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"American Idol" original Kelly Clarkson proudly announced that she had absolutely no desire to be "super-skinny," echoing statements Adele made last year. Clarkson said, "I do cardio. I run. I strength-train using my own body weight. [But] really, what I try to instill in my fans is to be healthy and happy. I have no desire to be super-skinny." We wanted to know if other people have that desire.

We suspect many people want to be thin, or thinner, but "stick thin" indicates an extreme. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that most people claim they're free from that desire. In other words, they have healthy expectations. One commenter even wrote, "I'd rather be called fat than anorexic." But, as Clarkson said, the key is to stay happy and healthy. A desire to be stick thin can never be healthy.

Weight Affects Women

Women obviously have more societal expectations to deal with, and that was abundantly clear in the results. Women were more than twice as likely as men to say they'd felt the desire to be "stick thin." Nearly half of women had struggled with that feeling, compared to just one in five guys.

Skinny Struggles Too

We expected there to be a difference in response correlating to weight class, but we definitely didn't expect the slimmest voters to struggle the most. Skinny voters were 8% more likely than overweight voters to say they'd felt the desire to be super-skinny. Overweight people would likely be content just to lose some weight, but for some it's never enough.

Old-Timers Are Content

The desire to be attractive or accepted is timeless, but older generations were far less likely to have felt the desire to be super-skinny, even though they have decades on the younger voters. And because the question asked if voters have "ever" wanted to be stick thin, we have to assume it's a relatively new issue.

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  • Jay Victoria 2012/06/08 22:31:58
    Jay Victoria
    I'm sorry, but I personally am getting sick and tired of this. If you don't think being "super skinny" is all that, then so be it. Maybe it wasn't meant for you, or in street terms, "You ain't about that life..." Have I ever felt the need to be stick thin? NOPE! Because I'm naturally stick thin. I get criticized for my size a lot, but at the end of the day there still are thousands of girls who practically kill themselves to be as thin as me. And if you DO want to be skinny, do it the healthy way. Eat well, work out, and don't over-do anything.

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  • Aquaduck 2012/06/10 06:59:22
    I think we should just be ourselves. I don't like the stick thin look, but if that's you, just go with it. If that's not you, it's most likely because your genes won't allow it so you're not meant to be that thin, so don't try to be! I personally never understood why it even caught on, there's nothing really special about it. I guess to make girls feel bad about themselves? Maybe. But if you're naturally stick thin, don't worry about trying to gain weight or get curves; just be who you are. If you're not, don't try to get stick thin or lose too much weight. Just be you.
  • msteresa87 2012/06/10 06:29:39
    Yeah, I def. have felt the need to be really skinny
  • mrdog 2012/06/10 06:20:32
    Full figure gals are best for me... Bones...well they look sick...
    What can we do? bark
  • naomicolleen 2012/06/10 06:16:29
  • Fariborz-Zak 2012/06/10 05:59:59
  • shygurl 2012/06/10 05:54:56
    okay im skinny but not super skinny but this is how ive always been i cant get fat no matter what and im happy with how i am even though alot of people say im way too skinny but people shouldnt even try to get skinny everybody should just be the way that actually makes them feel good
  • IloveJenaya 2012/06/10 05:37:14
    i am skinny
  • BubbaGrrl 2012/06/10 05:35:32
    F@CKING GROSS!!!!!!!!!!
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/06/10 03:15:08
    Christopher Kirchen
    Last time I was that thin was before puberty.
  • rph3636 2012/06/10 02:48:11
    No, have no desire to look like a bean pole
  • Harley Squiggles the God \(... 2012/06/10 00:31:10
    Harley Squiggles the God \(#o#)/
    Being super skinny is highly unattractive.
  • Alice Evie 2012/06/10 00:20:19
  • elizabeth donohue 2012/06/10 00:03:39
    elizabeth donohue
    nope it isn't and I'm skinny.
  • Sybil 2012/06/09 23:12:11
    I know women that struggle to put weight on and also woman that struggle endlessly to get it off (myself included) There never seems to be a happy mediun and there will always be a critic waiting in the wings.
  • LV Vendetta 2012/06/09 23:03:45
    LV Vendetta
    I think that being super skinny is better than being called fat.that's american culture.were bombarded with junk food everywhere and all our models and actresses are thin.we are the contradiction.
  • PhantomDream 2012/06/09 22:41:45
    Well, even if Kelly Clarkson lost a substantial amount of weight, she wouldn't be super skinny.
  • Night71 2012/06/09 22:27:32
    I would tap that over a fat chick anytime.
  • *~The Doctor's Rose♥~* 2012/06/09 22:20:57
    *~The Doctor's Rose♥~*
    I'm not skinny, I have curves. There's nothing wrong with having meat on your bones. But some girls are just naturally skinny and there's nothing wrong with that either. As long as you're happy and most importantly healthy, then that's all that matters.
  • EvitaEnchanted 2012/06/09 22:08:25
    Skinny nothing's wrong, everyone's beautiful but being too TOO skinny. That's not an 'attractive appeal' to most people.
  • carlton999 2012/06/09 22:01:57
  • MistyFay8879 2012/06/09 21:50:33
    Meat on your bones please...but some people are naturally super skinny!
  • Curmudgeon 2012/06/09 21:37:17
    I personally do not find someone who is that skinny attractive at all, you have to have some meat on your bones!
  • gocar 2012/06/09 21:18:41
    There certainly is pressure on women to be thinner that is normal. When you look at the glamour stars of the 1950s you can see how ridiculous it has become. And yet, among all this pressure we have more and more obese problems. I wonder why that is.
  • Elizabeth Dupree 2012/06/09 20:46:09
    Elizabeth Dupree
    I was born " stick skinny" I will always be stick skinny. And it's been years of torment typicle of a fat kid. But instead of someone saying hey that's rude, it's still considered ok for people to comment on my weight. Do I think it's attractive ,no. But I also don't think fat people are attractive I think healthy IS attractive .
  • PAUL F 2012/06/09 19:52:11
    PAUL F
    I do not think this girl in the picture look very good! I do not care how much you weight! You have to try and look good! This girl does not!
  • Mamaknows 2012/06/09 19:11:04
    bathing suits size 12
    bathing suits size 12
    bikini size 8

