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Living 2012/04/27 23:07:47
In an attempt to simultaneously pull itself out of a commercial slump and appease animal welfare activists, Burger King has announced it will get all of its eggs and pork from cage-free animals by 2017. The reason they weren't doing it in the first place, and the reason many chains still use cages, is the cost. But BK believes customers are willing to pay a little more for the humane treatment of animals. Of course, they aren't the only fast food provider working to better the treatment of animals. Still, we asked the public if more chains should follow suit.

Burger King's research was spot on. If this many people think cage-free is a great idea, knowing it's going to cost them a little extra, why wouldn't it work? Though there were several demographics that held reservations about the move to cage-free, four out of five voters were in favor of it. If chickens had lips, they would thank our voters and that creepy King mascot for the support. The biggest argument against cage-free was the price.

Women Are Way More Concerned

Without trying to buy into any stereotypes, we've noticed that women do tend to vote more sympathetically. In this case, the evidence holds steady. Female voters were 13% more likely to push for more cage-free chains. It's not a huge difference, and guys were still more than willing to throw down for them chickens. Just not as much as the gals.

Old Habits Die Hard

The strongest correlation by far was age. Support for cage-free raising fell off dramatically as voters got older, from nearly unanimous support among teens (95%) to a borderline split decision among voters over the age of 45. It's probably just a simple matter of not seeing the big deal. The animals are dying anyway; it's our nature to eat them. We've been putting them in cages for years.

Smokers Aren't as Supportive

Overall, smokers did still vote in favor of pushing for more cage-free chains, but they weren't quite as enthusiastic as the rest. They came in at 63%, just a few percent less than the male vote. With New Zealand proposing to make cigarettes $100 a pack, they'll have to save money where they can. Drinkers were also skeptical.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about Burger King's cage-free promise. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Jaynane 2012/04/29 00:49:55
    I'm a vegetarian, so the thought of eating another once living creature, makes me ill. But, I do like eggs. I just purchased 3 pullet (female chicks), and had a small hen house built. I am looking forward to having fresh eggs where I know what my hens have been eating. cute hen house

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  • Rdtourist 2012/09/11 16:57:15
    Does anyone know what FREE RANGE means relating to chickens and turkeys? It means thay have voluntary access to outdoors, it has nothing to do with actualy being able to frolick and evade foxes on a daily basis, it just means the 20,000 chickens on that ranch CAN get through a door and see the sun if they so choose. Similar rules on cage free.
  • sagewisdom09 2012/09/10 17:06:32
    In a supposedly civilized, advanced country, cage free should be the law period. Factory farms spend huge amounts of money to convince people that the meat came from animals frolicking in an open field when the reality is thousands of cows or pigs crammed into one barn so title they can't move, knee deep in excrement. The rest of us shouldn't be in denial about where our food comes from.
  • AngelArs 2012/09/10 15:47:57
    I'm sure what Burger King is sating is just a play on words. They will probably remove the cages - and then handcuff the chickens legs to the ground :p
  • Catie 2012/05/07 20:03:12
    I'm a vegetarian, so I won't be eating this stuff anyway, but why not make the chickens' and pigs' short lives a little less miserable? I doubt the price increase will have a very big impact on your bank account (and if it does you should probably cut down on the fast food anyway), but the impact it will have on those animals is huge :)
  • john son 2012/04/30 15:55:58
  • Brother Bo 2012/04/30 14:38:40
    Brother Bo
    I think that "cage free" is ridiculous. When the bird is plucked, gutted, cut up, seasoned and deep fried, it will taste the same and the chicken won't care.
  • Jemima ... Brother Bo 2012/09/12 12:16:38
    Jemima Callow
    You cant have tried free range chicken or eggs if this is your opinion. Everyone who has had free range produce will tell you straight up the difference in taste texture and overall quality in the meat. Its way better for the animals and is totally worth the increase of prices.
  • Brother Bo Jemima ... 2012/09/16 19:19:33
    Brother Bo
    I still say it's just a gimmick to get more money out of "socially conscience" and self righteous liberals. Either way, the chicken doesn't feel any better about it when it is on that plate.
  • Jemima ... Brother Bo 2012/09/21 08:19:04
    Jemima Callow
    i get what you mean but i believe in giving my chickens the best life before they go on the table. and i can taste a difference.
  • Gregaj7 2012/04/30 07:09:32
    They should, but it'd be much more costly to do so.
  • Why so Butthurt? 2012/04/30 06:58:27
    Why so Butthurt?
    Why do people care? It's Fast food, so that now just means more expensive meat mould sammiches. Great, the chickens roamed around before being thrown en masse into a meat grinder and mixed with preservative filler. Totally worth a now $2 McChicken. Or even scarier, it stays a dollar, and they cut corners somewhere else.
  • JaknHarely 2012/04/30 04:47:54
    Open spaces are not going to help these animals. Have you seen the vids of kfc's chicken farms? their open, that's what they call it at least. And they feed all the animals crap. realy sometimes they feed the animals their own fecal matter hormones and chemicals then juice those babies up with radiation before going to our mouths. We need to abolish all the tax incestive's (yup that was intentional) for the giant corporations that do all the genetic mixing of plants and animals and pesticides and start supporting our local farms.

