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Living 2012/06/25 16:00:00
A series of studies conducted at the University of California, Berkeley, found that respect tends to have a stronger effect on students' "social well-being" than socioeconomic status, and that gaining or losing respect tends to correspond with a student's sense of power. So we asked the public if respect makes them happier than money does.

It was interesting to see how split the responses were, but in the end respect won out over money by a narrow margin. It seems to be a somewhat fundamental difference between the way people perceive social status. Both money and respect can "win" people over. The one edge respect seemed to have over money was that money can sometimes attract two-faced friends. But let's take a closer look at the demographic breakdown.

Have Money, Will Smile

The first thing we checked out was the income breakdown, and as you might expect, there was a clear difference. You've probably heard the saying that you can't buy happiness, but according to poll results, you can. The more money respondents made, the more likely they were to say money brings happiness. As Daniel Tosh once said, money does buy a Sea-Doo. And you can't frown on a Sea-Doo.

Progressives Want Respect

Polls dealing with money generally have political implications. Right-leaning respondents believe in the freedom to pursue their fortunes, while left-leaning respondents are more likely to sacrifice some of that opportunity for equality. Not surprisingly, progressives and libertarians voted more strongly than liberals and conservatives.

Men Are More Into Money

The gender breakdown wasn't very big, just 10%, but it's an interesting statistic to put forth. In a recent poll we discovered that most people think men are less moral than women, and a while back we found that the public feels well-off people are more likely to cheat. However, women tend to fall for jerks, so it's not like it matters all that much in the end.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about money and respect. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • frank 2012/06/27 16:40:55
    I'm not rich by any means. If I have enough money I can buy respect.
  • thє вluє wαndєrєr 2012/06/27 15:31:38 (edited)
  • Dee 2012/06/27 08:38:39
    That's why we'll never have a lot of money..
    Refuse to sell out
  • USAF Vet 2012/06/27 06:05:25
    USAF Vet
    Don't kid yourself, lower income people want to be rich as well.
  • LunarRain 2012/06/27 03:46:09
    You can have money and respect money comes with how hard you work while respect comes from your personality and the type of person you are. I don't know why it would be hard to obtian both just work hard and be nice. I don't think you should have to choose one over the other.
  • Bibliophilic 2012/06/27 03:18:26
    I treat myself with respect and act as though I have money.
  • Wizard 2012/06/26 23:39:50 (edited)
    Give me the money!
    I can pickup on the respect later...whatever.

    Once you have been on the bottom...you realize respect is NOT going to make you happy.
    I need good food, and travel to make me happy...and my bills paid on time.
    Only money can do that. That lower income groups see that differently is a tad confusing, because I'm in the lower income group right now. I need enough money that I can enjoy myself.

    Being in some out of the way place, enjoying the view...nobody knows me much anyway.
    Give me electronic toys, big beautiful houses, boats and planes, and comfortable surroundings anytime, with a cook that knows what I like and a maid.to keep my spaces clean..and I'm definitely happy. After everything is covered...give me a home theater and high tech game projection system with a comfy chair, and a fast Internet connection with wireless keyboard...and I'm all set!

    Give me a website where millions can drop in a dollar...and I'll be super happy for sure.
  • Miesha 2012/06/26 23:20:54
    Umm I dislike most of the people around me. Why the hell would i want their respect?
  • mtilles 2012/06/26 20:06:17
    Respect is earned regardless whether you are upper class or middle class. I like having the money, but the respect I enjoy having the most.
  • nightcrawler2005 2012/06/26 19:34:43
    Don't give a crap about others wanting respect I'll take the bucks any day
  • AngelArs 2012/06/26 19:11:30
    If you have lots of money you can do good things in the world with it and help others, gaining their respect. Unfortunately most are selfish and only use money for themselves.
  • Inquisitve Kat 2012/06/26 17:16:29
    Inquisitve Kat
    I'm not rich, but I want money more than I want respect. If that makes me shallow, so be it.
  • RJeffreySavlov 2012/06/26 15:38:07
    In our youth we identify money with success and think that money will give us respect. As we mature, we begin to realize that we are respected for our knowledge and our ability to pass on our knowledge without the need for accolades. The premise that demographics can define the need for respect or money is incomplete. If you ask the same questions to those is the same demographic but in different levels of maturity, you will likely get a different result. Surveys, unfortunately, can give you either the correct result or the desired result based on hoe the question is posed or the choice of potential answers.
  • Autumn 2012/06/26 13:38:59
  • FernandezCory 2012/06/26 13:03:18
  • MorbidCynic 2012/06/26 12:34:21 (edited)
    If progressives really just want respect then why do they want to make government bigger and raise taxes? While conservatives want enough to get by and a little for some entertainment and gifts (not too many though). And the greediest people I've known were all liberal minded.
  • SueAmazon 2012/06/26 12:27:43
    Strange poll and I wonder who they asked? If they were out and about with time to answer questions then they didn't need or want to work maybe. Respect from who? And where did they find the poor people who didn't want money over respect? If you already have respect from your circle of friends/family/peers/elders then I'd say most would prefer money. Seems those that already have money would long for respect if they didn't already have it--they can afford to go for the respect. The rest are too busy paying bills.
  • Vieuphoria 2012/06/26 10:19:49
  • garypage 2012/06/26 10:06:54
    The rich anti-white Establishment imposing white genocide via mass immigration and "assimilation" on ALL white countries and ONLY white countries versus us normal white folk who oppose white genocide.Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-white.
  • Vieuphoria garypage 2012/06/26 10:20:12
    So what is a "white country", exactly?
  • garypage Vieuphoria 2012/06/26 16:18:47
    You are justifying white genocide.
  • Vieuphoria garypage 2012/06/26 20:17:40
    by asking a question?

