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Living 2012/01/26 14:00:00
No, we aren't talking about those heart-shaped tattoos that say "Mom" on them, although those are pretty tacky. We're talking about tattoos that moms get to commemorate their children -- like the set of coordinates on Angelina Jolie's shoulder, each one pinpointing the birth place of one of her kids. Now that tattoos are more popular than ever, even things like that are increasing in popularity. One mom told Fox 4 Dallas-Forth Worth that she had a "flower garden" on her feet, with plants representing her three oldest children. Tattoos are already a divisive topic, but mommy tattoos seem a little easier to relate to, so we asked SodaHeads if they're any better.

More Women Getting 'Mommy Tattoos': Sweet or Tacky?

65% Think They're Tacky

Not even a newborn baby could make ink-injections any cuter. Nearly two-thirds of respondents think the "mommy tattoo" trend is worth an eye roll or two. Some even went so far as to call it "trashy." But there were two schools of thought among the naysayers: Those who think tattoos in general are a bad idea, and those who like tattoos but don't think the mommy tat thing is the way to do it. One commenter ominously wrote, "Most parents with tattoos of their children's names usually don't have custody of them. Truth."

Men Think It's Madness

The gender gap here was enormous. Female voters were actually split evenly on the idea, whereas only 20% of men were okay with it. That's a 30% difference! Now we have to wonder if the results would have been different if we'd asked about a "daddy tattoo." We've seen in past polls that men tend to vote against women getting tattoos at all.

The Half-Life of a Tat

The optimal age for a mommy tat is 13-17, but unless you're eligible to appear on "Teen Mom," that's not really the demographic this topic focuses on. The older a respondent was, the more appalled they became. Only 13% of voters over 55 thought it was a sweet idea. One commenter over 60 warned, "Speaking from experience and having a couple, they look nice when you are young ... but you will wish you had and eraser in your later years."

Parents Will Have No Part in It

Well, technically parents will have every part in it... But only 25% of them are actually considering. Those who said they'd like to have kids some day were about 20% more enthusiastic about mommy tats, even more so than those who said they don't want kids at all.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our original poll about mommy tattoos. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Brad 2012/01/26 22:29:22
    Any tat can be garbage... The design artist and sentimental value is everything. What could possibly mean more to someone then their children.

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  • _Ganjaa 2012/01/30 00:32:16
    I think the foot tattoo is really hot . idgaf i really do......G E N I U S
  • Joe C Sr 2012/01/29 23:56:44
    Joe C Sr
    Another tack on the bulletin board.Many people are erasing old tats.Wonder why?Not because them,only correcting a mistake.We all make them,mistakes I mean.
  • jada 2012/01/29 23:27:29
    a little tacky just sayin
  • Mike III% 2012/01/29 20:44:27
    Mike III%
    At least you wouldn't ever have to worry about erasing it :P
  • Miss Sissa 2012/01/29 18:02:27
    Miss Sissa
    What if you have another kid?
    "Mommy, why do you have Tommy's face on your shoulder but not mine?"
    "Well sweetie, his took up all the room so there was no room for you."
  • Denis B 2012/01/29 07:04:22 (edited)
    Denis B
    Sweet. It's the idea and the love that is behind the tattoo is what counts. Children are a beautiful legacy. Children are the hope of the future
  • garyt212 2012/01/29 06:17:34
  • TTT 2012/01/29 02:22:19
    My little brother got my nephew's footprints, date, and name tatted on his right forearm...
    He also has the date our grandmother passed and the date our little sister was born and died tatted on him somewhere...

    I'm not the biggest fan of ink to begin with, so i can't really make an unbiased opinion here... however, maybe some things just shouldn't be inked on someone's body...

    I don't condemn anybody for doing it.. it just isn't my thing...
  • Georgia50 2012/01/28 22:51:57
    I've never been comfortable with my mother's tattoo of my...our...placenta on her back. It got stares at the beach. Over time I learned to brush it off by telling people it was a sweet
  • Georgia50 Georgia50 2012/01/28 22:52:34
    Oh just kidding.
  • jeni 2012/01/28 19:44:27
    I have tats for my own reasoning. People have their own agendas their own ideas and their own reasoning. I wouldn't get one just because it looked awesome, each of mine are different reasoning's that are of my own. Although next tats i get are going to be 4, for my children, but nothing like names or hearts or feet prints or anything like that. They are going to be something to represent their personalities, so when they get older and start breaking away from me I can look back and remember how they were when they were younger
  • Kayla Marie 2012/01/28 19:17:50
    Kayla Marie
    It really just depends on how you do it. xx
  • ★misfit★ 2012/01/28 16:34:44
    I don't CARE what other women choose to do with their bodies. When I become a mom, I may or may not get a tattoo of my child's name. I don't know yet. But I think if you're going to get a tat, that's one of the best and most meaningful things to get. Cause you'll always love your child. I certainly wouldn't get anybody else's name on me, though.
  • kawaiigurl1234 2012/01/28 15:59:14
    That is tacky and embarassing (for the children)
  • Apache 2012/01/28 12:00:45
    Interesting the response to 'mummy tats'. I would imagine a very different statiistic if the question was ever posed re 'daddy tats'. Tattoos have become more popular in mainstream culture, in a time where individualism and identity seem ever more obscured. It.was once deemed a sign of low morality if a female had a tattoo, now it is far more the norm. If a woman chooses to have children, just as a man does, her identity is not summarized by her maternal obligations. Women with children don't suddenly morph into housebound, meek stepford wives.

