Public Opinion Doesn't Look Down on Smokers [INFOGRAPHIC]

SodaHead Infographics 2011/09/12 19:00:00
Last week we ran a story about how smokers are perceived by the general public, and decided we would ask SodaHeads how they felt about it. There were several ways we could have worded the question, but we asked which respondents "look down on" smokers in order to zero in on stronger opinions.

Though most people didn't go so far as to say they "look down on" smokers, there were still plenty of head-shakers out there -- and you might be surprised to see who they were. Would you be more likely to get a light from an old man or a younger woman? We've got your answer.

We also looked into a couple of related surveys to find out how many people wanted to ban smoking in public -- significantly more than those who look down on smokers -- and to take a quick look at young people who puff.

Let's dive.

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  • Astro-Boy 2011/09/12 21:30:08
    I used to smoke...never blew smoke in any ones face and kept it away from those who didn't like being around it. Common human courtesy is always in fashion.

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  • Fockq 2012/10/10 16:03:06
    hate smokers
  • Will 2012/06/01 18:09:31
    It's a terrible addiction not a habit . Just like any other drug addiction . I don't smoke around people that don't smoke or in public places. I don't smoke in my house . It does stink I can contest to that . I go a spell without a cig. & I can smell the ones that do when they walk by with no cig. . I'm 420 friendly & will do it in my home . I have never smelled that on anyone. :~)
  • Cornball 2012/05/21 20:34:07
    I don't look down on smokers, but they should understand if I'm anywhere near them and they're smoking I can smell it. They don't have to be right in my face for me to want to puke from the smell.
  • YOMOMMA 2011/11/05 04:56:15 (edited)
    Why do smokers think that they have to blow smoke in someone's face for it to be offensive? When one lights a cigarette, it suffocates the air way around them, is very obvious to everyone whether the smoker is right next to them or down the hall. Smokers don't get it.
  • YOMOMMA 2011/11/05 04:53:11
    I can't stand smokers.I tolerate smoking for GOOD friends or my brother...if I were hiring, Id trash the applications of smokers as soon as the turn around! They litter, stink up the fresh air and ruin road trips. have you ever been stuck in a car with smoke stack who has to roll the widow down every 5 minutes? Sheer torture...
  • Tygear 2011/10/20 15:18:00
    I don't know if anyone here knows this but the prices of cigerettes in Canada range from $9.89 to $15.00 per pack of 25. The Canadian government gained almost 7 billion dollars in taxes.
  • YOMOMMA Tygear 2011/11/05 04:58:23
    Go Canada!
  • 49er 2011/10/17 03:51:55
    I look down on anyone with a nasty obsession to poison themselves and the people around them with toxic tobacco smoke. I still don't see how it's legal to smoke tobacco but illegal to smoke marijuana.
  • YOMOMMA 49er 2011/11/05 05:03:48
    Think people should be allowed to smoke anything in their own home including marijuana but illegal to smoke outside the walls of a private residence or an enclosed, air tight Smoke Hut where all the smokers gather, designated: Cigarette smokers or marijuana smokers.
  • Ash-the-empress 2011/10/10 21:05:21
    The only way it would bother me is if you blew your smoke right in my face.
  • vamp-gal 2011/10/06 15:24:58
    I don't look down on people who smoke, I have friends who do, but personally I wouldn't do it and don't like to be around it in closed public places (restaurants, pubs, shops etc.) - open spaces (except parks where children play etc.) would be acceptable as us non-smokers don't have to breathe it in.
  • Açorda 2011/10/05 20:53:44
  • caius m... Açorda 2012/05/04 02:21:47 (edited)
  • HBO 2011/09/26 01:45:33
    I'm not so judgmental that I would look down on certain people, especially since I used to smoke. But I quit for the sake of my kids. But I'm all for banning out in public places. People are starting to put their foot down and don't want to breathe in others smoke, and see cigarette butts all over the place. My bf still hasn't quit and it drives me.crazy. He always has to take a few puffs right before he gets in the car and that brings all the nasty smell in the car. Smoke at home if you like.Leave the rest of the air clean for the rest of us.
  • kristinalinswin 2011/09/23 03:38:53
    I'm a smoker. I don't smoke around my grandkids or my mom cause she has asthma. I respect other people. I ask before I light up even in my own house if I have company. It's only right
  • Souther... kristin... 2011/09/28 12:01:13
    Southern Yankee
    i agree. but we pay taxes too. so we do have rights too. i feel we should places to smoke in public too. bring on the air purifiers or exhaust fans. went to baseball game. which was outside. no smoking, huhhh?? now around kids or the sick, i do agree.
  • kristin... Souther... 2011/09/28 14:24:46
    I am sick of them raising taxes on smokers. I don't even go out much anymore cause there's nowhere for us to go that allows smoke in KC. My problem is that I enjoy smoking. People call it a habit, but I like smoking. Other people like drinking and driving drunk. My "alcohol" is smoking and I don't have to worry about not being able to drive when I'm done smoking.
  • HearnoEvil 2011/09/22 20:01:52
    I hate the smell of smoke and I'm a smoker! I know it bothers others who don't ten-fold probably. So, I do respect others and just stroll outdoors when I smoke. Now, if I'm in public outdoors and they have issues when I smoke, I won't move. They can.
  • Wren 2011/09/21 17:26:14
    When I smoked I did the same as Astro-Boy. I stood downwind of people whenever possible and if there were kids or someone I knew had lung problems, I'd put it out and smoke later. I smoked away from people as much as I could.
  • A Carpenter 2011/09/18 21:25:37
    A Carpenter
    IDK if i am winning any prizes for being a courteous smoker or not, but i have been an outdoor smokerr for over ten years now. mostly because my wife can't stand the smell of smoke. now I can't even light one up indoors unless i see someone else doing it. even in las vegas casinos i get a guilt complex lighting one up.
  • LawMan5150 2011/09/16 15:33:36
    This study brought to you by Phillip Morsis Tobacco company.
  • cccp~marxist-leninst 2011/09/16 04:33:46
    Tobacco is nasty, but it doesn't get you high. It's is illegal to smoke in most public in the place I live.
  • A Founding Father 2011/09/16 03:31:13
    A Founding Father
    Where are all these statistics? I'm anxious to see how the regional demographics break down.
    Can I expect that respect for smokers is inverse to the level of education in their respective State or region? Why would I think that?
  • John BNO 2011/09/16 01:29:29
    John BNO
    Back in the 70's I gave up smoking after puffing for about 8 years. Since that time, I have to admit that, when I see a pretty girl or handsome guy puffing away, it give me an unsettling feeling. It completely reverses my impression of them.
  • Panloker 2011/09/15 16:45:48
    "There were several ways we could have worded the question, but we asked which respondents "look down on" smokers in order to zero in on stronger opinions."

