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Living 2012/06/26 21:03:31
There's always a little bit of a rivalry between dog people and cat people, so we wanted to find out a little bit about what makes them tick with a simple poll. Just to be clear, when we say "dog people" and "cat people," we're not talking about humanoid creatures with dog-heads and cat-heads, although that would be pretty awesome. We're talking about people who prefer dogs or cats, okay? Glad we cleared that up.

Sorry, cat people, but you were outnumbered nearly two-to-one. Cats may have some good qualities of their own, but they're no match for man's best friend. Cats are mostly good for aesthetic purposes. They slink about the room like stealthy ninjas, provide villains with something sinister to pet, and occasionally can haz cheezburger. But dogs provide entertainment, protection, affection, and loyalty.

On Ur Internets, Ousting Ur Dogz

We're not sure if cats are becoming more popular because of the Internet, or if today's teens just tend to like cats more. We remember the days when kids asked for puppies, so we're inclined to believe the Internet is indeed responsible for this shift in preference. The great LOLcat invasion of 2007 was not in vain.

Parents Prefer Puppies

Though dogs are a little more to take care of -- taking them for walks, teaching them tricks, caring if they come back -- parents still strongly preferred them over cats. So, even though kids prefer cats, they're better off asking for a puppy. (And though the gender difference wasn't enough to do a section on, dad is probably your best bet.)

Atheists Don't Believe in Dog

Oddly enough, it seems natural that atheists prefer cats. There's something defiant about the way cats carry themselves. Unless they're looking for food or attention, they don't seem to answer to anyone else's whims. Perhaps that attitude can be frustrating for those who believe in hierarchy and higher powers.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about dogs and cats. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • mrs.hea... AllieDot 2012/06/26 21:56:54
    mrs.heart attack
    Awww I have an all black cat 2 his name is tommy
  • exhon2009 AllieDot 2012/06/26 22:01:11
    What's he doing laying down in a jacuzzi tub? A sudden surge of water would make for a rude awakening.
  • Abi exhon2009 2012/06/27 14:00:10
    Cats are stupid!! Find my post read it and you will understand why!!!!!
  • KrSpo 2012/06/26 21:31:55
    Dogs are great companions. Cats have their good points, but they are overshadowed by the attention dogs pay.
  • JohnT 2012/06/26 21:30:27
    Dogs are only has good as the humans that own them. If they are trained they are great pets but they can also be a pain with useless barking. I don't blame the dogs it is the owner that is the problem. Regardless of this poll check the stats 234 million people don't own pets in the United States. 77 million people own dogs and 98 million own cats. Yeah that is for real.
  • Gambit JohnT 2012/06/26 21:56:04
    I agree. I love dogs and have had dogs my whole life. I have a cat now, as I live in an apt, but the amount of dogs owned by stupid people is unfortunate. They just walk around bored with these owners who are more interested talking on the phone than the dogs themselves, dogs are walked into gutters and wrapped around trees and the owners are just walking along oblivious. It pisses me off. Not all owners of dogs, but more idiots I see, than kick ass owners.
  • JohnT Gambit 2012/06/26 22:10:16 (edited)
    You are spot on. I had wonderful dogs growing up and they were treated as part of the family. They never acted up. Owners today often have them to replace the kids they don't have. Yet they take little time to train them, leave them for 10-12 hours a day while they work and wonder why the animal barks because it is in distress. The dogs I don't have a problem with but way too many lousy owners should be licensed rather than the dog to showthat they are proficient in caring for the animal and if they don't they can be cited.
  • lori JohnT 2012/07/01 11:58:55
    Whether owning a dog or cat, they both should be trained and know manners. I have the upmost respect for Dogs but especially service dogs. They put there life on the line and compassionate about there job, and don't ask for any reward except there toy or treat. As a trainer for canines for the disabled i can tell you there is nothing a dog will not do for there owner. I have see many unbeliveable things they do.
  • Gia 2012/06/26 21:27:52
    Cats. And I really don't like that picture with the dog showing it's teeth like he's ready to grab it by the neck. That happens a lot to poor little defenseless cats that are littler than dogs. I'm sure I'll here about that remark....
  • JohnT Gia 2012/06/26 21:37:57
    I don't like it either, obvious a dog nutter thought that was cute. Not all of us find dogs cute.
  • Anna Gia 2012/06/27 01:35:54
    The cat doesn't exactly seem to be a pill of niceness itself. It very well could have started the disagreement.
  • sharonjohnson 2012/06/26 21:23:12
  • Gambit 2012/06/26 21:22:23
    Make mine both. This my current one passed out on my hand.
    asleep on the hand
  • Rubyking 2012/06/26 21:21:27
    w00t puppies
  • sharon smol czynski 2012/06/26 21:18:38
    sharon  smol czynski
    I have 3cholate labs
  • Sister Jean 2012/06/26 21:17:24
    Sister Jean
    no I love animals
  • Heyow:) 2012/06/26 21:14:22
    dogs are the best i would rather have a dog than a cat cause you can pretty much do anything with your dog cause they are more energetic than cats they just sit around and sleep and catch birds and other stuff but not as much as a dog cause you cant go and take your cat for a run relly but yea dogs all the way GO DOGS :)
  • ♫♪‼Chloey Arddun‼♫♪ 2012/06/26 21:10:33 (edited)
    ♫♪‼Chloey Arddun‼♫♪
    Cats are cool but big Goofy Dogs that make you laugh are the way to go in my opinion..

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