Public Opinion Denies America's Coolness [INFOGRAPHIC]

SodaHead Infographics 2011/09/08 23:00:00
It's a sad day for classic American cool.

Earlier this week we asked SodaHeads if they agreed with a study claiming Americans are widely considered the "coolest" people in the world, and the answer is a resounding no.

"Cool" can mean a lot of things, and each voter's definition was probably a little bit different. We don't feel it's necessary to define the word because, after all, this site is about your opinions. But it's important to keep in mind just how subjective the word is.

With that said, SodaHeads definitely made their voices heard, and while the majority held America's cool factor in serious doubt, we discovered who is reveling in the country's nuanced panache.

Let's dive.

americas cool factor doubt discovered reveling countrys nuanced panache dive
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  • bacon.nivison 2013/01/30 00:25:12
    Especially the Eskimos.
  • Rachel Searvogel 2012/07/06 16:33:55
    Rachel Searvogel
    Watch the first seven minutes of the newsroom. Just watch it. the newsroom america is not the greatest country
  • deleted user 2011/12/13 00:43:12
    deleted user
    Well, it's not cool to destroy the environment.
  • Açorda 2011/10/05 21:01:26
    I see the US as a bunch of Hillbillies, God-loving, violent beasts... still I want to visit it. It's like, you hate Charlie Sheen, but he is on all the movies (mostly because he made them)
  • Faye Kane 2011/10/03 09:51:25
    Faye Kane


    Maybe in '98 or 99, but not after George Bush the stupid drunk ran the country into the ground. When Clinton was president we were healthy, wealthy, and wise. After bush, the economy had crashed because he let the rich banks gamble away YOUR money, and everybody was out of work. Same with "The Reagen recession". The republicans let the savings and loans do the exact same thing.

    You think that's "cool"?
  • andrew 2011/10/02 08:22:34
    i dont think that the americans in the usa were ever cool - you have always had some embarrassing moments with some of your leaders. its the law of averages that makes your country good. most people are ok. your extremist views on some issues have been scary to us in the rest of the world looking on - and having to follow because of your money and power
  • Bett17 2011/09/27 16:19:50
    A country can't be considered "cool". Coolness is an individual thing. :-]
  • Shigyrl but outspoken on my... 2011/09/22 03:19:26
    Shigyrl but outspoken on my future
    I would believe this poll if American culture did not literally permeate just about every society in the world.
  • AdaHosio 2011/09/16 13:43:39
    I dont know about "cool", but I have always wanted to be an American and live in a big country that "rules the world".
  • Jimbo 2011/09/16 12:45:55
    Whether music, art, fashion, freedom, America leads, the world follows. We are very cool. Our drop in education, our polarized political process, our bought off politicians, our most expensive medical delivery needs improvement.
  • Keen Tojones 2011/09/15 00:08:33
    Keen Tojones
    Of course we are all cool. Even down in Leweezianna. cool leweezianna fat woman with buck teeth
  • Ritik Mishra 2011/09/13 01:44:33
    Ritik Mishra
    I don't like America. Only if India had better education...
  • Lis 2011/09/12 21:38:17
    What do you mean Canada has it's own version of Jersey Shore?! That better be a lie.
  • Heidi Lis 2011/09/12 22:05:52
    and if it isn't what is the show? pretty sure we don't have have anything close to Jersey Shore
  • Lis Heidi 2011/09/13 20:27:56
    No idea, but there are a lot of idiots here that would love their 15minutes of fame too.
  • Andrew 2011/09/12 20:47:17
    I love haters.
  • bettyboop 2011/09/12 20:27:16
    Cool is a state of mind hahaha...........
  • Sierra Voltaire 2011/09/11 21:47:09
    Sierra Voltaire
    I will forever hold Jersey Shore against America. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE

    You didn't even compensate by taking Cheryl Cole.
  • debadow 2011/09/11 21:03:58
    We are the coolest People on the planet, The haters are just jealous
  • Ego Death 2011/09/11 19:19:16
    Ego Death
    I deem cool as a society that looks at the grey areas of existence over the black and white.

    America is definable not cool.
  • Josh Robinson R.P.2012' PWCM. 2011/09/11 17:36:53
    Josh Robinson  R.P.2012' PWCM.
    We trend set..... but we aren't cool... We defend fossil fuels for grocery getting and vote for power shifting bills we never read. defend fossil fuels grocery vote power shifting bills read read congressional bills
  • Bikini Babe 2011/09/11 05:14:49
    Bikini Babe
    i don't know about the rest of the americans, but i for one know i am not cool
  • Tony 2011/09/11 01:41:16
  • DSSSD94 2011/09/10 20:46:37
    I said this on this first one and I'll say it again: Does voting "coolest" make you feel better?
  • TKramar 2011/09/10 20:40:27
    "Cool" is in the person, not the collective.
  • Tai 2011/09/10 20:10:34 (edited)
    Everybody but Americans themselves think Americans are cool, otherwise the entire world wouldn't be imitating us. Those who do not think we are cool, are either secretly very envious, or have just been bombed. americans americans cool world imitating cool secretly envious bombed cool americans
  • Xerxes 2011/09/10 18:10:07
    In my many years overseas, this is nothing new,
  • Ysggirb 2011/09/10 11:21:11
    The word ‘cool’ has to do with culture. What’s cool about a celebrity-obsessed, materialistic culture? Granted, if you’re personally obsessed with celebrities and materialism, you would think so. There ...all sorted out.
  • Sahara 2011/09/10 08:47:00 (edited)
    I wonder who voted voted gaddafi gifs voted
  • asdfghjkl 2011/09/10 08:07:43
    All I can say is yes. union jack
  • King of the woodland realm 2011/09/10 06:26:43
    King of the woodland realm
    I think that the country is great cuz, has better life condittions....
    but the people u_u i can´t call `em cool. they´re just ok nothing else.
  • ttfndude 2011/09/10 04:07:19
    I am glad we want to win all polls shows our strength but shows how uncool we are...weren't the coolest people you always knew the people that weren't mean or super nice they just were
  • Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan... 2011/09/10 03:06:18
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
    Oh people. Oh people.
  • Metaldane 2011/09/10 02:58:15
    I don't think we're uncool just not the coolest that'd have to be Denmark and Scandinavia they're just super chill and more peaceful
  • whipnet Metaldane 2011/09/23 15:56:28
    No, that's called cold, not cool. :)

  • Frank 2011/09/10 00:55:43
    Hmmm. Alot of people trying to get into this Country. I don't see many trying to get into lets CHina, Russia, Iran, Mexico, Canada.................
  • Erinmnm Frank 2011/09/10 19:16:22
    that doesn't mean we're cool, it means we're convenient.
  • Frank Erinmnm 2011/09/10 19:25:14
    It means they don't like where they are living and want a better life in most cases. It's called Freedom something young people don't seem get these days.
  • jimrthy BN-0 2011/09/10 00:10:23
    jimrthy BN-0
    It's like jazz. Or the tao. If you try to define it--or even talk about it really--you ain't doin' it.
  • whimsycrat jimrthy... 2011/09/12 04:00:28
    Yes, cool just is. If you're trying to be cool, or think you're cool, most likely, you aren't. Not saying I am, just commenting on the nature of cool.

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