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Clothing brand Stüssy's Amsterdam branch is experimenting with a risque new ad campaign rooted in Facebook's "like" system, called "Strip for Likes." They started with a model dressed in several layers -- multiple hats, a couple pairs of pants, some scarves, a parka, a few hoodies, fanny pack, backpack -- and as the campaign page received more likes, they posted pictures of the model removing an article of clothes. A good 20 or so shots in, she was standing back to the camera with nothing but a bikini bottom on. We asked the public if the campaign was OK or questionable.

The overall vote was against the campaign, but only by a couple of points. There was still a large percentage of voters who responded well to the campaign. However, as you'll see, the results of this particular topic were extremely divided. The Top Opinion read, "What happened to self-respect? Apparently it's just about dead." Another commenter wrote, "Anything with models stripping is OK in my book." Allow us to shed some light on the stark difference in opinion. Believe it or not, politics and religion weren't even in the top three reasons.

Marketing for Men

Men were exactly twice as likely as women to give the campaign a thumbs up -- 68% and 34% respectively. This is probably the most obvious difference, but it was also the largest, so we couldn't leave it out. Clearly, the ad is not directed at women.

Strip for Drinks

The next-largest gap was between drinkers and nondrinkers, with a 28% difference. Because women voted so low overall, it almost seems logical to infer that men are more likely to label themselves "drinkers." But it also makes sense that people who drink away the pain would be willing to click away the clothes. Simple solutions.

Bigger Like It Better

Now this one isn't quite as obvious, but it still seems to have had more of an impact on how people responded than religion or politics, which many respondents expected to be the reason for such a close call. Believe it or not, the heaviest respondents were 29% more likely to throw down for the ad than the thinnest.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about "Strip for Likes." We'd love to hear from you!
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  • dog 2012/04/21 14:06:57
    Why didn't she take more off
  • Andreanna 2012/04/17 21:45:55
    Lol i'd do it.
  • Walter Harris 2012/04/17 19:32:55
    Walter Harris
    Well there you go, human nature will always prevail over politics and religion every time or most of the time. I'm thought is, if you want to show I'm willing to look. Sex has nothing to do with it, it's human nature
  • Walter Harris 2012/04/17 19:31:15
    Walter Harris
    Well there you go, human nature will always prevail over politics and religion every time or most of the time. I'm thought is, if you want to show I'm willing to look. Sex has nothing to do with it, it's human nature
  • SilveryRow 2012/04/17 19:15:13
    It's pretty close, but I'm not sure why 'drinkers' are assumed to be abusing alcohol... In your profile, it just asks whether or not you drink, could be a couple of glasses on holidays or daily binges - shouldn't assume.
  • Melody 2012/04/17 19:00:52
    There's a difference between the beauty of the human body, and exploiting it. Yes, nudity is natural, but we have clothing, and MORALS, for a reason. Our culture is contaminated with this scum and we've become a "hook-up" society, allowing men to ogle and ultimately disrespect, and allowing women to become lesser versions of themselves in order to submit to men.
    It's sick and degrading, to everyone, especially future generations who will be sucked into this from day one. We are doomed if we don't reverse this perverted trend.
  • Farbiger 2012/04/17 18:00:37
    If it showed up on my screen I just wouldn't look at it or just take it as any other ad, then go update my status. No need to have a cow people.
    Hey hey hey lets chill out
  • candygrl82 2012/04/17 15:58:23
    That's idiotic! Anyone agree? What's the world coming too these days?
  • Jay 2012/04/17 15:29:21
    This is so ridiculous. I knew the world had gone to hell, but this is too much.
  • Papillon 2012/04/17 14:50:25
  • I NEED A HORSE 2012/04/17 13:33:53
  • The River Rat 2012/04/17 12:03:52
    The River Rat
    Meh, never been to Facebook anyway.
  • TheTruth1313 2012/04/17 06:48:25
    I'm fine with it
  • BeautifulSoul 2012/04/17 06:09:36
    More than questionable.
  • POWERSHAKER 2012/04/17 05:05:11
  • 098765 2012/04/17 03:22:37
  • Koshka 098765 2012/04/17 17:09:26
    I know!! The model was just getting paid to do this, it's not her idea. So many stupid people were leaving comments like "She deosn't have any degnity" "Why would she strip for likes, she should do it only for cash" lol
  • doc moto 2012/04/17 03:20:27
  • Papillon doc moto 2012/04/17 14:42:17
  • doc moto Papillon 2012/04/17 16:13:20
    doc moto
    ^^Double Portion for some then, eh?
  • Papillon doc moto 2012/04/17 16:15:20
  • handimom 2012/04/17 02:56:24
    It their choice; if I don't want to see it or think bad of it, I simply don't look at it.
  • Papillon handimom 2012/04/17 14:42:41
  • taylordoesntdeserve 2012/04/17 00:33:38
    Who cares. Nudity is a natural thing.
  • 098765 taylord... 2012/04/17 03:23:34
    how about we all just stop wearing clothes, then! it's natural, after all. and we can stop driving cars and using computers, because those things aren't natural.
  • MissJo 098765 2012/04/17 03:46:10
    Or maybe we could stop caring so much over nudity and accept it as a nonsexual and normal thing, like cars and computers are.
  • 098765 MissJo 2012/04/17 14:26:31
  • MissJo 098765 2012/04/17 22:44:12
  • 098765 MissJo 2012/04/18 06:13:15
  • MissJo 098765 2012/04/18 20:06:50
    You know what? You keep invalidating your responses to me again and again. You're not going to waste your time reading what I said? I'm not going to waste MY time reading what YOU say.
  • 098765 MissJo 2012/04/19 14:51:21
    but we both wasted our time reading what the other said.
  • candygrl82 MissJo 2012/04/17 16:02:42
    I doubt that'll happen..
  • MissJo candygrl82 2012/04/17 22:44:30
    With that attitude it won't.
  • Papillon 098765 2012/04/17 14:43:53
  • 098765 Papillon 2012/04/18 05:52:42
    dunno how you came to that conclusion
  • Papillon 098765 2012/04/18 13:29:45
  • taylord... 098765 2012/04/19 00:50:19
    Sparkling phrased it wonderfully. It can go either way.
  • bill sands 2012/04/16 23:39:05
    bill sands
  • FrozenHeart 2012/04/16 23:20:22
    Although it's not like their the first strippers why not instead of Strip for likes strip for money. They could use the money to donate to a charity or something helpful. And should't they be worried about how their clothes sell more than how many likes they can get on facebook. That's where they will get the real money so en less they have strippers at all the store people aren't going to buy the actual clothes if they don't look good. And there is already a facebook page where you can women just as hot that are ALREADY half naked. It's called Victoria's Secret. And anyways it would be nice to see more things that aren't touched by sex.
  • DanielR... FrozenH... 2012/04/17 00:20:13
    So why don't you strip for money and donate to charity? Sheesh.

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