Public Opinion Says Black Wedding Dresses Are Cool [INFOGRAPHIC]

SodaHead Infographics 2011/10/31 12:00:00
Halloween is finally here, and the air is heavy with gloom and witchery. But it's also a popular month to get married, which means Halloweddings are afoot and black wedding dresses are getting as much attention as they will all year.

Last week we brought up Vera Wang's new line of black wedding dresses and asked SodaHeads what they thought -- cool or creepy? After 1200 votes, it was clear that black wedding dresses are in. But what do real brides-to-be think about the trend? Does this signal the end of the traditional wedding?

For this week's infographic, we put together some of the more interesting demographic information, as well as some poignant external data to shed light on the state of American weddings. If you'd like to dig up your own information, or voice your opinion with the others, check out our original story about black wedding dresses.

Let's dive.

sodahead infographic black wedding dresses
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  • harley.jackman.3 2012/12/21 15:18:47
  • Fockq 2012/10/10 16:03:52
  • Tallulah 2012/07/22 04:59:55
    I like wedding dresses with black and white. But yea black wedding dresses are cool. I don't think I'd ever get a plain white one..
  • Rebellion 2012/07/12 11:24:05
    It depends what you like. I like the classic white ones. It's like purity to me.
  • kaylyn.alzaharna 2012/06/18 22:49:15
  • Vieuphoria 2011/11/29 19:30:52
    Weddings are pointless. But if you want to wear a Black dress then do so.... It will look nicer than that hideous white thing.
  • J Montana 2011/11/26 20:07:53
    J Montana
  • Carson 2011/11/19 17:41:21
    As the person who will probly pay for the dress I would prefere my bride to be wearing white.
  • Ms Missy 2011/11/17 19:36:14
    Ms Missy
    I had a black lace wedding dress.
  • Katherine 2011/11/17 10:13:08
    I would have chosen white if I had voted...... Funny thing is, I prefer wearing black most of the time. Not for a wedding dress, though.
  • fcombs 2011/11/14 22:09:55
    The white tradition is a bit antiquated given the meaning of a "white wedding." We all know that it symbolizes virginity and purity. I think you should wear what makes you look beautiful no matter what color it is. I wish I had done that. White totally washes my very fair complexion out. I thought the white dress was very unflattering on me. Would I choose black - maybe. I'm not sure, but I don't think it's necessarily creepy if that is the bride's taste and what she feels she looks good in.
  • Retard Buggsy 2011/11/14 13:07:24
    Retard Buggsy
    I think it'd be cool. But that's just me. It'd be great to have a wedding that isn't traditional. :)
  • briannenicole2 2011/11/14 03:18:59
  • Yolanda Sure' 2011/11/14 00:52:30
    Yolanda Sure'
    I wont wear a black weeding dress, bt everybody is different, I would where one like this.... mermaid weeding dresses 2011
  • malicious mel 2011/11/11 00:31:11
    malicious mel
    i think thier pretty cool.
    thier unique
    black wedding dress
  • ♥Bribri♥ ~Killjoy!~ IchLiebeDichCody(: {08.13.09}
    White doesn't look too good on me so a black dress would be nice, sure I'll look pale a vampire but hey! don't I already? Lol :)
  • Xion Guest 2011/11/10 12:15:31 (edited)
    Xion Guest
    thinking about this.. the future question will be..


    someone in some place made this question (actually me). if your proud of you and your couple too and you want to give yourself to your couple why not show you naked to all and be different? no dresses that doesnt show your natural beauty. be proud of yourself and make the newest and better choice wedding. youll be the best!! its only no dress wearing and.. it will make your wedding less cost!! ... and yes, there are serious people study stadistics i will make someday to show its going to be the coolest ever..

    you can vote

    enjoy it (yes)


    I am going to throw up (no)