    I could agree with you?

    Answer my question and stop avoiding genuine discussion.
  • Sunny ~Jiraiya sama~ 2012/06/26 09:13:58
    Sunny ~Jiraiya sama~
    I think respect is something much more important, I'm not saying money isn't but it's better being not rich but respected rather than filthy rich and hated
  • jackie 2012/06/26 08:36:46
    Lol, im a low income college student. and my answer was top.
  • Dom 2012/06/26 07:29:34
    Money all the way. Whoever said money can't buy happiness/love/respect was clearly never rich enough to try.
  • Fariborz-Zak 2012/06/26 07:27:34
    they r ./1
  • burningsnowman 2012/06/26 07:01:18
    Considering what most of the super rich are like in this country this really shouldn't surprise anyone.
  • luke 2012/06/26 06:40:53
    I like having money to be able to go out with friends. I don't give a damn if some wanker whom I do not know doesn't respect me, they don't matter to me. The people that matter to me (My friends.) have my respect, and I have their respect. I like to spend time with those people, as they make me happy. Hanging out with them requires money. I also spend money on feeding/sheltering my dog and cat (Both of whom also makes me happy) and I, as well as upgrading/replacing my longboard (which the usage of makes my dog and I both happy.) and my computer (which I use to create art, which the creation of makes me happy.),

    So, in a sense, money makes me happy, because the people, animals, and things that matter to me all make me happy, and they all cost money.
  • Sour Dime 2012/06/26 05:10:34
    Sour Dime
    As someone with low income I want money.
  • KingdomNow 2012/06/26 05:08:19
    So people who don't work hard think they deserve respect? No surprise here.

    I've been rich and poor and wealth beats poor any day. People who don't earn wealth don't earn respect either.
  • Mitri KingdomNow 2012/06/26 11:17:45
    Just because someone who earns a low income does not mean they're not hard workers.
  • retrograve 2012/06/26 05:05:00
    I'm a poor broad and rather be a rich one so...
    cash rules everything around me gif
  • Torchy 2012/06/26 04:04:04
    I'm poor-ish...and I still stand by what I said: I'd rather have money than respect. One has to think of whose respect they're trying to earn. I don't really like most people so I really don't care if I have their respect. If I'm well respected, but a hobo, that doesn't exactly put me in a good position in life: Queen of the Hobos. If I have money, I have freedom.
  • NinjaZinks 2012/06/26 03:59:20
    you know i live as cheep as i can and you know what ... i like respect alot more then i do mone .... the green stuff is flat out evil.... people kill lots of people over it ....... (some dumb people do when ther dis respected too i know)
  • doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2012/06/26 01:43:55
  • Rob 2012/06/26 01:12:43 (edited)
    What you are really asking is if people want money or POWER. They usually go together though. If you have one, the other is not hard to come by. Also people with money are terrified, absolutely terrified of losing it. It's like an addiction once one has it. That's why the rich will always have sin on their souls. The chasing of money makes people do things they don't really want to do. Things they know deep down are wrong.
  • MorbidC... Rob 2012/06/26 12:44:31
    Getting rid of money won't solve the worlds problems, and being rich doesn't make one hellbound.
  • Rob MorbidC... 2012/06/27 00:15:40
    You are missing the point. The danger lies in becoming rich and maintaining or growing wealth. Any self-made wealthy person has done a lot of bad things, things that they regret, but they chose to do it to become rich. And they all know it. Well, enjoy it while you live, because you can't take it with you. And people eventually pay for their sins.
  • MorbidC... Rob 2012/06/27 06:50:48 (edited)
    Just because someone is rich doesn't mean they lied, cheated, or stole.
  • Rob MorbidC... 2012/06/27 23:21:00
    HA, are you kidding!? That's the definition of get rich.

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