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A recent study published in Scientific American suggests that men are more likely than women to bend the rules a bit -- little white lies, omitting facts, cutting corners, that kind of thing. This can come into play in business settings, or in relationships. But we wanted to know how the public perceives gender morality. Does the general public really think men are less moral than women?

We don't need studies to determine that men are less moral -- more than two-thirds of the public already believes it. One commenter noted, "You only have to look at the current congressional male population to see that." It's true, politicians are much more likely to be male. Coincidence? We think not.

Women Are Convinced

We were hoping the gender breakdown would reveal an interesting dynamic, and we weren't disappointed. Men were actually split -- half of them agreed their gender was less moral, while the other half pointed to women. But the female vote was overwhelming. 85% of women think men are the more immoral gender.

Parents Are Even-Handed

Compared to voters who don't have kids, parents were relatively undecided. The majority still picked men, but not by much. It takes a lot of work to raise a child, and it takes two to get through it. Plus, babies have a tendency to soften hearts. So it's no wonder there's a little bit of shared moral responsibility among parents.

Singles Distrust Men

Married couples were also more likely to give men a break, probably for the same reason parents were -- they've had to work together. Singles, on the other hand, hardly gave men a chance. Nearly three-fourths said men are less moral. Interestingly, divorcees were one of the few demographics to vote for women over men.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about gender morality. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Raphy 2012/06/22 03:22:18
    I think it's equal.......
  • Cyan9 2012/06/22 03:08:34 (edited)
    The fact there was no equal option totally invalidates the poll. Not to mention how does one measure morality or even define it? It hardly seems quantifiable. And this is someone who studies a topic based around quantifying, "utility" and then making broad predictions.
  • JesusIsMyGod 2012/06/22 02:48:45
    That sounds sexist to me.
  • Cyan9 JesusIs... 2012/06/22 03:04:44
    by definition.
  • Polaris 2012/06/22 02:31:32
    I hope nobody finds this offensive but men always find it easier to....
    self-idolize, take God/Jesus' name in vain, cheat, lie, kill, dishonor parents, bare false witness, steal.... yeah basically sin is too easy for them.
  • Osaka 2012/06/22 02:27:00
    I don't distrust men, some guys on the internet actual try to convince me marriage is malarkey.
  • GUY FAWKES Osaka 2012/06/22 04:28:37
    Marriage is rubbish!
  • Osaka GUY FAWKES 2012/06/22 04:44:03
    You say that, you may think different when you fall in love.
  • cm 2012/06/22 02:25:12
    i think the poll is BS
  • BuggaBoo 2012/06/22 02:22:42
    uh...yeah. in my church, there are wayyyy more women. and from my experiences, men can simply lie like it's nothing. women find lying hard to deal with
  • Cyan9 BuggaBoo 2012/06/22 03:03:35
    Being religious and being moral are in no way the same thing. Some of the most religious devote people have done truly condemnable things in the name of their religion.
  • JAA Cyan9 2012/06/25 03:22:35
    Yep, & that's why they decided they need a Savior. What, you think perfect people need someone to save them?
  • Captain... BuggaBoo 2012/06/22 14:02:15
    Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO
    So you assume EVERY church is like that? You know most preachers are typically male, right?
  • BuggaBoo Captain... 2012/06/22 22:48:05
    I only spoke about my own church, I never mentioned others
  • Captain... BuggaBoo 2012/06/22 22:55:10
    Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO
    You still said men lie like it's nothing where as women find lying hard to deal with... I don't even think that fits any kind of stereotype. Women stereo typically lie more than men anyway
  • BuggaBoo Captain... 2012/06/24 00:35:33
    sorry if that came off the wrong way. I guess my 9 consecutive years of watching Maury made me sure of that.
  • Captain... BuggaBoo 2012/06/24 01:45:50
    Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO
    It's no problem, I over reacted. I apologize as well
  • darwolf 2012/06/22 02:06:50
    I say about equal.
  • Changeling 2012/06/22 01:24:59
    I disagree
  • jgh57 2012/06/22 01:03:40
    Nah. I've worked as a RN for over 25 years. I'm around mostly women most of the time. Women talk about the same things men do and do the same things men do.
  • Ozymandias 2012/06/22 01:03:11
  • Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO 2012/06/22 00:38:13
    Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO
    Ironically, the most predominant male super hero

