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"American Idol" original Kelly Clarkson proudly announced that she had absolutely no desire to be "super-skinny," echoing statements Adele made last year. Clarkson said, "I do cardio. I run. I strength-train using my own body weight. [But] really, what I try to instill in my fans is to be healthy and happy. I have no desire to be super-skinny." We wanted to know if other people have that desire.

We suspect many people want to be thin, or thinner, but "stick thin" indicates an extreme. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that most people claim they're free from that desire. In other words, they have healthy expectations. One commenter even wrote, "I'd rather be called fat than anorexic." But, as Clarkson said, the key is to stay happy and healthy. A desire to be stick thin can never be healthy.

Weight Affects Women

Women obviously have more societal expectations to deal with, and that was abundantly clear in the results. Women were more than twice as likely as men to say they'd felt the desire to be "stick thin." Nearly half of women had struggled with that feeling, compared to just one in five guys.

Skinny Struggles Too

We expected there to be a difference in response correlating to weight class, but we definitely didn't expect the slimmest voters to struggle the most. Skinny voters were 8% more likely than overweight voters to say they'd felt the desire to be super-skinny. Overweight people would likely be content just to lose some weight, but for some it's never enough.

Old-Timers Are Content

The desire to be attractive or accepted is timeless, but older generations were far less likely to have felt the desire to be super-skinny, even though they have decades on the younger voters. And because the question asked if voters have "ever" wanted to be stick thin, we have to assume it's a relatively new issue.

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  • Jay Victoria 2012/06/08 22:31:58
    Jay Victoria
    I'm sorry, but I personally am getting sick and tired of this. If you don't think being "super skinny" is all that, then so be it. Maybe it wasn't meant for you, or in street terms, "You ain't about that life..." Have I ever felt the need to be stick thin? NOPE! Because I'm naturally stick thin. I get criticized for my size a lot, but at the end of the day there still are thousands of girls who practically kill themselves to be as thin as me. And if you DO want to be skinny, do it the healthy way. Eat well, work out, and don't over-do anything.

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  • Anthony 2012/06/08 23:21:38
  • sherri daniels 2012/06/08 23:19:58
    sherri daniels
  • Charmaine 2012/06/08 23:19:39
    I am genetically small and slender, no desire to change that!!!
  • Cause Unknown 2012/06/08 23:16:19
    Cause Unknown
    (No offense intended)
    The first couple things that come to my mind whenever I see some celebrity photo or any pic of women this skinny are as follows...

    1) Looking like concentration camp victims is NOT sexy. Who the hell in their right mind wants to be with anyone who look as if a gentle breeze could knock them over?

    2) I'd rather not have to constantly watch how hard I hug them in fear of breaking their spine in two, and how the hell do these women get romantic with their (unlucky) boyfriends/husbands without having their bodies break in several places. Doesn't sound like such a hot night to me.

    EAT SOME FOOD! and stop scaring the children >:(
  • Anthony Cause U... 2012/06/08 23:25:37
  • Cause U... Anthony 2012/06/08 23:47:33
    Cause Unknown
    Hey, if you would rather have the beef jerky over the filet mignon then by all means be my quest.
  • tina Anthony 2012/06/09 00:07:22
  • NinjaRe... Cause U... 2012/06/08 23:40:48
    No offense intended? This is really offensive considering that many "super-skinny" people are anorexic. It's a damn mental disorder. You should feel ashamed of yourself. Some people can't help it. It's not a struggle for people to sit on the couch eating chocolate covered potato chips. That sounds pretty damn great actually, but for some people it is a struggle to eat. I don't appreciate your comments. It's apparently unacceptable to make fun of fat people but with skinny people it's just fine. Go ahead, criticize all you want, but some people have mental disorders. It's truly disgusting that you make fun of these people. I

