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Living 2012/04/12 22:01:19
We can see the logic behind stuffed crust pizza. You're basically just adding more of an ingredient that's already on the pizza (cheese) to ease the blandness of the crust. But "hot dog stuffed crust"? Where did that come from? Pizza Hut launched the idea in its UK branches this month, and we're really not sure how to handle it. Is it genius? Is it absurd? Is it literally the worst idea in pizza history? We took it to the public.

Just as we suspected. Hot dog stuffed crust will attract some adventurous eaters, but overall it just sounds terrible. "Gross" voters called the innovation "disgusting," "revolting," "absolutely nasty," and our personal favorite: "EEWWEWWWWWEWWW." The third of respondents who found it appealing called the idea, "wonderful," "delicious," "beyond belief," and "not great, but not gross either." (But hardly anyone was OK with that free "mustard drizzle" offer.)

Men Want More Meat

The first demographic breakdown we noticed was male versus female. Men were more likely to try the hot dog stuffed crust pizza, but even they were split. It does seem like a "manly" product, in that it's loaded with phallic meat and a little bit impractical.

Atheists Believe in Dog

One of the only demographics to side strongly with Pizza Hut's grand idea was atheists. We're going to have to defer to Freud on this one, and suggest that perhaps the semantic resemblance of "dog" to "God" is a way for the unconscious mind to unveil repressed intentions... Just kidding.

It's A-OK in the UK

We found it a bit odd that Pizza Hut was marketing hot dog stuffed crust pizza in the UK, and not in America. After all, the origin of the term "hot dog" is American, Pizza Hut is American, and grotesquely unhealthy fast food is American. So why the UK? Well... because UK voters actually like the idea. Case closed.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about Pizza Hut's hot dog stuffed crust pizza. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Tony 2012/04/13 12:01:00
  • Callaway 2012/04/13 11:57:55
    They keep messing and modifying with the nearly perfect food it kind of reminds me of what Ford did to the Mustang LOL. Put me down as no way I order that thing if I want a dog I order a dog if I want pizza I order pizza.
  • Deadbeat Day 2012/04/13 10:17:19
    Deadbeat Day
    Gross -_-
  • hari 2012/04/13 10:10:19
  • KingEli 2012/04/13 10:08:01
    pizza and hyot dogs are gross by them selfs
    but together oh my *barf*
    ewwwww pizza hyot dogs gross selfs barf
  • Lady Gothika 2012/04/13 07:23:03
    Lady Gothika
    I'm vegetarian,
  • Sophie 2012/04/13 06:41:10
    Well, visually it does appear to be somewhat "rude". Having said that, add some mushrooms, would be good, :) Like that.
  • Anna Sophie 2012/04/13 16:39:53
    Still sounds blegh!!!
  • Sterling 2012/04/13 06:20:12
    To me it sounds good honestly, throw some cheese in there with it and it will be amazing, make the bread more biscuity so it's like a piggy in a blanket... fricken yum.
  • Cause Unknown 2012/04/13 06:04:05
    Cause Unknown
    Guess I missed this question. Too bad, they just saved themselves a rant about how revolting this idea is. If the original idea with food was working well the first time (aka stuffed crust just stuffed with cheese or pepperoni). Then don't change it. Very little does it work, and most of the time it just comes across as sheer stupidity. Remember buffalo milk shakes? Or fried buttersticks?
  • Liz Del Rey 2012/04/13 04:50:15
    Liz Del Rey
    I swear that photo of the pizza was edited because the weenie wasn't like that when I answered this yesterday! it looked like something else -__-
  • handimom 2012/04/13 04:23:16
    Wouldn't even try it; I don't like the taste idea enough to warrant the bad health choice. When reading the description; the 1st 2 words that came to mind were heart-attack & yuck.
  • Sterling handimom 2012/04/13 06:23:46
    Eating stuff like this in moderation isn't bad for you. It's how much of it you eat that would be the problem. So whether you eat it or not is pretty immaterial, if you have self-control you won't stuff your face, if you don't then you will be eating plenty of other unhealthy stuff.
  • peggy 2012/04/13 04:22:34
    It will be a big hit with the kids. Try sausage and cheese, or pepperoni and cheese.
  • V~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2012/04/13 04:06:50
    Pizza varies by region within the US and abroad. I can see how the hot dogs might work in the UK. Asian pizza recipes are heavy on seafood and sometimes mayo. None of this would work in the US, where we tend to favor Italian ingredients.

    As far as I'm concerned, Pizza Hut is a bare-minimum pizza -- acceptable only as a convenience food. A real pizza doesn't need the crust stuffed with anything -- it should be crispy and fairly thin.
  • marina.leps 2012/04/13 03:22:19
  • LoveBug 2012/04/13 03:00:54
    Hmmm.... I can say that I would taste it. However, it is gross in the sense that it would be even more calories added. Like I need more. =/
  • <3 stephanie_blank <3 2012/04/13 02:43:36
    <3 stephanie_blank <3
    what the hell ..thats completely unappetizing ... there's already enough things on the pizza itself..whats next , mashed potato stuffed pizza?
  • V~POTL~... <3 step... 2012/04/13 13:57:45
    Don't give them any ideas!

  • Stef and the City 2012/04/13 01:55:46
    Stef and the City
    Unnecessary is the word for this. Oh, and yuck!
  • Mike 2012/04/13 01:55:20
  • alaws2005 2012/04/13 01:52:04
  • in vino veritas 2012/04/13 01:42:31
  • Fashionable60s 2012/04/13 01:30:46
    Totally gross. It is a pizza that would encourage gluttony and extreme indigestion.
  • stevmackey 2012/04/13 01:22:45
    This is how to ruin a good thing! Did you know that Pizza was created in the good old U.S.A.?
  • Maci 2012/04/13 00:47:49
  • Walter Harris 2012/04/13 00:42:21
    Walter Harris
    OK, I'll try anything once food wise anyways
  • Libertarian Right 2012/04/13 00:40:22
    Libertarian Right
    Absolutely vile!

  • Twisted... Liberta... 2012/04/13 00:48:30
    felt like i was on acid
  • TwistedArtisan 2012/04/13 00:21:55
  • Arianne 2012/04/13 00:02:01
    I would eat it....
  • Azrael-In GOD we trust 2012/04/12 23:53:17
    Azrael-In GOD we trust
    I'm inclined to stick with the cheese stuffed crust. Keep the weenies for the buns and roasting.
  • Twisted... Azrael-... 2012/04/13 00:21:15
  • merpelyn 2012/04/12 23:16:35
    Sounds gross to me! I'm okay with pizza.. and I'm okay with hot dogs... but putting them together might just throw my taste buds off.
  • beachbum 2012/04/12 23:12:43
  • Wizard 2012/04/12 22:46:12
    I prefer it was peperoni.
  • Tortois... Wizard 2012/05/29 14:32:45
    What the hell IS pepperoni, anyway?
  • Wizard Tortois... 2012/06/01 01:11:39 (edited)
    It is grinder beef with spices added...kinda greasy and peppered in the meat. It is main meat choice for $5.00 pizza at Little Ceasar's.
  • wolf sloan 2012/04/12 22:43:06
    wolf sloan
    I'd try it.
  • chrissy 2012/04/12 22:33:20
    I think it would have to depend on the type of pizza for me lol. Its probably not genius but if you eat the pizza and crust separately its not that bad of an idea and it would save you money at like football games or baseball games if you wanted both lol or they could try something even more bizarre like put relish and stuff on the pizza with the hot dog crust lol... but its pretty creative

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