    There's no such thing as a vegan or vegitarian that shops in america any more. hell half the SEEDs sold are some degree gmo and there are actually laws that prevent companies from labeling their food non gmo here in the states. So those "all natural" guys and gals are just as steriod and chem juiced as your neighbor ned.
  • keliffa 2012/04/30 03:29:18
    I love chicken and beef-and yes they should be treated better before slaughter.
  • lonewolf 2012/04/30 03:25:32
    when they do that maybe i'll eat there.
  • AquariusNX01 2012/04/30 02:46:27
    Cage-free is good, but as noted below, free-range is better. The reason we see all these reports of diseases and bacterial outbreaks on the news is because the animals aren't kept in healthy conditions and they are forced to eat things that aren't natural to them. All because we're greedy.
  • Everett Thompson 2012/04/30 00:37:24
    Everett Thompson
    Yup! We all should be concerned with the way ALL animals are treated!
  • Jiorgia 2012/04/29 23:57:24
    just because we are going to kill them and eat them doesn't mean we can have no regard for their life (while they are alive).
    free range organic all the way, its the only chicken i eat.
  • HBO 2012/04/29 22:44:19
    If all the egg suppliers would go cage free, then restaurants and fast food would all be using cage free eggs. I dont understand why egg suppliers would not spend some extra money to make sure their chickens lived a better and more humane life. They can then increase the price of their eggs. I would like to see all eggs sold be cage free even though they're $1-2 more. How the chickens are raised and what they're fed makes a big difference in the quality of the eggs. I had a friend who fed her chickens a special diet from the University of Kentucky, and the yolks were rich in color and flavor. The best eggs I've ever had !
  • Recruit 2012/04/29 22:28:24
  • stevegtexas@aol.com 2012/04/29 19:40:18
  • Laura stevegt... 2012/04/29 22:05:54
    Yea.... Their "realistic" reasoning behind it is to produce as much poor quality milk and meet as possible so they can sell it at a reduced price (compared to traditional methods) selling more and in turn getting more money to stuff in their pockets
  • gunner stevegt... 2012/04/30 18:26:01
    You have to keep them penned. Otherwise they will organize and take over. I offer " The Animal Farm" novel and the Democratic Party as strong evidence.
  • Tentimesinfinity 2012/04/29 19:23:30
    A lot of people said this isn't much, but just think about the number of animals that are going to be tortured less! Millions! This is amazing news, deffinetly brightend up my day! GO GREEN ❤
  • stevegt... Tentime... 2012/04/29 19:41:49
  • Tentime... stevegt... 2012/04/29 19:49:26
    Who said they can't eat?
  • stevegt... Tentime... 2012/04/29 19:55:07 (edited)
  • Laura stevegt... 2012/04/29 22:03:01 (edited)
    I suppose that goes for people as well? We are made out of meat....
  • gunner Laura 2012/04/30 18:28:37
    I got a recipe. But haven`t tried it yet. Seriously, I do have. I came across it in an old survival book.
  • Laura gunner 2012/04/30 18:37:15
    seriously? lmao What does it say?
  • gunner Laura 2012/04/30 18:43:14
    I will have to locate the book. I think I know what box it is in. I do remember the book gave a description of what each recipe tasted like. Humans are quite salty. I`ll try to find it and get back to you. If I recall, it was written by Bradford Angier. I think the title is "Food from the Woods cooking" . I`ll find it for you.
  • Laura gunner 2012/04/30 18:54:09
    Thanks! A cook book for human meat....who knew! (and eeeew imo lol)
  • gunner Laura 2012/04/30 19:17:45
    OK, I found the book. The title is " How to stay alive in the Woods", by Bradford Angier 1962. Collier Books. ( no isbn # ) 1976 is the 20th printing of my edition. Page 28.The passage reads in part " therefore,for the fullest and easiest assimilation of flesh materials, human meat can hardly be equaled." An actual recipe is not suggested in that book. Somewhere I did find one and it stated that the meat was salty. So, probably only need pepper to taste.
  • Laura gunner 2012/04/30 21:29:50
    Thanks for the info!!!!! Interesting, but dont think im gonna try it anytime soon. lol
  • gunner Laura 2012/04/30 21:38:41
    I agree. I was sort of wondering about politicians. They would make great fertilizer. They spew so much of it. At least they would contribute to real growth. Probably need a stomach pump. I bet their just indigestible.
  • Nancy stevegt... 2012/04/29 22:07:17
    That is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. I don't understand why animals can't live in better conditions. humans are also meat, so i am assuming you eat them too? We are all animals and have to stop thinking that somehow we can do whatever we want with the rest of the foodchain.
  • HBO stevegt... 2012/04/29 22:54:29 (edited)
    So people might starve and die if more farms had humane living conditions ? Think about your words before you hit "post". Maybe if more people refused to buy eggs that were not cage free, other suppliers would be forced to improve their farms. If people were truly concerned about what they were putting in their bodies they would try to grow their own vegetables organically or buy them from local farmers, our have their own chickens for eggs , or buy eggs locally. This is why there is such a push for eating locally , to get the best quality food from farms who treat their animals well, and grow organically, but also to support local farms instead of giving our money to large corporations and companies who are only worried about making the most money by mass production of inferior products to the detriment of the animals providing the products who live in crowded, cramped conditions that are breeding grounds for disease and sickness, thereby making it necessary for the animals to be treated with antibiotics that we end up consuming as well. Plus the taste of local food is specific to every area.
  • mae 2012/04/29 19:23:25
    Out of the cages but into the pens? What will Burger King's decision Really look like?
  • addie 2012/04/29 19:15:47
    No, corporate farming is not abusive enough! Stuff more animals in together, try drugs to hurry up pregnances so the animals can produce even more babies continually to be taken away from them right away and caged up tight. No, no, Cage-Free is going in the wrong direction.
  • *○*Me*○* 2012/04/29 18:10:33
    Yes, even though this isn't the best they can do, it's better than nothing! Glad to hear it!
  • Muriel 2012/04/29 17:43:48
    I 'd be even happier if I knew they weren't getting any antibiotics and drugs to stimulate growth.

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