    Is more than 100,000 times more moral than the most predominant female super hero
    wonder woman killing
  • darwolf Captain... 2012/06/22 02:03:18
    I disagreed with this. Superman lets his enemies keep killing innocent people over and over again. Wonder Woman here was saving lives from the mad man. By ending him.
  • Osaka darwolf 2012/06/22 02:23:00
    Though even some may argue wonder woman is also immoral that way.
  • Captain... darwolf 2012/06/22 02:24:54
    Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO
    No, he doesn't. He puts them behind bars. Wonder Woman isn't afraid to strike someone down even when they don't even really deserve it... maybe that guy did deserve it, but if you read stories like Kingdom Come for example, when the other heroes are just misunderstood and need guidance- Wonder Woman is more than willing to just end them rather than Superman's idea of teaching them right from wrong
  • darwolf Captain... 2012/06/22 07:47:49
    His teaching has no effect. He puts them behind bars and they get out kill all over again. I can see giving someone at least one chance to change. But after 3 or 6 chances. Move the boy scout aside and put in somebody that be willing to get the job done.
  • Captain... darwolf 2012/06/22 11:44:35
    Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO
    ...Really? Because everyone within the DC universe seems to agree with Superman's ideas. Soooooooo if anything Superman still is the more moral one.

    Besides, you realize almost ALL super heroes are like that right? Why don't you criticize Batman, Green Lantern, Spider-Man, Flash, etc for being immoral? I don't think most people would agree with you that Wonder Woman is more moral, she's just more of a vigilante
  • darwolf Captain... 2012/06/22 12:33:06
    That's why i always been more of marvel fan. A lot of their characters do and will kill if they need to.
  • Captain... darwolf 2012/06/22 12:42:16
    Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO
    Well, I guess that's understandable. We all have our different perceptions of morality
  • Captain... darwolf 2012/06/22 11:47:30
    Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO
    Also, SOME criminals do get reformed. The most major ones that don't work are Luthor and Darkseid, and Darkseid is immortal, and Luthor is practically untouchable being the richest, most powerful man in all of Metropolis
  • me darwolf 2012/06/22 16:09:39
    Superman = Job security....

    Wonder Woman = destroying own future
  • darwolf Captain... 2012/06/22 09:53:34
    Forgot one thing about Superman. At one time he wanted to marry his underage cousin.
  • Captain... darwolf 2012/06/22 11:46:16
    Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO
    You can't count something that happened in the silver age under a pedophile writer. Back then, things were a lot different. It was written probably sometime in the 50's-60's. There was also a time where he led an army of ants to conquer the world and ate all the town's hamburgers. Green Lantern had a thirteen year old girlfriend. Things were different back then, and not only that, that was BEFORE the crisis which means they're not relevant to the heroes today
  • Osaka Captain... 2012/06/22 02:20:07
    Wonder Woman is mostly written by guys. Hint, hint...
  • Captain... Osaka 2012/06/22 02:27:29
    Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO
    Not always, and even so, it doesn't really change the point considering Superman is written by guys also. Like for example back in 2007 when she was written by a woman, and I'm pretty sure her writer still stayed true to the character.
  • Osaka Captain... 2012/06/22 02:32:50
    True, though I think it just the type of character Wonder Woman is. She's an Amazon, though she is not as hardcore as Batman. She do anything to pretty much seek justice for Woman.
  • Captain... Osaka 2012/06/22 02:38:38
    Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO
    She'd do anything to seek justice for people period. She cares about people regardless of gender. She's a fantastic character and I love her, and although you're right she isn't as extreme as Batman in his style of fear tactics, but she does kill where as he doesn't.
  • BuggaBoo Captain... 2012/06/24 00:37:24
    um, what do fragments of a child-adult's imagination have to do with religion?
  • Captain... BuggaBoo 2012/06/24 01:46:30
    Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO
    Nothing... I didn't' say anything about religion
  • Crime Time 2012/06/22 00:36:01

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