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Living 2012/06/11 22:34:21
We haven't seen a wardrobe malfunction like this since that fateful Super Bowl on February 1, 2004. Oh, we remember that day well... But enough of the past. Madonna's nip-slip wasn't in front of millions of people, but it wasn't exactly a malfunction either. The 53-year-old intentionally showed off her right nipple during a concert in Istanbul on Saturday. No one is sure why. Publicity, probably. We asked the public if it was sexy or just... sad.

Um. No. Once upon a time, like 25 years ago, maybe she could have gotten away with it. Maybe. But a 53-year-old woman should not be slipping a nip to an unsuspecting crowd no matter how many times she's been called a sex symbol. You don't see George Clooney yanking off his trousers for no reason at political rallies. She's already looking a little bit desperate with all that talk against Lady Gaga. This is just depressing.

Women Don't Want to See It

Obviously men are going to be a little more enthusiastic about anything with the phrase "flashes her nipple," but the lack of female support was staggering. Only 4% of female voters thought Madonna's intentional nipple slip could possibly be considered "sexy." So much for publicity. It's not like a bunch of dudes are about to buy a Madonna album over this.

Liberals Are a Little Intrigued

Naturally, this had some political implications as well, though it was probably less political than it was simply a matter of taste. Conservatives were expectedly turned off by this vulgar display of trivial titillation, while liberals were a little more willing to embrace it. But the moral of the story is, overall, both percents were abysmal.

Unmarried, Unimpressed

We did notice one particularly odd correlation in the relationship breakdown. Married people were a good deal more likely to thing the slip was sexy. We didn't see much of a correlation in age, so we can't really pin it on that, but both singles and voters in unmarried relationships were noticeably less impressed with Madonna's nipple. Again, probably her target demographic.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about Madonna's nipple slip. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • overzero 2012/06/12 18:42:22
    Sad, desperate and sad...
  • EB 2012/06/12 18:35:46
    When past her prime anything for attention.
  • thє вluє wαndєrєr 2012/06/12 17:28:37
  • ronbo 2012/06/12 17:08:02
    Madonna reminds me of a child who will do anything to get attention.She is also getting a little worried because Father Time marches on and she isn,t getting any younger. The trashy standard she set is emulated by younger singers like Lady Gaga , Pink and Katy Parry. It,s interesting she shot a little unflattering remark at Gaga recently when G is basically a clone of Madonna herself.
  • caius m... ronbo 2012/06/12 19:11:50
    caius madison
    Oh, but haven't you heard? She was trying to be individual by ripping someone off!
  • Wonder Woman 2012/06/12 16:55:05
  • L K Wonder ... 2012/06/12 23:20:29
    L K
  • kcforest 2012/06/12 16:31:51
    She'll do anything to stay in the limelight and it's gross. Calling it a "slip" or a "wardrobe failure" is wrong on so many levels. It was no accident, she did it on purpose, fully aware of what she was doing. Skank!
  • Tom Camfield 2012/06/12 16:15:01
    Tom Camfield
    Who really wants to see it? Is advancing age depressing her? There's certainly nothing unique about her nipples.
  • Papillon 2012/06/12 16:07:18
  • janet 2012/06/12 16:05:45
    I don't know Madonna, pretty sad at your age : (
  • Lucid 2012/06/12 15:49:19
    its not so much the nipple as the way she is looking at it!
  • Jay Theyme 2012/06/12 15:48:28
    Jay Theyme
    I guess I'm 20 years ahead of my time but its possible the general public has FINALLY STARTED REALIZING HOW ABSOLUTELY STUPID THIS STUFF IS?
    Nobody to blame but ourselves though.
    Don't blame Madonna because 30 years ago she was already trained to do some 'shocking whoa naughty thing' once every X-months. Which then garnered MASSIVE ONGOING CONSTANT TALK AND ATTENTION.
    20 years ago this became such STANDARD ISSUE SCRIPTED CRAP and yet who's to blame? We sat around wasting precious hours being 'shocked' about Britney Spear's 'schoolgirl outfit'. [a 100% hack writing standard-issue publicity/marketing direction #12]
    After doing this over and over and STILL RECEIVING attention - Madonna cannot be blamed for simply arranging this.
    Keep in mind, we have all seen HER LABIA SPREAD OPEN OVER AND OVER,
    Once again, like MORONS we are supposed to pretend 'WHOA!... Madonna SHOCKED US AGAIN Whhhatttt?!" WHere is our SociETy GoinG?!!!