    I've struggled with Anorexia and I still do today. It's a nightmare, and I'm powerless. You don't know what it's like.
  • Bulanov... NinjaRe... 2012/06/08 23:55:29 (edited)
    Bulanova (Team Hargitay)
    " It's not a struggle for people to sit on the couch eating chocolate covered potato chips." Sorry, but that's offensive, too. An eating disorder is an eating disorder. People who overeat do so for the same psychological reasons as people who starve themselves and a person who can't stop eating chocolate covered potato chips struggles just as much as someone who cannot force themselves to eat. I am sorry that you have struggled with anorexia, but you show ignorance and bitterness in this comment here and you seem to lack the compassion for others with eating disorders that I would think having an eating disorder yourself would give you. Compulsive over-eaters are struggling just exactly the same as you are, it's just manifesting itself differently: some people struggle to eat, some people struggle to stop eating, but the root cause is the same.
  • NinjaRe... Bulanov... 2012/11/28 03:37:39
    I apologize for my bitterness. But trust me, I don't get "compassion." There's no such thing as compassion for those affected by eating disorders from the outside world. You can't be both compassionate and ignorant. And when I made that remark about the chocolate covered chips I meant that it doesn't take any effort for some people to eat that...as in they don't force themselves to eat it. They can eat it and think nothing of it. I am aware that some people are affected by binge-eating disorder, but that's not what I'm referring to. I'm drawing a comparison from anorexics to normal people. I should have used a better example....say a cracker. I can't eat a cracker without feeling guilt.
  • Cause U... NinjaRe... 2012/06/08 23:56:26
    Cause Unknown
    You do realize that this was about the "Choice" to be super skinny not about those who can't help it due to disorders, right? Read the damn post before commenting missy.
  • tina NinjaRe... 2012/06/09 00:10:18
    Lol medically proven or not it's all in your mind.. Your so obsessed with being thin that you hurt yourself doing it. I feel it's your own fault your that way. No sympathy from me... Oh and far people? Yeah I'll tell them to get heathly too.. It's never ok to grossly above weight or too thin.
  • handimom NinjaRe... 2012/06/09 01:31:01
    There is a woman in a rehab unit that is there because she has a severe eating disorder. She cannot pass up food, she will eat even when it is making her sick. When she tried to kill herself, her family put her in a facility that hopefully can help her. Do not be so judgemental.
  • stevie.... Cause U... 2012/06/08 23:49:37
    i am super thin, with this said i am constantly trying to gain weight. its my natural body type. and i must say this much. you date a person who is in similar size and shape as to not "break" them. bowing down as a major scorpio (sexual crazy person...my boyfriend loves it).
    i think everyone should just be healthy :)
  • Cause U... stevie.... 2012/06/09 00:14:23
    Cause Unknown
    Exactly. People have different likes. Seeing how I am being shot down by others on here out of rage just goes to prove that if other people don't share the same view as them, then those people are always wrong. Sick way of thinking if you ask me.
  • Jay Vic... Cause U... 2012/06/08 23:56:46
    Jay Victoria
    You can't break someone's spine by hugging them. I know it's an example, but be logical a bout it.
  • Cause U... Jay Vic... 2012/06/09 00:04:33
    Cause Unknown
    It is called a form of expression. Yes I could have been more logical, but I was interested in what type of feedback I would get. Yes I know it was a dick move.
  • tina Jay Vic... 2012/06/09 00:11:23
    Have you proven that??
  • Catgirl 2012/06/08 23:16:09
    The way i see it, you can't MAKE someone change their mind on what is beautiful.
    I just LOVE how the 'curvy and big boned' bunch talk about how everyone is beautiful in their own way, then put down the anorexic, or god forbid, the healthy or naturally skinny people, saying they are too thin. (but we all know naturally and healthy skinny people don't exist, only in fairy tales do they roam freely...)
    Who are you to judge what is too thin? I have never actually come across a skinny person telling me i need to loose weight, and i sure as hell aint no where near skinny.
    How can you say someone is not beautiful?
    That woman up there IS beautiful to someone.
  • tina Catgirl 2012/06/09 00:13:28
    I agree with you.. Everyone is beautiful.. But you can still be pretty and not look greatly which is what this picture is displaying. My friend MOlly is naturally skinny but that gurl can out eat me any day of the week.. And she's got legs for days!! Lol
  • Sintwa 2012/06/08 23:12:19
  • gaines.derrick 2012/06/08 23:08:01
    Supper skinny is not very healthy
  • SOUL4REAL 2012/06/08 23:02:37
    That model looks super scary! Can somebody give her a sandwich, please? Oh, my "GOD"!
  • taitaFalcon23 2012/06/08 22:58:38
    First, people need to forget image and figure out what is good AND natural for them. Then they need to take responisibility for it. 100 million people in America have buffalo butts and they use clever euphemisms to make it all sound 'okay'. "I'm big boned; I'm curvy, I'm bulking up...." whatever.