    Need some curves people.
  • BubbaGrrl Mamaknows 2012/06/10 05:36:44
  • Diana Mamaknows 2012/06/11 19:30:45
    The girl in the last pic's tummy is kinda gross...
  • Kibbles 2012/06/09 18:50:41
    I'm a guy so this does not pertain to my body, I'm trying to muscle up substantially whilst being healthy, although I can understand the pressures. The problem is teenagers can be a tad cruel to those with the extra pounds therein starts the insecurities.
  • Tommy Tran 2012/06/09 18:42:50
    Tommy Tran
    Let’s Dance!
    Do you feel the beat? Does your body start to move and you are already in the rhythm? The dancing is like a magic act when you and music become one whole. You are falling in love with the energy, grace and power of dancing. Cha Cha! Swing! Rumba! Hustle!
  • wcpjams 2012/06/09 18:11:57
    In my opinion, Super Skinny is Super Gross. There is nothing sexy about a Bag-of-Bones. Just like I have always said, give me some meat, I give the bones to the dog.
  • drowzie 2012/06/09 18:11:14
    no everybody loves a girl with a pair of wide hips theese days
  • wcpjams drowzie 2012/06/09 18:12:34
    you got that right!
  • Kibbles drowzie 2012/06/09 18:51:22
    Ohoho I beg to differ.
  • BubbaGrrl Kibbles 2012/06/10 05:38:23
    So, What?!?! you like your girls Skinny as F@ck and looking Gross? Really skinny
  • Kibbles BubbaGrrl 2012/06/10 09:24:52
    By me saying Ohoho I bet to differ that means I like a set of wide hips, not me stating I want a girl who starves herself. Check my comment again.
  • BubbaGrrl Kibbles 2012/06/10 09:39:06
    Wait, What? Oh right, I get it now.... Sorry
  • Kibbles BubbaGrrl 2012/06/10 17:27:41
    Salright, no harm done.
  • BubbaGrrl Kibbles 2012/06/10 23:12:21
    Otay :D
  • merslix. BubbaGrrl 2012/06/10 21:00:35
    she looks like she's going to break.

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