    its up to them (i dont care)
  • Kris Steitz 2011/11/09 23:56:18
    Kris Steitz
    Didn't a white dress for a bride's wedding ceremony used to imply her purity, her virginity? Since that doesn't apply in our culture any more :( why would it matter what color the dress is?
  • mike 2011/11/09 22:50:51
  • Zomba Fett 2011/11/09 20:32:21
    Zomba Fett
    ONLY if I am getting married on Halloween Day and want to look like Morticia Addams! Morticia
  • queenalyss Zomba Fett 2011/11/09 21:44:18
    Morticia is beautiful <3
  • Zomba Fett queenalyss 2011/11/09 21:47:22
    Zomba Fett
    I love her too. She is as cool as me. Her line: "Don't torture yourself, Gomez, it's my job!" is CLASSIC!!!
  • queenalyss Zomba Fett 2011/11/09 22:00:11
    one of my favorite movies, Wednesday is great too
  • Raven Oktober 2011/11/09 12:51:27
    Raven Oktober
    i would wear 1, cuz i think it's cool, & i don't really like white, but it's up to you
  • ♥Amelia Arya Moonchild♥ 2011/11/09 12:33:51
    ♥Amelia Arya Moonchild♥
    I love them! Id love to wear one, lol :D
  • TXfatBoy 2011/11/08 22:15:57
    and at the reception, we can sit inside a pentagram with candles and sacrifice a goat. Anything to keep from the norm. "Dare to be different" Buncha weirdos!
  • 00P 2011/11/08 13:54:06
    People can wear what they want, but in my opinion Black is for Funeral's...
    people wear opinion black funerals
  • ♥Amelia... 00P 2011/11/09 12:37:33
    ♥Amelia Arya Moonchild♥
    For funerals? I dont think so.. Its just like a tradition. No religion says that we have to wear black at funerals, nor white at weddings.. I dont say that black is bad, actually its usually the only color I wear, Im just saying that if u like something, u dont need to follow the customs :)
  • 00P ♥Amelia... 2011/11/09 14:11:50
    That is true, but it is tradition to wear black to funerals.
  • ♥Amelia... 00P 2011/11/09 20:22:07
  • Xion Guest ♥Amelia... 2011/11/10 12:01:47 (edited)
    Xion Guest
    its catholic religion that says that. thats why normal marry is in a church and there is a priest in the good funerals.. you can see it in a lot of films or places. but with time we see people break or forget the tradition. in past its common that people that lose a dearly person uses black dresses at least one year but later it was use black dress in the funeral the less.. and each time people do less and less.. and why black? cos its night of a day, sad of happyness.. black represents what you miss, what you cant see even if you want to.. black is not bad, cos if there is no black, we cant understand the meaning of white. but its true tradition is that too.n you dont need to follow the customs but you can feel better with yourself if you make it in this.. cos you can choose for normal days what to wear but wed and funeral are one time in life and deserves more respect than common days.. at least its my thinking.
  • ♥Amelia... Xion Guest 2011/11/10 12:06:52
    ♥Amelia Arya Moonchild♥
    Well you are kinda right, and I didnt know this about catholics..But I think that "Black represets what you miss and its always bad" is kinda wrong, like a form of prejudice... Why night always has to be evil and day (or sun) is good? I could never understand... Only your character can show if you are sad or happy, not the colors youre wearing
  • Xion Guest ♥Amelia... 2011/11/10 12:21:21
    Xion Guest
    black represents that but black is not that simple.. its not that all black meaning.. its a lot more but that part is the most popular one.. black is also a part of ying yang, black is also universe colour and also black is determination for a lot of people. one thing doesnt quit the other ones but i understand.. in part im sad of that being of black bad and thats why i say without black we cant understand white. cos we need night after day and we need to see both parts to understand each one better.
  • ♥Amelia... Xion Guest 2011/11/10 15:26:23
    ♥Amelia Arya Moonchild♥
    i would normally disagree with ur idea of black, but i cant because u can write so nice xD
  • Xion Guest ♥Amelia... 2011/11/11 22:35:42
    Xion Guest
    thanks ^.^ if you want to tell your idea of black i will like to read it
  • ♥Amelia... Xion Guest 2011/11/12 12:30:30
    ♥Amelia Arya Moonchild♥
    ehm.. i dont think i have an exact idea of it.. i just wear it because i think its nice on me.. and i am a goth, so i suppose its normal :P
    but, in my opinion, i think thats goths generally wear black because they need to show their disappointment for the world, and many people who live in it... also, i think that black represets something unknown (you know, where there's no light) and for me, 'unknown' means something interesting xD
  • Xion Guest ♥Amelia... 2011/11/14 18:05:50 (edited)
    Xion Guest
    true.. and not.. goth style is nice, i like it in sort way. black suits me well in dress. but goth style is not simple "disappoint", that can be emo too. its more terror style going in part to the death way.

    yes, dark represents something unknown (you cant see) but also in ying yang represents a part of energy. theres no bad side cos one need the other the same way, thats why black is more than people expect.

    im with you. "unknown" means power. not only black. thats why information is power. and in this world we want to know all we can no matter the way and wise people use that to make people interest in their products, for example. but yes, i too like that "unknown" feeling.

    thanks a lot for telling your thinking, its nice to know.
  • ♥Amelia... Xion Guest 2011/11/14 19:46:16
    ♥Amelia Arya Moonchild♥
    and thanks for replying too, everything u said seems interesting, and u said some facts that I didnt know :D
    but goth doesnt always mean terror and death, at least in my opinion. someone (e.g. myself) can be a goth and also be happy too! ^^
  • Xion Guest ♥Amelia... 2011/11/14 19:50:29
    Xion Guest
    yeah!! thats why i told its more.. and not its all.. enjoy it while you can, of course ^.^
  • ♥Amelia... Xion Guest 2011/11/14 19:59:40
    ♥Amelia Arya Moonchild♥

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