    Most of those fat laden 'victims' can immediately lose 1/3 of their body weight if they just quit making excuses - like 'I'm older now...' There is no real reason a 45 year old man or woman cannot be within 10% of their HS grad. weight. I know, I lost 60 lbs this yr and am keeping it off with about 30 to go. How I did it can be found at: beltfalconelevatedphotography... And I eat damn good and you can too.
  • Chris Dobrowolski 2012/06/08 22:56:47
    Chris Dobrowolski
    Definitely not, bad for the health to be stick thin.
  • Jay Vic... Chris D... 2012/06/08 23:02:14
    Jay Victoria
    Not stick thin in general, but more like emaciated, anorexic diagnosed people.
  • WetLushRei 2012/06/08 22:47:28
    I'd rather be a little fat than that skinny
  • joseph.davis.9081 2012/06/08 22:45:13
    I'm from the south, we eat fried anything! being that skinny is WAAAAAY too unhealthy.
  • Phantom ^-^ 2012/06/08 22:42:03
    Phantom ^-^
  • JayLynx 2012/06/08 22:40:57
    Not at all. She looks like ill
  • Jay Vic... JayLynx 2012/06/08 22:43:14
    Jay Victoria
    She looks like a run way model, what do you expect?
  • JayLynx Jay Vic... 2012/06/13 11:20:02
    And most of those young girls, the models, look like ill - and it can be usual, commom, but is not normal, isn't all right, IMO. I just ask myself... where are their moms?
    What do you think?
  • DebraJMSmith 2012/06/08 22:37:55
    I'd rather be a bit chubby, than super skinny.
  • shansera 2012/06/08 22:33:47
    When I was in high school I felt the need to be super skinny, but now I just care about being healthy. I'm average to thin,(5'4 and 120lbs) and like my body now. I think its important to eat healthy and exercise. Every woman wants to attractive and so many relate that with how thin they are.
  • taitaFa... shansera 2012/06/08 23:00:04
    this is the best answer on the subject I've heard yet
  • shansera taitaFa... 2012/06/11 15:10:50
    Thank you!
  • Jay Victoria 2012/06/08 22:31:58
    Jay Victoria
    I'm sorry, but I personally am getting sick and tired of this. If you don't think being "super skinny" is all that, then so be it. Maybe it wasn't meant for you, or in street terms, "You ain't about that life..." Have I ever felt the need to be stick thin? NOPE! Because I'm naturally stick thin. I get criticized for my size a lot, but at the end of the day there still are thousands of girls who practically kill themselves to be as thin as me. And if you DO want to be skinny, do it the healthy way. Eat well, work out, and don't over-do anything.
  • Kaimeso Jay Vic... 2012/06/08 23:18:42
    And if you're like me I get really tired of some fat heffer telling me to "eat a burger and some fries girl",...

    tired fat heffer telling eat burger fries girl
  • Eden An... Jay Vic... 2012/06/09 01:36:04
    Eden Andalus
    I hear you sister ^^
  • PAUL F Jay Vic... 2012/06/09 20:01:10
    PAUL F
    I understand your feelings! But people put these postings up because they do not feel good about themselves!

    If you look good and feel good who care what they post! The fact is you can not tell any more in a picture if a girl is thin or fat! The picture is touched up so much! I am a fat guy with a skinny girl and that makes me look good no matter what!! ;-)

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