    Angelina Joli is stunningly beautiful, her tattoos a part of who she is, they don't define her but they compliment her complex, enigmatic personality. Unfortunately society has a long way to go to achieve real equality between genders. In my opinion, many women can carry off a tattoo far better than men. Take Brad Pitt, he would look like a try hard, an imposter, if he had the same body art as his lovely partner.
  • NoobGotPowned 2012/01/28 04:50:39
  • Stryder NoobGot... 2012/01/29 01:54:43
    This guy's just a freak. So's the lizard man.
  • Sarah T... Stryder 2012/01/30 03:21:31
    Sarah TH Marshall Switcher
    Tiger man has his own website where you can "book him for your event". To me this undermines his whole "I'm doing a spirit animal transformation" thing.
  • OhSoNiceMe 2012/01/28 04:01:19
    it's the meaning of the tattoo is what matters, a tattoo shouldn't be a trend because trends don't last a long time
  • Beanybudd 2012/01/28 02:49:21
    I think it's cute. A child is a great treasure to the parent. A very meaningful tattoo. I love the feet one. Then when they're older, you'll always remember that they were once so small.
  • kay29 2012/01/28 02:33:23
    Ewww. Some tattoos are fantastic, but I really think they're getting out of hand. Looks great when you're young, imagine having the same one when you're 60. All wrinkly and baggy and the tattoo has faded-not a nice picture.
  • Mario 2012/01/28 00:40:10
  • VKB 2012/01/27 22:55:06
    I think they do it as a form of Narcissism. They have some sort of mind set that somehow the birth of their children is divine and above average human beings. It kind of cracks me up. Some of them also have this problem, with the names they choose for their children. I dont have a tattoo, but if I did, it would be something for me alone, not for someone else.
  • Haze gothic 2012/01/27 21:20:22
    Haze gothic
    im actually thinking of being a tattoo artist as a career, Tattoo's are art and for each person an image or symbol or motto can have a specific meaning, Mommy Tattoos are very sweet and i like that parents would declare a part of their body to honor their children, my mother has stars tattoo'd on her body in representation of myself and other siblings, as long as the tattoo you get has a strict meaning and is not just 'i like it' i have nothing against it.
  • Mike 2012/01/27 19:46:17
    Tats have gotten way out of control we can thank athletes and lets not forget hollywood for reality shows that glorify it
  • Lonna121593 2012/01/27 18:55:56
    i love it!!!! i would so do that!!! XD in fact im gunna do that when i have my first child ill do that. XD
  • arabexperts 2012/01/27 18:32:04
  • Matt 2012/01/27 15:15:45
    every man and his dog seems to have a tattoo these days - if you want to stand out from the crowd and express your individuality - dont get one

    And if you are a Christian - remember Lev 19:28 ""Do not cut your bodies for the dead, and do not mark your skin with tattoos. I am the LORD"
  • Leah Matt 2012/01/28 06:36:02
    But that rule is an Old Testament rule, and no longer applies.
  • Matt Leah 2012/02/01 18:52:23
    well, it still gives Gods opinion on the matter... if God thought it was wrong then, does that mean he approves of it now?
  • Leah Matt 2012/02/01 20:34:50
    After Jesus's death, many of the Old Testament rules went away (other than the 10 Commandments.) And besides, we don't know exactly what the translation of that verse implies. There is nothing morally wrong with a tattoo, so I don't think it's a big deal.
  • Matt Leah 2012/02/02 05:36:54
    we know exactly what it implies. That nations around them had tattoo's and they were ordered NOT to. They were also ordered not to sleep with animals, their neighbours wifes, members of the same sex, many of those other commandments should still hold true... they are old testament laws not new testament - would you hold those to be true?
    There are many old testament laws not repeated in the new - like not sacrificing your children to molech, not prostituting out your daughter etc - surely we know those are bad. Its a copout to just say.. well.. the New testament doesnt say its wrong so its ok... the New Testament completes the OLD.
    Remember Jesus words in Matt 5v17 "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them." so commands about something as drastic as permanently marking our flesh should be considered very carefully
  • Leah Matt 2012/02/02 20:56:27
    I see nothing wrong with sleeping with someone of the same sex, but that's a different issue. There are several laws in the Old Testament I don't believe in.
    My point is, I have a tattoo, and I live a good, ethical life. I am kind to others, I am generous, and I am fairly religious/spiritual. I highly doubt that God would have a problem with me simply because of a harmless decision I made.
  • Matt Leah 2012/02/03 15:14:58
    I wasn't saying God would have a problem with you, or anyone, having a tattoo, and I certainly dont 'judge' anyone having them. It's just not for me, and part of my decision making process includes Lev 19
  • ★misfit★ Matt 2012/01/28 16:41:47 (edited)
    And Lev. 19:27 says: "Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard." Guess a lot of men are in trouble.
  • TKramar Matt 2012/01/30 02:01:22
    I don't--and I'm not religious, so that has nothing to do with it. I just think marking up your body is stupid. I wasn't born with tattoos, so I don't need them.
  • bettyboop 2012/01/27 13:53:14
    Their body, their choice. I see nothing wrong with it personally and do NOT view someone as trashy for getting a tattoo. YES that even means prison tats. For many who do get tats done, its a way of expressing themselves and it is considered an art form.
    tattoos express self
  • Eddie 2012/01/27 13:30:47
    They are ok depending on how they are done.
  • Angela Chambers 2012/01/27 12:49:10
    Angela Chambers
    I hate to tell you this, but I plan on getting several of these "tacky" tattoos. My little girl's face on my arm, and my son's name around either my wrist or my ankle. Get over it!!
  • bye im out sodahead 2012/01/27 11:37:09
    bye im out sodahead
    Names are ok but the ones that say mum or dad not to fond of

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