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Living 2013/02/05 22:00:00
Sure, the Baltimore Ravens won the actual Super Bowl -- but who won the Super Bowl commercial competition? Well, that was up to you guys to decide. From Budweiser to Dodge Ram to Taco Bell and everything in between, we asked what your favorite Super Bowl ad was and we had two clear winners... along with some honorable mentions. So, let's get to business.


The popular beer company's commercial got the most votes from you guys, at 28%. But who REALLY loved the ad? Women, actually. Maybe females love the classic beer. Or maybe they liked the fact that there was a cute horse in the commercial. Or perhaps it was the sweet folksy song by Fleetwood Mac in the background. Either way, women put most of their weight behind the Bud. Interestingly enough, liberals and progressives were also into this Super Bowl ad over any other.


At a close second, voters went with Dodge Ram's "God Made me a Farmer" commercial as another fan favorite, at 23%. And this time, it was the men who loved this ad. Maybe it's the trucks? And if you want another interesting detail, we've got one. Out of all the political parties, conservatives were the most enthusiastic about Dodge's "Farmer" commercial. They may like the fact that the ad mentions God... or farmers... or maybe both. Either way, Dodge has got that demographic under its belt!


There was no clear "Third Place" winner and, in fact, the "Other" option was the most voted-on after Budweiser and Dodge, at 12%. Voters listed VW's "Jamaican" commercial, Wonderful Pistachio's ad featuring K-pop star PSY and Oreo's "Cream or Cookie" commercial as some of their favorites in the comments section.

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  • rocele peeira amaral 2013/02/23 03:01:11
    rocele peeira amaral
    ai meu deus eu estou aqui sem saber nada tudo que eu queria éra saber algo sobre axil roses so fã dele o meu sonho éra poder olar para ele e dizer o quanto que eu amo de mais meu sonho éra poder olhar e tocar um pouqinho mais sei que numca vai acom tecer afinal eu estou do outro lado do mundo mas eufaria qualquer coisa para estar ao seu lado por um dia para adimirar meu idulo se um dia voce ver este recado eu só te digo eu te amo de mais beijos rochele
  • DireWolf 2013/02/12 21:38:57
    "God made a farmer" NOT "God made me a farmer"!

    In any case, neither commercial was about the product.
  • glj 2013/02/11 19:14:24
    I liked both ads, but my favorite was the Dodge add. Really suprising as I will not own a Dodge product. My wife did not like the Dodge add, but she was not raised on a farm.
  • hasher 2013/02/10 02:43:53
    i loved both ads becausei was raisedon a farm and i love animals when you think about it the clysdale ad involved farming as well horses are raised on farms. and i know how hard farmers work.
  • ellie. 2013/02/08 15:30:07
    My favorite was the Budweiser commercial, but the Farmer commercial was one of the most inspirational, well written commercials I had seen in years.... but I like horses (lol)
  • Glen McLeod 2013/02/08 13:00:42
    Glen McLeod
    i agree, it was one of the best ever.
  • CAPISCE 2013/02/08 11:41:14
    That makes sense
  • hasher CAPISCE 2013/02/10 02:50:39
    i enjoyed both and im a conservative and a fomerr farm girl. i dont think politics come into play too much when watching some of these commercials. i love animals and was raised on a farm and both ads are really about hard work. horses are raised on farms so the two ads sort of tie in together.
  • CAPISCE hasher 2013/02/10 03:30:30
    I was just being a smart ass as usual :)
  • Jasmine 2013/02/08 01:02:40
  • Sandman366 2013/02/07 20:03:20
    Basically all of them except for Go Daddy were good.

