Public Opinion Says No Tablets or Smartphones 'Til You're 16 [INFOGRAPHIC]

SodaHead Infographics 2011/10/25 16:00:00
Last week we asked SodaHeads how old they felt kids should be before receiving a cell phone, smartphone, or tablet. Most voters took advantage of the new Quick Poll widget and answered all three questions, so we've got enough consistent data to break it down in a single, uniform infographic.

For the most part, it looks like respondents think kids are better off waiting. Even teens though they should wait until they're at least 16 to get a tablet or smartphone, though almost all of them were eager to get a cell phone right quick. Married people and parents were also more likely to feel kids should wait to get a cell phone, however the number of young children who use cell phones has been rising noticeably.

We've included that and more in this week's infographic. Let's dive.

sodahead cell phone infographic
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  • mg 2013/11/19 00:11:05
    Believe it of not guys, some phones are NOT expensive and are prepaid phones. I have a inexpensive prepaid Team Mobile phone. I don't think most of you people realize that.

    Guys, come on. It's 2013, not 1970! There aren't any payphones on every since block any more. A phone isn't always reachable. Unless you live in a city. You need a phone on you at all times.

    And why should it be based on the child's age? It should be based on the child's behavior and maturity level. And just because you're 16, doesn't mean you're mature. I'm sick of this dumb teenage stereotype based on age.

    A reasonable age to get a inexpensive prepaid phone is 11 years old. When they enter middle school. Because that's when things start to change. Middle school is way different from the lower grades.

    Stop being delusional, stop worrying, and trust your children already. A prepaid phone doesn't cost much at all. You as a parent can pay and your child can start paying once they begin to work. Nothing wrong with that.
  • mg 2013/06/30 00:52:44
    I think not getting a phone until you're 16 is totally absurd! I mean 16? Really? You hear about these horrible stories about kids on the news all the time. A child needs a cell phone just in case of an emergency to contact their parents. God forbid something happens If you don't think there's never going to be an emergency, you don't know how many times I had to call my parents to pick me up at the school when the bus didn't show up. And parents are saying that there's too many worries. Well here's a idea! TALK TO YOUR CHILD ABOUT THESE ISSUES AND CONCERNS YOU HAVE!! And for one, trust your child. If you don't, here's an idea, CHECK YOUR CHILD'S PHONE EVERY WEEK OR SO!

    -I rest my case
  • ♩♪♥Victoria♥♪♫ 2012/11/29 22:01:27
    i'm 18 and don't even have a cell phone........ *sigh*
  • Rebellion 2012/07/12 11:18:50
    I have an iPad. I got it using my own savings, with a little bit of help of parents.
    I have a Nokia c3 that I got free from Vodafone store, because of the contract.
    Who needs smartphones. My phone's better.
  • valeria la potra 2012/07/12 09:12:45
    valeria la potra
    Untiill they turn 21 and start working for it:)
  • danielle 2011/12/09 20:41:35
    Fine if they buy it themselves.