    If I can remember correctly, you(Sodahead) used the term "respect" but it was changed.

    1 in 3 people look down on smokers, translation is to me that I will now look down on 1 in 3 people on this site. Everybody has bad habits there are many with even worse habits, but it is us smokers who appear to get demonized the most. Its getting quite tiresome.
  • Jeff 2011/09/15 15:06:00
  • cccp~ma... Jeff 2011/09/16 04:35:56
    I think smokers make bad decisions. This says something about their personality. The people must judge to see reality.
  • NidStyles cccp~ma... 2011/09/16 09:04:24
    You sound like an arrogant POS as well. let me guess you've never made a bad choice in your life...
  • A Carpe... NidStyles 2011/09/18 21:28:53
    A Carpenter
    you noticed he was from a socialist country, right? that answer will be the norm from there. conform to others judgements ...... or else.
  • 49er NidStyles 2011/10/17 03:54:05 (edited)
    You sound like an a$$hole
  • Jeff cccp~ma... 2011/09/21 21:42:12
    Well it may indeed be the case that smokers make bad decision. but it is NOT your place to judge them or my place. I Have been addicted to Nicotine for years and I know the difficulty in breaking that addiction....But I refuse to look down my nose at someone because they have not reached that point yet. So I say, leave the decision either right or wrong to the smoker and NO person has the right to make a judgement.
  • PeterHenderson 2011/09/15 14:44:25
    I'm glad I quit because I was badly addicted. But I don't know if light smoking is as bad for your health as having sex with strangers. For that matter, being unhappy is bad for your health and if you have a tedious job and smoking a cigarette every so often makes it more tolerable then maybe you come out ahead. As for public smoking, it depends on how crowded the area is. But I really think we've gone too far in the direction of outlawing things we disapprove of. What ever happened to "land of the free"? The freedom to do what I want you to do is no freedom at all.
  • william keegan 2011/09/15 08:15:45
    william keegan
    People that develop any addiction that is harmful to themselves are exhibiting a severe lack of character and low intestinal fortitude.
  • Tygear william... 2011/09/15 15:02:50
    Those who comment and express opinions about things that are non of their concern also display a lack of character. I enjoy smoking and I realize its bad for me; so is drinking, poor diet, lack of exercise et cetera. The list goes on and on. What I chose to do in my personal time is my business and my business alone.
  • william... Tygear 2011/09/15 15:10:47
    william keegan
    I didn't ask the question, I was asked to give my opinion and I did! If you want to indulge yourself in your own destructive behaviors, have at it! My opinion about the matter doesn't affect you in the least.
  • A Carpe... william... 2011/09/18 21:30:47
    A Carpenter
    it does in the voting booth, doesn't it??
  • william... A Carpe... 2011/09/20 19:29:33
    william keegan
    How so?
  • A Carpe... william... 2011/09/28 01:53:45
  • 49er A Carpe... 2011/10/17 03:57:34 (edited)
    I'm from California, damn it! Eureka! Real estate is non of my concern as I am a communist against land ownership.
  • A Carpe... 49er 2011/10/20 00:59:52
    A Carpenter
    well by all means, if you want communism, I'll try and start a collection and see if we NON communists in America can help you emigrate to a nation more suited to your desires. do you prefer China or Russia? or a more democratic form of communism, say like in Greece or France?
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