Public Opinion Says Teachers Should Get Paid $60,000 [INFOGRAPHIC]

SodaHead Infographics 2011/09/06 22:37:08
Last week we asked SodaHeads if they thought teachers should make $60,000 a year, and after nearly a week of voting we've got the results.

We asked about teacher salaries after Secretary of Education Arne Duncan suggested teachers should receive a $60,000 salary to start out, with the potential to make up to $150,000 a year.

Compared to what teachers currently make -- just over $50,000 on average -- a hike like that could mean serious investments from an already over-burdened government. But it looks like a strong majority is still in favor of going along with the salary boost.

We thought this would be the perfect question to dive into for today's infographic, so we took a deeper look at SodaHead votes and scoured the Internet for an in-depth look at relative salaries.

Let's dive.

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  • Fef 2011/09/06 23:25:40
    I think those with diplomas said "No" more than kids in school because those with diplomas found out the quality/results of their education.

    I believe good teachers should get paid good money -- and bad teachers should get fired.

    Unfortunately, our public employees unions prohibit either -- the unions want all teachers to make a lot of money and that just bankrupts the system and punishes the kids.

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  • Chris 2011/09/07 14:27:32
    I don't think many people took into consideration that teachers get a summer vacation... I usually only get a week off per year, these people get a season off.
  • danielle 2011/09/07 14:25:37
    Sure public school teachers should get paid a competitive salary with other degree-ed professionals. Comparing their salaries with minimum wage employees is like comparing apples to oranges. I would love it if schools could recruit higher quality teachers with better salaries, but until there is a system in place to make sure the teachers are living up to the standards, then this would be a huge budgetary mistake. Plus I would love to hear ideas on how they plan on paying these teachers, more taxes??! Add that to the poll and let's see how people vote.
  • den 2011/09/07 13:28:08
    the teachers only work 165 days a year and the states . pay their wages now if they want to make good pay they should . work full time like everyone else and on the average they do a very por job
  • jeepsru... den 2011/09/07 17:09:01
    Please provide the study that supports your claim that on the average teachers do a very poor job. I think this in nothing more than your opinion and you have no supporting evidence for it, so why are you stating it as a fact.
  • JP jeepsru... 2011/09/07 17:40:00
    Provide evidence refuting den's claim.
  • jeepsru... JP 2011/09/07 18:08:57
    Really JP, Den is allowed to say anything without any supporting evidence and I should then have to prove him wrong, your ridiculous.
  • JP jeepsru... 2011/09/08 00:45:36
  • jeepsru... JP 2011/09/15 15:13:35
    I guess your under the impression that a teachers work day ends at 3:30 when classes end. Reality where you seem to spend part of the time and the other part you just make up. After class ends Teachers grade papers, prepare for the next day of instruction, tutor students, attend meetings and other such things. They actually work as many hours as any other person they just do it in 9 months instead of 12. If you knew any teachers you would know this.
  • JP jeepsru... 2011/09/15 16:14:53
    Can't fight the facts so you finally come back with some emotion based garbage? Time to pay for your own retirement instead of asking the working class to tow the line.
  • cmdrbnd007 2011/09/07 13:04:35
    The fact is the US spends more per child on education then just about all other industrialized countries. What needs to happen is making sure more of that money gets to the classroom in one way or the other. There have been years when my children could not bring the text book home because it was need for other students. Let's pay the teachers that get results and get the supplies in the classrooms that need them.
  • jeepsru... cmdrbnd007 2011/09/07 18:09:32
    Can you support your claim with some proof please.
  • JP jeepsru... 2011/09/08 00:49:41
    Can you refute it? I can support it via nationmaster.com. We come in about fourth, on average, out of the 21 countries listed.

    maybe you can educate some people instead of acting like a little brat?
  • jeepsru... JP 2011/09/15 15:13:59
    Sure I can with evidence. http://super-economy.blogspot...
  • cmdrbnd007 jeepsru... 2011/09/08 14:00:41
    Please notice where Japan and Germany are on the list. Both countries are consistently beating the US in both math and science scores. The fact is we do spend an awful lot on education the problem is it isn't getting to where it will do the most good, in the classroom.
  • Leinad 2011/09/07 12:54:17
    NO, some are TOO WELL PAID..and $60,000 is far too much for the "indoctrinators" of MISINFORMATION and REVISIONISTS EDUCATION..
  • Dhawgg 2011/09/07 12:30:07
    most people just repeat the standard-issue teacher narrative, that they're underpaid and under-appreciated. it's BS. MOST teachers... yes, most... aren't worth the money they already get, much less are they deserving of more. and I've dealt with many.
  • Kirk 2011/09/07 12:08:12 (edited)
    The more money we put into education, the worst our education gets. I read statistics that showed overall, kids were better readers and better in math in the 50's. They showed a decline throughout the years. I think that the teachers are so bound to state preferred method of teaching that they are unable to use their true and natural gift of teaching. That's not to say every teacher is has a gift for teaching, but I do think they can teach kids better if they have more flexibility their teaching methods. I'm not sure if higher paid teachers produce better educated kids.
  • Doc. J 2011/09/07 11:48:02
    Doc. J
    After seeing my wife come home day after day after dealing with the little monsters in the High School where she taught math....I began to feel sorry for her.
    Mind you, I sleep out in the rain, crawl in the sand, get eaten by bugs, carry a heavy rucksack.