    All of us deserve this 'shlock'. We did nothing but encourage it, play along, gobble it up, and eat this reheated pablum over and over and over saying 'thank you' and asking for more please. Its our fault.
  • janet Jay Theyme 2012/06/12 16:09:14
    This is not in any way shape or form shocking.
    You are right anyone who is shocked needs to regroup : )
  • Papillon Jay Theyme 2012/06/12 16:11:37
  • 22rexy22samo 2012/06/12 15:31:23
    THAT IS SICK!!!!!!!!!
  • Scravity 2012/06/12 15:24:48
    I thought it was only a nip slip if it was accidental? It is called a nip SLIP after all.
  • schjaz 2012/06/12 15:00:12
    She always has been a disgusting individual and THAT is putting it mildly.
  • missa 2012/06/12 14:38:46
    was her son there in his priest robe??? :-( poor kid!
  • Smokey 2012/06/12 14:30:10
    Hmmm... I wouldn't mind seeing it in person. :)
  • Papillon Smokey 2012/06/12 16:13:00
  • kcforest Smokey 2012/06/12 16:33:31
    Hard up for cheap entertainment?
  • Smokey kcforest 2012/06/12 18:38:40
    I was only kidding. However, do you see the garbage that's on television these days? :) I don't pay Madonna any mind. It's all for show anyways!
  • kerrtoons 2012/06/12 14:25:35
  • Guess~GOD GOT IT~ 2012/06/12 13:47:50
    Guess~GOD GOT IT~
    Dammit Girl, you ought not represent American Women like dis. Let's not get it twisted, she is representing the Hollywood sluts cause real women has denity, pride, respect, morals and we don't let NO MAN get the ideal we're desparate or hard up for some beef. Goes to show you, $$$ can't buy happeniness, and not being saved from Hell will have you crossing all the wrong lines.
  • Smokey Guess~G... 2012/06/12 14:33:58
    Ouch! Slow down, slow down. I wouldn't want to see anyone go to hell, and I'm so very thankful that we are saved by God's grace. All of us fall short of the glory. And I'd rather for God to see me through Jesus's eyes than through you or any other human being. We are so quick to judge but we all need to realize that we're not HIM.

    But, I do have to agree one thing with you. Money can't make you happy... that is why I feel that so many in Hollywood find other things like drugs, sex, and alcohol to make them happier.

    Look at the many tragic deaths recently. I feel sad for them... We all should pray for them...

  • Papillon Smokey 2012/06/12 16:15:28
  • Guess~G... Smokey 2012/08/21 23:50:34
    Guess~GOD GOT IT~
    You might want to reread that brother man, I merely stated, when one is not saved from Hell, the devil have them doing hellish things. I never said she wasn't saved. But I did say, real women don't degrade ourselves like that. Not just American women but women all around the globe. When we put sin on the market, everyone who sees it has the right to comment. Rather it's wrong or right, when one states how they feel about situation, this is not judging but giving an opinion or one's views. As a people, we need to learn the difference. If I say, homosexuaity is wrong, for some reason people say this is judging, but no, we all has the right to agree with God or disagree and I choose to go with God's word and not man's word. I know you're wondering where this comes from but I figured I needed to strectch my point a lil farther...Haven't seen you in a---while...Happy Tuesday! We have to pray in the spirit because there is no way the physical mind can recall it all. Some people is against this but it's their right, ain't I right about it, LoL!
  • Smokey Guess~G... 2012/08/22 15:16:40
    Good point! Thanks for sharing that with me! Have a wonderful day!
  • Valeria Ramos 2012/06/12 13:44:21
    Valeria Ramos
    That is totally unappropriate. As a proffesional and a 53 year old woman she should give herself some respect. She is not setting a very good example for all those girls who follow her
  • Papillon Valeria... 2012/06/12 16:15:53
  • kcforest Valeria... 2012/06/12 16:35:16
    This is the same woman who freaked because she caught Lourdes, her daughter, smoking!
  • ColourfulxRain 2012/06/12 13:27:48
    Imagine what her daughters thinking :o I'd say at 53, it's time to put it away :s

    embarrassing mom
  • Kaola 2012/06/12 13:16:02
    So disgusting disgusting
    for mother to do that.
  • Ben 2012/06/12 13:03:11
    If her nipple looks anything like that awesome face then OMG THATS AWESOME
  • Papillon Ben 2012/06/12 16:22:43
  • Ben Papillon 2012/06/12 17:06:57
    So, in other words, without makeup her face looks like her biceps. lol.
  • Papillon Ben 2012/06/13 15:57:51
  • elizabeth donohue 2012/06/12 12:53:17
    elizabeth donohue
    Sad sad sad and eww
  • Tiah 2012/06/12 12:41:42
    Ewwwwwwww this is where I start crying hysterically she still thinks she's hot no....just NO

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