    Oreo is painfully funny, "Farmer" was inspirational....there were a LOT of good ones.
  • Sherry 2013/02/07 14:39:05
    While the Clydesdales will always be one of my favorites, and so Bud ads only when they have the Clydesdales in them, I have to give it to the Farmer commercial. Thank God they said GOD a few times! Hats off to them! It was a touching to heart ad, so real.
  • Stephan 2013/02/07 11:44:53
  • sherdon2 2013/02/07 10:23:16 (edited)
    Toss up for me between the Farmer and Bud. Loved them both. Didn't like the library one because of the violence. it was like if you are unhappy with what another person says just beat them up.
  • Sister Jean 2013/02/06 23:59:51
    Sister Jean
    no Best was Farmer
  • Ben 2013/02/06 22:59:22
    No doubt the liquor and alcohol commercials would win, "here to the drunks, a sad commercial so you can buy more alcohol so you can beat your wives later, and emotionally unstable your child in the process"
  • teamboobooseth 2013/02/06 22:39:26
    The Budweiser commerciam was heartwarming.
  • Jenna ☮♡ッ 2013/02/06 21:20:49
    Jenna ☮♡ッ
    Absolutely loved the Budweiser commercial. So adorable! <3
  • evangelism_vision 2013/02/06 21:09:06
    I don't Drink but I really liked that AD. FIVE STARS
  • hasher evangel... 2013/02/10 02:46:39
    dont have to drink to enjoy the ad. who doesnt like a horse andthe love between animals and their humans?? it speaks volumes.
  • evangel... hasher 2013/02/10 16:20:42
    It was a very well produced ad. and yes I love horses
  • Going Terrier 2013/02/06 20:11:49
    Going Terrier
    I liked the commercials this year.
  • RachelA7X 2013/02/06 20:02:36
    I don't even know what the Super Bowl is
  • Sodahead Founders are Fascists 2013/02/06 19:03:31 (edited)
  • Dori Sodahea... 2013/02/06 23:18:46
    Oh my God an intellectual in the group. Work on the vocabulary and maybe someone will listen, We all know it's about selling crap.
  • hasher Sodahea... 2013/02/10 02:52:07
    oh get off of here you moron!!! whats wrong with watching a game and enjoying the commercials?? we know what theyare!!! idiot!!
  • Chrissi 2013/02/06 15:58:30
    Bud's the best!
  • Quazimoto 2013/02/06 14:37:47
    Paul Harvey and the Dodge commercial, and I am not even a Dodge fan.
  • The Andoxico 2013/02/06 14:26:33
    The Andoxico
    the Volkswagen was my favorite
  • thefatguy 2013/02/06 14:02:25
    Didn't watch any. Had better things to do than watch televised sporting events and ads.
  • macbeth 2013/02/06 12:47:22
    Another bit of sly market research, which SH will sell on at a 100% profit.
  • P. Sturm 2013/02/06 03:03:51
    P. Sturm
    I liked the Clydesdale's and the Dodge Farmer ads equally, I guess that makes me a moderate.
  • Sterling 2013/02/06 01:24:32
    I wouldn't say Dodge has conservatives... I'd say Paul Harvey does.

    And yes you're more likely to be conservative if you're rural, liberal if you live in a city. That's old news.
  • smitty Sterling 2013/02/06 21:00:48 (edited)
    ""Hello, Americans," he barked. "This is Paul Harvey! Stand byyy for Newwws!""

    "He railed against welfare cheats and defended the death penalty. He worried about the national debt, big government, bureaucrats who lacked common sense, permissive parents, leftist radicals and America succumbing to moral decay. He championed rugged individualism, love of God and country, and the fundamental decency of ordinary people. "


    paul harvey
  • Sister ... smitty 2013/02/07 00:01:03
  • Red Omega 2013/02/06 01:23:08
    Red Omega
    The M+M one was pretty awesome.
  • Popeye 2013/02/06 00:28:01
  • Scheißegal 2013/02/06 00:20:28
    What about the taco bell one?
  • wildcat 2013/02/05 23:30:31
    I liked the Budweiser ad too. But my favorite was the Farmer ad.
  • Sister ... wildcat 2013/02/07 00:01:26

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