with Road rage in general has been that the ragers are ignoring the laws rules of the road and get mad at me for obeying them,,,
    apparently I am in their way as they and they feel perfectly right in their atemps to kill me .. I do seem to see more Female rage , but that could be the times I am on the road.
    I now just assume that everybody in a cage is trying to kill me on my Harely.
    Or maybe the are mad because I get 50 mpg.
  • JCLadybug Gray Pi... 2012/08/03 17:21:37 (edited)
    I'm only speaking from my own experience. I get irrationally annoyed when people don't follow the rules. I don't act on it 99% of the time....at least not with my vehicle. I was cussing very loudly when the guy almost clipped me the other day even after I honked (tap when he might be moving over and a hold on the horn when he was almost hitting me). I was beyond pissed, not that there was anything I could do and I didn't act on it outside of yelling in my car. I still consider that road rage, partially b/c I am less aware in those instances...so had someone done it again, maybe I couldn't have prevented that accident.

    I also get really annoyed when people purposely use a lane that will end in 50 meters to get past people. Rules and cutting are my big road pet peeves. (I also don't like when people go 10-20 mph under the speed limit...but I don't typically get pissed...slightly annoyed and I get around them).
  • Gray Pi... JCLadybug 2012/08/03 17:30:48
    Gray Pilgrim
    I think a lot of these instances are caused by distract drivers ans the "It's My Road" drivers. both are a hazzard
  • critter171 Gray Pi... 2012/08/04 17:12:52
    I know in new hampshire that happen before .... i have stop at cross walk to let people cross legal of course. and i had three cars go around me.... for no reason at all but not wanted to wait a minute for people and i honk my horn at those jackasses. and i hate when the signs say you can trun on a red light or no signs nad people wait for green light.
  • Gray Pi... critter171 2012/08/04 20:42:10
    Gray Pilgrim
    down here in New Jerkey.. the right on redis after a full stop ... the new full stop is accelerate and damn the pedestrians...
  • critter171 Gray Pi... 2012/08/04 21:28:21
    well a red light you got to full stop even in nh its the law its telling you stop and look to make sure its clear before you go.
  • critter171 JCLadybug 2012/08/04 17:10:54
    that not the only problem in nh you have to blink state law. i see many people never yeild dont stop at stop signs.. don't yeild to people walking legally but i also see people walk illegally.... and it pisses me off... you are walking illegally i say walk in teh corss walk. do i have road rage yell yes i do. but its not that diffuclt to drive in a city if people can go above the speed limit by 5 mph over... or the speed limit i hate going 20 mph when the road is 30 mph cause of old people... or people don't know speed limit. the driving here oddly crossing a bridge into another city is a pain in the ass... and yet once you get to one of the other side its clear to drive. It makes no sense.

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