    My 11 year old saved his money and bought an iPad for his birthday. Has a basic cell phone because that's what $10/month gets.
  • Bureauc 0Bamao 2011/12/02 03:01:14
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    Considering 16 is when most will get their driver's license and will try texting WHILE driving, I'd like them to be very practiced at texting, long before they try to do both.
  • blackrosejez 2011/11/06 07:37:50
    I think they shouldn't get any of the above listed items until they can afford it themselves!
  • Ezio 2011/11/06 01:00:01
    Yeah unless you want a phone as a 13th birthday gift, there is no need for a phone until your 16th birthday.
  • Liberty Blade 2011/11/04 21:16:00
    Liberty Blade
    I had to BUY my own toys and products growing up. I can remember saving up my allowance to buy a telescope just before we moved to the mountains. I enjoyed it thoroughly since I took the time to buy it myself. If this generation would do the same, we wouldn't have to worry about responsibility.
  • Anonymouse ~superdoge~ 2011/11/03 23:55:18
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    What?! I couldn't live without my android...
  • Bureauc... Anonymo... 2011/12/02 03:03:12
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    Why am I not surprised to learn you are 15¿
  • Anonymo... Bureauc... 2011/12/02 07:13:24
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    Oh ha ha. I would think no smartphone before 13, little kids don't need them, and I bought mine myself anyway.
  • LILY 2011/11/03 16:41:25
    depends how responsible and mature they are.
  • Soup Man 2011/11/02 09:48:41
    Soup Man
    At Birth
  • TruXter 2011/11/01 13:53:20
    Can we just have our phones back?
  • Quazimoto 2011/10/29 02:32:17
    Believe it or not there was life before cell phones and computers.
  • Katie in Wonderland 2011/10/29 01:26:43
  • jenny.bryan1 2011/10/27 23:09:00
  • Joanna the Great 2011/10/27 20:57:15
    Joanna the Great
    The question was cell phones, wasn't it? not smart phones and tablets. nobody still in high school needs a fancy smart phone or tablet. If someone wants something that expensive they should buy it themselves. Tablets are a big waste of money anyways.
  • Anonymo... Joanna ... 2011/12/02 07:14:42
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    I bought it myself, so does that mean I get to keep it?
  • Joanna ... Anonymo... 2011/12/04 00:34:26
    Joanna the Great
    ...when exactly did I say otherwise?
  • Anonymo... Joanna ... 2011/12/04 16:53:29 (edited)
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    You said no one in high school needs a smartphone, if they want something so expensive they should buy it themselves. Does that mean I still shouldn't have one, or am I excused because I bought it myself?
  • Joanna ... Anonymo... 2011/12/04 23:36:33
    Joanna the Great
    why don't you read what I said and figure it out, I made it pretty clear. good day.
  • Hollis Carroll 2011/10/27 18:12:15
  • Joanna ... Hollis ... 2011/10/27 20:59:03
    Joanna the Great
    me too, I never had my own computer before then, why would a kid need that? a cheap cell phone when they're in early high school maybe, but no fancy smart phones or anything. That's way too much money.
  • Hollis ... Joanna ... 2011/10/27 21:01:32
    Hollis Carroll
    exactly. the only reason i even got a cell phone in the first place was because i made the soccer team and my dad needed to know wen to pick me up. I got it as a necessity, not as a luxury.
  • Joanna ... Hollis ... 2011/10/27 22:01:18
    Joanna the Great
    yep, I got one because i had to take two different buses home from school and then walk a few miles and my mom wanted me to tell her whenever i was on the way home. and she decided not to pay for the landline anymore because she used her cell so much for business, so she wanted my sister and i to have phones to use. but they were always the free phones that you can get at verizon when you sign a new contract, she would never actually spend money on the phone, just the extra lines on the family plan which are like 10 bucks each a month.

    it's like when I got my first car, it was an old carolla that had been in a wreck and had no airbags so i wasn't allowed to drive on the freeway lol, it was like 5 grand. and i only got it so i could pick my sister up from school and start running all the errands my mom used to. she said "thank god you got a license now, i'm never driving anywhere I don't absolutely have to ever again' lol. She didn't step foot in a grocery store or the like until I moved out for college.
  • Hollis ... Joanna ... 2011/10/27 22:07:25
    Hollis Carroll
    lol same here about the license. i get to drive lil sis around. and i hav a corolla too.
  • Joanna ... Hollis ... 2011/10/27 22:33:07
    Joanna the Great
    yep, my mom was thrilled for me to get a license, she unloaded any and all driving she had to do for us before onto me. I didn't care, i was so excited to be driving and to have a car I would drive anywhere she asked me! lol it's a good strategy to get your kids to do stuff.
  • Bureauc... Hollis ... 2011/12/02 03:07:04
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    ''because of soccer and my dad needed to know wen to pick me up''

    In my day we relied on something called a watch or clock and phones stayed home.
  • Tropiceagle33 2011/10/27 16:41:37
    yeah, i voted no before at least 16
  • Squeaken458 2011/10/27 16:25:18
    I believe children should have a cell phone. They wouldn't be getting an expensive one like an I Phone or any of these new phones with internet capability. We were lucky if we were given Walkie talkies when we were kids. There are tons of people out there who think their children should get the best this world has to offer and not the basic necessities,Food, Clothing and shelter. Sometimes their children grow up spoiled and freak out if they don't have their devices when they leave the house. When you give a child everything they want they will grow up thinking they should be handed everything they need and not work for it.
  • JustMe 2011/10/27 06:28:25
    Wow, that is a lot of info
  • bman~AVA~BTTB 2011/10/27 06:22:11
    Works for me.
  • Ozymandias 2011/10/27 04:07:09
  • lady_c5_loadmaster 2011/10/27 03:05:53
    I don't even have a Tablet or a Smartphone so what makes anyone think my kid is going to get one.
  • Joanna ... lady_c5... 2011/10/27 20:59:58
    Joanna the Great
    i agree, tablets are a big waste of money, and Iphones and stuff are just status symbols, they're no necessary at all. ESPECIALLY for a teenager.
  • Steve Boston 2011/10/27 01:57:43
    Steve Boston
    As our society slowly but surely evolves into technobots I see "Wee" phones being issued at birth.
  • American Nate 2011/10/27 01:39:01
    American Nate
    I say you can have a smart phone as soon as you know how to read, for some Americans thats a little bit longer lol.

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