    While she's getting yelled at by little punks, or taking a blow while trying to break up a fight between two "Jr thugs" in the hallway, AND still trying to help the ones who need "just a bit more attention".

    $60.000.....is a good place to START for what teachers have to deal with.
    I know I sure as hell couldn't do her job. I'd end up killing one of the little sons of bitches.
  • john doe 2011/09/07 10:43:42
  • Anonymo... john doe 2011/09/07 11:50:53
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    Why thank you. Nice to know yOu think so highly of us teenagers... I go to school, I see what teachers have to put up with and I think it's perfectly fair. They have some of the hardest and most important jobs, I think they deserve a bit extra.
  • john doe Anonymo... 2011/09/07 12:07:49
    john doe
    Do you forget that I was a teenager that went to school, I know what teachers put up with.......kids!! That is the job they chose, if you do your part to the best of your capabilities you are worth no more than anyone else. The hardworking janitor that cleans up your bathrooms deserves as much as the teachers or both you and I.
  • Anonymo... john doe 2011/09/07 12:25:26 (edited)
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    He has a job where he doesn't have to think. He cleans. That's not worth the same as any teacher, who worked hard at school, spent thousands on going to university, studied hard, trained as a teacher, and then started working. The caretakers and cleaners were probably working by 16. That doesn't merit the same amount. Are you a socialist by any chance?
  • wilsonmja Anonymo... 2011/09/07 14:07:06
    Are YOU socialist? Do you think good teachers should get paid better than a bad teacher who does just enough to not get fired? Well, thanks to the union, that doesn't happen. You should really do some research on the other side of this argument. Learn about the teachers union.
  • Anonymo... wilsonmja 2011/09/07 19:29:40
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    Did you even look at what I said? He was saying that teachers should earn the same as caretakers, I completely disagreed. Think before you speak, arsehole. And by the way, I do think good teachers should be paid more, it incentivises teachers to be the best they can, and it incentivises people to be teachers, which reduces the amount of bad teachers in schools, as there are always better ones to replace them.
  • john doe Anonymo... 2011/09/07 21:11:23
    john doe
    The point he was making is that all teachers will start out on this 60,000 a year salary no matter how bad a teacher you are and you would support it making you a socialist,which you accuse others of being, think child and don't make a fool of yourself.
  • Anonymo... john doe 2011/09/07 21:16:29
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    Yes, all teachers would start out at this, all the bad teachers would be fired. They are therefore no longer teachers and won't be paid the $60 000. I am not making a fool of myself, but I very much hope that idiot comes back and apologises.
  • john doe Anonymo... 2011/09/07 21:24:09
    john doe
    you should apologize for the name calling, it's very immature and no one will take you seriously.
  • Anonymo... john doe 2011/09/07 22:06:41
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    He annoyed me, and you started with the name calling.
  • john doe Anonymo... 2011/09/07 22:13:44
    john doe
    Really? what name calling have I done?
  • Anonymo... john doe 2011/09/07 22:28:12
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    May I direct you to your previous comment of "indoctrinated youth..."
  • john doe Anonymo... 2011/09/07 22:35:45
    john doe
    it's truth, not something made up to try and offend others. You are an indoctrinated youth I am neither a socialist, bitter or old. when someone doesn't see things your way you start name calling, grow up. Thanks for commenting on my post with some more name calling.
  • Anonymo... john doe 2011/09/07 22:41:38
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    You are very welcome. Always aim to please :L. It is not the truth, I have gathered my ideas by listening to and conversing with older people, not by the media or any other indoctrinated source.
  • john doe Anonymo... 2011/09/07 21:25:12
    john doe
    bad teachers don't get fired, you need to familiarize youself with unions.
  • Anonymo... john doe 2011/09/07 22:05:09
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    And that is what needs to change.
  • wilsonmja Anonymo... 2011/09/08 15:52:56
    Ya I got that part about the janitor. I completely disagree with him on that. A janitor should not get paid as much as a teacher for the simple reason that janitors are easy to come by while teachers are harder to find.

    I was just pointing out that the union is what is killing the education system.
  • john doe Anonymo... 2011/09/07 19:40:56
    john doe
    indoctrinated youth.....
  • Anonymo... john doe 2011/09/07 19:50:25
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    Bitter old socialist...
  • john doe Anonymo... 2011/09/07 21:05:57 (edited)
    john doe
    It's nice to know what you think of other people, just like a child, ignorant with no respect. The thing about kids is their opinion changes on daily basis, we should chat when you really experience life.
  • Anonymo... john doe 2011/09/07 21:13:29
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    That's a bit rich, you started the name-calling. My opinion does not change on a daily basis, thank you.
  • danielle john doe 2011/09/07 20:25:56
    Really?! A janitor most likely dropped out of high school, maybe finished if he's lucky...a bachelor's degree costs ten thousands of dollars today. There is no way that these are the same job. Socialism at it's finest.

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